Complacent America; WAKE THE HECK UP

So China sends a virus,  maybe two now?, or at least only stops travel in country, not giving a damn what happens to us.

The explosion in Nashville apparently did harm to some communications.

No president yet has worked enough on infrastructure (Obama had promised; I know that because it’s literally the only thing I approved of on his platform and it never happened. Ever.  Trump was getting going but that’s over.)

9/11, of course….

I believe it’s only American kids who learn to hate their country because of slavery.  Period.  As if no other country ever had it, and don’t ask what other country lost 650,000 of its men in fighting that slavery, they don’t know anything about our history except we’re racists.  And we must suffer for it now.

Our kids are being born without two parents and largely supported by the State.   It does my heart SO good to hear, over and over again from restaurant workers today “I don’t want to live off the government”…..shocking.  Not sure what schools they went to..home schools? 🙂

Peace deals are signed and nobody gives a damn because Trump signed them.  Trump gets nominated for 3 Nobels but nobody hears about that.    Trump isn’t hated so much for himself as he’s hated for the damage he’s done to the leftwing hopes of globalism, but his personality really played into their hands, sadly.   Reagan would have …shall I say…TRUMPED that crap and shown America what globalization was going to cause and convince us to FIGHT IT.

So there’s the list, and it could be added to MANY times over….and I was so aggravated when, hours after I prepared this post, Jesse Watters spoke about it! hA!!  He called America A COMPLACENT COUNTRY and that is EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE BECOME….  He, too, believes WE MUST STOP THIS…WE MUST START WAKING UP AND FIGHTING!    BUT WE ARE SOFT…WE ARE STUPID, WE ARE WEAK…

AND IT IS THE FAULT OF THE LEFT AND THEIR MEDIA:  Americans are suddenly “Just too KIND” to attack first so WE don’t get hurt.   Our cops are trying to keep safe from American terror, Black Americans are feeling excited about hurting us back (not ALL, my own family and friends do NOT want BLM crap going on), ….ETC ETC.







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21 Responses to Complacent America; WAKE THE HECK UP

  1. bocopro says:

    Far too many Murkans have accepted a “new normal,” a marked decline from what life was only a year ago . . . now it’s mandatory masks, social distancing, cowering in caves, tolerating radicals such as BLM and Antifa . . . .

    It’s as if people somehow became uncomfortable with success, with prosperity, with patriotism, and felt compelled to rage against victory and tie our fate to the tail of the Chinese tiger, or the vengeful guilt dragon, or the giant socialist leech.

    And that’s not exactly complacency . . . more like stupidity, hypocrisy, insanity. The cycle is apparently challenge → invention → production → success → false sense of security → collapse → chaos → challenge . . . ad infinitum.

    Sundowner Joe and Horizontal Ho will bring no new prosperity or growth or “healing” to the country . . . only a zombie awakening of the hopey-changey zerobomba crime syndicate which gave rise to Orangeman.

    Does NO ONE read history these days? Oh . . . sorry – lost my head there: yes, socialism is the answer; it’s just that it’s never been implemented with the right people in charge, and now we have them in the form of Bernie, AOC, and Soros meat puppets in catbird seats.

    And let’s not forget about Islam, folks . . . that false religion which demands total submission and controls its followers through fear, which has raised the standards of living, the culture, the economies of NO SOCIETIES ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, EVER !!

    Talk about complacency . . . we’ve allowed ourselves to be distracted by Marxists and racists and Tinker Belles to the point that we’ve forgotten bin Laden et al. But those guys haven’t forgotten us . . . they STILL want nothing for America but death and destruction.


  2. We have limited opportunity to express our opposition on a daily basis.
    One is to not conform to the best of our abilities.
    The virus is real. The use of the virus is an oppression of our liberty and freedoms and most importantly, our rights.
    Are you told not to congregate? Congregate!
    Are you told to wear a mask which has no proven efficacy? Take it off!
    Be willing to be seen not bowing to the oppression.
    This will encourage others or bring you scorn or both.
    If you let the scorn of others dictate to you, you are not exactly Valley Forge material.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Each generation has had their share of vocal people who tried to wake people up, William F Buckley, Malcolm X, JFK, MLK, Candace Owens, Watters… A few examples. No lasting effect. Not even a moderate effect at the time. People who were on board enjoyed them and learned more, people who were not on board stayed off board.
    No we cannot get “better”. Look at a graph of America (culture, patriotism, morality, crime, intelligence, etc) from say 1960 through 2020 and notice how that line drops from the upper left corner to the right lower corner with a big hockey stick dive around 2001 and 2008. Why would we think that will change?

    Trump didn’t lose supporters. He gained 11 million who voted for him in 2020 than did in 2016, and the number would be higher if various areas didn’t ‘stop counting’, didn’t change Trump votes into Biden votes, on a scale never before seen in election fraud in this country. Imagine with all that, Trump voters still registered 11 million more votes.

    The China virus was and is a biological act of war by China on America. Forget who else gets the virus, The target is America and to get Trump replaced with the China friendly ‘sell their mother for a nickel’ democrats, Covid = Mail-in Ballots = Massive ballot fraud.

    Best to recognize what’s coming. It won’t be good and it will be under the surface as always because the media will not tell anyone about any of it. Carve out a place to be good to yourself and those around you who deserve it and enjoy. That’s my plan and has been a good while now.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Wow, ED…”no proven efficacy”…I have absolutely zero desire to argue this again, and will NOT, but that’s your opinion and that of those you agree with…..while I believe microscopic virus can probably get into most of the fabrics people are protecting themselves with, my friend who wore his mask died Sunday morning. Please see my Sunday Blog post…..

    Kid and Bocop; I believe all that’s happening now is moving people toward THE RIGHT. Did you hear this morning Biden wants to go UNION again across the country? Right to WOrk be damned?
    Just WAIT until covid is finally waning and the great rise in economy Trump would have VERY CERTAINLY created again, is….flat, not there. THat was MY only hope, frankly, that when Trump was still in charge, America would do better than ever.
    Now it won’t. Biden is doing all he can to sound so COOL LIBERAL UNION MAN…it’s going to kill jobs again. Always has. ALways. And there is no need for it anymore. But, he’s old and doesn’t know…he’s remember 1960.

    SO, YES, when I hear young restaurateurs saying “The Newsom recall is full of people from BOTH parties” and “I don’t want gov’t money, I WANT TO WORK” and when America starts seeing what Biden’s done with welcoming ill, poor immigrants and our new young taxpayers realize they’re paying for those people they idolized and felt such sadness for while in school but realize they were sold a bill of goods…? They’ll chanGe.

    The only thing wrong with TRUMP was PERSONALITY….and that’s what lost him a landslide which could have overcome the huge fraud…..he never ONCE empathized with covid victims, not once. It was all business. And I admired that because vaccine work is FAR more important than empathy but Americans like Kindness, someone saying “Man, I had this…and I SO get your fears and feeling lousy…we’re going to work on this together, America….let’s get past COVID”..


    I love Trump. He had most of what he needed…I wish he’d had it ALL. Reagan kind of did, frankly.

    but that’s a WHOLE NEW argument…I know.

    SO, yes…I still think we have some hope. I FIRMLY believe that we’ll take the House AND Senate in 2 years….we might lose Georgia if the polls are correct and depending on what Trump says there the night before the election (which is a silly term since they’re stupidly being allowed to vote early again!!! Do we EVERY LEARN?)

    NO MORE MAIL IN VOTING..>EVER……NO country allows it and there are reasons. We were too stupid to know that. We know it now.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY: The bombing in Nashville has alreaDy been copied….and that was my point about it…it’s A DRY RUN…It was showing nuts around this country how to do it, what to do….. why else? early in the morning on Christmas, almost nobody around?

    You bet…this was setting a really scary example…………wait for it.
    And most city cops won’t be around enough to prevent it in most of our cities anymore.

    This is about DEFANGING the police…….and this is how it’ll show. And THIS is another thing which will have people voting REPUBLICAN.


  6. kidme37 says:

    Well, the leader of the republican majority senate recently threw up both fingers to 74+ million Trump voters to welcome his pal Joey into the White House. Believe me when I say I will never vote for a republican again and that here are Many like me. While I’m at it, I must also confess I’ve never ever sent a dime to a politician or a ’cause’. I’m happy about that. Only real people like current or former vets get my money,

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  7. “I have absolutely zero desire to argue this again, and will NOT..” then you do.
    Then you make my point by mentioning your friend who masked religiously (and I mean religiously) and caught it anyway.
    You asked for thoughts.
    I proposed resistance and you zeroed in on mask efficacy.
    Masks ARE efficacious. At reducing a populace to a subservient set of subjects instead of citizenry.

    And my apologies for being more annoying, Trump gained 10 million votes despite his persona, or perhaps because of it, and the Dems printed enough to overwhelm that with fraud. They would have done that with ANY amount of votes. It wasn’t his personality (as much as I cringed sometimes) that cost him the election. It was fraud.

    If you don’t want discussion here, please don’t “What do you think?”.

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  8. MAL says:

    We always seem to compare Trump with Reagan. I wonder, how he would have reacted or held up to everything thats been thrown at Trump? Even though their personalities are polar opposites, the left would’ve still been relentless in their attacks.
    As the enclosure we’ve been herded into gets completed, remember: we may be trapped inside, but we have the all the weapons and the NRA on our side and will overcome if and when it becomes necessary.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I’m hoping you can be in a really bad mood on someone else’s blog. I just wrote two long paragraphs about your comments, but what’s the point?
    GOod luck with your insults, sarcasm and your guns; may they comfort you. By the way, you won’t have me stop believing a barrier to a virus that could work can’t help.
    And thanks for your condolences on the death of my friend.

    MAL, the media was tough on Reagan, but Reagan never told untruths, very often showed sympathy and/or empathy, and laughed at them without making himself look horrible.

    Kid, I will never stop voting for Republicans…… might be only a slower take over if that’s all we do…but I’m starting to feel more and more optimistic that what the Left has planned for us is going to backfire BIG time, and I’m hearing that from people FAR more into politics than I.


  10. kidme37 says:

    To each their own. I will now only go to vote against taxes, also in vain of course.

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, what’s the matter, don’t you WANT foreign countries which despise us to get our money to study their gender problems? 🙂
    I agree with you on this…..very HARD to vote , and I will, but I’d REALLY RATHER NOT.

    After all the crap Trump took, I STILL am amazing how the media’s mischaracterized this latest bill; it was Pelosi who held it up, it was her pork which screwed it up, and now Trump wants to give MORE, not less, and she’s ALL FOR IT…jumping on the I CAN BE EVEN KINDER THAN TRUMP bandwagon. Makes me want to gag.


  12. kidme37 says:

    Let me say there is no anger here, just calm recognition that we Conservatives are not represented by a party. I think it would be more beneficial for the republican party to die and be replaced by something representing Americans. Like DJT only a whole political party. Otherwise, like allowing the Korean war to remain unresolved and N Korea to fester like an open wound upon the Earth, only more pain and suffering by Americans can be accomplished by keeping the republicans a viable party.

    Let’s go back to 1953 and ask N Koreans if they’d be willing to be vaporized by an atomic bomb to ensure that their descendents would be able to live in a free society like S Korea, If it were me, I’d say Vaporize me Baby !


  13. kidme37 says:

    Well, imo, the republicans have no problem shoveling money around the world as money laundering in disguise or fill in the blank of pretty much anything the dems want to do. They let obama do whatever he wanted to do, The only opposition they’ve provided in the majority of cases has been lip service. Got some judges on the benches. Not good enough for me, Too much damage being done all across America in every facet of our society. It was Bush that started the useIess wars in the ME. 18 years in Afghanistan. All those lives and limbs. For what?

    I’m keeping it short.

    I don’t see them as a solution to anything, We have one party, half of them are just better looking,

    One of the biggest current items on the plate imo is medicare for all which will totally destroy HC in this country. I don’t believe pick any republican would keep that from happening. I’ve completely given up on them.


  14. Baysider says:

    I don’t think people are being moved toward the right with this. The only glimmer of encouragement is the 10M more votes to Trump. But a lot just want to see “it” end. The media helps this by creating so much fatigue over Trump while being very careful to avoid substance. They certainly weren’t about to run stories about the Biden family crime syndicate 2 weeks before the election!

    The geist of history is the foundation of the republic is being replaced with angry people who have been trained to not think, just be angry and make others pay for their anger. The verb for that is “Balkanize” and it’s purposeful. There’s a reason the Balkans were raided so much for slaves – too bifurcated to stand together in a common defense. And the raiders swooped in.

    Otherwise, Ed + 1. It’s the great re-set. Patrick Wood is right. They couldn’t quite get there with the green agenda because despite all the huffing and puffing they could not produce dead men killed by the enemy they fought. Now they can. It makes a far more compelling story than discredited environmental computer models that continually moaned the sky is falling when all could see it isn’t.

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  15. Baysider says:

    Kid, I wouldn’t be so hard on McConnell. Yes, he is establishmentarian to the hilt, and did not work with Mr. Trump in the way I thought he should at the beginning. He’s shepherded judicial picks through though, and he held off 5 weeks on Biden until the electoral college formally met. We still pray for miracles.

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  16. kidme37 says:

    I’ll be “checking in” on Jan 6 but regardless I am done with them Baysider.


  17. Baysider says:

    … and a hell of a lot better than Mr. Schumer!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider “I don’t think people are being moved toward the right with this” I’m hearing and reading it constantly. Very pleased about it. Thankfully, I believe it’s mostly leftwing people whose anger just eats them up inside….I believe the Right is more action-oriented. We can hope.


  19. Baysider says:

    Agree, Kid, we don’t put our trust and all our hopes in a party. To quote Admiral Jackie Fisher, “we fear God and dread naught.” It would be nice to have a party on board with that, though. Proverbs 15:21a was WRITTEN for the modern Democratic party. “Folly is a joy to him who lacks sense, ….”

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  20. kidme37 says:

    We won’t get anything like what we need, Pipe dream of course.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Let’s wait and see. I’m not giving up. Ever.

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