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Election Advice….from WHEN?

IMAGINE?  From 1774?   I loved this and had to share it! (I think the elephant and ASS are modern additions 🙂 !!) Z

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Giving it to Mrs. Clinton

So, we have our first Republican Congressman saying “I’m voting for Mrs. Clinton.” Here’s a bit from the link: “He added: “I think Trump is a national embarrassment. Is he really the guy you want to have the nuclear codes?” … Continue reading

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Voter Law Struck DOWN….very bad news

The judge struck down the good Wisconsin voter ID laws because it ‘favors Republicans’ because he says it disenfranchises Blacks and Hispanics? Have we sunk that low that a judge can say he feels more Blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat … Continue reading

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Question about VOTING:

The other day, I heard some leftwingers talking about how “political” it was that Republicans want the presentation of legitimate voter ID at the precincts.  According to the Left, that all about keeping down the Democrat vote… Does that mean … Continue reading

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Israeli Elections, etc

I watched a lot of the Israeli news, live, on my computer on Tuesday.   I was stunned at the panel which, supposedly, is a normal media panel with all sides represented to discuss the election results.  What a fool … Continue reading

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Seeing this cartoon inspired today’s post;  So, you think Hillary will run or not?   Can you put together a Cabinet for her? Do you think Elizabeth Warren will be considered and WHY???? Let’s talk! Z

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Winning the elections; Does it matter?

Herman Cain gets it right.  Do you agree?: “Yes, it really does matter. As good as things are looking for a Republican takeover of the Senate – and at this late stage they’re looking very good – I realize some … Continue reading

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FOX and RACIST COMMENTS again…? oops, not really….again

This story got my hackles up (whatever hackles actually are!).  The story’s a few weeks old but I’d written this post, never used it, and wanted to share it with you today because I think it’s important, PARTICULARLY because of … Continue reading

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What can’t you wear? Please answer the questions below!?

From The Daily Caller: While he was early voting on Friday, a Douglasville, Georgia man says he was asked to remove a hat he wears everywhere, one that reads “NRA Instructor,” because poll workers said it was too closely associated … Continue reading

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OKAY,   you will LOVE THIS! 🙂 I was trying to find something other than Megyn Kelly tonight;  I am TIRED of the “all the worst news, made WORST by Kelly, all the time” ….am sorry, because I think she can … Continue reading

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