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Is Trump right in slamming SNL??

I think he is.  But I think he should have checked on the legalities before EVER EVER Tweeting about it like he did.  But, he doesn’t, as always.  And, as always, he’s given the Left even more fodder for their … Continue reading

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Television……..what a mess……

First, let me say I am no prude.  I love a dirty joke if it’s truly funny and clever and said in a place where kids aren’t, etc.   I sometimes use the off-color word or two if I feel it’s … Continue reading

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Roseanne’s remarks or Anti-Christian remarks….

I had a fascinating ‘discussion’ on Facebook yesterday.   A liberal Christian and a more conservative Christian and I were discussing the Roseanne situation. My (very) liberal Christian acquaintance felt Joy Behar’s remarks were far less abhorrent than Roseanne’s.  Here are … Continue reading

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Conservatives ALMOST got a chance….but, as usual…

We ALMOST got a show as popular as ROSEANNE to show OUR side, to have it reasonably discussed, to have our values exposed with good humor and intelligence.  (thank goodness LAST MAN STANDING is going back on the air…until someone … Continue reading

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Journalists – You tell us

Who is your favorite, or your Top Five?   Radio, Television, Print…anything. Who and WHY? Z

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PBS? Conservative TV? WHAAAT?

I don’t trust THIS but it’s intriguing and I’d like to think we’ll all support it so it stays ON…unless it’s a ‘Get the Conservatives’ ruse. ALSO;  is this a sign Conservatism IS getting more popular?  We can only hope. … Continue reading

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FOX IS CHANGING……….faster lately…

FOX is changing…..Richard Fowler, Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, etc etc. Yes, liberals laugh at FOX for being rampantly biased…but if they ever take the time to examine CNN for only 15 minutes, they’d (and you’d) see there are either absolutely … Continue reading

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These are TV commercials some of you have probably seen and I have comments and welcome yours: CIALIS…If a man takes something by which he can…um….well, you know!  WHY would he take this stuff and go sit in a private … Continue reading

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Last Man Standing….

….not a particularly terrific TV show, but the comedy was fine, and the best part was the elation of hearing a Conservative mouth off on liberals ON TELEVISION! 🙂   It was almost shocking to hear them because they’re so rare. So, … Continue reading

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FOX NEWS…… decide

Give me your morning to night schedule of who and what you’d like FOX to have on any week day.  You can include The Five, Carlson, Outnumbered, Bret Baier..Cavuto…..ANY of those shows, in any time schedule you’d like  OR with … Continue reading

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