This cracked me up!

Did you have a favorite Christmas present when you were a kid?  Or even lately!?

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  1. bocopro says:

    Best present I ever got was bein raised by grandparents who’d already raised 8 kids and kinda had it distilled down to clever tricks and profound aphorisms . . . and at a time when kids could roam free all day ’til dark without fear of drugs or pedophiles or gangs . . . in a small Midwestern town with really good schools and girls who smelled of Lifebuoy and Doublemint gum and seemed to know delicious secrets they didn’t wanna share with us guys.

    No particular tangible gift sticks out in my mind from Christmases past, just standard stuff like clothes, hunting knives, shotgun ammo, sports equipment, but I got a lotta neat birthday presents as a teenager after Mother remarried and took me to live with her. My first car, ’50 Chevy, was a 16th b’day present. Also got THE neatest heeksuede jacket, which turned out to be a chick magnet when I was 15.

    Mother also gave me a very hefty silver ring with tiny diamonds forming a pattern in a field of onyx when I was 17 for winning a National Merit scholarship to college. Had to have it cut off my finger when I took a swing at a Marine in the Mocambo Club on Guam . . . he ducked and I hit the wall behind him, crushed the ring on my finger, which turned an alarming shade of purple. Little b–t–d laughed at me.

    Best thing I EVAH got, tho, was this long-haired, doe-eyed, good-lookin, slightly dangerous, East-Asian spit-fire who’s been followin me around for the past half century and more. Lucky guy — and, yeah . . . I know it.

    Somehow survivin my lifestyle to 77 years old is not only an unexpected gift, but a Secret-Santa mystery. Too bad my teeth, hair, eyesight, and a few other things didn’t make the trip with me.

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  2. -FJ says:

    Great stories bocopro!


  3. geeez2014 says:

    VERY great stories, Bocopro……thanks for the details!

    FJ…what about YOU?!!


  4. My best Christmas present? Christ himself.
    But i’m sure you knew that.
    I think my favorite present was my lionel train set with a lot of attachments that my uncle who was a trash collector in California Pennsylvania (among other things) had salvaged from other peoples trash!


  5. -FJ says:

    Sorry, Z, it’s too hard to follow class acts. ;(


  6. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…we all have our class acts and happy times!

    Ed…My husband got a Marklin train set from his uncle…It’s the German ‘equivalent’ of Lionel…My nephew now is a world-known expert in all things Marklin….and has literally made about $200K in buying/selling. He got the bug from his uncle who sold one car here and there for $1000 and more….Nephew doesn’t do this much anymore because he has other businesses, but at 16, he spoke at a gathering of Marklin owners from around the world, having solved a code that Marklin put on boxes in the 1940’s, etc. Amazing kid. He’d find Marklin trains in ebay ‘toy collections’ where people didn’t know what they had…he’d buy a box of stuff for $30 knowing that the locomotive they’d exhibited on their ebay account was worth $8K!! And then he’d sell that for more! Quite an entrepreneur. Of course, he went to Berkeley….graduated early and stayed a pretty staunch Conservative 🙂


  7. Baysider says:

    The one present that stands out MOST in my mind is hardly my favorite. You know, Z, I have the SUV and my husband has the luxury sedan. He bought me a back-end vinyl liner so he could take my car to Home Depot to load up on shit (for the garden).

    Favorite? The iPod he got me years ago. He had NO idea what it was for, but since I have bad eyes and learn through the ear-gate it opened a whole world of books and lectures I had no time to read.


  8. Baysider says:

    OFF TOPIC THANK YOU to someone on this blog (I think Ed, but I’m not sure) who recommended Chris & Angela’s Yuan’s book Out of a Far Country, This book is full of miracles, encouragement, and examples of trusting the Lord. What a blessing it’s been in my situation!


  9. Mal says:

    Being a kid during the Great Depression limited gift giving so I can’t remember anything from that era, however I DO remember finally getting an electric train when I was 14 and immediately after opening the package, my uncle nudged me away and began assembling it, and my aunt told him to back off, that it is Mal’s toy. We all laughed. I believe he had even more fun with it than I did!


  10. Mal, I’m pretty sure that the train stuff my uncle gave me was from the Great Depression era, which always made me appreciate it more. So classic.
    Someday I’ll forgive my older sister for stealing it for her kids while I was away in the service.


  11. John M. Berger says:

    I got an AMERICAN FLYER electric train when I was too young to operate it but my dad sure had fun! My favorite present (s) were a Po-Go stick and a Gilbert Chemistry Set.

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  12. bocopro says:

    Speakin of stealin . . . I went home from college in the spring of ’59 and found out from Mother that my football, my baseball equipment, and my golf clubs had been stolen by my older step-brother.

    And guess what . . . . he’s left-handed, but I’m not. Ran into him about 10 years later while I was home on leave and called him out on it. He grinned and pulled out six $20 bills and a fiver and gave ’em to me on the spot, sayin that was all he had on him at the time.

    Hey, that was circa 1970, and a hundred twenty-five bucks went purty far in them days, and I had 4 kids to feed. Besides, he was rich. His father-in-law gave him . . . GAVE him . . . a 3BR ranch-style house, free and clear in Omaha, as a wedding present.

    I bought a new set of Wilson X-31 clubs, marked down, and a pair of golf shoes.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I didn’t realize that book was about homosexuality and Christianity. would like to speak with you about it.

    Bocopro…pretty nice wedding gift!!!

    Mal, I think the dads get a big kick out toys they can put together and use!
    JMB…Love that you liked those wonderful things!


  14. bocopro says:

    “Nice wedding gift.” Yeah, and b’lieve it er not, they’re still married after 60 years; he’s a grandfather many times over.

    She’s the daughter of a fairly hi-up mucky-muck in the 3M company back in the late 50s/early 60s, and a pretty nice junior executive position went along with the house right after he got his degree from college and they married.

    From what I’ve seen of those types of mergers, they don’t last, but they beat the odds. She doesn’t care a whole lot for me and mine, but we’ve managed to live on opposite coasts most of the time, so . . . . .


  15. Mal says:

    That makes it HER loss, Bocopro.


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