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I AM ALL FOR LEGALIZING PROSTITUTION.  I think. (please see questions at the end of this post, however…and answer if you can.  I am for it…but….!) I AM NOT ENCOURAGING IT, NOT TRYING IT MYSELF OR RECOMMENDING IT (!),  I … Continue reading

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I don’t care who did what to whom…STOP IT.   Enough press on this subject.  It’s disgusting, it takes away time we can all be thinking/reading/hearing of far more important things.  It’s cheap and demeans our country. I BELIEVE JUST THE … Continue reading

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Did he only flirt or was there ‘MOORE?’

With the caveat that I personally think Roy Moore’s a creep, although probably a good Conservative to serve US for a change in the Senate, I’m wondering “WHAT THE HELL!?”  I mean, I’m sorry, but…….four women have come forth and … Continue reading

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WEINSTEIN….your thoughts?

  I don’t think I could possibly care less about Harvey Weinstein’s problems;  he’s so unattractive to me I can barely look at his pictures, the women he ‘raped’ all probably profited pretty darned well and put themselves in positions … Continue reading

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BOY Scouts……..??

OKAY,  I couldn’t post on this yesterday because I WAS SO SICKENED when our buddy Mustang emailed me Tuesday that the Boy Scouts were now accepting women.  His comment was “We are done.”  I agree. Yesterday, I was at the … Continue reading

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Genitalia doesn’t count?

CHECK THIS OUT.…and we wonder how are kids are so screwed up? Is there a way back for the West?  I know these stories are just very small groups of people doing these whacko things for now, but……….. What do … Continue reading

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JAIL or……………WHAT??

THIS FASCINATED ME!!!   A Judge is offering shortened terms if the inmate has a vasectomy!   Or birth control implants… What do you think of this?!  Legal?  Ethical?  Good idea to prevent kids coming into the world with a … Continue reading

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Schools…..the fun never ends

What would you do if your child came home with THIS SURVEY?  They brought them home in Jerome, Idaho. It seems like a spy survey to me, irregardless of the sex questions which are even more egregious, in my opinion. … Continue reading

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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime……

(IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MY TRUMP SPEECH, PLEASE SEE A COUPLE POSTS BELOW THIS ONE, THANKS) NOW for “From the Ridiculous to the Sublime!: Other than that, I have nothing to say but I’d sure like to hear … Continue reading

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Tebow and Jenner….interesting

I saw this and couldn’t resist posting it.  Who could argue with it?  Equality means equal treatment for all,  not only for some.   See what happens when that ‘tolerance’ the Left insists on never includes tolerating what they don’t … Continue reading

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