Optimism….the seat of it? I’m trying to get us on a course of some optimism for 2015!

A Lesson in Optimism from Israel


Like many other Americans, I have always had a desire to travel to Israel and visit firsthand the many historical sites of spiritual significance. I was recently afforded the opportunity to fulfill that desire and was not disappointed.

In addition to being greatly inspired, I spoke with numerous Israeli citizens from a variety of backgrounds. One overwhelming theme in those conversations was the feeling of abandonment by the United States government. Some of the more diplomatic individuals said they felt sidelined by a U.S. government that had more important issues to deal with. Of course, they had not forgotten the times that our military and financial aid saved them from utter defeat at the hands of their numerous local enemies.

We must remember that Israel is a small country, about the size of New Jersey, with only 8 million people. It is surrounded by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea, with several other hostile nations in proximity. Enemy forces are in control of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which consists primarily of Samaria and Judea. If not for the Iron Dome missile defense system, the multitudinous rockets launched at Israel this summer from Gaza would have wreaked unimaginable damage on the tiny country. Many Israelis believe, probably correctly, that the aggressiveness of the hostile nations surrounding them is increased when the perception exists that we in the United States are not seriously committed to their protection.

Some will say we have no more of an obligation to Israel than we do to any other country in the Middle East. Perhaps they have forgotten that Israel is one of our staunchest allies and has collaborated with us on many innovative and mutually beneficial products.

Having a strong and dependable military ally in what is arguably the most problematic area of the world right now is certainly a tremendous benefit. As a nation, we have a strong Judeo-Christian heritage, which is important to our identity and the strong value system that once characterized our nation. Furthermore, other nations watch how we treat our longtime ally, since that might serve as a harbinger of how we would treat them.

In my many conversations in Israel, the level of optimism I found also impressed me. Despite the fact that Israelis must send their children to school in armored buses and take many other life-changing precautions on a daily basis, most of them did not seem to be bitter, and they were determined not to let terrorists take control of their lives. The opportunity to visit their thriving and innovative technology sector will never be forgotten. While birthrates are declining in America and Europe, the Israeli birthrate, slightly over three children per family, is increasing. Historically, pessimistic people do not tend to have increasing birthrates. If they can be optimistic while facing death, hatred and attempted destruction every single day, is there a lesson there for us?

We live in a country with significant personal freedom, a formidable military, significant levels of common decency and numerous economic opportunities. Additionally, we are on the verge of gaining energy independence, which will positively impact our portfolio of diplomatic options. With the courage and fortitude to take advantage of these and many other benefits, there is no reason that optimism should not reign supreme in America.

Z:  I’D LIKE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS….WE SEEM TO BE HEADING IN THE DIRECTION OF ISRAEL AS FAR AS HARM COMING TO, OR EVEN LIVING WITHIN, OUR OWN SHORES.  This cartoon below shows exactly what’s happening in Israel and exactly what Israel-hating leftists don’t acknowledge, by the way:



Dr. Ben S. Carson is professor emeritus of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University and author of the new book, One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future.

Read more at http://blackcommunitynews.com/lesson-optimism-israel/#GbEWvC44k7UXJIpY.99

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10 Responses to Optimism….the seat of it? I’m trying to get us on a course of some optimism for 2015!

  1. John M. Berger says:

    For now, all I can say is; we’ll see.


  2. Silverlady says:

    My husband’s son gave him Dr. Carson’s autobiography for Christmas. What a brilliant & exceptional man! And what a wonderful mother he & his brother had. It shows what strong family values can accomplish, even in a single parent home with very limited income. Gives the lie to all the whining about lack of opportunity in the black community preached by the race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton, & their ilk. Excuses, excuses, excuses.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Silverlady, I have relatives who’ve had dinner with Dr Carson and his wife and thought they were exceptional people. yes, his mother was quite something.

    John; I think the attitude of Israelis is astonishing. Of course, they’re used to the bomb shelters and gas masks they have to keep ready in their homes, and I don’t think we’d face that here, but it is amazing to see their resolve.


  4. silverfiddle says:

    Thank you, Z. I needed a shot of optimism!


  5. silverfiddle says:

    Everybody duck! The leftwing moonbats will be flapping in and dumping all over everything.

    They are like pavlov’s dogs, foaming at the mouth at the very mention of Palin, Carson or Col West.


  6. Impertinent says:

    Some day the mob might become master and drown all history in its shallow sewers. Therefore, a new nobility is needed which shall be the adversary of the mob and of all tyranny.” – Nietzsche.


  7. My wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Israel during a Mediterranean cruise in 1995 and we were particularly impressed with how well they defend themselves. All students at age 18 when they graduate from high school must serve 2 years in the Military, both male and females. After that, the males remain on reserve till age 50. We saw them all around during our tour, atop buildings with machine guns and ammo belts strapped across their chests. Airport security is simple despite being surrounded by Arab countries. They look for young Arab men. Its called racial profiling, and it works. But we are too politically correct to do that, aren’t we? We’re stupid. We did in with the American Japanese during WW ll and though they didn’t like it, they understood we had to do it for security reasons.


  8. Correction: “We did IT with the American Japanese….”etc.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, we get a different teaching these days, though. Do you know American Japanese who ‘understood’ Manzanar, etc? I’m really curious because I thought they did THEN but we get something different NOW about the past.

    I like to watch House Hunters, etc., and the few times I’ve seen them in Tel Aviv, for example, one of the buying points is always the BOMB SHELTER, the SAFE ROOM, I think they call it. Imagine? i hadn’t known before then how important that is to them, how bad the threats are.

    Imp; that Nietzsche quote is amazingly cogent today, isn’t it. Thanks. WOW.

    SF: They’re already picking on Palin again NOW! I saw Carson asked by Hannity once if he feared the cold light of the leftwing media and Carson said “there is nothing they’ll find that I’m ashamed of or would worry about being found out”. I believe him.

    What cracks me up, everybody, is when people say some Republicans aren’t ready for Prime Time………what did Obama have that made HIM ready? 2 yrs in the senate and evil, lying friends? 🙂 America has to be reminded that we need a GOOD PERSON, someone who can pick an excellent Cabinet and LISTEN TO THEM. …not long experience.


  10. Impertinent says:

    “America has to be reminded that we need a GOOD PERSON…”

    And one who can recognize GOOD from the EVIL which exists all around us. Someone who has the guts to tell islime to reform…or get out…or we’ll pull your tax exempt status…declare your mosques and madrassas terrorist recruiting centers…and demand transparency as well as monitoring of your practices. Someone who can finally say…islime is incompatible with our customs, practices and sensibilities. And end ALL islamic immigration util that happens. As well as deport all Saracens that preach their intolerance and hate. Should we become intolerant then? YES…emphatically YES.


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