Donald, Winston, Maggie…does it fit?

My Rabbi friend wrote me this email, in italics below, the day of the election.  We were both absolutely positive America’d moved far too Left to ever vote Trump in.  He asked me to call this his “Ramblings..”   I think it’s more than that, and I also think you will want to read it because it’s full of good information and good thinking…And I want your answer to my question in red after you read it…thanks!:

churchillTo mollify myself in this grim electoral season, I was watching a documentary on British politics since 1945.  After the war they voted Churchill out of office, and in 5 years, Labor basically nationalized everything in the country.  Even the Conservatives, after winning a few elections in the 50s, ran as modified Laborites and didn’t challenge the socialist state, and it truly appeared to most everyone that England would be a secular socialist state for good (Z: or bad!).

thatcherThen along comes Maggie in 1979, proudly proclaiming herself as a free enterprise, family-first Christian.  At first, everyone laughed.  Labor licked their chops, they couldnt believe their good fortune.  Her own party thought she’d never win, but she beat the snot out of Labour.  She went on to lead the nation for a stunning 11 years.   In only her first 2 years in office, she privatized 85% of the nationalized industries, beat the unions, beat the Argentinean junta …. Labour didn’t win another national election for SIXTEEN years.   (HERE is Maggie giving hell to Socialists, you’ll enjoy hearing it)

And when Labour did win — Blair — they had to run to the right to do so.  Still do.  When they don’t — Milliband, Corbyn — they get demolished. 

And America is a FAR more conservative land than Godless England.

People respond strongly to true leadership and values that ring true.  Hillary may be able to win by portraying herself as the lesser of two evils.  If Hillary wins today and we have 4 years of her, not even the LSM will be able to hide her awfulness from the American people.  She will be given enough rope to hang herself.  Her values arent American and liberty-loving, and that will become so apparent.  When it does, all the tenured professors and activists in the land won’t be enough to stop us from bouncing her out of office.

Our Thatcher will come along to sweep out all the mess, we just have to keep looking for her!


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31 Responses to Donald, Winston, Maggie…does it fit?

  1. Silverfiddle says:

    Too early to know. Time will tell. Initial indications look good. Paul Ryan got religion in a hurry, and I predict they will move fast, as soon as Trump “lifts his hand from the Bible,” as Ryan put it.

    Putting aside the vulgarity, etc, here is what is remarkable about Donald Trump:

    He saw the despair and broad undercurrent of dissatisfaction before anybody else, and he decided to launch a campaign. Even when other politicians recognized that undercurrent of dissatisfaction, they didn’t know what to say about it or how to say it. Donald Trump naturally knew what to say and how to say it.

    Cue Frank Sinatra: through all the doubting, scolding that he wasn’t doing it right, “nobody has ever won running that kind of campaign…” he did it his way, and he firebombed the GOP Establishment and the DC Establishment on the way to victory.

    Add in that we have recorded interviews with him going back 20 years where his message was essentially the same: Our government is making stupid deals and doing stupid, wasteful stuff, and ordinary Americans are getting screwed.

    A liberal commentator observed that Trump is a natural predator–he known when and where to pounce on his hapless prey. True, I think, but he’s a natural at a lot more than that. He is in touch with what is going on at the ground level of this nation, and I find that fascinating coming from a man of his stature.

    All the materials are there, but brace yourselves. The Leftwing Scream Machine will be going nonstop against him.


  2. Kid says:

    That was my feeling that prompted my comment yesterday that we could truly get some thngs accomplished.


  3. cube says:

    We voted early on Tuesday and went to breakfast. Hubby went to work and I didn’t check the news for the rest of the day. At 1 am I woke up and couldn’t resist a peek at the news. Fox had Trump in the lead. I immediately went to CNN and they had him at a smaller lead, but still in the lead. I made enough noise to wake up my husband and daughter. Our youngest was participating by phone because she’s getting her master’s in Gainesville. We watched as the numbers came in and there was some serious hooting, hollering, and happy dancing at our house. We were pleasantly surprised at the results, but at the same time shocked at the results. I thought the fix was in for Hillary, but was glad to see that there were enough honest Americans who couldn’t abide her lies.


  4. Baysider says:

    No. She had deeply rooted principles, as I wrote about Reagan yesterday. And she could demolish any argument at Prime MInister’s Questions. I do expect he will grow into the position and keep the left loonies at bay if his party backs him.

    With Cube, I thought the fix was in for Hillary. Who knows what the numbers might be if they had not done that?


  5. Sparky says:

    Just my opinion. I do think that Donald Trump could be a type of Winston Churchill. Not perfect, a small time womanizer, a bit brash, but he’s a warrior for his country and a true Patriot. He’s also more of a mature adult than O’DingleBarry. I’ve never seen a President act so childish in public as O does. He’s really a disgrace. Shameful. I think we should expunge him from the records and leave those 8 years blank. BTW, where is Biden, Mooch, et. el.? They seem to have already left the sinking ship, don’t they.


  6. Mal says:

    Trump may not me a politician but he is sharper than all of them put together. When he rebuilds our military and infrastructure he will be watching like a hawk for inflated bids and cost over-runs. Our government will be run like a business because to do so only makes sense. Quite awhile back I predicted he might just turn out to be another Reagan, and I still feel he that way.


  7. Baysider says:

    One thing I do hand Trump: he didn’t just fight the Democrats to win, he had both parties on his back. And he is a pugilist – or likes to leave that impression. Let’s reconvene on this in 6 months. Still I can hardly wait for January 20 and the END OF THE ERROR.


  8. bunkerville says:

    I am anxious to see what his cabinet will look like. I think it will tell us volumes. I know I have my favs.


  9. Kid says:

    I saw Rudy Guliani appplying for the AG spot today. I don’t think Christie is a choice now.

    OT: Does anyone think legislation can be drafted to allow us to prosecute people like Soros for funding such things as BLM ? Inciting a riot comes to mind. Maybe once Trump is in office a petition can be drafted to that effect. I’m sure tired of these rich you know what’s screwing with our country.


  10. Bob says:

    I hesitate to compare anyone to Ronald Reagan, or Maggie Thatcher, or any other famous leader. Donald Trump is Donald Trump, and has his own ways and who knows what he sees when he looks into the mirror every morning.

    Trump is very bright, and has a genius in getting things done. He may be exactly the person we need at the helm for this point in history. Build the wall? Done. Cut taxes on business? Done. Repatriate foreign earnings for companies to invest in the USA? Done. Reverse Obama Care? Done. Reign in the EPA carbon emissions fees? Done.

    Jobs for American? Done!

    Trump doesn’t have to do much more than fulfill about five of his campaign promises and he can become the best and most effective President in US history. Things are that badly screwed up.


  11. Bob says:

    Z: Will you keep us updated on the current price of weed in California as this new found freedom unfolds on the West Coast? I have never done MJ, but I am old, now, and who knows when I will need some medical assistance.


  12. Silverlady says:

    There have been only 2 women in my lifetime I would ever vote for for Pres.: Jean Kirkpatrick (dead), & Maggie (ineligible ’cause of being a Brit. Period. End of story.

    I hope I’m right when I say that I think Trump is going to surprise some folks. He didn’t get where he is by being stupid.

    You can bet the evil Soros is putting $ into these demonstrations.


  13. Kid says:

    Bob, That’s what I’ve been thinking.

    And don’t think the standard issue repubs didn’t notice what drove this last election. I don’t see any of them standing in the way, excpept for maybe john mclame.


  14. Donald Trump will be Donald Trump.
    Not Reagan, Maggie, Winston.
    And it will be a while before we see what he will be.
    I hope and believe we’ll like it.


  15. Baysider says:

    Please read Peggy Noonan’s thoughtful-as-usual essay here.
    A favorite part: “Second, Donald Trump said he had a movement and he did. This is how you know. His presidential campaign was bad—disorganized, unprofessional, chaotic, ad hoc. There was no state-of-the-art get-out-the-vote effort—his voters got themselves out. There was no high-class, high-tech identifying of supporters—they identified themselves. They weren’t swayed by the barrage of brilliantly produced ads—those ads hardly materialized. This was not a triumph of modern campaign modes and ways. The people did this.”

    She closes with a plea to loyalists, opportunists and patriots that he’s not held office and doesn’t know ‘how.’ HELP HIM.


  16. Kid says:

    Any folks like me like the idea that he doesn’t know how to hold office. This is whay we voted him in. We only want him to be respectful, focused, tireless, unrelenting and most of all Conservative.

    As Michalel Savage said (loudly) “I want 50 Years of a Conservative Supreme Court !!”

    I’d be good with that but I believe we get a lot more.

    No more VA spending 50 million on art work while Veterans suffer with health problems.
    No more chicks heading the Navy who have never even seen a row boat
    No more tools in charge of federal departments like the IRS or Immigration or Homeland Security
    No NASA people charged with kissing moslem vermin ass
    No more AG’s promoting black violence and ignoring federal lawlessness
    I could go on for 50 more lines. Honestly.

    We must document the positives as they evolve so we can constantly stuff it in the faces of these leftist tools as the need arises. As much as I didn’t want to occupy my thoughts with the many daily abuses of America by obama and crew, I think I can handle documenting positives from the new administration assuming they occur to serve as a libtard fly swatter.

    No doubt the media and the celebrities are not going to get over being spanked this hard anytime soon. They must be punished anytime they stick their head back up.


  17. Baysider says:

    I want Janice Rogers Brown in the first opening on the court. The Dems stonewalled her appt. to the DC circuit to prevent that. But she’s in. God do we need her mind on that court.

    I agree, Kid. The help plea was to get the actually capable insiders to show him the ropes, not do his job. I must say we are in the lovely cool breezes one welcomes after a heat wave. Won’t last.


  18. Kid says:

    Baysider, I agree some rope showing would be beneficial. I think he knows how DC works pretty much though as far as the corruption, lobbyists, graft and those angles. I think where he’d need some help is dealing with well protected entities like the EPA maybe that you can’t just come in and replace lock stock and barrel or control but rather have to deal with. Given the lineup the first two years will be critical. If he somehow blows it and gets too many people angry and they vote oit the republican majority in Congress then have 2 to 6 more years of lame duckiness where nothing can get done. (Reagan did have a democrat congress though, albeit not as rabid)
    He needs to make some progress that positively affect big swaths of the population in the first two years. Not only i reality but also in perception (That’s gonna be tough I think) Just some thoughts. Well, again SC baby. I’d take it after what we’ve been dealing with.


  19. Rope showing?
    Start twirling a noose.
    That’s showing some rope


  20. Baysider says:

    PS – Z, I LOVED watching Maggie give socialists hell. It’s like watching re-runs of your favorite movie chase scene – Steven McQueen careening through the hills of San Francisco, e.g., in Bullit.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, it’s FABULOUS, she was wonderful, wasn’t she!
    Man, if Trump was anywhere NEAR as articulate as Maggie, we’d have Republicans in FOREVER….as it is, he’s tweeted stupidly already, so I’m just resigned to being so glad it ISN’T HILLARY 🙂
    “lovely cool breezes?” IN SANTA MONICA? not HERE!!! I WISH!

    EVERYBODY…great comments, thanks!

    RUDY GIULIANI….I am VERY VERY excited about his doing ANY job because he is so DARNED articulate and makes such sense. Go, Rudy!

    I feel so badly for Ben Carson, who once said he’d like to be considered something other than a guy who only knows medicine for a change…everybody’s STILL hoping he’s in Health and Human Resources, etc…..gotta hurt him.

    Cube…I LOVE what you wrote!

    Bob…California and marijuana? We weren’t the first and we’re not the only ones!!

    I believe legalizing marijuana for other than health purposes is DISGUSTING and sends a REALLY stupid message to our country, which is now experiencing such drug abuse that it’s frightening…mothers in the Midwest doing crack in their basements for days at a time…kids wandering loose….idiot heroin users shooting up at Walmart while their children wait outside…are we KIDDING? And now we say “SURE, do drugs legally, what the hell?”
    And it’s SO not the same as alcohol…Americans KNOW alcohol, they’re used to the whole booze thing, like it or not…but DRUGS…legalized? It’s NOT our thing..>NO COUNTRY can survive with this idiotic tacit approval of stoners.


  22. Kid says:

    Druggies are gonna do it legal or not. Making it legal eliminates a huge amount of associated crime. Sure, let’s work on alchy’s and druggies but let’s get rid of the massive amoutn of crime and its associated cost first. And frankly – I don’t care about druggies. Let them die. I see that as a positive.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I know you think that but making it legal prevents our kids from knowing something’s wrong with getting stoned. And, let’s face it, I believe it’s easier to get stoned than get drunk…people smoke pot during the day; alcohol’s usually a social thing, or before dinner thing…Also, pot’s a gateway drug if anybody’s got bad influences around him.

    Also, in Colorado, people come in from different states and from Canada and buy tons of it…that’s got to create cartels, too……….and they’re still not sure how much crime or traffic accidents, etc., are caused by people who are loaded….

    If smoking cigarettes wasn’t illegal in most states by now, would we have to sit next to someone smoking pot now at the next table, getting US all loaded from exposure??


  24. Kid says:

    I respect uyour opinion Z.


  25. Mal says:

    I have to agree with Z on this one, Kid. Making it legal only confirms its okay to a teenager, or younger, but keeping it illegal could deter them………hopefully!


  26. geeez2014 says:

    And Kid, I don’t think that I sounded like I respect your opinion, but I DO, and I UNDERSTAND your point….but I think I also believe MAL is right in suggesting illegality can deter…at least SOMEWHAT?



  27. Kid says:

    I understand you and Mal. But honestly, it’s all academicanyway – beside the reefer madness.

    imo – The reason states are legalizing MJ is becuase it is costing them a lot more than they are making off of it. Not true with the hard drugs.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, how’s it cost the states?


  29. Kid says:

    Z, The people they bust for MJ have little to no money to confiscate (reverse with hard drugs), and so they have the cost of police, trials, and prison. MJ costs them way moe than they make off of it.

    With the opiates (that imo the CIA brings in), they bust a dealer on occasion and confiscate large sums of money and material goods (Cars, houses, boats, etc)


  30. Mal says:

    Kid is right about cost. However, any savings from legalizing pot will be used for medical expenses arising from its use, and perhaps even more. It really is a no win situation. Pot has been around for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t illegal in the Old West (Loco Weed) but became so afterward. I’m torn between keeping it illegal which emboldens the drug trade, or legalizing it and driving them out of business, but cause health conditions and other problems.
    Some choice, huh?


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