Sunday Faith Post

“Winter is what makes spring so sweet.”

It’s easy to take for granted something you enjoy all the time.  When worry, illness, or accidents come, things like peace of mind, good health, and the ease of an ordinary day emerge as the great blessings they really are!  Today, let spring’s blossoms remind you that winter has passed, and so will the day’s problems and burdens.  Ask God to strengthen your faith, hope, and the certainty in His promises.

(This is from “Inspired by Faith,” one of my devotions….I hope you find it a good reminder, too!)

Have a great Sunday.   Be triumphant EVERY day, as the devotion above suggests, not just on holidays!~

Have a blessed Palm Sunday!


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WHY NOT?  They want them, TAKE ’em!   The Left is going NUTS with false accusations that he’s ‘using his power to humiliate Democrats for their stance on immigration’…one even said he promised ‘to only put the criminal immigrants there’……How is this a ‘racist agenda,’ as some are saying?    It’s the Sanctuary City jerks who are racist if they won’t take them!   How is this an ‘ABUSE OF POWER’?   What is REALLY horrid is the ABUSE to our country by the cities offering sanctuary to illegal people!

THEY WANT THEM!  That’s what Sanctuary Cities are FOR….taking in IMMIGRANTS who are ILLEGAL, giving them SANCTUARY!

IS IT ME?  Or do you agree, too!?   I’ll just bet there are even some non Republicans who are saying “He has a POINT!”


And I am TIRED of hearing we are a NATION OF IMMIGRANTS as some excuse…Our immigrants came in LEGALLY, DESIROUS OF BEING AMERICAN, LEARNING THE LANGUAGE.  STOP it, Nancy Pelosi, you b***h… your history, grow up, stop lying and stop hating this country.


end of rant!!


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Our new Attorney General, Bill Barr, seems like a terrific man to me.  He was very highly regarded by both sides until the Mueller Report and, suddenly, the Left thinks he’s a Trump-loving fool.

What do you think of him?  What’s your gut feeling?   I know Trump wasn’t happy to hear he and Mueller’s families are close.   I have  no trouble with that.  Do you?

What do you think of him?


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I’m pretty clueless on the topic……fill us in!   Vent your anger, voice your pleasure…..Treasonous?  Whistle Blower?




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HERE is a great article Mal emailed me……TRUMP’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS

I can imagine CNN or MSNBC going through each one and shredding it, but that wouldn’t be from facts, just feelings!

Any you disagree with?  Anything you’d add?   I have to admit the LOWER TAXES thing is a tad suspect, since taxes are lower but most deductions are GONE, raising some of our taxes! 🙂



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Wine and Film….

Every time I watch TCM (Turner Classic Movies), which is often, because I adore old black/white films and have probably seen some 40 times, I cringe at the commercials for their WINES.

The TCM WINE CLUB lists:

  • Majestic Ingrid Bergman Cabernet
  • Charming Charlie Chaplin Merlot
  • Cool Robert Mitchum Pinot Noir

“Majestic?”  “Charming”  “Cool” WINE???

It goes on and on…they say that there are wines best to serve while watching Casablanca, or To Kill a Mockingbird….I JUST DON’T GET IT!   How is what you’re SIPPING have ANYTHING to do with what you’re watching?

What’s wrong with drinking champagne with a film about boxing, or a beer with Sabrina?   Who’d notice?

I guess it bugs me because it’s such a stretch…just another way to MAKE MONEY (which, of course, I’m all for, but to BS people like this?)

Why not WINES TO DRINK WHILE WATCHING THE NEWS?  I think it would be best with Vodka or Gin, Bourbon, etc.  Maybe wine isn’t quite strong enough for THE NEWS?!!


!!!  Z

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“Come on IN, then wait to come in!”…….

I can’t even comment on this.    What is the point?



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Taking a knee in the best possible way…….

This, to ME, is another example of FAKE NEWS.

Don’t you agree?   Leaving things out, etc…?   Fake as you can get.  The link includes “CBS cameras cut away from the Texas Tech locker room the moment their head coach entered the room and began leading the team in prayer. The network seemed to have no problem letting their cameras linger, while the announcers filled time and waited for the coach to arrive. However, moments after the coach Chris Beard arrived, the team began to pray and the cameras cut away to a shot of the announcers.”

They cut back to the locker room after the prayer, by the way……… it isn’t an accident or a question of time.

You might not care if they pray or not….I totally get that and that’s not the point of this post, really.  The point is the choice not to show them doing so.  If you are someone who thinks it’s great for young men to pray, you will see them starting to kneel,  then it cuts to the announcers…but those seconds of seeing them kneel is really a beautiful sight.

This tweet cracked me up!  (all the ones I saw in reaction to not showing the prayer pretty much agreed with this guy!:


CBS can’t even show a prayer. Heathen ass punks



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Sunday Faith Blog

Very recently, I’ve had some great things happen which will do away with some of the challenges I’ve been facing for a couple of years so I’m printing the following!:

“A misty morning doesn’t signify a cloudy day,” Proverb.

“When facing an uphill battle, things might look pretty overwhelming from where you stand.  But you’re not seeing the full picture of what the future holds.  In fact, no one can from any vantage point-no one, that is, except God.  He knows the blessings He has in store for you…blessings far more delightful and abundant than you can imagine.  So hang in there.  Change is in the air!”    (From a devotional of mine)

Sometimes you can be fearful, you can worry, you can see no sunshine ahead.  Or not.  We can trust, we can believe that things will improve, we can know we might be blessed beyond what we’d hoped for.   I have seen it.  BIG time.   And I’m not more special than you or anyone else.   Believe this adage above.  It helps to keep believing it…… works!

Amen to that!

Have a great Sunday!


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SATURDAY CURIOSITIES you might want to ponder with me

A couple of things happened Friday which I wanted to share with you.  Both are instances from something I heard on Talk Radio L.A., and I wanted to see if you agreed with me:

  1.  We are living in a country where people actually want to do away with using gender terms.  You and I might be called “They” if we went to a college campus and asked for a hamburger.  The cafeteria worker might call to the chef “They wants a hamburger” (or they want, no ‘s’…unless all grammar must be changed now, too?)   Okay, that’s weird, but it’s probably coming.   Young people are so sensitive today that they are offended by specific gender BUT…BUT!….I heard someone on the radio yesterday say “There are lots of gays and lesbians who…” and I thought “Wait!  SO it’s okay if you’re homosexual to be boy-homo or girl-homo?  It’s now GAY for boys and LESBIAN for girls when all used to be HOMOSEXUALS or GAY?    Why is it then suddenly okay to call attention to the GENDER?”
  2. I also heard on the radio that a family had had a swastika burned into their lawn and that “THE POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING!”   I thought “investigating WHAT?  A swastika was burned into these poor peoples’ lawn…THERE, I investigated and that’s it!”  But, no, there’s an investigation….WHY?  Are they going to find the person?  Probably not.  If they do, then it’s a couple of million dollar court proceeding, lots of negative emotion, tons of time and money and wear and tear on everybody’s nerves.   Dear family: MAN UP…we are desperately sorry about this but please man up, put big-boy pants on and replant the grass.  Thank you.

I could be wrong on both of these things……….At least you might find me wrong……..But I believe I have a point….do you?  THOUGHTS?


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