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Supreme Court Hopes? BE VERY CAREFUL!

This made me roar with laughter….Hope it hits you funny! Odd that I just saw the above image on Facebook, because my post today (am typing this yesterday afternoon!) was going to be the following: DID YOU KNOW THERE WERE … Continue reading

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First, let me just say I LOVE that Trump constantly mispronounces Dianne Feinstein’s last name….BRAVO! I like to think of it like the first George Bush kept calling Saddam Hussein “Sa-DAMN” on purpose to tick him off, as was conjectured … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh and Sexual Misconduct?

I got scared yesterday when I read that Dianne Feinstein has information about Brett Kavanaugh and sexual misconduct.   “OH, my GOSH!  What the….?  He seemed so decent! It’s one week till the vote and they found something?” Then I read … Continue reading

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This REALLY cracked me up and I had to share it!  And yes, her name’s actually spelled GinsbErg. LOOKS LIKE KAVANAUGH WILL MAKE IT……The next Justice’s hearings will probably get someone killed, judging from the incredible rancor of this one. … Continue reading

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Brett Kavanaugh

  THINK HE’LL MAKE IT? HOW COULD ADULT REPRESENTATIVES OF ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ HAVE ACTED SO BADLY YESTERDAY?  I do understand their frustrations, they’re upset that their ideology might be damaged with a court which leans more Right than Left.  … Continue reading

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Happy about his nomination?  Sad?  Your thoughts? Think he’ll be the one?  This writer thought Trump handled the announcement very well. I found it very sad, and horrifying to think we’ve come to this…..Shannon Bream had to take the show … Continue reading

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ABORTION: Understand Roe v Wade…

I was curious about the abortion situation and how it coincides with PRIVACY, which is being talked about so much right now…AND I thought you’d like to read “7 Reasons It Is Deeply Misleading To Claim Americans Support Roe v. Wade.  … Continue reading

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So, will there be a vote before the midterms on whoever Trump nominates for Supreme Court Justice to take Justice Kennedy’s place? The Left might have a point here:  ““Our Republican colleagues in the Senate should follow the rule they … Continue reading

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Gay Wedding Cakes………make it yourself, please

SO…the baker who couldn’t make a gay wedding cake won today in the Supreme Court.  HE won, yes, but the case is far from settled. (See below***) I just heard this story from a guy who lives in Plano, TX … Continue reading

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Mr. Neil Gorsuch

Let’s talk about his hearings…..I’m eager to hear your comments.  Most of you probably didn’t watch yesterday but I’m thinking you might have got highlights on the news last night and would like to chime in? Al Franken, Dick Durbin, … Continue reading

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