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Jersey Jack has gone to heaven….

Yes, our buddy, Jersey Jack passed away, peacefully in his sleep, yesterday.   Kid wrote of Jack on Sunday, “….Jack is a very quick wit, 10 times smarter than me and twice as good looking.”     Not sure about that, but … Continue reading

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WEATHER…..Sailing…and KEVIN McCARTHY’s AntiSemitism??

Yes, imagine a post at my blog about CANADA WEATHER?! Well, my stepdaughter is on her 50′ sailboat on the coast of Canada and she’s hoping to be here at the Marina del Rey by late November…but the weather isn’t … Continue reading

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Let’s get OFF POLITICS and NASTINESS for a change! WHAT IS A FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY OF YOURS?   I think we’d all be interested…let’s talk about wonderful, happy things! For some reason, this comes to mind: One of my friends born … Continue reading

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Yes, “Ma’am”…how polite! But…………….uhoh……..

THE BOY GOT IN TROUBLE FOR THIS!?? Ready for this?  It gets worse!:   “Adding to their anger was how the teacher allegedly told Tamarion during the encounter that “if she had something, she would have thrown it at him” — … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog (for gun lovers! and for prayers)

You gotta love compassionate Christian Seniors. A woman had just returned to her home from an evening  of church services, when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the man in the act robbing her home of its valuables and … Continue reading

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My Chinese student arrived last night, with better English (a month in Beijing at English classes while she was in China for the summer) and a BIG smile on her face!  Happy to have her back and am hoping her … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

First, let me acknowledge our fathers on Father’s Day:  “THE RIGHTEOUS WHO WALKS IN HIS INTEGRITY – BLESSED ARE HIS CHILDREN AFTER HIM!” Proverbs 20     I feel so blessed to have had MY Dad….what a MAN, a real man … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

“EVERYONE YOU KNOW IS FIGHTING SOME BATTLE YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT.  BE KIND.” The above is a well known sentiment I hadn’t heard put this way but I did hear Britt Hume say it on Tucker Carlson’s show the other … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

Before I get to my post, which I think you’ll appreciate, please allow me to ask for prayers of safe and happy, healthy travel for my stepdaughter (Ms Z) who’s just sailed off from Hawaii to Alaska…a two week crossing.  … Continue reading

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Christmas Lessons

With fires and family situations, something is becoming even more true to me.   Money means so little….. A friend just emailed me that our mutual friend who lives in Paris (in the old Hemingway apartment and one she bought next … Continue reading

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