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Think this is TRUE?


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You will “Gaines” something if you read this:

I think this is excellent..take a minute to read it…put the anger or mistrust we have aside…think about it. Z

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A LIBERAL JEW tells the truth about the NY Times?

Here’s Alan Dershowitz nailing the NY Times for neglecting to have carried the British PM’s condemnation of Kerry’s speech against Israel the other day!  He’s very up on the Israel situation and you’ll want to hear his facts.  He also … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

I’ll be away overnight with family but want to wish you all a very beautiful, happy Christmas.

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I really liked this….

Please do contribute to a CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS post below this but I just got this in an email and had to share it…. 🙂

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Please read down a few posts if you haven’t been by!  I uncharacteristically have published more than usual yesterday and today and would love your input on all of the last few posts! What I wanted to add today to … Continue reading

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Uptown and Truth….

Some of you didn’t see that this blog received a comment from someone named UPTOWN STEVE who used to comment with me and other commenters at Front Page Magazine….he is upset that Trump won and certain we’ll all be clamoring … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Sunset at L.A.’s Marina del Rey…taken by Ms. Z (my stepdaughter!)

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Petraeus…betray us?

“CROOKED HILLARY!  CROOKED HILLARY!  EMAILS DESTROYED!  LYING!  HIDING THE TRUTH!  PLAYING LOOSE WITH OUR SECURITY!”    Trump said… “I have an idea!” Trump now says…”let’s entertain the idea of General Petraeus as Secretary of State, who’s in charge of our biggest … Continue reading

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God bless America

I hear everybody talking on the right and on the left, They’re holding out their promises while we all hold our breath, and if I did not know better I would be scared to death, But God is on the … Continue reading

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