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Scaramucci .. ..Scaramucci! “Gonna do the fandango!”

 When Trump picked Paul Manafort most of you will remember I WAS HORRIFIED.  And I was right.  To me, he was the worst of the New Yorker generalizations, scummy, slick, sticky reputation….awful.   And he was out pretty quickly.  I … Continue reading

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Trump, Sessions….contemptible?

Sessions has been on Trump’s side since early days of the campaign.  Total loyalty.  In June of this year, Sessions offered to resign because he knew Trump didn’t like him recusing himself.    Instead, Trump waited a month and insulted … Continue reading

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Third in the Series on Trump Achievements!

*. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a strong conservative, completely reformed the Justice Department, reorienting it in a strongly conservative direction and with conservative policies, in stark contrast with the Obama Administration *. Fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates (a left-wing … Continue reading

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MORE of Trump Achievements…..let’s talk!

*. Housing sales red-hot. 2011, 84 days.Now 45 close *. Executive Order restricting H-1B visa to give the hiring preference to American workers *. Introduced Tax reform plan *. Authorized Construction of the Keystone Pipeline *. Mandating all new … Continue reading

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First of a list of Trump’s Accomplishments…so far..

I rec’d this email and thought I should post it in pieces since the list is so long.  Tomorrow I’ll have more: You can thank this person, apparently, because this was at the top of the email:  H/T:  Kim Soderquist. … Continue reading

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Aldrin more SPACEY than Trump!

Such a perfect example of media mischaracterizations.   When I first heard about Buzz Aldrin’s reactions to Trump’s words about SPACE, a few days ago,  I thought “Oh, no, what did Trump say NOW?”  When I saw a Republican friend … Continue reading

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Obama slams Trump to the world….

I don’t know about you, but for an ex president to go to another country and tell the world we have a ‘lack of leadership’ in Trump, and then to warn the world about ‘nationalism’ in our country seems pretty … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

“THE NEAREST THING TO ETERNAL LIFE WE WILL EVER SEE ON THIS EARTH IS A GOVERNMENT PROGRAM”  Ronald Reagan Amen to that!  Here’s an amusing joke I was sent yesterday: A U.S. Marine enters the Catholic Church confessional booth in … Continue reading

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Black Caucus won’t go, either

I don’t believe this is coincidence, or just disgruntled Black Caucus members. I believe this is part of the leftwing attempts to make Trump look as bad as they can. THIS INVITATION they turned down, they say, was a ‘social … Continue reading

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Will Flynn Sink Trump?

Watching Judge Napolitano lately on Fox, on the subject of Mike Flynn, has made me a little nervous.  He seems to think Flynn knows things that this administration might not want known.  Napolitano also says Flynn may not get a … Continue reading

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