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Sanders…Liar; McCabe? NOTSOMUCH?

I was going to find the links about Sarah Sanders being hired to be a contributor on FOX news and how the Left went WILD about it….nasty, disdainful, outraged!!    I found it ironic when CNN hired Andrew McCabe yesterday!  … Continue reading

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Are you a Democrat, Republican or SOUTHERNER?!

Before you choose the party/area as I suggest above, I have to tell you all something. I went to the dentist yesterday, and we got to talking about the state of America (She’s a conservative, too)…she told me she’s had … Continue reading

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If this is the worst they’ve got…………..(but it isn’t)

Just when you think the Left can’t stoop any lower, this will make you scream with laughter. MY GOSH.   Just how LOW can they go to slam Trump? Z

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We should REVOLT about Wayne Lapierre…….

IS THIS HOW THE NRA WANTS TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE A RIGHTEOUS CAUSE? WHAT IS WITH THIS GUY, Wayne Lapierre??? I was furious when Steve Hilton, the British American talk show host with the FOX TV … Continue reading

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The NYC Cop shouldn’t have been fired

Nightmarish things happen in skirmishes like that which Garner gave the cops in resisting their questions, etc.   The cop way overreacted, no doubt about it.  Garner did not die due to the chokehold, though you’d think he did from the … Continue reading

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They’re in such a small boat that it seems impossible they got 50 miles away from the coast in such a short time.  What has happened? Pirating has to be ruled out because what of value could they have had … Continue reading

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Saw THIS ARTICLE and the accompanying pictures below, and thought “This is what America needs…”    I don’t think I need to say more than that but I sure did like this transformation!    Do you agree?   What would it … Continue reading

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Just a few HEADLINES: Most are from Yahoo’s homepage….

Trump Trade Adviser Claims China Tariffs ‘Not Hurting Anybody’ In U.S.   (Z: with info from those who say it is hurting quoted in the article, of course, so it makes Trump look like a liar)   Trump cuts off one … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

Will the Lefties EVER EVER stop hating Christians and ANYTHING THEY DO?   This actually made me laugh out loud when the headline came to my attention! They tried to get them because THEY HATE GAYS, but then many gay employees … Continue reading

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WELL WELL WELL!  THIS IS SURPRISING AND SO SMART OF THE LGBT LOG CABIN GROUP! I love when special interest groups step out of the box……..out of their comfort zone, into sanity. And, oh, how this must tick off the … Continue reading

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