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YOU ARE DONALD TRUMP.   YOU WANT TO FIX IMMIGRATION ONCE AND FOR ALL.  YOU WANT TO ADDRESS DACA.   WHAT DO YOU DO? (I had a Facebook ‘conversation’ with someone I don’t know regarding deportation and she said she lives in … Continue reading

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ADJECTIVES are important

So, the House passed the Tax Bill and it goes to the Senate (and, yes, I know this bill is not quite in it’s final form.  I love this part of the glitches in question:  “In a last-minute glitch, however, … Continue reading

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MORE Trump sex accusations? no…….but……

Yes, earlier yesterday I heard how there are MORE accusations of sexual harassment against Trump.  But, when I Googled to see what was up (I actually Binged, not Googled, but who says “Binged?”), I found that no MORE are, they’re … Continue reading

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Disgusting and Telling….

THIS might be the most ridiculous story to date since Trump came on the political scene.  It is clearly the most disgusting, in my opinion, and I say this because it involves Obama, it involves a huge lie, and it’s … Continue reading

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This just cracked me UP! Enjoy!

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Trump and gays………..what?

THIS ARTICLE is so amazing I had to print it here… Since when has Trump threatened gays?    Did YOU know that the “..Justice Department has said the 1964 Civil Rights Act doesn’t prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.”?    What? … Continue reading

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A Democrat who doesn’t just hate for hating sake? HALLELUJAH!

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter regarding his latest film, actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), who once said he would leave the country if Trump was elected, had some harsh words for any who “hope” for the president’s failure. THR asked: “You’ve previously … Continue reading

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What a FLAKE

I THINK JEFF FLAKE IS DESPICABLE.   All of you know I’m no big Trump fan, but for Flake to call himself “A true Conservative” conflicts with what he says.  The sorriest part is he’ll be in government, blocking Trump, for … Continue reading

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Trump and Victims’ families

Mrs. Johnson, the widow of the Black soldier so sadly killed in Niger, is being lured into the news cycle by ABC and other venues which should honestly be ashamed of themselves.  She still insists Trump didn’t know her husband’s … Continue reading

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Trump “freaks out?”

THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of media abuse to the American public. “TRUMP FREAKS OUT AFTER FBI CONFIRMS COMEY WROTE CLINTON EXONERATION LETTER!”   is the headline. Wait a MINUTE, says Z!  He “FREAKS OUT”?  But….the headline doesn’t include THE TRUTH…the … Continue reading

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