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Sunday Faith Blog…this whole post is funny and sad…read to the bottom!

First, in honor of FATHER’S DAY,  here are my father’s strongest held beliefs, in order. “I believe in God, family, tradition, being considerate, love, education, discipline and fun!” Though he’s been gone over 20 years, it feels sometimes like yesterday. … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog….Donald and Melania (scroll down~)

PRAY FOR DONALD TRUMP For his physical safety.   And that he starts listening to those around him who can help with the delivery of his message.  Not to change the message, but to out think the liberal media by … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

Terror has struck in the West again….as you all know.   I know I speak for all of us when we say our hearts and prayers are with everyone involved, particularly the poor families who’ve been shocked to have lost loved … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I have a friend whose faith has grown in leaps and bounds through loss of family members and almost unendurable physical pain.   I say “through” because he had had faith but I had never witnessed it quite this strong … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog and TRUMP’S SPEECH: WEIGH IN

THIS IS A FASCINATING STORY.  An excerpt: “When my father, Hossein Soodmand, was 7 years old, he threw a stone and broke a Christian woman’s water bucket because he had been told that Christians are unclean. As soon as he … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

MOTHERS…….people who can be the type of woman who is celebrated every day.  I hope yours is, too.    Can you share a story about your own mother with us? We need to care for them…as Jesus did his: John 19:25-27 … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I saw this horrible article and it reminded me about what’s really important in life and how God would want us to act.   Does God want a white girl not to go to a prom with a black friend? … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I was Googling around trying to find something I specifically wanted to post today but found THIS instead.   I think it’s terrific;  an overview of PRINCIPLE, LEGAL DOCUMENTS and THE BIBLE. It’s laid out like this: PRINCIPLE LEGAL DOCUMENT BIBLE … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I’m pretty sure I’ve never asked specifically for prayers for Donald Trump and his family.   I know most of you’ve been doing it, but I thought I’d write a reminder today. “Please, God, protect the Trump family.  Stop the … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

This morning I wanted to print a poem I heard read at a Memorial Service earlier this year. “Afraid?  Of what?  To feel the spirit’s glad release?  To pass from pain to perfect peace, the strife and strain of life … Continue reading

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