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Can you BELIEVE this? Too good not to post

Ya, I have a Sunday Faith Post up, of course, underneath this post, but I HAD to tell you all something that just happened that I loved! I went to the Ralph’s Grocery store after church to buy a few … Continue reading

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The Confederate Flag…….long should she have waved?

So, the Confederate Flag is being moved to a museum if the House votes with the Governor’s decision.  What are your thoughts about removing the Confederate Flag in the South, particularly in South Carolina?   Is this flag a sign of … Continue reading

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Baltimore shootings up BUT…..

Baltimore shooting deaths have shot up, as you’ve heard. HERE is a story that’s worth reading….people are living in fear.  Those are mostly Black people.   Chicago’s a mess, other cities, too.   But this Baltimore thing is particularly interesting … Continue reading

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Whites telling TRUTH?…..ruhroh

White Appreciation Day?  What do you think?   Here are the first few paragraphs from that link: Edgar Antillon had no idea the sort of firestorm that the simple, handwritten signs he was posting on Saturday in his Milliken, Colorado, restaurant … Continue reading

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Blacks and attitudes…….

I had to publish this picture because it touched me SO MUCH.  I want you to note that the Black young man reaching to the White cop in Baltimore is dressed in a clean cut shirt, short hair, etc.  I … Continue reading

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Which threat do YOU choose?

This country is falling apart.  If you could pick, what would you say is the most horrid threat?  If you think there’s a bigger threat than those I’ve listed, please tell us what you think in the Comments page.  Thanks: … Continue reading

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Baltimore….be my Valentine!!!

On Baltimore;  (don’t miss the video below, by the way) Last night, Leland Vitters of FOX was interviewing a Black man in a suit who turned out to be a City Councilman;  Here’s what this guy said…“they’re protesting here tonight … Continue reading

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Cuba, Cuomo and ……..

It struck me as odd that Chris Cuomo on CNN would spend much of Friday morning discussing with people how POLICE CAN’T POLICE POLICE…. That when it comes to killings, etc., is it really right to have law enforcement investigate … Continue reading

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“Please don’t shoot me!”….

There’s a story CNN was endlessly reporting on yesterday on TV:  The liberal Daily Beast has it here, too;  A white cop has killed an unarmed black man and it looks very questionable.***    We all know about the New York … Continue reading

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Black men attack Democrats….and attack WELL.

If this doesn’t touch you, I’m not sure much will.   Black men calling out the Democrats and their “Black leadership”.  Please, watch it …or don’t watch it, but SEND IT TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  Particularly your Black family and/or friends. … Continue reading

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