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Trump, Saudi Arabia and Israel…….oy

There’s so much wrong with THIS ARTICLE I don’t know where to start. Roger Stone, Trump’s friend and advisor wants to “puke” at the award the Saudis gave Trump.   Fine.  That’s his choice.  But… “Stone, like many other conservative … Continue reading

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WOW, a very warm and ceremonious welcome to Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia. News people are saying they’ve never seen anything like this in Saudi Arabia. Obama, who obviously sided with Iran, was not at all treated like this. … Continue reading

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It might be that the Comey memos do Mr. Trump in, finally.  Did he ask Comey the things Comey says he asked?  Why didn’t Comey come forward back when these things happened?  Comey keeps copious notes….can he make them up … Continue reading

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Is the White House in a ‘downward spiral’ as Republican from Tennessee, Corker, says it is?  I thought this was unusual: “If this was above board and not problematic in any way, why did the National Security Council, coming out … Continue reading

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The politicians you deserve…..

Obama: ‘You get the politicians you deserve’ Former President Barack Obama gave a speech Tuesday in Milan, Italy, at a summit on food innovation. During a question-and-answer session after the speech, Obama tossed in a dig at people who didn’t … Continue reading

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TRUMP: Agree or not?

Promised made, promises kept Despite determined resistance, Trump keeps moving forward By Heather R. Higgins – Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Most judging President Trump’s first 100 days tend to focus on key policies that have or have not passed. Surely this matters, … Continue reading

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Who wins? Let’s talk…..CNN called Comey’s firing “The most GROSS misuse of power of any democracy..”  The media’s outraged.  Some Republicans are outraged because, again, the White House “forgot” to TELL THE CHAIRMAN OF THE INTEL COMMITTEE!! I’d have thought … Continue reading

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Junk food? Junk Media? And a new Obama book…..

I saw this headline and was curious… “Why Have Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Meals Been Junked?” Now, we all know that those healthy school lunches have been filling trash cans for a few years now, right?  I’ve posted on it … Continue reading

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Is Trump not fit?

CONGRESS AND TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT?   That ‘news’ is entering the news feeds?   Secret meetings talking about if he’s unfit and how to handle it? WHAT’S NEXT? If they tried this, what would happen? Is this being talked about just to demoralize Americans? … Continue reading

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National Prayer Day

Please pray for America today as people around the country are praying on National Prayer Day. Also, please tell me what you think of the Executive Order Trump signed today. HERE IS A STORY ON IT.  This does not at all … Continue reading

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