Auntie Maxine …… and YOU

…..SO Maxine Waters encouraged rioters:

“We gotta stay on the street. And we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

Leftwing cites are saying she did nothing wrong, that’s not encouraging riots or looting.   Nancy Pelosi agrees!  “She did nothing wrong!”

I wonder what “more active” might mean?  What could BE more ACTIVE than destroying storefronts, stealing from stores, throwing things at cops and others?  Do you know anyone who wants rioters to “stay on the street?”   And what would they be doing, just staying on the street?   Just standing around, having a soft pretzel and an Orange Julius?

I wonder what “more confrontational” be?  What does she mean by “…make sure that they know that we mean business:?”…if what happened all summer wasn’t showing that those who support her politics meant business, how much more can they do at her bidding?




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  1. A few thoughts as I get my second cup of coffee….

    We will see incredible veneration for “St. George of Floyd.” That veneration is unreasonable. Just look at the last few years of his life.

    Something that bothers me about the trial: it became a form of entertainment of sorts. Much like the OJ trial. A trial should not be a circus event.

    Furthermore, all those cheering the verdict in the streets. A mob, really. What part did this mob playin the verdict?

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  2. bocopro says:

    Balderdash! Poppycock! Blatherskite! Resignation! Surrender! Shame on them!

    Taking their cue from the magistrates, who have sanctified themselves into MAKING laws instead of interpreting those written by legislators, the Chauvin jury appointed themselves modern Solomons by offering a cop in sacrifice to the chimps and baboons as prophylaxis against the total razing of Minneapolis and other cities.

    If EVER there was a case for appeal/mistrial based on jury nullification, brain-dead Biden and big-mouth Maxine went for the record and established procedures for meddling and intimidation.

    Biden, posing as some kind of elected official – I’m not quite sure which one he mistakenly believes he is – said he was convinced by the light of evidence and hoped the jury came up with the proper decision, strongly implying a guilty verdict.

    And ANYbody who publicly agreed that Floyd’s death was “murder in the full light of day and it ripped the blinders off. Systemic racism is a stain on our nation’s soul” is automatically influencing a non-sequestered jury.

    What I wanna know is how the hell a guy’s dying of a long-term morbidity aggravated by a lethal level of fentanyl and other narcotics in his system while being arrested for resisting arrest is “systemic” of ANY-DAMNED-THING !!

    Added to his bienvenidos amigos remarks to millions of Mesoamerican covid carriers, Basement Joe’s overt interference in the trial amounts to jury contamination, which is an impeachable offense MUCH more than what Trump is accused of doing on 6 January.

    Announcing that he believes the evidence for conviction is “overwhelming,” which says clearly that official White House policy is that anything other than a guilty verdict would classify the trial as not fair because the outcome was rigged. And THAT would declare all the destruction and damage and injuries resulting from the verdict acceptable, even reasonable, because Joey approved of it.

    The guilty verdict is a bone to the pack of wolves snarling their intimidation and threats over every MSM screen and speaker. It is the jury’s white-guilt hail-mary 4th quarter pass into the end zone to try to protect their own properties and families from the lynch mob which would have been released with impunity by anything less than lynching a white cop. It was nothing less than simple, but effective, exortion, of which Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Don Vito would have been proud.

    And as for Maximouth Waters, Pelosi has already come out to say that she did nothing wrong and thanked Floyd for giving his life to bring awareness to the entire world of just how badly the US needs to eliminate all its white people (beginning, of course, with those who aren’t members of Congress).

    McCarthy, just like Nunes, Gowdy, and several others, will turn out to be all hat and no cattle, spewing language providing much heat but very little light to go with it. Nothing will happen to Waters; she’s safely a multi-millionaire and already has been sanctioned for idiocy, so what’s one more “impeachment,” as she did to Trump.

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  3. Mustang says:

    Waters is Al Sharpton in drag. Racist, opportunist, thoroughly despicable. But she is uniquely qualified to represent the dumb-asses in her congressional district and that’s who she was speaking to when chomping at the bit for ‘justiss’. Now, if Chauvin’s jury was influenced by anything Waters said to the media, then there is a case for a mistrial because they were specifically ordered not to listen to any radio or television broadcasts. But then, unless one of the jury comes forward with an admission, how would anyone know whether they violated the judge’s order? If jurists were swayed in their verdict by Waters, rather than the facts in this case, then they are all imbecilic (which, to my recollection, is not a bar to jury service). As Bocopro wrote above, the medical examiner stated quite plainly that nothing Chauvin did contributed to the nitwit’s death, but juries are free to disregard testimony in the same way that Waters is free to “incite” others through her rhetoric. There was one clear message that did go out to everyone thinking about a career in law enforcement, though — don’t do it. Now if Chauvin had been black, this matter would never have gone to trial. That’s the sad reality of America in 2021. Here’s something else we know: zombies are real and they control Minneapolis.

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  4. peter3nj says:

    Poetic justice will be had when all whites are shipped off to Liberia leaving only the democrats to run a country with 100,000,000 Negroes, Gang Bangers and Illegals. The show will be worth the price of admission.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    Waters should be put in stocks outside her vermin district somewhere with several paddles hung on the uprights to be used for teachable moments for mad max. But in truth I came to this conclusion many years ago.

    I will say, based on actions I see that seem to be ‘required’ of police dealing with perps in potential need of medical attention, the cop should have let the EMT woman examine him who was there asking to do so. Or call for other medical resources. ie, some cop shoots the sucker, he’s not dead yet, the cops have to call an ambulance unless it’s S Chicago.

    What’s Floyd gonna do with multiple cops there? Run in hand cuffs? If not for concern for Floyd, to shore up Chauvin’s own case. This isn’t the first time a black dude criminal ended up a Martyr in the process of trying to kill a cop even. Brown the gentle giant. Cop had plenty of cluse to end in in a very different situation with no loss of the perp.

    Bottom line. I would not be a cop today.

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  6. geeez2014 says:


    THAT is how STUPID this woman is.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…did you see Pelosi looking up to heaven thanking F George for sacrificing his life for justice? As if he’d ridden in on a horse with a shield like Joan of Arc and …??!!

    And then we have his aunt on cousin saying how terrible they feel for Chauvin’s family “because they will lose their loved one, too.” Pretty amazing people, his family.

    I’m REALLY TIRED of being told to, or seeing people, venerate a guy who does drugs, has a record, passes counterfeit money, has children he doesn’t pay for…..
    WE VENERATE THESE PEOPLE!! There’s a SQUARE in Minneapolis called FLOYD GEORGE SQUARE! FOr not doing what the cops said to do and dying….

    I haVE an appointment this morning but will be back and read the rest of your comments. thank you!


  8. Mustang says:

    Just some perspective here. Waters makes stupid people look bright.

    Earlier, commenter “Bill H.” wrote, “When are the police in this country going to learn the one basic rule of policing? DO NOT ARREST A BLACK PERSON. The government you work for will not have your back if violence erupts. The government does not want black people to be arrested. The government did not hire you to arrest black people, they hired you to arrest white people.”

    EXACTLY. No one with smarts will want to be a policeman in this country, which gives a nice employment opportunity to recently released felon brutha’s, who, because they already know the law, won’t have to attend the police academy. That’s good news, right?

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    Ready early for my appt, so here I aaaam again!

    BOCOPRO…well said, all of it…..I watched SO closely the videos and some of the two sides, and then most of the closing arguments and it was just too hard for the jury to hear how he’d stopped breathing and all and still had the knee at his neck pushing him down…..
    I’m not here to argue for or against Chauvin but I SURE know he did NOTHING with intent to kill. And the Minneapolis rules for cops that the defense frequently showed were pretty much observed…

    KID, you are 100% correct. They should immediately have handed him over to the female EMS there asking to see him…….many experts are saying that, including those on the defense side. I agree. Chauvin couldn’t find the energy and all to have taken his pulse but he could have asked another cop, or her, to do so.

    THERE IS NO WAY I’D BE A COP TODAY…..NO WAY. They’re even having their immunity stripped so they’ll be nervous about doing ANYTHING…simply ANYTHING.
    What most people don’t understand is many cops will say a traffic stop can be the scariest stop they make because they have NO idea what they’re going to find, including a rifle in their chest.
    Imagine the wives and children and husbands of these cops? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Not worth it.

    MUSTANG…”Bill H?”
    You’ve often spoken here in argument with me about my support of cops…probably because while I’ve had a snarky one stop me (when I realized I was old enough that batting my eyelaShes wasn’t working as well as it had…maybe that’s why I found him SNARKY!!??!!! HA!), I still supported them…aNd you’ve had different experiences….but I think it’s important that while you’ve taken that stance, you certainly see, today in this case, they do deserve what they can get to protect themselves, too.
    I believe one city, I believe it’s Chicago, where the mayor is going to forbid police chases………

    The other day I laughingly called CATCH AND RELEASE like fishing……Last night, a senator did!!!!
    YOu can’t catch and if they escape just let them GO, but police will have to now.
    It’ll be like the border problem today in every city we have………criminals overtaking those paid to protect us and keep them out…and NOBODY CARES.

    NO WAY should ANYBODY be a cop. A scary thing to realize because WE NEED COPS.

    Did you see video of a restauraNt in NYC last night? Diners eating outside and a couple of hundred blacks and others yelling at them?

    See, the problem is the ‘have nots’ have always been bitter but now they’re going to PROHIBIT hard workers who’ve succeeded from enjoying their lives. Wait till Country Clubs won’t be able to remaIn open…till private beaches are closed (or homeless encampments planned there, tho Santa MOnica’s City Council has apparently finally baCked off that due to the liberal rich elites who flipped when they hearD about that plan!…etc.


  10. geeez2014 says:


    ‘SYSTEMIC RACISM’… show me. We voted twice (well, half the country did, not us) for Obama, a black maN. but we are a racist country. typical lib logic.

    OFF TOPIC but interesting…
    I heard this morning that Georgia has been providing FREE PICTURE ID for about 20 years…only 56 requested this last year. Interesting, isn’t it?


  11. Mustang says:

    Z … the thing about “have nots” is so much bullshit. “Poor people” in the USA have more material goods than most rich people in other countries. We should stop feeding this monster. Hey, you guys out there screaming and acting the fool … if you want to eat at an outside cafe, get a freaking job. Too stupid to finish school? Okay, then wash dishes … but STFU.

    Now watch, Z … with Waters inciting blacks … black on white assaults are going to increase, and they are going to be bloody. Bloody as in Mogadishu with primates running around with machetes. It’s already started in Ohio. It will only get worse.


  12. Mustang says:

    @ Z … I don’t mind police. I mind police who behave inappropriately toward citizens. What I expect from a police force is the kind of leadership we strive for in the military. Good supervision, constant training, ongoing evaluations, and the removal of idiots from the force. A mentioned earlier, the Chauvin situation was “heat of the moment,” and we have to wonder how much training he’s had to deal with “explosive” situations. I do not think he is guilty of murder, or even manslaughter … but I do wonder why he allowed “his part” of the event to escalate. I think Bill is right, though.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG! I totally agree…TOTAL BS……..they ‘have not’ because they haven’t worked to get “HAVE”…..And yes, FAR richer than other countries….
    I don’t think I’d ever be confused for one to buy into the “poor thing” moniker!! Have Nots are DO NOTHINGS.

    Mustang, do you think this is purposeful? I see a set-up because even the Left isn’t QUITE this stupid …we know now they’re RECKLESS but they’re stupid like foxes.
    Do they WANT a race war? AND IF SO, WHY?

    BY THE WAY, they say BLACK LIVES MATTER but they don’t seem to matter in inner cities where innocent Black children are shot to death in their car at McDonalds……..or as they sleep on the sofa in their living room, or anywhere. WHY don’t those lives matter and WHY don’t they teach their older children TO OBEY THE LAW?

    MANY DO! I haVe Black friends whose families are nurses, cops, teachers, executives, etc…GOOD PEOPLE. I’ve had two Black young men deliver from my grocery store lately…clean cut, short hair “Hi, Ma’am…how are you today?” (WHAT?) One was so amazing I said “Your parents did a great job” to which he smiled, waved goodbye and said “Thanks, they’re great people!” I live for these encounters with decent non-sterotypical kids.
    I honestly , from what I’ve seen and heard, aDmire some of the George family….clean cut, many Christian believers, and, as I said above, his aunt and cousin feel bad for Chauvin’s family….these seem to be good people with a son who REALLY SCREWED HIMSELF UP with bad choices.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    I had QVC on this morning…an older host introduced a new host…….raved about her.
    I thought “She’s Black”..she came on screen and VOILA! This is the new push.
    They have two black hostesses already (two of my favorites, frankly, they’re wonderful) but I guess they felt they needed more………She is attractive, delightful, articulate as they all need to be, and I liked her. I would not have thought twice that they have another black hostess on except it’s beginning to seem a bit odd.
    I wish her the best, she’s from LA!, but ….coincidence?


  15. MAL says:

    Well, it can be argued the Trump supporters that marched on D.C. did just that, only against her group! Its tit-for-tat, girl! “Whats good for the goose…..”.etc. In a democracy it works both ways.


  16. Mustang says:

    @ Mal … what makes you think we live in a democracy?

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  17. kidme37 says:

    This is why I always say LBJ was the absolute worst. Imagine where we’d be if instead of welfare, blacks were offered education and failing that free job training in the trades and placement help (This was when the US was very heavy into manufacturing), failing that go to your church or family for help just like All of us poor white kids had to do in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. What percentage of blacks would be integrated -defined as getting a skill and working for a living. Instead of low double digits integrated, it would be more in the 90% range.

    The democrats kept the blacks in slavery and living in single mother homes. Carter made sure it would be hard as hell for them to get an education.

    Well, the left doesn’t believe anything it says anymore than anyone in the middle east would say that islam was peaceful.

    We’re drowning in BS, living in a S* show. Every man for themself. Though, most people in red states and cities are somewhat insulated from what we hear about every 5 minutes going on out there. That won’t last long.

    What is happening now with destroying the will and incentive for good people to be police jacks up the anarchy which feeds on itself in a spiral. It is why when civilizations begin to fall, they fall fast. It will get worse faster as more blacks feel they can commit any crimes they want without recourse, or better yet, get paid for it like the 27 mil going to Floyd’s family. If you want more of something you reward it.

    Yes, the left wants anarchy and armed revolution. They’re doing everything imaginable to get it.


  18. MAL says:

    @ Mustang: AMEN!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Just went to the doctor…I approach the front desk and the Black receptionist I walk up to has a black mask on with BLM and a FIST printed in white on it…..nice to be met that way, huh? #@(*$&@Q(*&$Q@# Right away, I’m pissed and sour…can’t help it.

    Leaving after my appointment, I’m kibbitzing with the girl you ‘check out’ with , making another appt., and a Black girl sitting nearby starts laughing at my banter….She is SO adorable and SO sweet, she’d even already heard my name and had looked at my birth date on their computer records and said “OH, you’re Capricorn, no wonder you’re so FUNNY!…they’re usually not, but my son is born in January, too, and he’s hilarious!” She could NOT have been more adorable.

    Would that ALL people would be like her, Black OR White….and NOT like the B**CH at the front desk with her black mask on.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Garland said the challenges being faced “are deeply woven into our history.”

    AH, SYSTEMIC RACISM again.. And the true colors come out.

    He’s calling for investigations into the Minnesota law enforcement departments… OK. Maybe we do need to have things reviewed; how they arrest, how they taser v shoot guns, how long they can sit on a neck, etc etc. I really have no problem with that as long as they DO NOT DISRESPECT the cops ….Have cops involved in the design of new rules…..

    But to say DEEPLY WOVEN INTO OUR HISTORY? Garland is dead to me. And I had a slight bit of hope because I’d believed some of the good things I’d heard about his not being TOO far left when Obama’d picked him. Obama gets his way again, doesn’t he.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    I HAVE HEARD GOOD REASONS WHY COPS AREN’T TRAINED TO SHOOT JUST AN ARM OR LEG….I’d often thought that was the way to do it IF (big IF) they had the time and talent to aim at other than the head or chest. I know, BIG IF and probably rare.

    Any of you shooters think that could work? CAN you aim at a perp below his torso so he isn’t killed by getting a chest wound or head wound?


  22. Baysider says:

    WATERS: What SHOULD happen is public censure to telegraph Democratic ‘reasonableness.’ It would all be for show, of course. But it would be a good shield to hide behind. It’s revealing that they won’t even go that far. She is their attack dog, and this telegraphs the message that there are no limits to the Dems. Of course she gave a gift to the defendant.

    Andrew McCarthy noted:
    Maxine Waters’ statements and President Biden’s statements [are] not one-offs, they’re not in isolation, they come in a context. First, the city announces a big award to Floyd’s family in the middle of jury selection. Then a non-sequestered jury with some of them from the neighborhood or having ties to it. And the speed of their decision with no questions of the court. Then Maxine opens her big mouth, and Biden jumps in with “praying for the right verdict” with “evidence is overwhelming” (for what it’s worth, which is probably very little. Who pays attention to him?).

    VERDICT: Bad. I watched none of the trial, but followed Andrew McCarthy’s reporting. He gave a very clear delineation of what each charge meant here. Since they couldn’t charge Chauvin with “bad optics” – which is what it was in the end – they had to gin up something. Chauvin did not have to be the only cause of death, but a major contributing factor. It all comes down to intent. The criminal justice system is for intentional wrongs.

    The murder charges are outlandish, and cannot be supported especially since the police were taking action to render aid (calling ambulance) e.g. I think McCarthy made a good case for manslaughter, though.

    Businesses breathe a sigh of relief that they won’t be burned out.
    BLM is emboldened to be caustic, disruptive and intimidating.
    What will it mean for Tony Timpa’s case? Can it come back to life now?


  23. kidme37 says:

    Z, Surprised the doctor allows her to make such political statements in office.

    Shoot. You’re only going to shot If your life is in danger. The object is to remove the danger. Wounding the person does not remove the danger.


  24. kidme37 says:

    No question the jury members had enough info coming out about them that they had to feel they’d suffer the consequences with a different verdict.
    I wonder if the defense attorney(s) felt the same way. Total mistrial.


  25. Baysider says:

    @”Any of you shooters think that could work?”
    NO! The only reason for pointing a gun at someone in the first place is he must immediately be stopped from his actions. Arms, legs, and heads make small, poor targets. Especially when they’re in motion or light/weather conditions obscure. Center mass. Center mass. Center mass. If your shot lands a little high, low, or off to the side you are more likely to hit something that at least gives the target pause.

    Also, what is around the target? What will you hit if you miss? You must be as aware as possible of what’s in the direction of your shooting. (That’s why you might choose 12 gauge #4 buck [which can go through 2 inner walls and an exterior wall] in the country and 20 gauge birdshot in a city apartment.)

    Leave the fancy shooting to expert trained snipers in critical situations where they can get a target cleanly in sights while immobile with good breath control.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I think it does remove the danger…if someone has a gun but is shot in the leg or arm, they’re probably going to react to that before they shoot you, NO?? Tell me, I’m really curious and not at all into guns.

    I wondered, too, how safe Eric Nelson feels today having defended Chauvin. He had a ring on and I couldn’t help wonder how scared his wife was. I guess he also gets some publicity for it…maybe that’ll help his practice?

    BAYSIDER…The charges were understandable except for THIRD DEGREE MURDER. There is NO WAY Chauvin MURDERED but ..He intended NOTHING…..well, I don’t want to redo the trial here. Let me just say to suggest Chauvin had nothing to do with George’s death doesn’t make sense. I doubt McCarthy would say that, either.
    And .KID is correct…a fireman medic was there to help and Chauvin wouldn’t allow it,

    George had to have been limp the last 3 minutes because he had stopped breathing, no pulse, etc…which prompted the fireman (woman) to offer help. . but you are certainly not alone in your thoughts about that. It might have been ‘bad optics’ but for Nelson to have shown those bad optics so many times was a curiosity, believe me………in the defense final comments.

    TOTALLY agree with McCarthy…I believe Waters should not only be censured (it got tabled, sadly) but arrested for JURY TAMPERING.
    Biden actually spoke and revealed his hideous, inappropriate bias, while the jury was sequestered…they remained sequestered during deliberations…and he did mention that, that he was speaking only because they wouldn’t hear it.

    DO YOU BELIEVE CHAUVIN SHOULD HAVE TESTIFIED? I do. I think showing some emotion, some kindness, his sadness at what happened, could have helped…. I think!



  27. Baysider says:

    @Kid “Wounding the person does not remove the danger.”
    Right. Mel Tappan and Jeff Cooper had too many stories about target who died at hospital of multiple small caliber (think .38) wounds, but not before overcoming his attacker and killing/wounding him first. I had a friend in a most unfortunate encounter with a bear who almost ended up as proof of this pudding.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    I TOTALLY believe being shot in the aRm or legs slows any response from the perp WAY down….just makes sense.
    I , too, believe that the arms and legs are VERY tough targets……I guess all you can do, if you’re a bad perp with a gun, is HOPE the cop’s a bad enough shot to hit your arm!!

    I’m proud to say I hate guns and know NOTHING about them but am a hell of a shot…at least the last time I was at a range, MANY years ago. People came to watch me, which was unnerving but FUN! I never pursued it.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    KID, this doctor is a lib, too….last time I was there, I mentioned something pretty innocuous that tinged on political and he looked twice at my very slightly conservative comment as if I was a FREAK. !!!!
    I once went to another doc whose girl was wearing an OBAMA T SHirt during the campaigning…I’d NEVER allow that in any office I was in charge of, that’s for sure.
    I agree with you.


  30. bocopro says:

    Well, I grew up shootin squirrels outta oak and hickory trees with a .22 rifle. RARELY missed. With a nice balanced .38 police special I could shoot beer cans off of fenceposts at 20 paces. On several occasions I went 100 straight in skeet with both the 12 and 20 gauge.

    That was between 1950 and 1970.

    About a year ago I took my old .22 out to my son’s house for some shootin. At 25 yards I had a helluva time hittin a gallon milk jug on a stump.

    With the .22 pistol at 20 paces I had a hard time keepin the hits on the friggin paper, much less the 10 ring. Actually missed the target paper once with my D-I-L’s .380.

    Did surprisingly well with the AR-15, BTW. Didn’t miss the paper once (at 25 yards).

    So . . . if I gotta shoot somebody who’s gonna shoot back, I’m goin center mass, center mass, center mass ’til I got only one round left, for just in case.

    It ain’t ‘zackly like ridin a bike . . . you DO lose some of the skill without frequent practice.


  31. Mustang says:

    @ Z …

    Pistols are “close combat” weapons, as in, within 15-feet. Beyond that, you stand a good chance of missing your target and hitting an innocent—bad juju. Targeting “arms, legs” is utterly ridiculous. You always aim for center mass and realize that when you pull the trigger, you’ve just employed “deadly force.” That means you intended to kill the bastard. Even if you missed the target and hit an innocent, not intending to do so, it’s still “deadly force.” All shootings, even those in self-defense, are charged as murders or assaults with a deadly weapon … so the point is that people shouldn’t be shooting at other people with handguns except in life-threatening situations within 15 feet. Police are included in this rule. A few years ago, the NYPD responded to an armed bank robbery. The dolts got into a gun battle with the perpetrator. ELEVEN innocent people were hit in the police firing, and the robber was not hit and taken into custody because he ran out of bullets.


  32. Baysider says:

    Re: Chauvin testifying. No. He had something like 20 complaints filed against him by arrestees. Yes, I realize this is a now a common tactic and means little. But 2 of them stood. ALL of them would have come out in court and opened up another can of worms not available to the prosecution unless he testified.

    Not sure we disagree about the 2nd degree murder charge. I concur with McCathy’s perspective that while it’s unintentional homicide it requires criminal-intent — an element of knowledge of wrongdoing, inflicting harm on purpose. So I can understand them charging it, but after the evidence in court I don’t think they proved that and can’t understand the jury’s finding it, which is what I meant.

    Let’s see the headlines if Waters is arrested for jury tampering. 🙂 Wowzer! (Of course she did!)


  33. kidme37 says:

    “f someone has a gun but is shot in the leg or arm, they’re probably going to react to that before they shoot you, NO??”

    No, absolutely not. The perp, even if drug free, likely won’t even feel that with the adrenaline going.
    That cop in Ferguson MO shot Mike Brown several times and didn’t even get the guys attention. The only thing that stopped him was the final shot to the head. Brown was pretty close by then.


  34. Mustang says:

    Hell will freeze over before Waters is arrested … for anything.


  35. Baysider says:

    @Mustang “situations within 15 feet” Good to know. That’s pretty much the distance at which I used to practice. Mr. B once took a marauding squirrel out with a head shot at 15 feet – with a quality S&W AIR pistol.

    Kid: yeah, adrenaline really is an emergency rescue chemical. In an encounter with a bad guy I was AMAZED how the adrenaline kicked in and I was virtually invincible for about the 40 second burst it took. But your mind goes to auto. Fortunately, in 3 seconds I assessed the situation and clearly understood my course of action before the adrenaline surge – then followed it. That’s what happened to my friend with the bear. Multiple body mass shots did NOT work as the poor animal (startled by a horse) charged with adrenaline. His last shot took a bead on the bear’s nose and that dropped her too close for comfort. All of this helps inform me about what we don’t see in these encounters with police.

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  36. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….apparently yes, Chauvin has a record. It’s odd because I’ve heard many times that he had a completely clean record. I wonder if the accusations never were true. Still, hard to disprove in court. Unless he could and could give that info every time a witness tried to slam him.

    Not even a remote chance Waters will be in trouble for jury tampering, though some experts are saying the speed by which the verdict was arrived at shows they were kind of baited for bear perhaps FROM things like what she said, TV Shows which dealt with it in negative ways, late night talk shows,…never asked the court for info, which isn’t usual, and took a relatively short time to decide. They should have been sequestered but there were fair reasons for not sequestering, too.

    KID, I think adrenaline does play a part in that but I’d have thought being shot in the knee, for example, can’t NOT affect someone at least for long enough to drop a gun or run….Maybe you’re right.

    And I forgot about PISTOLS vs Rifles….yes, as much as I’d never want or use a gun, I do know that rifles are safer when you’re protecting yourself….you don’t need excellent aim!!!

    MUSTANG: Right…You might say WATERS would turn to ICE (freezing over) before she got ANY kind of reprimand. The bitch. (oops!!) : )


  37. geeez2014 says:

    CHAUVIN: As suspected,
    From a newspaper account “However, the records included little detail about the at least 17 times that Chauvin was the subject of internal affairs investigations by the Minneapolis department.

    Chauvin, who had worked with the department since October 2001, had been disciplined for only one incident during his tenure.”

    So, 17 times subjected to internal affairs investigations…I wonder what the average is….One would think Cops get a TON of accusations which need investigations….One one disciplinary action taken.


  38. MAL says:

    You know, what it might boil down to, Z, is the area you are policing. If its primarily a liberal city or town, you probably DO get a ton of accusations, but if its basically a conservative environment, most of the folks obey the law and any police command, i.e., not confrontational. Thats probably the type of environment most of us grew up in.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, I think that’s very true…yes.


  40. Mustang says:

    I know nothing of Chauvin. If he has a “rap sheet” with the MPD, it should now be a part of the record of trial — no doubt considered by the jury in their deliberations. This is an issue of Chauvin’s credibility. Apparently, his past did him no favors in the present. That which ye sow, ye shall also reap (I just made that up).

    Going back in time some number of months or years, Minneapolis police officials (no doubt governed by civil service rules and procedures) failed to take action to remove Chauvin when they might have, when it was prudent to do so … or, perhaps, alternatively, all of those allegations were concocted and, police officials recognized Chauvin’s usefulness in removing flotsam from the city’s streets. I do not know.

    What I do know is that if Chauvin was the result of seventeen internal investigations, the sheer weight of them should have prompted officials to take “appropriate” action to remove him. But didn’t. Ergo, these police officials had the opportunity to save George’s life … and did not.

    The Greeks are weeping.


  41. MAL says:

    Well, Mustang, that could also be blamed on the liberals constantly attacking the police and wanting to defund them. I mean, how many folks really want to be in law enforcement today? So guys like Chauvin remain ’cause nobody else wants to take the job anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Mustang says:

    Right, Mal. But the answer to your question is, “foolish folks.” History tells us that police agencies have been corrupt since … forever. You remember the stories, I’m sure. There was no difference between criminals and police departments in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New Orleans (still corrupt), Los Angeles, New Orleans (still absolutely corrupt), New York, Newark, and San Francisco. Thugs … out of control. Now when police departments tied to clean that mess up, they were suddenly forced to implement affirmative action programs. And, as you say, liberals demanding that “exceptions” be made to accommodate even former felons. That didn’t work out so well, so the next step is getting rid of police departments altogether. Good luck with that, right?


  43. MAL says:



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