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YOU do the work! PICK NAMES

If you had the ability to develop the DREAM CABINET of the Trump administration, or DREAM SUPREME COURT JUSTICES (or both), who would you include………?? Let’s have at it! And they do not have to be politicians or lawyers………anybody you … Continue reading

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Melania…Columbus Day……I am SICK of the HATE

Now Melania is being insulted for what she wore in Africa, particularly the pith helmet, because “that’s what colonialists wore.” The truth is if it weren’t for colonialists, Africa would be a bigger hell hole than it is now.  India, … Continue reading

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FBI….Love it? Trust it? Condemn it?

So, the Left, for months and months, has accused President Trump of undermining the FBI.  “He doesn’t believe them, he doesn’t respect them, he’s fighting them because they have the truth and he doesn’t want it out, blah blah blah…and … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh and the GOP

So….the rumor is that IF KAVANAUGH ISN’T APPOINTED, REPUBLICANS WILL STAY HOME IN NOVEMBER.   We’ve all heard it.  What a delicious thought for Democrats!  What a culmination of their dreams in this whole Kavanaugh-attacking nightmare!  And look at this! ✔@realDonaldTrump … Continue reading

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“Hundreds of Yale Law students are demanding a full, fair and impartial investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee and Yale alumnus Brett Kavanaugh in the wake of new allegations brought by a second woman. The elite New Haven law school … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh and TRUTH

Twitter is apparently slamming Kavanaugh HARD for saying he’s kept his calendars and has the one from 1982….which, except for the fact that Ford can’t add (“I was 15, but I’m not sure what year it happened”) , is supposedly … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Hopes? BE VERY CAREFUL!

This made me roar with laughter….Hope it hits you funny! Odd that I just saw the above image on Facebook, because my post today (am typing this yesterday afternoon!) was going to be the following: DID YOU KNOW THERE WERE … Continue reading

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First, let me just say I LOVE that Trump constantly mispronounces Dianne Feinstein’s last name….BRAVO! I like to think of it like the first George Bush kept calling Saddam Hussein “Sa-DAMN” on purpose to tick him off, as was conjectured … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh and Sexual Misconduct?

I got scared yesterday when I read that Dianne Feinstein has information about Brett Kavanaugh and sexual misconduct.   “OH, my GOSH!  What the….?  He seemed so decent! It’s one week till the vote and they found something?” Then I read … Continue reading

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This REALLY cracked me up and I had to share it!  And yes, her name’s actually spelled GinsbErg. LOOKS LIKE KAVANAUGH WILL MAKE IT……The next Justice’s hearings will probably get someone killed, judging from the incredible rancor of this one. … Continue reading

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