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Iran War is OUR Fault…..just trust Iran.

So Iran attacks Japanese tankers……America gets ticked off and reacts…..Iran says they didn’t do it!….America says it did and supplies video…….American liberals say Iran’s right and we are (always) wrong…. SO, playing predictably on the hatred by all liberals for … Continue reading

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Kid will like this!!! ….so IN HONOR of him……

KID often talks about this and when I saw it on Facebook, I had to post it in his honor! “Liberalism is a mental disease!”, says Kid so often.  And he’s so right…. How can Americans who don’t mind if … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I BELIEVE  IN GOD FAMILY TRADITION BEING CONSIDERATE LOVE EDUCATION DISCIPLINE FUN This is what my father wrote my sister  in a letter when she lived in Canada and asked him to write down those things he believed in, were … Continue reading

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Mal’s Letter to the Editor

Mal sent this to his Las Vegas Newspapers as he is often printed in Letters to the Editor.  I thought he well articulates an important point here and wanted to share it with you……… If Trump had been the Democratic … Continue reading

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Sarah Sanders Huckabee is leaving….

I think Sarah Sanders was probably THE most incredibly loyal, talented, and resilient Press Secretary in recent years.    I admired her strength, her grasp of the issues and, mostly, her faithfulness to Trump’s agenda.  She was a Press Secretary … Continue reading

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SO last night Mr. Trump, who’d sort of finally got through the Mueller “You were in collusion with a foreign country against Hillary” Report said he probably WOULD do that.   And if he got information, maybe he’d tell the FBI. … Continue reading

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That reads like I only mean protecting our borders, etc.  That’s only part of how I feel. I also feel we’re fighting our own country’s people to protect our children from perversion, we’re fighting our country’s people to stop paying … Continue reading

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Trump tells us NOW?

Yes, FINALLY…..or at least I hadn’t heard it before… Mr. Trump, yesterday morning at his presser on the grass before getting on the helicopter, spent a LOT of time answering questions.   He spoke of Biden in ways that got a … Continue reading

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Sorry for the impolite Blog Title, but I DON’T CARE, frankly.   She IS a JERK, a tasteless, biased old crank… (as if you didn’t know) Now she’s saying Kavanaugh has done one good thing;  HE’S BOOSTED THE NUMBER OF WOMEN CLERKS … Continue reading

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Smart, Sweet….Grandma’s RULE!

Rather odd for a blog post, I know, but my dad’s cousin put this on her Facebook page and it touched me so much I wanted to share it!…her ‘Auntie Dorothy” was my very beloved grandmother, with whom I shared … Continue reading

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