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You write ME today

What’s on your mind?   Is Heather Nauert good for UN Ambassador?  Manafort and Cohen?  The Bush funerals?   The Duchess of Cambridge taking her little girl to a pub toilet is apparently news!!!  Trump called ol’ Rex horrible names and said … Continue reading

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Republicans…will they EVER INSIST ON TRUTH?

Monday morning, I put CNN on for five minutes but could only make it through 3 lousy minutes of it….because they were covering a story about North Carolina’s voting having been tainted by the Republicans.  Yes, Republicans.  We know so … Continue reading

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The Bush Funeral and……….Hate-Trump bias again?

I found this article yesterday afternoon after having watched the whole George H.W. Bush funeral.  I blog it here because, while I see NOW what the obviously biased author means, it did not occur to me that Meacham was “speaking … Continue reading

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Trump, Khashoggi, the Prince and Republicans….

I must be either stupid or heartless or so agenda-driven that I can’t understand.  You tell ME why we’re to tell Arab princes what they can do.  Do I like that some Arab killed Khashoggi?  And killed so brutally?  Of course … Continue reading

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Hillary…THIS BAD?

DO YOU EVER BELIEVE ANY OF THIS STUFF?    And, if it is true, THEN WHAT?   She gets away with it….but Melania can’t put up red Christmas trees without hell to pay from the Left?   Z

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Waters and….her. This really made me laugh!

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Sunday Faith Blog

This isn’t particularly a faith video……….it’s a patriotic video………you’ve probably seen it before.  I had, a few times, but I got teary watching it again on Thursday and decided to post it.   Have a beautiful, faith-filled Sunday……..pray.   And pray … Continue reading

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December First

Time to start thinking CHRISTMAS!   Plenty of nasty stuff to post politically, but this is DECEMBER 1 and I decided to post something happy, like CHRISTMAS!  TELL US ABOUT A FAVORITE CHRISTMAS GIFT…OR ANY CHRISTMAS STORY….WE’D LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT … Continue reading

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Big government and Henry FORD?

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.”  Henry Ford I think this is a sublime point, and well put…….what about … Continue reading

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General Motors

General Motors is closing factories in America, after receiving subsidies.  The foreign ones are going strong, but the ones here apparently manufacture cars that aren’t selling. Do you think Trump’s been duped, as Michael Moore stupidly suggests?   Do you think … Continue reading

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