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State of the Union

Just watched the WHOLE State of the Union.   Gad, he is loathsome. A friend texted me “Can’t watch anymore , please let me know when Huckabee talks”… I wrote her back…”OK….but I was just wishing I could turn it off … Continue reading

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State of the Union Question;

 The parents of Tyre Nichols have been invited to the State of the Union.  I guess inviting the parents of a young man killed by police is a good idea, I’m not sure I would have invited them to this … Continue reading

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WHO DOES THIS?   My support of Ukraine is still as strong….my support for Zelensky is not. But would I chant “RUSSIA!  RUSSIA!” when a Ukrainian basketball player is at the free throw line?     Absolutely not. What do you think … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I was recently asked “If teenagers believed in God and knew and honored His words, do you think they’d shoot kids at their school?   Or their grandparents?   Or would they cheat in school?  Or do drugs?  Or would they loot … Continue reading

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“Close your mouth! You guys are against America” (I only slightly paraphrase)

I JUST LOVED THIS. We need more guys like Brian Mast. This was 7 months ago……….let’s hope it continues……   **THANKS to BOCOPRO for finding it on YouTube so I could post it.

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WHAT IN THE WORLD? We had NO BABY FORMULA…and it’s still not readily available. We had EXPLOSIONS and FIRES in food factories a few months ago. We have millions of CHICKENS KILLED due to avian flu and egg prices ridiculously … Continue reading

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Does Trump care?

Will TRUMP cause us to even lose DeSantis as a possible excellent Republican candidate through things he’s saying? Or do you think Trump could actually win in 2024?   Is what he’s been saying recently about DeSantis going to make Trump … Continue reading

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If the LEFT says it…………NO PROBLEM :-)

Is this not a provocative question?  Will we White folks be in jeopardy now that this idiot said this and police numbers are not only down, but they’re also largely not well enough trained to protect us? Remember when Madonna … Continue reading

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Who’s telling WHOM?

I found THIS DISCUSSION kind of interesting….Even Lefties are beginning to LEARN? Hoping so.  One at a time…slowly…………even teaching each other.  Who knew? Fingers crossed!! Z

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