The Mosque Visit by Obama

Some of you will totally agree with the information down below, sent me by a friend last night.  I think it definitely gives pause to anybody with a mind open to putting two and two together and not being so ideological you can’t get four……but I wondered what you think of Obama’s mosque visit today.  I saw Dr Zuhdi Jasser this morning saying Obama picked a mosque where militants are known to have been radicalized, that he could have picked a mosque without a terror background.

Dr Jasser says:  “Why visit a mosque that’s heaped in celaphism, heaped in an ideology that is really incompatible with western identity? They have gender apartheid in the mosque. They’ve given a sermon just a couple of years ago from Yaseen Shaikh called homosexuals “deviants” and have a mental disorder. This is not — even if you take the president’s liberal values, he’s basically using Muslims as a prop who disagree with his own liberal values it’s bizarre.”

Here’s the email sent to me. Thoughts on all of this?

Before Obama there was virtually no visible presence of Islam in America.

* All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools.

   * All of a sudden we must allow prayer rugs
    everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in
   schools and businesses.
   * All of a sudden we must stop serving pork in
    public places and institutions.

   * All of a sudden we are inundated with law suits by
  Muslims who are offended by America.
    (For God’s sake, they are IN America)

  * All of a sudden we must allow burkas to be worn
    everywhere even though you have no idea who is
  covered up under them.

  * All of a sudden Muslim training compounds are
    popping up throughout the USA.

    * All of a sudden Muslims are suing employers for
   being expected to do their jobs.

    * All of a sudden all of our aircraft carriers are
    recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the
    Atlantic unsupported.

    * All of a sudden our troops are withdrawn from
   the middle east.

   * All of a sudden there is no money for American
    poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans,
   hungry Americans, or displaced Americans but
   there is endless money for Obamas refugee programs.

 * All of a sudden Obama fills the Federal
   Government with Muslims in key positions.

   * All of sudden there is an ammunition shortage in
  the USA.

    * All of a sudden Americans are threatened by the
    Federal government for complaining about Muslims.

   * All of a sudden, the most important thing for
  Obama to do is disarm American Citizens.

    Now, why is it so important for Obama to disarm
   America? Why? Because a disarmed country is ripe for
    takeover by the Muslim Army that Obama has imported
    into the United States. Nikita Krueschev, the
    Russian Dictator who visited the USA in the 1950s
  said the USA could never be occupied by any army
   because of it’s citizen Army. Obama knows this fact
   and is doing everything within his power to disarm
   our Citizen Army.
    If Obama can’t do it legally, he will abuse his
    power and take every gun from America because he
    knows he must do that to turn the USA over to Islam.
    Be wary and watchful. Obama’s actions speak far
    beyond his words.

    Obama won’t even say the words “Islamic Terrorist”,