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A Gold Seal Mom talks about Donald Trump

I think the views this mother has about Donald Trump are much like many others (including ME).  Her characterization of Trump as the “Salty Sailor” or as The Fireman paint an excellent picture!!. She has written many great books about … Continue reading

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I am convinced

As most of you know, I despise the leftwing media probably more than most people.  And I comment on it more than most bloggers.  I have long before many even noticed how dangerous it is.   I think most of you … Continue reading

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“Henry Kissinger’s Remarks About Trump                                                                      Henry Kissinger, … Continue reading

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Something’s Happening Here……

I believe there’s a concerted effort driven by the DNC, and probably George Soros and others, to GET TRUMP.   SOON.  Yes, we all know that…I know…. but it’s worse and rather wild now: Politicians not clapping once at a SOTU, … Continue reading

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What was YOUR State during the STATE of the Union?

I was very happy with the speech…then started laughing at the media;  “fact checking and showing how he’s so wrong”….  Wasn’t Obama EVER wrong?? 🙂 As I said in a comment here last night, I watched with my 15 yr … Continue reading

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YOU ARE DONALD TRUMP.   YOU WANT TO FIX IMMIGRATION ONCE AND FOR ALL.  YOU WANT TO ADDRESS DACA.   WHAT DO YOU DO? (I had a Facebook ‘conversation’ with someone I don’t know regarding deportation and she said she lives in … Continue reading

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ADJECTIVES are important

So, the House passed the Tax Bill and it goes to the Senate (and, yes, I know this bill is not quite in it’s final form.  I love this part of the glitches in question:  “In a last-minute glitch, however, … Continue reading

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MORE Trump sex accusations? no…….but……

Yes, earlier yesterday I heard how there are MORE accusations of sexual harassment against Trump.  But, when I Googled to see what was up (I actually Binged, not Googled, but who says “Binged?”), I found that no MORE are, they’re … Continue reading

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Disgusting and Telling….

THIS might be the most ridiculous story to date since Trump came on the political scene.  It is clearly the most disgusting, in my opinion, and I say this because it involves Obama, it involves a huge lie, and it’s … Continue reading

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This just cracked me UP! Enjoy!

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