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Ben Carson……another media attack

As a pretty big fan of BEN CARSON, I found the news about his having spent $31,000 on office furniture, on the taxpayer’s dime, was surprising, though I have spent WAY more on that during my career for clients who … Continue reading

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Putin Wins…and…

….Trump called to congratulate him.   Kind of questionable, considering possibilities of hacking elections, Ukrainian/Crimean aggression, supporting Syria, threatening our internet and grid….mostly rumors but not all.   You have to know Trump knew the negative reaction he’d get from Americans. Would … Continue reading

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Anything YOU want to say today?


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Amazing….and this video has CAPTIONS so you can watch and read, no sound

I can’t agree more with this man.   Did YOU ever heard about the Kentucky school shootings with deaths to students?  I didn’t, either…here’s why………….watch/read. THIS GOVERNOR rocks….I urge you to read about him. Z

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Sunday Faith Blog

I don’t think anything needs prayer right now more than America. Please do. And please pray for your friends here at GeeeZ, for good health, less worries, and joy! Have a blessed Sunday, Z

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McCabe…… byeee….

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS FIRING SO CLOSE TO RETIREMENT? Do you think the FBI will be blamed or Trump (since Sessions fired McCabe)?  I think we know the answer to this;  the news is all about SESSIONS firing … Continue reading

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Not Interested

I am SICK of the news……… I watch a fair amount of FOX but turn it off much more often than I ever did because it skirts around subjects that deserve more attention and they’re not as condemnatory toward the … Continue reading

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THIS is astonishing.  From the link: “House Democrats refuse to pass a bill that would have allowed terminally ill patients to try experimental treatments without the FDA’s approval. The Right to Try Act failed on Tuesday, just seven votes shy … Continue reading

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….what’s your definition and what makes YOU the most happy!? Z  

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Kim Jung Un (NOT ‘oon,’ by the way)……..

We have all heard by now that Kim Jung Un and Trump should be meeting some time in May.   The news was met with optimistic skepticism, of course.  How does one trust a person like this guy? The buzz was … Continue reading

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