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What a way to start the week! FABULOUS!

I LOVED THIS ARTICLE MAYBE MORE THAN ANY I’VE READ. The link is worth reading but, sadly, the original WSJ article is blocked (it’s fabulous and longer than the link I had to substitute above).  If you do subscribe there, … Continue reading

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Michael Steele…..First Black Chairman of the GOP….

Do we celebrate Steele and be proud of having picked an effective, smart Black man as the Chair of the RNC?  Or do we do THIS?…. No excuse.  And it gives a wonderful way for the media to slam the GOP.  … Continue reading

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Mark Levin…..Disagree with any of this?

First…I’ve got something new from yesterday on my Trump Blog…oy.  Don’t believe a word from Kid and Jersey Jack, by the way 🙂 Now read this and tell me what you think: Mark Levin on the difference between leftists and … Continue reading

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We got a Republican and we thought we had it made…or that he’d at least be supported by his OWN party like most presidents are!!!

I know some of you probably like John Kasich, that’s fine…you’re not alone, but there’s something so ‘holier than thou’ and patronizing and ridiculous about him.  And when he didn’t attend the RNC IN OHIO, his state?   I was REALLY … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, I know….some of you don’t think the Left’s winning.  I congratulate you and would love the name of your Rose Colored Glasses store 🙂   (Do I see glimmers of hope, yes I do, but at this point?  they’re … Continue reading

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Limbaugh and Irma…….and our friends

DOES THIS HELP CONSERVATIVES? (Pray for Imp, Bunkerville, Bocopro and Cube, all of whom are in Florida….and for EVERYBODY in Florida….!) Z

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Seen this before? “US” by Paul Genova

I’ve received this email a couple of times already but don’t think I’ve posted it and I just got it again yesterday and thought it so important, and so true, that everyone should read it….and pass it on to liberals … Continue reading

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Left v Right…changing status

In prior days, it was the Republicans who were in lockstep agreement.  Today they couldn’t be more fractured within the party. In prior days, it was the Democrats in disarray and now they are in total lockstep, never showing anything … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Response:

A very accurate and succinct definition… One should always be prepared…..  so, if someone asks you what the main difference is between most of the liberals and the conservatives, instead of stammering, and stuttering and looking for an answer, just … Continue reading

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Last Man Standing….

….not a particularly terrific TV show, but the comedy was fine, and the best part was the elation of hearing a Conservative mouth off on liberals ON TELEVISION! 🙂   It was almost shocking to hear them because they’re so rare. So, … Continue reading

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