Get ready for President Hillary Clinton

There is NO WAY Trump can win.  And there’s NO WAY his ego would ever step back to allow a viable (modicumly electable) candidate to take over at the convention.  No WAY.  And WHAT viable candidate, anyway?  We WILL have a President Hillary Clinton.   God forbid.

trump awful

“When I saw Donald Trump mock someone with a disability, it showed me his soul. It showed me his heart,” says the father of a young girl with spina bifida, whose story is featured in one of the ads.

In the past week, Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., have lined up behind Clinton. Her primary rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, is expected to support her eventually.

For example, in critically important Ohio, where the state GOP backed Gov. John Kasich’s failed presidential campaign, party officials have been unwilling to throw much support behind Trump.

Undeniably, Clinton’s long-cultivated donor network and commitment to fundraising gave her a running start on general election staffing. She began sending employees to Ohio and other states months ago. Trump, who plans to rely on Republican National Committee support, has few, if any staff singularly devoted to his campaign in any of the most competitive states.

Those are just a few quotes from the linked article.   Mocking the disabled journalist was BAD.  At least this article doesn’t mention WOMEN, who he’s said truly outrageous things about.  So, Biden supporters, Warren supporters, and all those rabid Sanders supporters….think they’ll vote for a Republican?   And yes, Sanders and Warren voters are mostly the same dopes, but….

And Trump’s own party is not behind him.  Not one bit.  Every few days he says something so outrageous they have to back off.  My Cons. friends say that, too…”just when I start to warm to him…”   Please….stay with me here; it’s not WHAT he says, I agree with a lot of it, but it’s HOW he says it and, people, that DOES COUNT.  It just does.  Don’t call people names, don’t belittle, STOP being so thin skinned that you have to forbid newspapers to cover you, stop depending on everybody LIKING you,  that’s the hallmark of a good leader, not to care but to make the right choices.  You FLUNK.

And he’s waaaaaay behind in MONEY.  WAY behind.  And WAY behind in staffing the individual states which really do need people on the ground.

Yes, people KNOW TRUMP but they also KNOW HILLARY, and the Democrats know something Republicans like Trump seem not to know;  It doesn’t matter if they know you, you need people on the ground rooting and working for you.

He’s going to lose all the entitlement Millenials….let’s hope they DON’T VOTE.  But I think they will.

He has a large base, about 14,000,000 votes, from what I’ve heard.  And THAT’S IT!   THAT IS IT.

I don’t really give a crap about him, frankly….BUT I care a LOT about the SUPREME COURT and CONGRESS…………….we lose those, America WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

And I KNOW this is going to HUGELY (to quote Donald) tick some of you off;  but it’ll be HIS FAULT.



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52 Responses to Get ready for President Hillary Clinton

  1. I don’t think all the superficial, unimportant Democrat issues, women (mainly Rosie O’Donnell), one nasty NYT disabled reporter….

    Our country is in grave danger from terrorists brought here by Obama. The Middle East is a war zone because of Hillary Clinton. Our economy is completely wrecked. There are no jobs. Our healthcare system is being ruined by ObamaCare. Illegal immigration is rampant. Our factories are boarded up. Our REPUBLICAN Congress has betrayed us.

    Those are serious problems that Trump has solutions for. That is what matters to most of us. The usual claptrap complaints from the Left & the Republican traitors will not lay a glove on Trump. He will win in a landslide. There are tens of millions of Americans who haven’t voted in decades who are inspired & will turn out. That is my hope & my belief.

  2. FW: “Those are serious problems that Trump has solutions for. ”
    What good are those hopes if he’s unelectable?

    I run into a lot of people who are “resigned” to Trump.
    Totally unenthusiastic. Will vote for him out of necessity. Only.
    Holding their noses.
    That doesn’t win elections.
    I know rabid Trump supporters who are totally offensive to former Cruz supporters or anyone expressing concern over Trump statements or activity.
    Hillary may not win,
    I point out why at my post today.

  3. bocopro says:

    I still say what we need to happen is a general revolt by voters, a grass-roots rejection of the lockstep partisanship which is locked in mortal combat with political correctness to see which will strangle us first.

    Other than pitchforks, tar, feathers, and torches, our only effective weapon against the entrenched system that’s deep-rooted itself into our media, our politics, and our national psyche, is the vote. And if enough individuals use their votes to tell the self-serving and uncompromising behemoth that we don’t like EITHER of the options, it’ll get thrown into the House to decide.

    Trump will very likely cost the conservatives seats in both houses of Congress when he loses, and although I think it will be close, the left-wing party is much more effective at campaigning, advertising, and vote-getting than the conservatives. And a third Obamao term will, as you say, destroy the nation.

    As I said in yesterday’s rant, the guys who set up this shindig never conceived of Congress being a golden-parachute career for wannabe millionaires. A patriotic statesman considers the next generation when he ponders his vote on a controversial issue; a self-absorbed politician considers the next election.

    We usedta have statesmen; now we have politicians.

  4. John M. Berger says:

    UGG,”ANOTHER CLINTON PRESIDENCY”, what a way to start Monday morning! I’m with Fairest Witness: we have “serious problems that Trump has solutions for”. Sadly, Trump’s crude delivery negates his messages, especially in our PC saturated society where all too many, apparently, prefer not to deal with the truth. If “truth” mattered Shrillary wouldn’t have the chance of a “snowball in #e!!”. I was once told that : “The TRUTH isn’t always nice but it’s always the TRUTH”. Had we not had a Liar-in-Chief (that Shrillary vows to continue) for the past 7 1/2 years would there even be a Trump today?

  5. I still say the mood of the electorate will inspire them to turn out in massive numbers for Trump & he wins in a landslide. You guys better get out & vote for him, too!

    Stop buying all the Left’s lies – it’s all propaganda. It’s what they do best, demoralize & defeat us before the election. Convince us we’re going to lose & thereby suppress conservative voter turn out. I choose to believe there’s more of us than there are of them. I refuse to give up without a fight.

    Look, Trump won the Republican nomination against very tough odds! I’m inspired by him, I’m inclined to give him a shot. We know what lies ahead if we don’t. Be risk takers & take a gamble that Trump can change the direction we’re going in. What is the alternative.

    The House of Representatives elects the next President? After the $1.8 Trillion omnibus spending bill passed on December 18, 2015 by a Republican led Congress? Those effing traitors? No way!!

  6. I don’t trust any predictions this early. Besides, the propaganda machine is cranked up full bore.

  7. Fairest Witness,
    Look, Trump won the Republican nomination against very tough odds! I’m inspired by him, I’m inclined to give him a shot. We know what lies ahead if we don’t. Be risk takers & take a gamble that Trump can change the direction we’re going in.

    I’m with you on that!

  8. Headlines right now at Drudge:

    BOOK: Hillary Clinton called disabled children ‘f***ing ree-tards’…

    Jews ‘stupid k***s’…

    Bill called Jesse Jackson ‘damned n****r’…

  9. John M. Berger says:

    “Headlines right now at Drudge”
    I hope all of that goes viral!

  10. FB says:

    This weekend I had a long time D at my house who switched to R to vote for Trump and he’ll still vote for him. I think the GOP establishment wants Hillary because they are part of the same money circles.

  11. FB says:

    lifetime D I meant.

  12. geeez2014 says:

    AOW and JMB, do you KNOW how many articles and books by their secret service, etc., have exposed Hillary’s language and terrible treatment of them, her husband, etc.? MANY. Drudge carries it….let’s see where that goes. They’ve never got traction before…

    FairestWitness, I have always loved your optimism and enthusiasm!
    I WISH SO MUCH I could share it on this subject…..
    and yes, we have to be risk takers with this man…who I think is the most thin skinned, nastiest, least dignified man we’ve probably EVER had run in this country for president.
    To me, he’s a total embarrassment.
    As I’ve said in MANY blog posts before, when people think that means I’d vote for Hillary (even knowing ME, they insinuate that!)…my disgust for Trump does NOT mean I won’t vote for him…I’ll just have to shower for a month.
    Also, as I’ve said MANY times before; there are ways of saying the things he says that are JUST AS TOUGH but don’t name-call, don’t whine like a 10 yr old on the school yard “they don’t LIKE ME!’, etc.

    AOW; I totally agree; it’s VERY early in the game at this point….but it’s very late as far as setting up the kind of campaign that wins Presidential elections.

    Trump is below any polls Romney was EVER low in…and he lost. So, let’s see.

    Trump just fired Lowendowski as Campaign Manager…..Manafort makes my stomach turn with his slickness and smugness; let’s see how this goes.

    FB…there are some Dems who will support Trump because they’re wise enough to know the left isn’t protecting us…let’s hope there are a LOT of them. I doubt it.

    bocopro “Trump will very likely cost the conservatives seats in both houses of Congress when he loses, and although I think it will be close, the left-wing party is much more effective at campaigning, advertising, and vote-getting than the conservatives. And a third Obamao term will, as you say, destroy the nation.”
    awful, isn’t it.

    Ed… being RESIGNED to vote for someone is so disheartening.
    Will see your blog post soon…thanks.

  13. geeez2014 says:


    IS THERE A BIGGER LIE ON THE PLANET? what a crack up!

  14. geeez2014 says:

    Just look at the picture on my blog….ever seen another presidential candidate look like that? Google Trump Images for more….
    it’s emblematic of SO much.

    I SO hope that Lowendowski’s firing will help stop the “LET TRUMP BE TRUMP” idiocy…

    And, by the way…what “SOLUTIONS?” Banning all Muslims? Think anybody would ever go for that? EVER, REALISTICALLY? No matter how nuanced Trump might mean it? He says BIG THINGS and they’re unrealistic.
    Think he’ll get Mexico to pay for the wall? Think he’ll GET the wall that is SO NEEDED?

    Thanks for the good discussion! keep going…

  15. The book is released on June 28. Yes, I have pre-ordered my copy.

  16. FB,
    I think the GOP establishment wants Hillary because they are part of the same money circles.


  17. Z,
    I understand why you don’t like Manafort. But it is just such a person who might — Might! — be able to defeat the Clinton machine.

  18. As for the Trump photo, I guarantee you that I can take a very unflattering photo of anyone.

    Just sayin’.

  19. Mal says:

    “Think he’ll get Mexico to pay for the wall?” Indirectly, yes, Z. He always follows with him bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from Mexico, and if he does, wouldn’t that be how he does it? The taxes now being collected by Mexico from those companies would now be collected by the U.S., ergo, Mexico would be paying for the wall. Very simple, actually.
    FW, the problem is the polls showing Hillary ahead aren’t only from the Left, but from FOX, too. But I love your optimism.

  20. Mal says:

    Not me, AOW. I’m beautiful from any angle!


  21. FB says:

    Tax all the money transfers going to Mexico from the US and you’ll pay the wall quickly.

  22. bunkerville says:

    It would be expected that Hillary would have a bump after the nomination. If the tables were turned, the media would be spinning it as much. We have a long 5 months ahead. Way too early to put up the white flag. Now another supreme is up for grabs.. just better hope……..

  23. Mal says:

    I agree, Bunkerville. Now………..if only he would keep his bloody mouth shut!

  24. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…as I said, there have been JUST AS revealing books on Hillary and nothing’s come of them…they get traction among conservatives…on WND, etc.
    As for Trump’s photos…. We all know we can take lousy pictures; this tells me more than lousy.
    It shows SO much to me.
    And, I did see that horrible story on the Muslim migrants….WE see it, the mainstream press barely mentions it…but BELEIVE ME, EVERY SINGLE gun accident’s being reported every single day from all over the country. Even the shooting of two GOATS on a farm in WACO has made headlines because it was on the “Fixer Upper” show’s land!

    Not sure who’s going to pay for the convention this year:
    Another reversal because he didn’t think before he spoke…or changed his mind after he spoke. Oh, God.

    FB….EXCELLENT idea. We can only guess how much untaxes money goes to MX….it’s a LOT.

    Mal…”if only he would keep his bloody mouth shut!” INDEED. (and yes, you are beautiful!)
    By the way, not all money going to MX is corporate money! MILLIONS go from poor laborers ..from here to support their Mexican families.

  25. Imp says:


    Has anyone here tuned in to the most excellent Netflix series , “House of Cards”? Supposedly loosely based on the Clintons and mostly the First Lady, Killary? It’s an incredible eye opener to the goings on to the inside deals, lies, backstabbing ways of top politicians on the Hill, personalities and the Presidency itself.

    However..I have totally lost faith in our “justice” system. From the FBI to the DOJ to Homeland Security, the CIA, And the courts. Considering how the FBI totally blew to terrorist watches that killed people in Orlando, San Bernardino, Garland, Texas…I’m supposed to believe that with all the drop dead evidence they have accumulated against the hooved beast, Clinton….that she’ll be charged let alone indicted? If this POS walks….we have lost our Republic. This is what I’ve been praying to happen….that she’d have to face charges….and drop out. Trump might be very In PC….but what should be more shameful and embarrassing and disgusting to us is….the very idea that a piece of human excrement like her….has the temerity, the nerve, the arrogance to run for POTUS, with looming evidence of criminality surrounding her like flies on a rotting corpse. That…my friends is total evidence of how far we’ve fallen.

  26. geeez2014 says:


    Now Geo Bush is lamenting much of what Trump’s said….mostly inferred, but explicit on the anti-Muslim rhetoric of Trump.

    If the Republicans want to KEEP THE HOUSE AND SENATE AND THE SUPREME COURT and DO NOT WANT HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT, what do they think is going to happen with this constant anti-Trump groundswell from the Republican pundits like Bush, Kasich, Romney, etc etc.?



  27. FB says:

    Especially when I’m sure some of the transfers include a lot of welfare money from CA.

  28. geeez2014 says:

    I loved HOUSE OF CARDS but never saw the last season, I believe it is….

    I have NO PROBLEM thinking she is EVERYTHING those lousy as those on the show were.

    But how about PRIMARY COLORS? That book practically was a BIOGRAPHY of the Clintons…killing staff who knew too much, destroying a beloved ol’ Southern Senator who they hated, etc ETC etc…..and NOBODY SAID A DAMNED THING, IMP! It was a REALLY eye popping book and SO CLOSE TO THE CLINTONS…but, ZIP. Nada. Rien..NOTHING.



    who who who????

  29. geeez2014 says:

    FB…YOU CAN BET ON IT. And not just from California.
    By the way, have you tried to see a doctor lately? A good, private doctor? MONTHS of wait now…MONTHS. Test? MONTHS of wait… MRI? GOOD LUCK.
    SOmething very odd’s happening.

  30. FB says:

    Not enough doctors for the number of people with insurance now. They forecasted it.

  31. geeez2014 says:

    FB…exactly. That IS the reason. On the other hand, I’ve been in very expensive, high-tech imaging units and they’re very UN attended, less than usual. Odd.

  32. geeez2014 says:

    JMB sent me a hilarious email with a picture of a guy selling guns in his shop….over his picture it says “yes, sir…your background check came out just fine, but I’ve got to see you eat some BACON first!”
    Loved that!! 🙂

  33. geeez2014 says:

    Someone sent this to me today. It’s a WILD tale of someone foreseeing Trump’s running back in 2011….he says God wants Trump..reasons are included…and they’re fascinating.. We are to REALLY mistrust and question ‘prophets’….this has some interesting stuff in it.
    Take a listen…the first 15 minutes are probably enough…that’s all I listened to.

  34. Mal says:

    Here’s an idea. Why not just take over Mexico and incorporate it into the U.S.? One way or another, we’re already supporting them anyway, so why not just take ’em over, esp; since they are all so eager to become Americans. That way, we can also take over the drug cartel and pay off our 20 trillion in debt! And the companies that moved there wouldn’t have to move back.
    Like my idea?

  35. Mal says:

    Also, look at all the beautiful beaches & resorts we would get.

  36. Mal says:

    And Trump would then build a wall next to Guatemala!

  37. Imp says:

    @Mal…”Why not just take over Mexico and incorporate it into the U.S.? ”

    Cause we already have Puerto Rico and we’re adopting Cuba…plus we already own Guatemala, San Salvador, Nicaragua and so on? How many failed “states” do we need.

  38. bocopro says:

    I’d post my daily rant here, but it’s too long. Parallells and echoes many of the comments I see on this thread.

  39. Imp says:

    One more nail in the coffin of our insanity in government…we indeed are heading for one mighty big fall….or revolution…or…homegrown militias to combat those “lone wolves”?

    This has to be an edict straight from the mouth of Ovomit. Lynch is a pusillanimous puppet.

    “The FBI released today a partial transcript of the Orlando shooter’s mid-massacre calls to 911. It was sanitized to conform to the Obama party line: The attack has no connection to the Islamic State or, for that matter, to Islam.
    As Attorney General Loretta Lynch Lynch put it: “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda.”

    If America persists in its “see no sharia” approach, not only will we surely be caught flat footed as this country and our allies are subjected to many more, and far worse, jihadist attacks. We will have invited them.

    That’s right. When jihadists perceive us to be capitulating – whether we call our accommodations “political correctness,” “multiculturalism” or “diversity sensitivity” – they view it as “submission.” And according to the Koran, the appropriate response for the believer is to make the infidel “feel subdued.” That can only translate into more violence aimed at achieving our complete and irreversible subordination to their permanent supremacy.

    Americans are entitled to the full transcript of the Mateen 911 calls – and to an immediate termination of Obama’s “see no sharia” approach. In its place we urgently need the adoption of a robust, fact-driven counterterrorism policy, one that actually has a chance of keeping us safe.

  40. Imp says:

    “Strawberry Solstice” tonight. Longest day of the year today. The last one was in 1967…the next one in 2062. Don’t miss it.

  41. FB says:

    Leftism is the best ally of Jihadism. It’s nothing new. In their hatred of the Western value because of colonialism, slavery, etc… they are ready to close their eyes on the atrocities done by other people. Total mental disorder.

  42. Imp says:

    Are we surprised that many call this..DIE-versity?

    Six diseases that were recently near eradication are making a comeback in the United States, as the taxpayer funded refugee resettlement industry launches a propaganda blitz about the so-called World Refugee Day this Monday.
    The returning diseases are;

    1. Tuberculosis
    2. Measles
    3. Whooping Cough
    4. Mumps
    5. Scarlet Fever
    6. Bubonic Plague

    The near eradication of these diseases in the United States during the twentieth century was a remarkable accomplishment of American civilization. Until recently, most Americans believed these diseases were gone from our shores for good.

    But a politicized public health system, and a rise in the subsidized migration into the United States, however, have combined to reverse a century of progress.

  43. Well now they released the un-redacted transcript.
    “after an earlier version of the transcript omitted the words “Islamic State” and the name of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

  44. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, it’s a joke and if this had been Republicans, the media’d be EATING THEM ALIVE.
    The stupid excuse the Feds gave was so lame and nobody’s even curious about that….
    they’re thieves and liars, this administration…anything to spare Islam from any slight.

    Mal, I agree…and I’ve said that for years “We’re spending SO much money on illegals, why not let them stay THERE (not bringing in diseases, etc, and costing us a FORTUNE) and we’ll give them a third of what we’re spending here on them and they’ll be thrilled…
    But then the Left can’t see our country fall apart…would have to spare them that joy they seem to love so much.
    By the way, if anybody thinks the ‘invaders’ as some rightly call the ‘refugees’ Germany’s taking in now are going to learn the language and get jobs, think again. They haven’t for 40 years, why start now? Only now it’s a MILLION to put up with, pay for, build Muslim preschools for, etc etc………..somehow the muslims have money to build their own mosques but no money for anything else.
    By the way…the invading young men all have cell phones…where are the bills being sent? Anybody wonder about that?

  45. Z,
    there have been JUST AS revealing books on Hillary and nothing’s come of them

    Um, I disagree. I’ve see Millennials change their vote after reading certain books (ones on Obama).

    But you are correct that the major networks will not cover what’s in the upcoming book. I read the the bans are already in.

  46. Imp,
    Six diseases that were recently near eradication are making a comeback in the United States

    And chickenpox, too.

    There is a chance that the INCREDIBLY PAINFUL kidney trouble (hydronephosis) I’m having was caused by the chickenpox vaccine I had last fall. My family doc said that I needed to get the vaccine because of the illegal immigrant population in this sanctuary city where I live.

    If I find out that this horrible kidney trouble was caused by the chickenpox vaccine, I swear that I’m contacting Donald Trump so that he can use the information in his campaign for POTUS!

  47. And, yes, there is indeed a connection between the chickenpox vaccine and this agony I’m having to endure. I checked the NIH site.

  48. Mal says:

    Z, WE are paying for all the cell phones the Terrorists….ooops! I mean MUSLIM immigrants have.

  49. John M. Berger says:

    “If I find out that this horrible kidney trouble was caused by the chickenpox vaccine, I swear that I’m contacting Donald Trump so that he can use the information in his campaign for POTUS!”

    I would too but the LOONEY LEFT would just dismiss the implication that their blessed, disease ridden, immigrants are disrupting our society as HATE SPEECH and Trump as a HATE MONGER!

  50. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…that is INCREDIBLE!!! I hope you DO bring that to the attention of Trump or someone who’ll SPEAK OUT!!!
    I WISH I knew any young person who’s changed on Obama after reading ANYTHING…glad to hear you do.

    Mal,. we aren’t paying for Syrian cell phones in Germany…but Germany SURE must be????
    These people are not even registering as they were supposed to with addresses, etc….so where does the phone company SEND the bills!?

  51. Mal says:

    Yeah, Z. Angela Merkel probably approved it to facilitate their plans.

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