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Voter Suppression?

Since when are the Republicans intimidating voters as I’m hearing all over the news-sphere? When?  How?    Anybody know? Do they forget that huge Black men were stalking the voting centers when Obama was running?  Remember that? LOOK AT THIS … Continue reading

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WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN THE PRESIDENCY? I’m dying to know your thoughts!  Any details to support your thoughts?   Fill us in! Z

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Bobulinski Interview….

“Hi, Mom…you watching Tucker Carlson?” “Yes, honey, I am……what’s going ON?” “Pretty amazing, isn’t it” “But this is impossible!  I hadn’t heard about it, how can this go unnoticed?  Your dad never liked Biden, ever.” “Mom, imagine there are news … Continue reading

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CONGRATULATIONS TO MY HOME TOWN’S TEAM!! First World Series in 33 years and a really nice way to add something nice to a really lousy year! CONGRATULATIONS LOS ANGELES, and CONGRATULATIONS to the DODGERS!!  Go, DODGER BLUE! Good job, Tampa … Continue reading

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Out of the Mouths of Babes…!!! One minute…watch it!

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So now we have Marc Short and four other bigwigs on Pence’s team testing POSITIVE.  ALL Republicans. We had the Trump family, we had Chris Christi, we had Mike Hill, McEnany, Hope Hicks and many other Republicans with COVID.    … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I give up, Lord.  Whatever You want to happen will happen.  I care very much, but I cannot allow myself to get tied up in knots over this election. America is not the same place;  many of her people have … Continue reading

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Saturday Thoughts…

A friend called last night and we talked about the threats by Leftwingers if Trump wins…”you will be the cause of the Civil War if Trump wins”  “We hear you’re a Trump supporter, you’d better up your fire insurance,”  etc. … Continue reading

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I’m typing this Thursday afternoon at 4 pm.  I’m almost nervous about asking ‘What do you think of what you read about or saw last night at the Nashville debate?” ! WAS HE READY FOR THE DEBATE?  WAS TRUMP MORE … Continue reading

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I would love to know what you think will happen tonight; Will Trump stop the name calling?   Will Biden? Will Trump come off dignified?  I’m hearing SO MANY PEOPLE saying they can’t stand him but like his agenda…let’s HOPE and … Continue reading

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