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Check these out……….

The words in italics below might be the most disgusting things I’ve read in a very long time…..they come from THIS ARTICLE regarding Indiana abortion laws overturned….part of the law had to do with fetuses so this was said: As … Continue reading

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Trump; should he stop this? And Soros…oh, gad.

I personally wish Trump would STOP THIS STUFF.   Isn’t he BUSY running the country? I posted this back when it happened but had kept it unpublished………..The reason I bring it out today is to say THIS is the kind of … Continue reading

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You’ve just GOT to see this video…

Perfect for the day after the change in government in D.C., I thought this video was a must-see….there’s a new guy in town who loves and respects this country and it might just rub off on people.   I think the … Continue reading

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Kaepernick’s stance

Ya, this probably takes a little guts to post, but I sometimes find guts in me I wasn’t sure were there, and it often has to do with the subject of race because I am passionate about it. I look … Continue reading

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Two Things this Afternoon….

(For my TRUMP SPEECH, please see the post below this one…thanks) I have two things on my mind this afternoon I wanted to share, particularly because Gene Wilder has passed away.  I was at Cedars Sinai on a job when … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

THIS IS AN AMAZING ARTICLE  I had to share with you this morning, as the Olympics finishes….what a fabulous piece written about the amazing Christian faith of Isain Bolt.  It speaks for itself;  I KNOW you’ll be touched and grateful … Continue reading

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Simone Manuel; GOLD MEDALIST (and a question down below!)

THIS GIRL really impressed me…..not only for her amazing talent and drive but for what she said after winning. When asked about the “first Black swimmer to win the Gold”, etc., she replied that “It is something I’ve definitely struggled … Continue reading

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Yes, I HAD to put that in my title to get more of you here than usual! AND I think we need a ‘change of scene’!   Heh Heh! The Rio Olympics are having a heck of a time…unfinished venues, money … Continue reading

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Forty Years Ago Yesterday……

CHICAGO (CBS) — It has been called the greatest non-baseball play on a baseball field. Forty years ago today (Z: actually it was yesterday), Cubs’ outfielder Rick Monday stopped two men from burning the American flag in Los Angeles. As … Continue reading

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