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Americans who can’t speak English

When I need to get my mind off POLITICS and other NEWS, I frequently put on INVESTIGATIVE DISCOVERY…it’s 24/7 of hour-long real murder mysteries.   MANY people are interviewed,  Americans who have lost a spouse or child, it’s really so sad, … Continue reading

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We have horrible people destroying our history in various ways, threatening good people, damaging buildings, looting, promising to do worse.  We have a MESS.   They won’t listen, they feel they’re right and the rest of us are evil racist monsters.  … Continue reading

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1619 or 1776???? YOU CHOOSE :-)

“Recently (1981), Woodson Center launched an innovative new project, a Campaign “1776” which is an assembly of independent voices who uphold our country’s authentic founding virtues and values and challenge those who assert America is forever defined by its past … Continue reading

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I had brunch here with a friend Friday morning.  She said she needed to air her thoughts…finally getting to the point;  THEY MIGHT MOVE. She is in her late Thirties, as is her husband, and they have 2 teens, a … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

Let’s all pray for anybody who fought and died for our country and for those still fighting today.   Please include law enforcement in your prayers because if they aren’t fighting and dying for our country, I don’t know who is. … Continue reading

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POLL ….This guy’s pretty legit….THOUGHTS?

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Independence Day

I have always said HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  And I won’t anymore…I’ll be saying HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY because the date isn’t the important thing, it’s not the point, it’s what it MEANS TO US. Wikipedia says “Independence Day (colloquially the … Continue reading

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BLM………and ActBlue

I’ve been thinking how Black Lives Matter is duping Black America BIG TIME.  They’ve done absolutely NOTHING for good race relations;  in fact, they’ve nearly destroyed them, sadly.   NOBODY likes violence, nobody likes being told they’re racist, nobody likes people … Continue reading

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“I was having FUN!”

THIS ARTICLE GOT ME SOMEHOW…..I think it’s important that everyone in this country reads it.  When the governors say “OKAY, open up,” it doesn’t mean “OKAY, go anywhere you want to, no mask, no  limits to what you can do….JUST … Continue reading

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The VIRUS….Isn’t this right?

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