After what happened yesterday, when THE LAW WAS UPHELD in Louisville, Kentucky, and we all saw the unrest, including a policeman shot, I have really HAD IT.

Not sure what’s going to happen, but yesterday afternoon, I saw a video on Facebook where a Black big mouthed awful young woman did something wrong and the cops stopped her car.  She was screaming as she got out of car; “I want your badge!  You’re going to be on SUSPENSION tomorrow, you hear me?” (and worse)
Then some 16 year old punk Black kid was screaming “We need your badge numbers, y’all hear me?”   That damned PUNK is talking to the cops like that?


Is this reversible?

I can’t take it.




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34 Responses to I am FED UP

  1. Bob says:

    Black Lives Matter. It’s a strong and compelling slogan. It has the power to move people and demand change. It is a wonderful movement until you look under the covers and pay attention to the actions of its adherents. It is a Fascist organization. Nobody else is allowed to talk when BLM talks. No one else’s lives matter when BLM is on the scene.

    When you peel the onion back to the center, you find something rotten and incompatible with a free society. Socialism and it’s ugly sibling, communism writhe in it’s ugly center. Over a hundred million corpses in the twentieth century show why socialism and its collective siblings have nothing to do with advancing the human condition.

    It’s time to bring this train of violence and sedition to an abrupt halt. This is one of the times in our nation’s history when we must mobilize law enforcement and state military resources to stamp out this threat to our republic. Without government action, how will we counter the malevolent BLM threat?

    It’s time.

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  2. bocopro says:

    No, not reversible. Correctible, but only by the black community itself, not the Black Lies Mafia.

    It will be more or less rendered moot, tho, by the inevitable pendulum swing which will install a socialist Potus backed by a Marxist House and a Senate with a severe port list which will suffocate personal incentive and banish capital to other shores.

    Our republic is in 4th stage seppuku, not primarily because of race but because people have learned that they can vote themselves entitlements and benefits they’ve done nothing to earn, mistaking charity for government duty and political correctness for common sense.

    Hey, when half your population is completely dependent upon gubmint for its daily bread and genuinely believes that the Alzheimer’s poster boy would do a better job than Orangeman has done for 3 ½ years, your economic and political future is inextricably lodged in the rear end of a rancid yak.

    Many of the younger blacks chimping out on city streets these days are just complying with the imperative from their thrill-seeking gene, the appeal of the roller-coaster, the adrenaline-junkie syndrome.

    They’re dangerously ill from cabin fever and tired of wearing masks, and it’s a lot more fun to burn police cars and Mom & Pop businesses than to work 9 to 5 for less money than they get from Welfare and food stamps.

    Besides, there are more self-hating, guilt-driven, virtue-signalling white women carrying BLM signs and blocking traffic than there are mature adult black people out there demonstrating what it’s like to be a premature brain donor.

    It’s over, and we’re witnessing the death throes of the grand New-World Experiment designed and built by well-educated slave-owners in weskits and knee britches. The US is an athlete past his prime, living on past glories, looking for just one more shot at the title before succumbing to politico-sclerosis brought on by decades of self-indulgence.

    Ah, hell . . . now I’ve gone and upset myself. But Trump is just a speed bump on the road to balkanization, and I need a piece of that ensaimada I saw in the fridge to go with this toxic mud I cooked up in the Keurig.


  3. The rules of engagement must be changed.
    They challenge authority that is supposed to only be challenged in court.
    In Socialism, all power flows from the barrel of a gun.
    Here, all power flows from the will of the people, laws enacted by our legislators and executed by our police.
    When they give the police the finger, they give it to us.
    Examples must be made. Arrest them. Roughly.

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  4. Is this reversible?

    Possibly. I saw similar “unrest” 1968-1972.

    Note that Nixon was elected in 1968 and re-elected in 1972. RMN was the law and order candidate.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    When you actually have people on CNN telling black people that they may was well try to kill the cop that is stopping them because they are very likely going to die themself in the process of a traffic stop, it makes it hard to think it will ever get better.

    Maybe if Sleepy Joe and the Fake black Ho get elected…..

    Then as an aside to boco’s comment – My lunch pals know a couple, she works most of the day producing baked goods to sell, he drives a cement truck and also delivers bread to a number of McDonald’s in the tri-state area for a local bakery, working 18 hours a day most days and the two of them don’t make as much as a woman they know with 4 foster kids that she doesn’t take care of but rather sits around all day. She easily clears 50k a year tax free. You’d have to make around 80+ to equal that. How do you motivate people to get a life? Yet some do, and many blacks do appreciate the opportunity to work and some? many? are working under DJT than were when Barry and the Tranny were running things. According to reports.


  6. Bocopro,
    It’s over, and we’re witnessing the death throes of the grand New-World Experiment designed and built by well-educated slave-owners in weskits and knee britches. The US is an athlete past his prime, living on past glories, looking for just one more shot at the title before succumbing to politico-sclerosis brought on by decades of self-indulgence.

    Likely. But America may yet surprise us.

    In any case, if our republic is over and done with, I hope to be in my grave before the worst arrives. Being old does have some advantages.

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  7. Kid,
    When you actually have people on CNN telling black people that they may was well try to kill the cop that is stopping them because they are very likely going to die themself in the process of a traffic stop, it makes it hard to think it will ever get better.



  8. geeez2014 says:

    BOB! Nice to have you here first! 🙂 You said “Without government action, how will we counter the malevolent BLM threat?” I hope that happens, though many think they’re setting Trump up to look like a dictator by fighting back hard…and, of course, if anyone was killed by the Nat’l Guard or anything, the media would twist it was our fault, wouldn’t it.
    But, in a sane world, you are RIGHT!
    I totally agree with your assessment of BLM, except that it’s a ‘wonderful organization’….they’re posing as that, and liberals like the idea of Black Lives Matter (as if they never did) but they have done harm to race relations.

    Did you all see that the U-Haul which showed up in Louisville yesterday, which delivered equipment for the protesters, was rented by a woman who works for a Soros organization?

    BOCOPRO, that’s the impression I get….I watch those awful kids and know THEY LOVE THIS…They’re feeling POWERFUL….they’re yelling at cops and it’s OK if they try to burn them in their offices or scream obscenities at them…Nobody will stop them. Nobody. They are LOVING IT. Disgusting….They’re suddenly ON TOP and THEY LIKE IT.



    AOW: I CLING to that thought often….I remember the Sixties, too, and I HOPE that if it got fixed then, we can fix it now. I just know it was more innocent, less money-supported, than BLM is today 😦

    KID, exactly! CNN is GOADING THEM…………..Before the Louisville ‘riots’ got off to a big start….when they were managing to keep it calm, CNN was showing every slight altercation between BLM and Cops…and saying HOW BAD THIS IS, HOW CROWDS ARE PROTESTING and I’m thinking “YOu call THAT little altercation a PROTEST?” And it sure became one….CNN got their wish.
    Yes, they’re encouraging it….and should be FIRED>

    They ARE seditionists, as AOW says.

    The FOUL language, the HIDEOUS grammar (I know that doesn’t count but it shows us what their future employment will be….low paying and hideous due to our school teachers not caring…”ya’ll give us yer f’ing badges…y’all pigs” SInce WHEN was it okay to YELL this kind of language in public? I’m no prude but these kids don’t have a scintilla of realization that that’s NOT OK.


  9. Mustang says:

    Law enforcement is an honorable profession, spoiled by the occasional individual who is psychologically ill-equipped to wear a badge/carry a firearm. I have no idea how police recruiting offices are able to enlist anyone with half a brain to serve in uniform, because not even their city councils are backing the police. Most police shootings (99%) are righteous. The way it has been, and should continue being, is that if you’re a thug and attract the attention of police, and if you’re one of those morons who wants to fight the police during a stop, then expect the situation to go rapidly downhill with every second of your “resisting arrest.”

    As to the demographics for the year 2020 … 242 whites were involved in police shootings, compared to 123 blacks, 80 Hispanics, and 201 “unknowns.” In raw numbers, police do not target blacks, and police do not shoot more blacks than whites. If one wants to make the “percentage of overall population argument,” then one will have to consider the fact that while 13% of the U.S. population is black, they commit 27% of the nation’s felonies, some of which lead them into a policeman’s line of fire.

    Blacks commit more than half of the nation’s murders/manslaughters, 54% of the nation’s robberies, 34% of all aggravated assaults, and 30% of vehicle thefts. Young blacks are being trained by their parent(s) to become national crime statistics. White society cannot fix the problem with black crime, mostly committed against other blacks; the problem can only be addressed within black communities by black leaders. Step one in doing this is to recognize and acknowledge that generally, black communities are a major fail in the story of American society. What we hear from the so-called black leaders is that it’s whitey’s fault, which is not only a damned lie, it also perpetuates the problem.

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  10. geeez2014 says:

    I put a FABULOUS video of “I”M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN”…that wonderful patriotic song….and someone reposted it with the caveat “POLITICS ASIDE, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!

    WHat politics? It’s about loving America….”Putting politics aside?” WHAT? WOW

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG…EXACTLY! L.A. City Council is now trying to get our Sheriff to quit…as FOX’s guy here in LA said on the news “He’s not politically correct!”

    The Sheriff is telling them to pound sand and that their request is “UN-AMERICAN”……God bless him.

    Your Comment is important and don’t we all wish AMerican had THE FACTS???


  12. bunkerville says:

    AOW hit my points… easy to forget the anarchy and bombing of the 60’s and early 70’s. It looked like we were going to hell….can be reversed, will it be? We don’t have a judicial system this time around as we did then but fingers crossed.

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  13. kidme37 says:

    On wishing America had the facts… Not that I think I’m better than other people, just different I guess, but soon after high school it dawned on me that outside of math, reading, and some science the rest of what they filled my head with was total BS and so I struck out on a mission in search of reality. I’m still searching but I’ve made some progress in the last 50 years. How many don’t even realize they have dust bunnies for brains. And school in the 60’s was a bit different than now – agenda-wise…


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, school was light years different…..the other day on FB, on a private Conservative group, I said that I put 90% of America’s problems today on TEACHERS……don’t much care how offended they may be. It’s the truth.

    Bunkerville…We don’t have a judicial system that’s effective.

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  15. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, by the way…I agree so much with what you said. Reading it again, it struck me how the City Councils aren’t backing the police and thinking it’s almost like a coordinated attempt of sedition and destruction.
    I often can’t buy conspiracy theories because I can’t believe most people could keep the truth quiet….
    I’m having trouble believing MOST docs and nurses in our country will lie on death certs and other places, having been told to write COVID so the hospital gets $$$ and scares the s*it out of our communities. But I believe that’s happening …
    It’s hard to believe about City Councils…UNLESS…………..U N L E S S it’s due to the fact, as many of us AND TRUMP have said; They’re DEMOCRATS.

    Years ago, I heard a little fish in our Central Valley in California, which grows most of the foods you all eat, was endangered and so they’d dislocated water (Mislocated is better said) so that poor little fish survived……most not wanting to believe that poor little fish thrived elsewhere, it would not become extinct………Meanwhile, there are signs up and down Highway 5, running North/South through my State…all through dying orchards and fields saying WE NEED WATER! BRING WATER BACK.
    The report I watched was on Hannity, about 25 years ago and some Republican Councilman said “I can’t figure out WHY the San Fran City Council I’m on keeps doing all they CAN to shut California DOWN …this is just another way!”

    WHY? WHY? WHY? THIS is what we must be asking and I BELIEVE this is what A G Barr and Trump and Pence,, DO KNOW and can’t say. YET.

    BY the way, watching FOX’s Trump interview with (was it?) Levin the other night, I was thrilled to hear that McCarthy had told Trump about this fish, and TRUMP TURNED THE WATER BACK ON LAST MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORRAHH!
    I have heard NOT ONE WORD anywhere on the news.
    I don’t watch California news but I have not heard it ANYWHERE I watch…And I think that’s very important for the whole country.

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  16. jean worland says:

    Please click on this website by Ann Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter. It’s entitled “Anne Graham Lotz issues urgent call to repentance, warns US is ‘being attacked invisibly’


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  17. MAL says:

    I got to thinking about the police chiefs in the cities being targeted. When they are told by the mayor to stand down, DEFY THEM! Let the mayor know they were hired and being paid by the citizens to keep them safe and by golly, thats exactly what they’re gonna do. End of problem. Why should they have to listen to the mayor when it will hurt the very people they are sworn to protect?


  18. kidme37 says:

    Z, re: Barr, Trump, Pence (and others)..

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” – George Orwell, (but does it matter who said it? It is plainly true to those who don’t hate the truth.)

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  19. Mustang says:

    @ Z … you should realize that dismissing “conspiracy theories” out of hand, because they’re so whacky, is what the left wants you to think. Look, you’re NOT paranoid if someone is really trying to kill you. You’re NOT paranoid if others are trying to destroy the country you love. You have to know by now that Soros money has been regularly pouring into the coffers of communists running for political office, from the dim bulbs like AOC, Omar, and Sarsour, to people we’ve never heard of … city councilmen, city attorneys, county managers and prosecutors, judges, school superintendents, etc. Now, why would Soros do that? I hope the answer is self-evident. Believe me, you are NOT paranoid.

    I recently left this comment at Adrienne’s … seems apropos here, as well. You decide …

    For years, America sat on their couches watching TV as their sons and daughters went off to confront insurgencies in other lands, never imagining that such a thing could happen here. But they moaned about how long the war went on, in Southeast Asia and now in Afghanistan. No matter how many “commies” and “terrorists” our military killed, the insurgents kept coming back for more, and more. I was reading the other day that the Taliban, for example, never seem to know when they’ve had their asses kicked. One lance corporal opined, “…there are over 36 million Afghans and three times that of Pakistanis —half of whom are Taliban or other whackos. We simply can’t kill them all.”

    So now we have insurgencies in our own back yard. We can clamp down (as we must), but what will it take to change that behavior? We can’t kill them all, and no one of the lunatic variety of politician any longer wants to lock them up in between fake pandemics. What’s the solution? No, we can’t kill them all, but those who are killed won’t be back for a second ass-whipping. Maybe that’s the message that will, one day, change the behavior of domestic terrorists. Maybe.

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  20. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG;..thanks. I didn’t mean to give the impression I didn’t believe there are conspiracies….quite the contrary, which is why I discussed at length that stupid little smelt needing water more than the California Lush and(Once) fertile Central Valley……
    Oh, yes, that IS a conspiracy….
    I just don’t think some work because people have big mouths.

    AND, with SOROS, it’s ALL TRUE…..when you pay enough, you can make conspiracies happen, can’t you.

    Mustang…I mentioned this here the other day; GOD FORGIVE ME, I believe in much of what you said about killings. There is no way otherwise to stop some people. Black OR White…I don’t care, it’s not a matter of that….it’s PUNKS screaming at OUR COPS “Y’all give us your badge numbers…y’all gunna be on suspension tamarra, y’all” A@($#*&(*$&(@*Q#&$*(@Q#$&*
    I can’t even WRITE HERE what I was thinking as I watched that teen age punk with his pants around his knees, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, never worked a day, can’t speak English, yelling at OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE?
    NO. Just plain F’ing (pardon me) NO.

    I do not ‘dismiss’ conspiracy theories, but I believe most aren’t that…because, as I said, you’ve got to have a lot of people with their mouths shut….and that doesn’t usually work.
    But if you have enough $$$? Maybe.

    MAL! THAT’S WHY I AM SOOO PROUD OF OUR SHERIFF VILLANUEVA (i think it is?) in L.A…..see, the City Council CANNOT FIRE HIM because he’s SHERIFF, not LA COP!!! HA!!!!!! And he’s saying it’s UN AMERICAN to ask for his resignation. SO proud of him. God protect him.

    KID…re that quote? WOW. JUST WOW.

    Did you hear the President and Mrs. Trump were booed and they had “VOTE HIM OUT!” screamed at them as they paid their respects to RBG?? Yup…

    JEAN, thank you…will look at the video ……INVISIBLY…..and also VISIBLY, in my humble opinion 😦


  21. geeez2014 says:

    JEAN, just checked your link and I don’t see anything by Lott, but thanks…good reminder to pray Saturday while the Grahams and, hopefully, millions like them are marching and praying for America.


  22. Mustang says:

    No Z … most aren’t conspiracy theories; they are conspiracy realities … and they aren’t even trying to keep them hidden or quiet any more. It’s become an “in your face” campaign to destroy America.

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  23. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang….9/11, Landing on the Moon…there are lots of issues with conspiracy theories swirling around them. (Quite a feat for enough people to keep their mouths shut about our having not landed on the moon)
    And, yes, if anybody believes that there is definitely a campaign to destroy America, it’s me. I’m sorry if I’ve said anything that makes it sound like I think that’s a conspiracy theory.


  24. Baysider says:

    Black lives mafia – good one BP!

    Apropos to mustangs point, After years in war zones Michael Yon has returned to the United States to cover the insurgency in progress. I don’t see how we can ever walk back emotional beliefs that have no basis in reality. I heard a woman whose adult daughter tried to get them to put a BLM sign in their front lawn. She graciously declined with an “all lives matter“ and the daughter just blew up. Screamed you’ll never set foot inside our house again, you’ll never see your granddaughter again. I thought the woman did not raise her girl that way. All that venom came from college. This was on Prager.

    Other callers joined in with stories of adult children who are firmly convinced that the rioting and looting we saw on TV was the work of white supremacist provocateurs and inside agents. Firmly convinced the BLM movement is a peaceful effort Akin to the civil rights movement. One parent watched a video there’s son forwarded and was horrified by the ludicrous content.

    I think it was Glenn Loury who addressed the issue of the EMT that was killed in a shootout with police. But I’m not sure. He went Into detail on the background there, one of five or six raids done simultaneously On a drug ring, and presented her as a victim of her poor decisions despite seeming efforts to rise above. The New York Times of all people spirited out the details on her story and it’s not what you would assume from the news. I suspect they were looking for something much worse but did report truly and what was found


  25. MAL says:

    Good for that sherif Valaneuva, Z. We need more like him. Perhaps there should be a national meeting of police chiefs and sheriffs advising them what to do even if it means defying “authority” because its what they swore they would do: Protect the public.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….”I don’t see how we can ever walk back emotional beliefs that have no basis in reality.” I think that’s true and it’s why I’ve said here so many times that I wish Trump could be factual, sound, and calm as he tells FACTS. There are FACTS the Grand Jury worked with re Breonna Taylor, for example. Facts.
    Yes, while I agree that it’s very tough to walk back emotional ludicrous beliefs, nobody’s sitting people down and GIVING FACTS. They will NOT hear them on TV News…particularly not CNN, which after the Grand Jury decision, pretty much encouraged unrest………..NOT getting the facts straight, by the way.
    I still hold tight to FACTS are FACTS but our kids aren’t hearing them anymore.

    MAL…that’s an excellent idea.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, we even have people STILL saying TRUMP WILL TAKE BACK COVERAGE ON PREEXISTING CONDITIONS. He has always said he’d cover that. Always. He’s trying to rid of the ACA, which needs a viable replacement and he hasn’t come up with it yet, but he has said that always.

    He said WHY he was leaving the Paris Accord, including “We will work to help the environment but we won’t be paying filthy countries to keep spewing into our environment by picking up the Paris Accord tab”



  28. kidme37 says:

    A server at a local restaurant has a sister who is a rabid liberal. She knows the server is a Trump supporter. The lib has told her ‘You will not speak to our mother again !”. They’re both in their 30’s.
    She said she just laughs and says Watch Me. Like her mother isn’t allowed to have an opinion either.

    These people are mental retard Violent. I guess Rabid is a good adjective for them.

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  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, RABID is an excellent adjective…….WOW……”Watch me”…good one 🙂


  30. Bob says:

    Just today I bought Candace Owen’s book, Blackout from Audible. I have listened through the first chapter, and so far she is terrific. She narrates her own book and does a good job. The forward is by Larry Elder, and he also narrates his part.

    If you get a chance to read the book, do it.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, thanks…sounds great.


  32. bunkerville says:

    z,,,,,,,, We don’t have a judicial system this time around as we did then but fingers crossed was my exact quote! 🙂


  33. I’m fortunate to not have any libs for relatives.
    I had a couple, but they disowned me.
    All my family is conservative except my one brother’s son and my other brother’s niece.
    Nieces and nephews I would have expected to be lib are not, to my delight.
    And I have a lot.


  34. Baysider says:

    Larry Elder interviewed the LA sheriff who supported the findings in Kentucky, based on all publicized info.

    @Mustang: “those who are killed won’t be back for a second ass-whipping.” Amen!


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