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Alan Colmes, Rest in Peace

Alan Colmes has passed away at the age of 66 after a short illness.  I could barely listen to his leftwing blather, but I have always heard, from liberal and conservative alike, that he was one of the nicest men … Continue reading

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McCain….(then please read my Sunday Faith post below this!)

I saw THIS ARTICLE and had to post, even tho it’s Sunday and I usually try to ignore politics. McCain is now saying “That’s how Dictators got started,” in reference to Trump’s treatment of the media.  From the link, and … Continue reading

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TOOO good!

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VOTER FRAUD and TRUMP and Surrogates

IF Trump does not provide FACTS on voter fraud, I don’t know what will happen but it isn’t good.  A federal election official is now asking for details for what the linked article calls “baseless claims,”  Trump surrogate Sarah Huckabee has … Continue reading

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9th Circuit and Trump

I hoped I was wrong, but the 9th Circuit, which is hearing Trump’s appeal regarding the Muslim vetting, is the most liberal circuit going….I kept thinking “that’s impossible…why that circuit?” Can someone explain this to me?  Do cases get PICKED … Continue reading

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Trump and Arnold; THE TRUTH….

THIS is typical and maddening. I put TV on yesterday morning finding out that Trump had just given his talk at the National Prayer Breakfast.  FOX and CNN both talked about how he mentioned Schwarzenegger’s failure on The Apprentice, and … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mary!

  “Who can turn the world on with her smile?   Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?” It’s YOU, girl and you should know it, Mary Tyler Moore.  You made so many people happy … Continue reading

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Think this is TRUE?


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You will “Gaines” something if you read this:

I think this is excellent..take a minute to read it…put the anger or mistrust we have aside…think about it. Z

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A LIBERAL JEW tells the truth about the NY Times?

Here’s Alan Dershowitz nailing the NY Times for neglecting to have carried the British PM’s condemnation of Kerry’s speech against Israel the other day!  He’s very up on the Israel situation and you’ll want to hear his facts.  He also … Continue reading

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