Christians; OK. Muslims: Stay Home

Do you believe allowing refugees in because of religion is bigoted?

HERE is an article proving Obama was wrong when he said we don’t use religious tests.  Paul Ryan’s wrong, too.   I expect Ryan to change his mind, but Obama won’t ….he said it; it’s true.  Even if it is demonstrably not true.

“Due to the unique needs of vulnerable religious minority communities, the State Department has prioritized the resettlement of Syrian Christian refugees and other religious minorities fleeing the conflict,” wrote the department’s Special Advisor for Religious Minorities, Knox Thames, in a recent email.

OOPS!  That’d be Obama’s State Department ….  tsk tsk tsk.

QUESTION:  Do YOU believe that Christians, for one example, should get priority if anybody is going to be allowed to come into America?  

See, in the mind of Obama, if we allow Christians in and not Muslims, we think Christians are less of a threat, better people.  He doesn’t seem to allow himself to entertain that thinking.

What do YOU think, folks?


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59 Responses to Christians; OK. Muslims: Stay Home

  1. The acceptance of refugees, the determination of refugee status, has long been predicated on whether the applicant was threatened existentially because of religious or political beliefs.
    Christians (and the few Jews left) in Islamic countries meet that criteria long before others.
    If you need to meet a quota of relief, the Christian refugee historically has presented the least threat to a host country, and the most proof of religious persecution, so it seems that should be a primary filter.


  2. bocopro says:

    At one time, Christians were some dangerous dudes, but they grew up and got over it. Islam hasn’t yet seen any need for reformation.

    An in-depth check (and the lists are easily searchable) of all terrorist acts involving deaths of multiple innocents across the globe in the past 25 years reveals absolutely ZERO staged and committed by Christians. In fact, nearly ALL have been organized and performed by al Qaeda, Abu Sayyef, ISIS, and self-radicalized Muslim males. Saddam Hussein and Bashir al Assad have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their own people simply for disagreeing with them. And the worst of the lot is Boko Haram.

    No Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, or even atheist bombings involving massive loss of life . . . only Islam associated events. Couldn’t find any beheadings by Baptists or Presbyterians either, only Muslims.


  3. Get ready for the executive order to open the floodgates so as to admit the Trojan Horse.


  4. Silverfiddle says:

    If we insist on taking people in from that region, it should be exclusively Christians and other religious minorities, because they are besieged at every turn in that region. The Muslims who are escaping the chaos fit in religiously, culturally and linguistically in many other countries of the region.


  5. Kid says:

    I don’t want any moslems here. islam has nothing in common with a free society. They will never integrate and always be a drain and a threat Has anyone heard even one of them call out to the rest to stop the violence ?
    They won’t be employable. We’ll be paying everything for them just like the Koran tells them to do – Infidels will pay their way. Aside from that, It would be cheaper to build refugee camps somewhere in the ME where they belong. And most of them won’t be from syria or be refugees, They’re Invaders !


  6. geeez2014 says:

    If Obama was really more concerned with refugees truly needing help, he’d be picking Christians to come first; they’re the ones who are being killed for their religion.

    So, since he thinks America’s “better than that” and we welcome all religions, when the precedent is clearly not that, and he clearly doesn’t care more about the CHristians, what can we believe about his motivation? 🙂


  7. Kid says:

    I believe obama is helping his brothers with their Caliphate. Remember the Le Pen comment about EU being subservient to the USA or something to that affect. It makes me wonder how much influence obama may have had on the EU countries taking in the vermin…


  8. Sparky says:

    It’s what Kid said above, O’Boy is helping to establish a Caliphate here in America to help him further destroy our once proud country. It’s part of his ‘remaking’ of America. I said it before, I’ll say it again, SHAME ON EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THIS MONSTER!!! (Sorry, not shouting at you, just the wickedness that allows this to go on).


  9. Mustang says:
    If Kid is suggesting that Obama has influence over EU member states, I have to disagree. His first European tour was extremely popular primarily because he bludgeoned his own nation from the capitals of Europe. The Europeans ate it up. But it wasn’t long before most of the European states (and all of the Islamic states) understood what a complete buffoon Obama is … and rather than being someone to fear, or someone to listen to, they leaned that he is someone to laugh at and take advantage of. Of course, knowing this, American voters reelected him in 2012.

    No, I think the EU has had a globalist mindset since around 1947, and notice too what a wonderful fit that is with socialism. Obama, as it turns out, is following behind the EU states as a puppy would follow its mother. He is doing the will of George Soros in establishing global socialism, and he is doing the will of the moon god by increasing the population of Moslems living in America: his share of a global invasion.

    I do not think that we should exercise a religious test over whether or not someone is admitted to the USA on the basis of humanitarian concerns. There must be a security test, however, and also questions regarding the suitability of admitting people whose culture prohibits them from assimilating the norms of any other society. No one should be here if they hate what we stand for; if they hate what we stand for then that fact should neutralize any humanitarian concerns. Who in their right mind will bite the hand that feeds them?

    Meanwhile, European citizens continue to come to the USA without the screening associated with visas. This would include Abu Ibn Killin whose citizenship is Belgian, whose religion is radical, and whose expertise is chemistry.


  10. Mal says:

    Every time O opens his mouth, he makes himself less and less believable. He is the laughing stock
    of the world…………and so are we for having elected him! For the free world to have any chance of survival, we need to get rid of him NOW, and being as we “can’t” impeach him, then a hit man, whatever… life in exchange for the rest of the world would be a bargain. I know what that sounds like and can hardly believe I’m saying it, but given the thousands who have been killed and millions who have been displaced, his death would be nothing. Also, the stronger ISIS gets, the more nuts will join around the world because it encourages them.
    You have to believe this has been considered in some circles in D.C., perhaps even the CIA or our military? But if it did happen,


  11. Mal says:

    (to finish the above…sorry!) it would make him a Martyr and they would make him like Martin Luther King and name streets after him!


  12. Kid says:

    Mal, do you really want barack hussein obama boulevards and buildings and schools all over America? 😉


  13. Kid says:

    I’d rather see a military coup. Take him and biden and toss them out on their ears. Put Ryan in for the next 14 months


  14. Kid says:

    Well hell, we’d have to add 95% of Congress too.


  15. Imp says:

    House defies Obama, votes to ‘pause’ Syrian refugees

    The 289-137 vote saw 47 Democrats join Republicans, defying a veto threat from Mr. Obama, who has grown increasingly strident in accusing his critics of everything from hysteria to Islamophobia.

    But his victorious critics said he himself is to blame for having repeatedly betrayed the country’s trust on security issues, including a lax policy on immigration enforcement and mistakenly blaming an anti-Islam film rather than terrorists for the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed America’s ambassador to Libya.

    “The American public has very little faith in this administration,” Rep. Ken Buck, Colorado Republican, told administration officials who were on Capitol Hill to try to sway lawmakers just ahead of the vote.

    No kidding.


  16. Mal says:

    No, Kid. God forbid they name streets or buildings after him but that’s what probably would happen should he meet his demise. But I really doubt he would be enshrined after long consideration of the damage he has wreaked upon the world. But we can dream, can’t we?


  17. Kid says:

    Yes we can Mal. I just noticed the New York Post says obama should lead or resign. Having him go out as a confirmed failure is something anyway.


  18. Mal says:

    OH! That that would happen, Kid!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, today, a religious test IS a safety test.

    ALL: I don’t want any talk about assassinations or anything even close to that here. Ever.
    Thanks. We start to sound like leftwingers full of glee for Tony Snow’s death…. or when Cheney has a heart problem. We don’t do that here. Thanks very much.

    The NY Post is conservative….I wish it was the Washington Post that said he should go! 🙂


  20. Imp says:

    The true facts …Ben Shapiro breaks it down into numbers that we can easily understand islam and it’s massive threat and forces.


  21. Imp says:

    The notion that the problem is “radical Islam”. Unfortunately, there really is no such thing as “radical” Islam.

    There is only “Islam”. The more you ascribe to its tenets the more radical and violent you become. One need but only glance at the Qur’an to see that this is indeed the case.

    The line we must cross, if 21st Century Western civilization is to have a chance at surviving, is to equate Islam with the other nihilist black holes we’ve faced, such as Naziism. Pretending that mainstream Islam is no more dangerous than mainstream Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism is like walking across a pit of rattlesnakes, hoping they won’t do what rattlesnakes were born to do.


  22. Kid says:

    IMP, Yea, I’d say the moslems inventred the term radical islam. Like a magician’s trick, Look over here at the atrocities while the rest of us move in, breed you out and impose sharia law. And make you pay for it. Disgusting. I want them all gone.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Good luck with that, Kid!
    In the meantime, I’m hearing from CNN News reporters ducking the SYrian bombings that Syrians are starting to blame ISIS for the constant bombings, and their having to leave Syria…….exactly what I blogged about months ago re ISIS: that this kind of barrage is going to backfire on ISIS.


  24. Imp says:

    @Kid…It’s a “religion” with as much adherence to peace as Nazism was…they are one and the same. This a political movement and cult that masquerades as a “religion”. If your “religion” is based on murder, genocide, torture, slavery, conquest, murder of innocent civilians and domination…it’s hardly a “religion”.

    We should attack and defeat Islam as we did to those who were Shintu devotees of an “Emperor / god or fascism as Hitler and Germany practiced it for 25 years before it was obliterated and Europe destroyed in the process. It is a cancer that threatens all of humanity. And unless we start closing down and infiltrating their command and war planning centers…mosques…we will never be safe from it’s evil.

    To me…that equates to Zero Muslims. Or hang an ankle bracelet tracker on all of them.

    But to some…that may seem…”Harsh”.


  25. Kid says:

    Z, Yea, I know it will never happen.
    I don’t consider anything that happens between moslem factions to have any bearing on the future of civilization in a positive light. The cockroaches have been at it 1400 years now and it has only gotten worse and has spread to our mostly civilized environments and has been turnign them into hellholes.


  26. Kid says:

    IMP, Yes, it is not a religion. It’s high time we define religion like we recently defined “Planets” and removed Pluto from the club. Let me take a quick stab – A “Religion” must serve the entire community with acts of giving and support,of the needy, hospital/medical services, funeral services, faith services for Any who wich to attend or are in need of.

    islamfails on all counts. You are not invited into their mosque, they don’t have hospitals or provide services of any kind to the needy of all faiths, Boom, done. You’re not a religion. We don’t recoginize you as a religion, we disrecognize CAIR, we are taking away your tax exempt status and we will deport you for trying to practice sharia law. Then maybe we start getting somewhere.


  27. Imp says:

    @Kid…get this. Hollande just called on his EU partners to join with him to eliminate the safe havens ISIS enjoys in Iraq and Syria. Now…what do you find asinine and bullshmidt about that statement?

    Fire away.


  28. Kid says:

    IMP! “Now…what do you find asinine and bullshmidt about that statement?”

    Everything? It’s as ainine as our imbecile in chief saying “ISIS is contained” – While trying to Import them into the US !

    Plus eliminate their safe haven in Iraq and Syria, and they’ll simply relocated to Europe ! Wow. Almost the pinnacle of stupidity. (I’m sure they can get more stupid yet.)


  29. Imp says:

    Yup….Get them out of France, Belgium, GB, Germany, Netherlands, Holland, Sweden…where they have their safe havens…..but he’s going to let 30K more in right? What a complete douchebag…they all are. Ovomit, Merkel, Hollande, Klinton….jeezuz…the list is endless.


  30. Kid says:

    Even more mind boggling to me is the news item I happened to see while eating dinner in front of a TV. An interview with the leader of one of the French SWAT teams who happened to be assigned to the mass murder at a French Cafe.

    The people in the cafe are being shot at by some vermin with an AK-47, then they cut away to video of the SWAT guys suiting up and then studying a map of the interior of the Cafe.. while the people are being shot at. No where during this glowing expose on the brave SWAT guys did anyone ask, Gee would it have been helpful if the inhabidents of teh Cafre were armed and shooting back?

    It literally causes pain in my head to think that people should actually believe they should be disarmed in this environment. Literal pain.


  31. Imp says:

    Kid…the reason being…”you see if we have a civilian or two firing back, we won’t know who the bad guy is…( dressed in black, with a mask, with a vest, with camo, with an AK or an M4, shouting alla snakbar, reloading a 30 round mag )….yea while the poor schlub with a 380 is on the floor firing back?


  32. Kid says:

    It is almost comical to watch the leaders of these countries respond to these situations that their liberal disarmed policies force them to completely and totally incompetently deal with. Hundreds of their citizens are murdered by moslem vermin and their response is that they must import more moslem vermin and then even further disallow or hamper their citizens abilities to defend themselves. Well, comical in one sense and unbelievably disgusting in another.
    I find it amazing 10 or 20 people at a soccer match don’t swarm Hollande and (because of Z’s blog policies) pursuade him to take another tact.


  33. Kid says:

    IMP, I don’t think it even goes that far. These people are so far committed to their disamed stance, they refuse to believe that anyone who wishes can arm themselves and do this wort of thing. Sacre Blue! What an anomoly these criminals were armed – how did this happen, we must prevent this. And of course they can’t prevent it anymore than America can prevent 12 year old girls from getting heroin on the street anywhere in America.
    They don’t want them armed for the same reason politicians in this country don’t want anyone armed. They fear for their own safety because they know what POSs they are.


  34. Imp says:

    Just bought an XD 9….my 5th acquisition and addition to my armory.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    I’m not sure what getting rid of safe havens is a bad thing when it means bombing them…which Hollande is doing.

    Some of your conclusions are a little hard to buy because they don’t take into consideration the place or the laws there. We, too, are not allowed to have guns in a restaurant in many places….
    It’s like Europeans laughing at America for not having totally nude shower shots in soap ads……’s just not our values. It’s like we have guns and it’s something they haven’t had to worry about … suddenly, they’re supposed to gun up and act American?

    I stand by the amazing French cops, who are largely military, by the way, and the fact that I felt far safer there than I ever have here, not that I feel fearful here.


  36. Kid says:

    IMP, I like the Springfield Armory XD’s – the safety system. Grip it and rip it. I have not had a single problem with mine. I have the .40, and the next one will be a short .45 for CCW.


  37. Kid says:

    Z, My friend has a CCW, carries everywhere we have gone. Restaurants, shops, etc. Of course Ohio also has Open Carry. I could carry openly but would probably make a lot of people nervous so I don’t, but I will soon be concealed carry with all that’s going on and there will be very few places I won’t be allowed to carry into. I may avoid those places as mass murder happens in gun free zones.

    Finally, when death is moments away for you, cops are only minutes away.


  38. Kid says:

    Not sure why X D turned into a smiley face.


  39. Kid says:

    Z, I don’t see being personally attacked as a high percentage bet, but IF I’m attacked, I want a reasonable way to defend myself. A 45 with lots of rounds in the magazine is attractive. Beside that – if Everyone was armed, do you not think the vermin would take some serious pause before going to a public place and pulling the trigger ?

    This is the same as MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction logic that kept the cold war cold. If everyone is armed, the vermin would not be doing this kind of violence. I triple guarantee you.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s not that I don’t understand we can shoot faster than we can call a cop, believe me.l know people who have concealed carry here in L.A….and some who don’t but wear them down their cowboy boots, for instance…and have for YEARS! My sis’s dad-in-law, a dentist, has had a gun tucked into his boots forever.

    All I’m trying to say is that the Europeans haven’t had to face much of what we have here….no Columbine, etc…or at least VERY little of that…they just haven’t had as many Sandy Hooks, etc….
    I think Paris might wake them up but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


  41. Kid says:

    Z, I hold zero hope for disarmed EU countries.


  42. Imp says:

    @Z..”some who don’t but wear them down their cowboy boots, for instance…and have for YEARS! My sis’s dad-in-law, a dentist, has had a gun tucked into his boots forever.”

    Dear Lady..and if they get caught or use them without a permit…they’re going to jail. 3 years ago CA had open carry too. Now…with moonbeam…that freedom is gone too.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Dear Imp, he wears his gun whether the governor likes it or not.


  44. Imp says:

    Send a letter of Thanks to Vlad Putin for having the guts to MOAB those ISIS scum…I’m just wondering why he’s been a little restrained?


  45. Imp says:

    Dear Z….I like that. One should never need permission from a wog hack pol either. The second amendment is the only permit needed.


  46. Imp says:

    New ISIS video on NYC attack.


  47. Lisa says:

    Of course we should allow Christans first . Of course not all Muslims are vermin ,
    but I can’t be 100% sure
    I came across this video. Pretty profound


  48. Imp says:

    This one will warm your hearts… will.

    A group of 400 U.S. servicemen stationed in Ireland received an unexpected surprise while eating lunch at an airport.

    Los Angeles-based philanthropist Shlomo Rechnitz was on his way to Israel with his family when he spotted the servicemen eating standard bagged lunches, while other passengers ate at trendy restaurants. Rechnitz went straight to the commander, insisting he pay for all the servicemen to get lunch wherever they wanted.

    The commander asked why.

    In a video captured of the event, Rechnitz explained exactly what prompted his generosity.

    “The reason is that … you guys risk your lives to protect me and my family,” Rechnitz tells the crowd of servicemembers. “If I get to go out and see a whole bunch of Army soldiers and Marines. That’s something that makes me proud. I’m on my way to Israel actually now. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    “I’ll take it off my taxes, don’t worry,” he added.

    The servicemen applauded.


  49. Lisa says:

    Imp the chilling thing about that ISIS video is they have actual Times Square footage on it .Not that surprising but chilling just the same


  50. M & M analogy.

    M & M s are wonderful candy.
    You’re given a bowl of a thousand.
    You say thanks,
    The giver says one of the thousand is laced with poison.

    How valuable is that bowl of a thousand to you now?


  51. Obama says we shouldn’t vet Syrians based on religion.
    I just heard a guy say that Lois Lerner didn’t have a problem with a religious test.


  52. geeez2014 says:

    Excellent point there, Ed.


  53. Kid says:

    Ed, I used your M&M analogy at lunch today. Perfect.


  54. Mal says:

    I like that analogy, too. And I’m sure I will use it some time in the future, also.


  55. jerrydablade says:

    Ed, your example fails to take into account the homeland is more at risk from home grown Tea (BLOG EDIT)s, at least according to this administration. Great discussion, Z. As for the Christian refugees, let the predominantly Christian Middle East countries take them in…


  56. Baysider says:

    Love the M&M Ed!
    We can cross Mali off the list now.
    I’m at the point of ‘no refugees’ until we have a way to sort out clearly who is who – which may be never.


  57. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider; I’m 100% with you on this. For the Lefties to keep saying “It’s not WHO WE ARE” to not allow possible trouble into our country is despicable. And for Obama to have said “What about the tourists who come in every year?” as if we all hear how many tourists are causing terror?? (none)

    I think of all the jobs taken from American workers, too…and all the huge amount of money we could be spending on American poor but now we’ll have to support the poor of other places?

    I hate to say O’Riley was correct but he is: Let NATO worry about it…have them build areas in Syria, etc., and have NATO soldiers keeping those people fed and safe. They’d be happier being at home, and the world would be better off.

    I have a heart for the desperation of many of them, but the thought that their young men won’t stay and fight but expect OURS TO? Are they NUTS?

    NATO…let NATO do something really good for a change.


  58. Kid says:

    Agree with your last comment Z, except for the taking of jobs. None of these vermin are going to be taking our jobs, they’re only going to be taking our money. Our hard earned money.


  59. Mal says:

    Right, Kid. The Hispanics take the jobs while the vermin take our money……and lives!


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