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Hope Springs Eternal……no matter what some say

Oh, my!  Omarosa thinks TRUMP HIRED HOPE HICKS BECAUSE SHE’S PRETTY !! Actually, Omarosa doesn’t just THINK it, she’s SAYING IT……..BUT………oops!: HERE IS WHAT MANY THINK OF HOPE HICKS…Sorry, Omarosa, go lick your wounds somewhere else.  You could never be … Continue reading

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It’s America, learn our customs, keep us all safe

Talk about overkill…THIS ARTICLE is mostly rubbish.   I have never worn, nor will I ever wear, a hijab, so I can’t know the exact emotions of this story, but I believe the woman’s reaction is total overkill…just NUTS. I believe … Continue reading

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JAIL or……………WHAT??

THIS FASCINATED ME!!!   A Judge is offering shortened terms if the inmate has a vasectomy!   Or birth control implants… What do you think of this?!  Legal?  Ethical?  Good idea to prevent kids coming into the world with a … Continue reading

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Katie Walsh? Fingers crossed

I found THIS REALLY FASCINATING.   Remember I’ve been whining about how BAD the news always is about Trump and this is exactly what he needs. SO, if you were Katie Walsh, what would YOU DO to better fight for … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs Mike Pence

I’m sure you’ve heard about THIS….What do you think about it? Mike Pence doesn’t dine alone with women other than his wife and he doesn’t attend events where alcohol is served without her. The Tweets from many people are horrendously … Continue reading

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Marching…in lockstep…to Soros’ tune? Who’s fascist?

HERE is quite an article, BY A MUSLIM AMERICAN WOMAN, about the Women’s March.   I promise you’ll want to read what she’s written. Soros…….Soros………..Soros………..the swine. Check this out…I WISH our media was honest enough to provide information they know … Continue reading

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Women’s March on Washington

So Gloria Steinem is going to co-chair the big Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s Inauguration.  The Chair is Harry Belafonte.  Here’s a quote from the short linked article: “The group said the march will serve as a … Continue reading

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Liberal Thinking?

THIS really bothered me’s Lena what’s-her-name (I won’t honor her by writing her name on my blog and having you have to read it) saying she wishes she’d had an abortion…. Someone approached her at a Planned Parenthood office and … Continue reading

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General Petraeus and “her”..

I found THIS ODD….The woman, Broadwell, with whom General Petraeus had an affair, is very suddenly coming forward “to get her life back.” Why NOW?  “It’s a bit of a shocker to know he’s being considered for a cabinet position … Continue reading

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Trump is on a PATH TO LOSING

He’s tweeting since 4 AM today about Alicia Machado again.  He will NOT LET anything that makes HIM LOOK BAD rest…..he will not let the horrid stories about him fade away, which they would,  if he’d just SHUT UP and … Continue reading

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