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Silverfiddle still gets it right…!

Our retired blog owner great friend and amazing thinker/writer, SILVERFIDDLE, linked this at AOW’s blog the other day.   I just saw it yesterday. It’s a really good overview of what a workable, good healthcare plan should include.  Since we’ve … Continue reading

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Republicans are WHAT to the POOR??

I thought THIS ARTICLE was fascinating and we all deserve to know these truths. So, tell me something…in what other ways are Republicans kinder to the poor than Democrats? In what ways are Republicans kinder to America? I”m eager to … Continue reading

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Trump Care

“”GOP” stands for Get Old People…THAT’s what Republicans are going to vote for today!!”    This is what one rather female haggish Democrat yelled on Capitol Hill yesterday!   That’s the rhetoric.  A Democrat, also a woman, accused Republicans of … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

Please look at THIS……’s such a positive, uplifting story about Olympic skater Scott Hamilton’s terrible illnesses and what’s happened to him recently!  And what he attributes his healing to. “Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and … Continue reading

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US Attorney for New York

So sorry Trump’s fired Preet Bharara.   He had told him only this last November that he’d stay, actually asked him to stay, but the guy didn’t resign within a day or two, so he’s fired as of today. DARN! … Continue reading

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POSTCARDS and MOVIES…chime in!

I received this in email form yesterday and already got an email from a friend saying she’s now written 14 postcards!   I think encouragement is always a good thing and don’t see a downside to sending a postcard, or … Continue reading

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Alan Colmes, Rest in Peace

Alan Colmes has passed away at the age of 66 after a short illness.  I could barely listen to his leftwing blather, but I have always heard, from liberal and conservative alike, that he was one of the nicest men … Continue reading

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McCain….(then please read my Sunday Faith post below this!)

I saw THIS ARTICLE and had to post, even tho it’s Sunday and I usually try to ignore politics. McCain is now saying “That’s how Dictators got started,” in reference to Trump’s treatment of the media.  From the link, and … Continue reading

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TOOO good!

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VOTER FRAUD and TRUMP and Surrogates

IF Trump does not provide FACTS on voter fraud, I don’t know what will happen but it isn’t good.  A federal election official is now asking for details for what the linked article calls “baseless claims,”  Trump surrogate Sarah Huckabee has … Continue reading

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