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To nuke or not to nuke….Iran, N Korea, and Sanctions….who cares?

The Iranians are expanding their missile program to $260 million….as their ‘parliament’ yells “Death to America!!” I thought Obama assured us that any rise in nuclear power in Iran was only to make sure the lights stayed on in Tehran? (Smile…who … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

Our blogger buddy Constitutional Insurgent (CI) is left his home this weekend for Texas where he’ll be a week before leaving for “across the pond,” as he puts it.  That would probably mean an area of upheaval, where he could … Continue reading

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Please take a second to remember that 18 year old kid who was in one of the ships coming into Omaha Beach.  Remember how seasick he was from the horrible turbulence that day, remember how they opened the ship ‘doors’ … Continue reading

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Always On Watch’s excellent blog has a conversation on the Syria bombings……I disagree with almost every comment made so I’m hoping some of you weigh in on how YOU feel about Trump’s actions. One thing that’s ‘fun’ for me to … Continue reading

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Zurich MOSQUE more important than BERLIN CHRISTMAS MARKET?

Are you freakin’ KIDDING ME?   BERLIN has something like 10 dead and 50 injured, people who were shopping a Christmas market…gone, or hurt.  A truck plowed into the marketplace. No mention yet on Yahoo homepage. A Zurich mosque was … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

THIS is the best thing I’ve read on Memorial Day ever…….What a hero, he’s so right. May God bless all those who lost their lives fighting for this country and their grieving families….and may He bless and protect our living … Continue reading

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Gratitude we don’t see much:

Our media’s never told us about this statue…HERE is the story; it’s quite an interesting one.  I don’t know if it would have hurt us for the media to have revealed there are grateful people in Iraq today…. SO, I’m … Continue reading

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Is America a Kingdom now, or…?

Obama is threatening to veto any dissent on this deal.  ANY.   We are now living in the Kingdom of America.   I just simply cannot believe this is legal. By the way, you know I don’t believe in only … Continue reading

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“Campaign” against ISIS?

                   Did you see the story about Obama’s visit to the Pentagon yesterday? HERE is an article about it.  My question is, can we really call the fight against ISIS (he always … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Overton!

Check THIS OUT!!   He turned 109 years old on May 11.  He’s in excellent health, takes no pills (what?) and is our oldest living VET!  I SALUTE HIM!  Great old guy! Here’s the rub (in the link above);  He met … Continue reading

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