Sunday Faith Post

   And Gavin Newsom quotes from the Bible to push abortion …….

“Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31  is on his pro-abortion billboard somewhere here in California.

Apparently, loving your neighbor as yourself, the greatest commandment, includes “kill your child.”

“Lord, we ask you to have patience and even overlook that there are those in America  who believe killing babies is “neighborly,” part of your Word.  Forgive us, heal us,  turn our country toward you.”

I pray also that those who’ve had abortions have asked for God’s forgiveness, for that is what they will get with a repentant heart.  I know several who have had abortions in the past, strong Christians now, but they still feel terrible sadness and some guilt though they know God’s forgiveness; that is how powerful abortion affects most women.  And I pray that those contemplating abortion consider giving that baby to a family desirous of a newborn to raise.


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Kicking out of the closet……..??

The LEFT so frequently celebrates homosexuality, even encouraging it in our small children in America…..

But let a Republican senator never marry and jokes are made about his being gay and apologies have to be made for the suggestion that he was.   So you don’t have a problem with encouraging five year olds to be their (supposedly) true homosexual self, but it’s joke worthy if a grown Republican might be gay?

If the Left thinks homosexuality’s so cool, why is it funny to suggest the Republican party might have a gay senator?

Surprisingly, some non-conservative news outlets covered this story…I guess insulting Senator Graham was worth it.

Whoopi said “I Should Probably Never Do This Show Again If This Is What It’s Coming To”.   Probably not, Whoopi.  Off you go.



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Australia GETS IT RIGHT!

THIS IS PRICELESS.…………a RESPONSE to Climate Answer, Greta Thunberg.  It’s a CLASSIC!

Thanks, Sky News Australia!




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Leticia HATES Donald and Family

The lawsuit against Trump;  Fascinating.

And even more fascinating is AG Barr’s comment … “Former Attorney General Bill Barr dismissed the lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general against former President Donald Trump and his children as a “political hit job,” telling Fox News it is yet another symptom of “Trump derangement syndrome” and the left’s desire to “punish” Trump.

“It’s hard for me not to conclude it’s a political hit job,” Barr said Wednesday on “America Reports.”

Obviously, Trump and Barr kind of parted ways over Barr’s comments about 1/6 and other things, though he’s never been a Trump hater per se. (From CNN: “With his salty dismissals of the former President’s election fraud lies as “bullshit,” “crazy,” “amateurish” and “total nonsense,” Barr has turned into Trump’s nemesis with his taped testimony to the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol”).   I hate it when I’m mad at someone like Barr for certain comments, then they say something sensible, which I agree with…and then I have to wonder about the comments I didn’t appreciate!




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He said WHAT??!!!

I saw THIS ARTICLE and knew it was probably the most STUPID, DISHONEST, RIDICULOUS, EASILY EXPOSED LIE I, for one, had ever seen!!

Honestly, you just can’t make this stuff from the Left up.  But it’s IN THE MEDIA and PEOPLE READ IT…and HEAR it!   I’m hoping a lot do because at least the Left is having to acknowledge FINALLY that illegals are pouring into our country!

AH, gee, Mr. Leftwinger…I’m SO SORRY the REPUBLICANS have made the border  crisis worse!  (at least he acknowledged it’s a CRISIS)!




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Venezuelans little ‘gift’ to America

If YOU were in charge of the border, what would YOU DO about THIS?    

Sunday, I heard that many of the migrants lately have been single men, Venezuelans, and I wondered about that.  I guess I shouldn’t have wondered.   By the way….remember when Trump talked about how some of the migrants were rapists and other types of criminals and got such flack for it?   Obviously, he didn’t mean ALL migrants from Mexico were criminals (though crossing the border illegally IS criminal, of course) but he still gets mocked for that.

Well, it’s happening……If this information in my link is true.  SO where’s the FLACK FOR BIDEN?  !!

And, as we always say “if the media was HONEST and people knew about these things….we’d have a whole different country, a whole different voting result, and things would be a LOT BETTER”.




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By BOCOPRO…Sad, but true

BY BOCOPRO:  “Somethin for ya’ll to read this mornin . . . ginned it up and hope you enjoy it: (This sentence was edited by Z…the rest is HIM)

Land of the Free . . . Home of the Brave . . . what the hell happened ??

Here in the lockdown, face-diaper, hide-in-your-huts, CO2 hysterical 2020s, after the catastrophes of the paranoid Nixon, the foolish Carter, the frat-boy Clinton, the oil-rich Muslim intifada, the in-over-his-head Bush, the overhyped, overeducated, anti-American uber-racist Soetoro, and the advent of the gender-confused and battery-worshiping wokesters, we are now governed by the puppet Biden.

MURK-a has become an irreconcilably divided, broke, woke, fat, out-of-shape, morally bankrupt mob of poorly educated, ignorant, self-indulgent, hypocritical but politically correct debtors who couldn’t get in the military because of narcotics, criminal rap sheets, psychological profiles, and inability to meet physical standards.

Our politics have become follow-the-money popularity contests based on identity campaigns, lust for power, empty promises, and extravagantly overpriced propaganda.  Our politicians either endorse or simply ignore socialism, open borders, foreign competition, climate hysteria, and self-feeding national debt.

We’ve indeed come a long way since Harry Truman took responsibility for his own actions by saying, “The Buck Stops Here.”

JFK, the womanizing reincarnation of a romanticized Arthur in a wishful-thinking modern-day Camelot, was NOT a good president.  And his successor, LBJ, was a lying, woman-chasing, narrow-minded racist bully.

Nixon was completely paranoid, which resulted in the election of the nebbish, Carter, after which people momentarily regained their sanity long enough to install an experienced, capable, patriotic manager to get us back on the rails again.

Bush I should’ve retired and enjoyed life on his record as a member of The Greatest Generation and the Reagan legacy, but instead managed to fail of re-election after winning the most spectacular military victory in US history.

Since then we’ve had Libido Bill and Harridan Hillary luxuriating in the glow and comfort of unrestricted power paid for by others, then Bush II, who should’ve stayed on his Texas ranch and painted simple watercolors of cockapoos, and the halfrican, who had as much business in D.C. as I have in the Vatican.

Speed-bump Trump was the only true manager we’ve had in the Oval Office since Ronnie Ray-Gun and HST, but he was an aberration, a burr under the socialists’ saddle blanket, a temporary pain-in-the-ass who knew how to get things done, usually the RIGHT things, but wasn’t a member of the Ol’ Swampy Clique, so he had to be excoriated, excommunicated, and expelled.

America the Beautiful has become a rudderless, shameful, self-deprecating parody of what it was when it opened a giant can of whoop-ass to exterminate the master-race regimes in Berlin and Tokyo back in the day.  Our three equal-but-separate branches of government have become more like the Three Stooges, and our international image is less like The Avengers and more like the Keystone Kops.

Yesterday’s virtuous Americanism has become virtue-signaling globalism, and the sense of patriotic duty that built good stuff and won wars turned into publicly shake your booty and borrow money for cheap crap made in China.

Back when I was a kid we had homosexuals, transsexuals, weirdos, deviants, pedophiles, intellectually challenged and arrested development individuals, yes . . . I’m sure we also had deaf people, birth-defect people, blind people, cripples, and even a few village idiots.

We called ‘em “different,” or “slow,” or “eccentric” . . . among other things, such as “prisoners” when they deliberately broke laws.  But generally speaking, we simply made allowances for their unusual needs and exceptions for their bizarre behavior.  And for the most part, they adapted, either in the safety of family or special communities to which they automatically migrated.

Today we put them in Congress.   Hell’s bells . . . . we’d be a lot better off if Congress had more truckers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and retired Navy Chiefs and Marine Corps Gunnies than millionaires with law degrees from Harvard and Yale.

And Peter Doocy needs to ask Jong-Perriere if the information on Mike Lindell’s cellphone is really more crucial than what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop.   Whaddya wanna bet that the only sensitive documents collected in the raid on Mar-A-Lago came from Melania’s closet and are labeled “Victoria’s Secret.”



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Sunday Faith Post

I can’t tell you how much this shakes my Jewish friends up.……I think my Christian friends are sad about it, think it’s wrong, but Jewish friends, every time this type of subject comes up, get very scared.  They know the benefits of Christianity to America and her history.  They feel safer with Christians “in charge.”  They worry for our future with so much less church going.

I do, too.

Oddly, my Muslim-turned-Christian friends (and many others in ‘the know’ about this type of thing) are saying Muslims are converting to Christianity.  We’re hearing they’re dreaming of Christ…really amazing stuff.  It’s ENORMOUS in Africa and is growing very fast in CHINA.    Could be our only hope.   But here?  Little hope.    Probably because the author of one of those articles suggests “…Christianity is growing there not because the people are poorly educated..” (I swear it did)

Just had to include this (from Mal) because I found it very cute!


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The BORDER, De Santis and NewSCUM

This WHOLE STORY JUST CRACKS ME UP.  The HYPOCRISY, the very THOUGHT that a HIDEOUS governor like New-SCUM could EVER criticize any other governor (or street cleaner, for that matter) as if he’s doing a fine JOB? 

I was sorry DeSantis stooped (like Trump) to suggesting New-Scum’s HAIR GEL got his head confused on this but , otherwise, I hope DeSantis hits back HARD.

Here’s the deal, as you all know:  The BORDER IS OPEN.  The White House is LYING, as is GAVIN……AND, NOW, some of the migrants have caught on and THEY’RE siding with the Left “I thought we were going to Boston, not  Martha’s Vineyard!”   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  You’re LUCKY YOU”RE ALIVE, you idiot….

AM I NUTS OR WHAT?   They break our LAWS and we’re PROTECTING THEM?   Flying them around instead of flying them RIGHT BACK HOME?


I’m so pissed off.


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Help me out here….NO ABORTION?

There’s a Congressperson named Katie Porter.   She represents Irvine, California, a fairly upscale California neighborhood, where she apparently “stands up to the rich and powerful on behalf of the working people.”   (As a typical Democrat, she forgets that once she’s screwed the ‘rich and powerful” enough, the working people she says she represents won’t have JOBS, but….I digress)

She’s on California TV saying we should vote to her because “The GOP wants to BAN ALL ABORTIONS”

Has any of you heard ANY Republican who said that?    Is it ONE Republican and so she’s running on THAT ONE’s remark that represents no others?   Like the Left arguing the Republicans are against Social Security in campaigns across the country because ONE Republican (Ron Johnson) said we should look at it every five years and make sure it’s working well?


HER ACCUSATION IS A TOTAL LIE BUT ONE REPUBLICAN MIGHT HAVE SAID IT, SO……….AND, THIS IS WHY I KEEP SAYING THE MEDIA’S SO DISHONEST.  NOT ONE HAS ASKED MY QUESTION ‘DID ANYBODY REALLY SAY THAT?”  But they would mention it AND mock it if any Republican said “All Democrats want abortion up to the time of birth.”   Oh, wait, most do.



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