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Will Flynn Sink Trump?

Watching Judge Napolitano lately on Fox, on the subject of Mike Flynn, has made me a little nervous.  He seems to think Flynn knows things that this administration might not want known.  Napolitano also says Flynn may not get a … Continue reading

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Did Trump say HE built the Panama Canal? The Left thinks so….

Here is yet another unwarranted insult to President Trump. The media’s saying he forgot the Panama Canal was built 100 years ago.   The President of Panama only adds “100 years ago…” when Trump said “The Panama Canal is doing … Continue reading

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Health Care Bill

Is  there an incredible irony to the Left suddenly saying they feel left out, haven’t been able to participate in the Republican health care bill, etc.? From THIS article: “Democrats introduced a bill earlier this week, which has little chance … Continue reading

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Please pray for the Warmbier Family

I am more surprisingly upset over their son Otto’s death than I expected to be.  I wonder if you are, too.  I’m heartbroken for him and for them. I’m also heartbroken for the families of the at least 3 other … Continue reading

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 You will NOT BELIEVE THIS…….. Tell me how you think a girl kitty suddenly displays evidence that she wants to be a BOY kitty, please …. does a boy dog bark differently if it suddenly decides it’s a girl?  One … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog…this whole post is funny and sad…read to the bottom!

First, in honor of FATHER’S DAY,  here are my father’s strongest held beliefs, in order. “I believe in God, family, tradition, being considerate, love, education, discipline and fun!” Though he’s been gone over 20 years, it feels sometimes like yesterday. … Continue reading

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HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? You might say “It happened at 2:30 AM, so…”   But I happen to know two people on a 50′ sail boat right now and they sleep in four hour shifts so somebody’s aware of what’s around … Continue reading

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YOU write the post: UPDATE: Some good stuff in Comments..take a look and add to them!

I’m actually getting ‘over’ what’s going on in Washington. Got anything you’d love to talk about?                               HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! Z

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Robt Mueller….Fire him? I said no the other day, but….??

HERE is an article about Gingrich’s point of view regarding the team Mueller is putting together in his investigation of Trump and  others regarding all things Russian. HERE is another article. And some would call me too ideological to think … Continue reading

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Media and Truth? and you get to VOTE!

THIS INFORMATION HAS APPARENTLY BEEN DISMISSED OR NOT NOTICED BY MOST MEDIA VENUES. HERE is an interesting article about the information about so many Muslims in the linked story above and one man’s take on it. I thought it would … Continue reading

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