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Bad News

I’m about done reading the news, I swear.  Maybe I’ll feel better about everything tomorrow (Tuesday), but Monday night, when I am writing this post….notsomuch. -Hollywood stars are now calling American Sniper a film about a NAZI….just imagine; a film … Continue reading

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Does this boy matter to you?

Hello. Don’t recognize me?That’s OK; I understand. My name was Antonio West.I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also … Continue reading

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Help me out here……

I couldn’t resist just now adding this image which just came to me via email: Obama’s now denying he ever said the law says he can’t issue an Executive Order regarding the immigration situation …you know, the one he said … Continue reading

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FOX and RACIST COMMENTS again…? oops, not really….again

This story got my hackles up (whatever hackles actually are!).  The story’s a few weeks old but I’d written this post, never used it, and wanted to share it with you today because I think it’s important, PARTICULARLY because of … Continue reading

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Black Journalists

Harris Faulkner (FOX journalist/editorialist), David Webb (Tea Party advocate and talk show host), Jason L. Riley (Wall St Journal) are all Black, all Conservative, and all appear on FOX;  all are very intelligent and very much up on current events. Let’s take ‘intelligence’ out … Continue reading

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Ferguson and elsewhere….too simplistic?

  There’s a good Comments Page down below this post, much better than the post I’d written! and so I encourage you to take a look at that….and something came up which prompts this impromptu Friday morning post from me.  See … Continue reading

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Racism; Did you know you are a racist? :-)

Washington (CNN) — Attorney General Eric Holder says he sees “racial animus” in strident Republican opposition to some Obama administration policies. Some media conservatives say he’s playing racial politics. Holder on Sunday told ABC’s “This Week” that “there’s a certain … Continue reading

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