A Christmas tree more expensive to a REPUBLICAN than marked? Say it ain’t so!

A Hollywood Christmas Story

The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

christmas tree lot

I drove past the outdoor parking-lot-turned-Christmas-tree-store several times before I decided to buy my Christmas tree from there. It was fairly close to my home in the Westside of Los Angeles, and business seemed brisk. Must be a nice place.

Soon I found a nice, fluffy, well-shaped tree. “How much?” I asked a smiling salesman. “$60,” he said, showing me the price tag I had overlooked, “Good deal.” Then he said, “Are you Larry Elder? Big fan.” “Guilty,” I said. “Is this your place?” “No,” he said, “I’m an actor, just doing this part-time to make a few bucks for the holidays.”

I’m always surprised when I meet non-left-wing actors, a rare breed in this town — especially those out of the closet. I asked how his career was going. “Mark” told me the names of a few TV shows and movies in which he’d appeared.

But lowering his voice, he said, “When you’re a Republican in this place, it gets tough.” He told me about jobs he felt he’d lost because someone told someone that he was “a Republican.” “I’m not even sure I am,” he said, lowering his voice still more. “But I know we can’t handle four years of Hillary.”

Soon, another salesman came over, also an actor and fan of my show. “Tommy” said, “I’d ask you what you think about the Republican field, but you’re not working, right?” We all laughed. “I’m just here to buy a tree,” I said.

Believe it or not, a third person, shopping for a tree, overheard the conversation. She came over. She, too, enjoys my show, but said: “It’s caused a rift between friends and even family members. Oh, they’re tolerant and caring — as long as you agree with them.” The shopper, “Sandra,” it turns out, was also an actor.

Well, now the four of us started exchanging stories of left-wing intolerance, practically completing each other’s sentences.

Sandra told us about an acting gig in the home of a well-known comedian for some online video. When Sandra found out, because of some offhand comment, that the comedian was also a conservative, they started talking — only to be to be interrupted by the cameraman who complained about their “right-wing crap.” Sandra said, “(The comedian) reminded him that, one, this was her own home, and, two, she hired him, and then the cameraman finally shut up.”

I told a story I once heard about actor Ed Asner. “On the set of ‘Lou Grant,’” I said, “Asner said he never hired anyone who voted for Ronald Reagan. Publicly said it!”

I told them about the time a movie was filmed at the house next door to mine. The film’s location scout negotiated with me to use my driveway and patio area for parking and catering.

During the filming, I stood on my porch and watched them shoot some takes. The caterer came over to me, said he enjoyed my show, and we talked for 15 to 20 minutes.

Months later, the same caterer called my radio show. He said when people observed him speaking with me, “The word spread that I must therefore be a Republican. Haven’t worked on a shoot since.”

After a few minutes swapping stories, a man yelled from a booth on the tree lot and told Mark and Tommy to “get back to work.” As they scattered, Mark pointed to the booth and whispered, “He’s the owner. When I told him you were here, he said, ‘And you’re impressed by that guy?’” I laughed, “Not a fan.” He shook his head. “Occupational hazard,” I said, “I just hope he doesn’t jack up the price on me.” We laughed.

I looked around for several more minutes, making sure that I was getting the best tree for the size and shape I wanted. But I settled on the one I first liked.

“$80,” said the owner. I handed him my credit card, and signed the receipt before recalling that Mark told me it was $60. Maybe, I thought, I misheard Mark. But then I remembered being shown the $60 tag.

So I found Mark, and told him that his boss charged me $80. Angry, he told me to wait and stormed over to the booth. The boss and he had an animated exchange. I couldn’t hear what was said, but I was refunded $20.

After two workers tied the tree to the top of my car. I found Mark, put my arm around him and thanked him for intervening. “But I better get out of here while you still have a job.”

Mark didn’t disagree. But he smiled, “This town. Merry Christmas.”

Z:  I hope you realize that this is pretty much in every big city;  not exclusive to Los Angeles, but because the Industry (as we call it around here) is so well known by everyone in the States, it’s more obvious.   AND, I have to admit this kind of ridiculous stifling of any thought but Liberal IS felt in other areas, of course, not just “Hollywood”.

I have met Larry Elder twice and mostly agree with him (for those of you who don’t know him, he’s a Black Conservative with a radio show on in L.A. which is probably syndicated to some of your towns? I hope so.  I mostly agree with him, except for his ridiculous idea of selling our best park grounds to the Chinese to make some cash and ‘who needs the parks?’)

Have you run into things like the bias in his piece?   I SO SO HOPE THAT MY LIBERALS WHO READ MY BLOG (but, sadly, are always so nasty I had to switch to Word Press in order to regulate and keep my blog from becoming their dumping ground, as they’d tried to make it) ARE READING THIS.   I’d like to hear their excuses and I will post them if they do make a comment…only they’ll be posted anonymously and my ‘ban’ which I hated to implement still holds.  Thanks.

Read more at http://blackcommunitynews.com/a-hollywood-christmas-story/#vyCu2UDo3TAjcVKm.99

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12 Responses to A Christmas tree more expensive to a REPUBLICAN than marked? Say it ain’t so!

  1. Silverfiddle says:

    This is why I’ve been saying there is nothing so illiberal as a self-described ‘liberal.’ Leftwingers such as described in this article have a huge blindspot that prevents them from looking in a mirror.

    What they are practicing is not liberalism. They are hive drones.


  2. Mustang says:

    Progressives suffer from a serious mental impairment. It fills them with such hate, it is hard to get your head around it. I avoid them whenever I can.


  3. John M. Berger says:

    For the tree:


  4. Mal says:

    I was born and spent the first 58 years of my life in L.A. and Orange County and can tell you the entertainment business wasn’t always this way. When Pearl Harbor was bombed and WW ll began most of them joined the military with several becoming high ranking officers and/or recipients of medals (i.e. Jimmy Stewart, Air Force General), so what the heck happened? All the above descriptions of liberals is spot on!


  5. Baysider says:

    This is totally not a surprise – and not just in my town. I wonder if that guy still has his tree lot job. I’m in a more sedate, practical profession. But it’s full of its libs and lefties. I’ve not run into it personally, but have heard callers on radio remain anonymous for this reason, because of the Stalinist fear in this industry. Or Silicon Valley. Who can forget Brandon Eich? (I hope everyone has switched away from Firefox.)


  6. geeez2014 says:

    SF…honestly, we are NOT ALLOWED to think Conservative in this country anymore….just not allowed; not without insult, ‘correction,’ etc.

    Mustang, there really is a HATE that’s unexplainable….I’ll never forget when young Tony Snow died and Huff Post crashed in the reveling….they never opened that post to show the comments after that, either…they just dropped it. When Ted Kennedy died, I was so proud of the cons on the blogosphere…almost to a man, they said they didn’t agree with him but felt for his family. That happens all the time. Let Cheney have a heart episode and they actually say they hope he dies. It is an illness…

    JMB: Thanks!

    Mal, right! GOod point….they all rushed to get into the service, irene Dunne, Laraine Day, Loretta Young, so many of them did work for the country (all Republicans) not to say Democrats didn’t. They didn’t hate America then, I believe they even liked it. GO FIGURE 🙂

    Baysider; of course I didn’t publish this for surprise….we see it all to often, don’t we. Charging more was a bit of a new one , on me, anyway.

    Re radio callers, they’ll start, in about 9 months, calling in with “I used to vote Republican but I can’t anymore BECAUSE………” (fill in the dots)…Usually, the hosts will recognize the same voice…and say “Please don’t call again…we get what you’re doing)…..it might even start earlier this year.
    And our blogs which accept libs and cons will start getting what I got for years…brand new screen names professing conservatism and spewing such hateful comments as to make US look bad, or really DUMB comments…it never fails…. I’m convinced many are paid.


  7. Mal says:

    You’re right, Z. The Dems are a different breed today. No pride in our country. Compare today to when JFK made his famous speech “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Think that would go over with them today? Nah. Me either.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, no, it sure would not. That’s why so many say Kennedy would have been a Republican today. He fought hard and lost so much of his health in the war.

    Today, our profs and even elementary school teachers are teaching our kids that what you can GET is what it’s about.
    And the damned leftwing doesn’t care, they think THAT’S FINE.


  9. Kid says:

    Well, an important message as always Z, but how many ways can you describe an evil fascist, unintelligent, defective thinking, closed minded, violent 3 year old moron? I will look for new ways. 🙂


  10. Lisa says:

    of course the let are bias. I try to avoid politics around some liberals in my family since they are always the ones who start raising their voices and calling conservatives names.
    Thanksgiving I heard 2 of the most idiotic a comments from my brothers’ sister in law.
    Her job offers healthcare but she can’t afford the 40.00 a week premium so she pays the penalty but brags how good Obamacare is since now people who couldn’t afford it before now can. Does that make any sense whatsoever? I said if you can’t afford it now wait until 2018 when the other part of Obamacare kicks an you have to pay a 40% excise tax on whatever your company contributes to it.
    Then she says that Trump isn’t qualified to run and she used this as an example -If you were on an island and there was a plane and one guy says he is a pilot and the other one says he never flew a plane who would you choose?
    I told her that was a poor comparison
    I do believe we have a slew of clueless people who voted for Obama and who will now vote for Sanders for more so called free stuff they can’t afford or Hillary for the same reasons other or her being a woman.
    It’s time for a woman now. What a bunch of dolts.


  11. I’ve long wondered if my blog might cost me my job.
    Not yet.
    Everyone knows where I’m coming from and have a hoot with the NoBama sticker on my truck (high fives from contractors).
    They voted for their “Neighbor” and listen when I explain, as I listen to them.
    My Muslim boss (from Dearborn, a great guy and a friend) has a tree and wishes Merry Christmas.
    My IT friend and office mate is a liberal, and lets me explain Christianity to him.
    And I don’t laugh when he tells me why we all have a right to health care.
    It’s called respect.

    BTW. I just saw the movie “Kingsman” last night. Mocks libs and slights Obama, mocks Global Warming. The heroes for the most part are white men. With a few women.
    The villain, a black man (Samuel L Jackson) has a lisp and is out to kill a ton of people to protect mother Gaia!
    Why hadn’t I heard all this?


  12. Baysider says:

    And JMB – love the ornament.


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