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Andrew Gillum wants some respect?

Yes, Ron DeSantis referred to Gillum as “Andrew” during a debate and Gillum finds that disrespectful because they had only just met.   Is Gillum kidding?  I happen to prefer the old fashioned way of calling people “Mr. DeSantis…Mr. Gillum,” etc., … Continue reading

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Thug, Monkey, Boy……any words we can still USE?

Since when did the term “THUG” equal “RACIST?”   Just curious.  I don’t get it. Aren’t those who think “THUG” is a disparaging word meant only for Blacks RACIST?  I DO. DO YOU? Z

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Roseanne’s remarks or Anti-Christian remarks….

I had a fascinating ‘discussion’ on Facebook yesterday.   A liberal Christian and a more conservative Christian and I were discussing the Roseanne situation. My (very) liberal Christian acquaintance felt Joy Behar’s remarks were far less abhorrent than Roseanne’s.  Here are … Continue reading

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MLK Jr DAY….but….really?

I’m a BIG old movie fan….black and white…Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne….Cary Grant, Edward G Robinson, etc…..BRING ‘EM ON!   I own a lot of them on DVD, but I certainly don’t own them all, and I like to watch … Continue reading

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I say this not to be unkind but to make sure you know I am not publishing this video because I am a John MacArthur fan.  I am not.  I’ve met with him in a very small group and have … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I saw this horrible article and it reminded me about what’s really important in life and how God would want us to act.   Does God want a white girl not to go to a prom with a black friend? … Continue reading

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“RACIST” is one thing we can’t call Trump;

Yes…RACIST is a ridiculous moniker for Trump but it’s the main criticism from the Left…  Maybe it’s best they stick to ‘racist’ and ignore the real shortcomings I DO think he has? 🙂  That’s a thought!! HA! Z

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Overton!

Check THIS OUT!!   He turned 109 years old on May 11.  He’s in excellent health, takes no pills (what?) and is our oldest living VET!  I SALUTE HIM!  Great old guy! Here’s the rub (in the link above);  He met … Continue reading

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Loretta Lynch…..Confirmation:

Loretta Lynch is on the sidelines (or ‘on the back of the bus’ as Dick Durbin says) waiting to get confirmed as Attorney General to these United States of America.    McConnell has some stipulation that Congress better approve some … Continue reading

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Democrats and the Klan….and two eye opening links

KKK Terrorist Arm of the Democratic Party By Frances Rice  (Z: and don’t miss the links below) History shows that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.  This ugly fact about the Democrat Party is … Continue reading

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