I call it TRUMP AND COMEY in my subject line on this post, but I ought to say TRUMP VERSUS COMEY because, from the little I saw this morning, Comey is pretty definitive on anything Trump (or his people) may have done wrong and doesn’t have much problem laying it out there, but on anything defensive of Trump, the info is ‘classified’…I wonder if any of you noticed that?


Apparently, the FBI is saying, with amazing definitiveness:   PUTIN HATES HILLARY, PUTIN WOULD SUPPORT ANYONE OVER HILLARY, PUTIN HACKED DURING THE CAMPAIGNING...etc.    How the HELL do they KNOW THAT so definitively, and can share it, but can’t share much else?

Let’s talk about this today as the hearings progress………maybe Gorsuch, later, if anything becomes newsworthy.

And THANKS TO YOU ALL for your FABULOUS comments on my immigration blog below this;  for anybody who didn’t see the comments, I highly encourage you to read them and weigh in.

have a great day…let’s get talking!


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We all feel the same about illegal immigration…I think we do, anyway.

What reasons do you think ANY American, or any person from any country, would welcome illegals who take his money, cause a large amount of crime, don’t learn the language and apparently feel no allegiance to the country?

Yes, we say “DEMOCRATS WANT VOTERS” but I think it’s that AND SOMETHING ELSE….I can’t figure out why Sanctuary Cities aren’t all shut down immediately, with people standing around laughing saying “That was INSANE!!  WHAT were we THINKING?”



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Sunday Faith Blog

Please look at THIS……’s such a positive, uplifting story about Olympic skater Scott Hamilton’s terrible illnesses and what’s happened to him recently!  And what he attributes his healing to.

Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”  Jeremiah 17:14

The rub, of course, is that those of us who do not survive are also blessed and saved through Him.  A hard lesson but a very good lesson to remember because the peace in my friends who are believers and who’ve been extremely ill is truly beyond all understanding. A total gift.

My heart goes out to Scott Hamilton and I congratulate him on sharing what he’s gone through.  So inspiring!

Have a great Sunday!




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Schools…..the fun never ends

What would you do if your child came home with THIS SURVEY?  They brought them home in Jerome, Idaho.

It seems like a spy survey to me, irregardless of the sex questions which are even more egregious, in my opinion.

What’s your opinion?  Our kids probably face some awful things like described in the survey, but most don’t; is it worth their having to be exposed to the terms at inappropriate ages?

I heard something on CNN last night that concerns schools so I thought I’d tell you this, too:  The banner across the bottom of the story Anderson Cooper was highlighting said TRUMP WANTS TO ELIMINATE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS!  Oh, yes, I’m sure he “WANTS” to, right?  It costs millions and could be cut in the new budget.   The story lasted longer than most stories do;  teachers talking about the benefits, kids interviewed saying how fun this after-school program is and how much they love it and meet nice friends, etc.   ALL GOOD.  ALL EXPENSIVE.  “Mothers may have to stay home with their children if this program closes”.   Ya, well, that could help those kids, huh?

THOUGHTS on either or both school stories above?


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………….and WHY?     

What’s your favorite place for television news?   Who are your favorite newscasters?

How would you change your favorite news show?   How would you change your least favorite news show?

I’m eager to hear!


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Nationalism….”Skinhead?” (naaaaaaaa)

  1. (From Merriam-Webster) 1:  loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially :  a sense of national consciousness  exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups.

  2.  (from Wikipedia) Nationalism is a complex, multidimensional concept involving a shared communal identification with one’s nation. It is a political ideology oriented towards gaining and maintaining self-governance, or full sovereignty, over a territory of historical significance to the group (such as its homeland). Nationalism therefore holds that a nation should govern itself, free from unwanted outside interference, and is linked to the concept of self-determination. Nationalism is further oriented towards developing and maintaining a national identity based on shared characteristics such as culture, language, race, religion, political goals or a belief in a common ancestry.  Nationalism therefore seeks to preserve the nation’s culture. It often also involves a sense of pride in the nation’s achievements, and is closely linked to the concept of patriotism. In these terms, nationalism can be considered positive or negative.

So….”positive or negative”?….what’s negative?…patriotism?  self-determination?  unwanted outside interference?  historical significance?  preserving a culture?  pride in achievements?  Which do you think Wikipedia finds negative?   


Put the word NATIONALISM away then if it’s somehow sprouted meanings that are reminiscent of prewar Germany, and let’s talk using the definitions above….

What’s WRONG with true NATIONALISM as defined?   Trump’s being labeled as someone who believes strongly in nationalism, and the inference is that he is xenophobic, racist, jingoistic and other unlikable traits.

Are you a nationalist?  Why?  Why not?  Can’t legal immigrants fit into this nationalism?  My mother SURE DOES 🙂   Her house at any American holiday makes the old holiday specials like Andy Williams and the King Sisters look under decorated!

What’s WRONG WITH IT?   Is LEGAL immigration xenophobic?  Is keeping us safe racist?  Thoughts?


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Obama and Buffett… What do YOU think?

SO…..Obama had lunch with Warren Buffett in Omaha.
They say the Obama Presidential Library funding was not discussed, but nobody is saying what was discussed.


Obama flew to Nebraska for lunch with ol’ Warren and his daughter.  By the way, the article says he “stopped off in Nebraska”…who stops off in NEBRASKA?   Just passing through…NEBRASKA?!  Trying to make it sound so nonchalant!

(P.S…the photo in my link is lazy journalism at its best;  it was actually released about a week ago with a very happy headline about how Obama gets applauded everywhere he goes now in NYC and he’d just dined there when this was taken. Obama’s having a blast, trust me.)


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Trump’s taxes and the MSNBC nightmare woman…….

Yes, yes, believe it or not, I watched five minutes of Rachel Madcow last night (prompted by Tucker Carlson’s mention that they were on MSNBC at that minute talking about Trump’s Taxes)….just enough to hear her be told by journalist, David Cay Johnston, that he strongly believes Trump himself leaked the tax return pages to him 🙂   “After all, he probably leaked the salacious pictures that came out of Melania taken many years ago, and probably leaked more information,” says Johnston.

HERE is the article about the TRUMP TAXES.  The following are reviews from readers… “…the long history of a shady, greedy, and relentlessly sociopathic media mogul and his rise to power.”   “This is a relentlessly factual journey into the heart of darkness. The author knows his subject better than Trump himself.  Trump has built a wall between himself and truth and decency.”  “Rather than indulging in endless partisan rhetoric, Johnston just gives us the fact—and they’re spellbinding, and damning. This is the book for anyone even remotely curious as to who the Republican Party has nominated, and how he managed to get there.”

But is the book TRUE?  It’s supposedly “solidly documented.” Or is this Pulitzer Prize author well past the ‘bias’ point and going somewhere even darker in his liberal hate?   I believe this Mr. Johnston is surely BIASED, to say the least, and spilling info is a heck of a way to get people reading his book…He’s telling America that pages from Trump’s tax return were put in his private mail box containing the words “CLIENT COPY,” implying they were leaked by someone with access to Trump’s files.  I know that when I got my paperwork from my CPA before E Returns, CLIENT COPY was stamped on them,  by her, and only went to me….the IRS didn’t see that copy, so…what’s up with that?  A ruse to make it look like it’s from Trump?  Would any Trump person be that stupid to show CLIENT COPY if they were really leaking?

The White House is calling this ILLEGAL…but it’s not illegal unless a federal employee leaked it…..

Having said all that……..There was Madcow practically licking the hair off this writer Johnston’s face with delight and joy at someone ELSE inferring what she loves to talk about :  TRUMP IS A MONSTER.   “He’s in bed with Russia, he’s indebted to Russia………”

Your thoughts?!!



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Health insurance in bygone days was HEALTHIER!

Our terrific commenter and friend, Mal, wrote this in a Comment on Friday and I wanted to share it with all of you who didn’t see it.  We were talking health care and, finally, in a response to FB, who said some of us paying our own way might be a better way to attack healthcare, Mal wrote these two comments:

“FB, you’re spot on. It was much cheaper before everyone had coverage. Example….between May 1955 and Jan. 1962 we had 4 children with no insurance. The hospital was $35/day, the OBGYN charged $250 FOR THE ENTIRE 9 MONTHS, and the anesthesiologist was $80, which was very cheap even for that time, and all would take payments w/o interest. No sweat. Everything went to Hell after we began having medical insurance.

Oh! And those that needed extra costly procedures usually got covered by family, friends, or the church. It became a community problem.”

How many of you think we could ever go back to that again?   How about doctors who didn’t charge interest and waited for the payments to be made as their patient could afford to pay?  How about the community (church, family, friends) all helping a family in need? How about how everything was cheaper before coverage?

Interesting that shrinking churches today are in situations where they simply haven’t the congregation money to help families in their communities like they used to.  A lot of the shrinking has been ‘blamed’ on the way the media and schools so insult and belittle faith….Machiavellian?  Forcing families toward GOVERNMENT?

Mal’s family didn’t need GOVERNMENT…..

Do you think most Americans would EVER accept actually paying for their own medical needs?  I believe premiums alone for many families and employers are higher than the average needs of a family or an employee, don’t you?

Let’s talk about Mal’s comments…..doesn’t that sound like a BETTER WORLD TO YOU?

And THANK, Mal!



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WHO agrees with Trump on immigration laws? WHO?



I wish FOX had the GUTS to run this video a few times a day… if.


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