Loretta Lynch…..Confirmation:

loretta lynch and obama

Loretta Lynch is on the sidelines (or ‘on the back of the bus’ as Dick Durbin says) waiting to get confirmed as Attorney General to these United States of America.    McConnell has some stipulation that Congress better approve some bill against human trafficking first; something about abortion funding.  Why, I don’t know.

-So, yesterday, Obama called the Republicans “embarrassing” for holding Lynch’s confirmation up.

-Some have staged a hunger strike for her confirmation.

-Yesterday afternoon, some Black women confronted McConnell about it….no word about any White women doing that (smile).

-Staffers are wearing black arm bands signifying FREE ERIC HOLDER (brother, would we love to). He has the nerve to joke that the Republicans have a ‘love’ for him because they aren’t letting him leave..”Where has this love been the last six years, ya know?”  (don’t worry, Eric…trust us; It ISN’T THAT)

– I’m surprised that Dick Durbin hasn’t suggested something really raunchy about the Republicans, doing some word play with her last name since he apparently believes this is all about race.

-Harry Reid says her background is “spotless”…. which really gives me pause.


My own opinion is it’s sad that the Democrats have to bring race into it, and they are;  so are the Black women fighting to get her confirmed.  So is Obama…but what else is new?

She is going to be confirmed.  Why not vote on it TODAY?

Let’s talk about it/her/these articles………anything that comes up.

We know she won’t be for us ALL (black and white) unless she’s a very special woman because we know the kind of Black Americans Obama appoints don’t seem to see anything but color, but let’s hope…………





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50 Responses to Loretta Lynch…..Confirmation:

  1. -FJ says:

    In DC, it’s 90% “process”, and McConnell knows it. It you want to use the highway, ya gots ta “pay da toll”!


  2. -FJ says:

    …but don’t you worry. If the Democrats play the race card, McConnell will fold his tent like a proper Bedouin.


  3. skudrunner says:

    Obama has admitted his presidency has been a failure in the trade speech he gave. He said his entire presidency has been about the middle class. In six years no wage growth, large increase in food stamps and the poor, excessive regulations for small businesses, job participation rate at the lowest in decades, due to his fiscal ineptness a huge gain for the rich and no place for retirees to put their retirement funds and of course obamacare to tax the middle class. That equals to a totally failed presidency.

    He was elected because he is black and the majority thought that was neat, to hell with being qualified. He has abandoned the black youth, except when he can play his race card and get headlines. All he has left for his legacy is he was the first black president and he appointed two black AG’s.


  4. From an article: “Bush tried to convince fellow Republicans to get moving on Lynch by pointing out the status quo isn’t acceptable. According to him, he said “The longer it takes to confirm her, the longer Eric Holder stays as attorney general.”
    So one take is Jeb supports Lynch. Which would be inaccurate.
    The other is: Lynch, Holder, what’s the difference?
    But FJ was probably right about McConnell.
    “At this point, what difference does it make?”
    It’s not like he’ll appoint Trey Gowdy.


  5. bunkerville says:

    From what I have read, she is even more radical than Eric. Why not focus on that issue? Too complicated for the GOPers apparently. I say let her rot.


  6. Mustang says:

    Wasn’t it this woman who made good on Jarrett’s promise of retribution against anyone who dared challenge Obama, such as Dinesh D’Souza and Senator Menendez?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    This is all good, educational input; one doesn’t hear much negative about Lynch.
    I suppose the Republicans are shaking in their shoes to say they don’t like her stances because they’ll be labeled RACIST again. And again. And again.

    And this is the America which stood for the PERSON, not the color of the person. And look how the Left’s disintegrated us into fearful dopes.
    And, of course, the more they hound on “the black teen killed by the white cop,” and wage inequality, etc., etc., they set the stage for more and more to BELIEVE the ridiculous racist claims of their ‘leaders’. WOW


  8. geeez2014 says:

    By the way; Why doesn’t someone mention how Obama only goes to “Historically black churches”? ( love the “historically” thrown in by the media to make it like he’s attending a museum of much interest…), and another black nominee for AG? WHY? Is she the best he could find, or the best Black WOMAN he could find? And is this so he can get HIS PEOPLE with his opinions guaranteed just from sheer embarrassment to turn her down?
    THIS is how he operates and IF we had a really diligent ,unbiased media, you think they wouldn’t ask “Why Lynch?”
    The Right’s media hasn’t the guts.

    I think we all know nobody’s racist here or at any of your blogs….why CAN’T we ask “Is this really the right PERSON?” without feeling uncomfortable about it? That’s not a democracy, folks.
    Perfect, Obama…you really created a monster and it’ll take years to recover IF a Republican finally gets back in office to straighten things out. THEN, we’ll have real equality…remember Bush said that affirmative action and other leftist brainchilds was “The soft bigotry of low expectations?
    Remember when he appointed the first Sec of State who was Black? Oh, sure, CLinton did have a black secretary, but remember her desk sat behind the door of the Oval Office…typing secretary….
    Remember Dr King’s admonition to consider the CHARACTER not the COLOR.
    Remember how racist the Dems were in the South and how they blame Republicans for Jim Crow ::-)
    and our kids know little of this…if anything at all. And they will vote.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Obama is now calling this delay “crazy”. Doesn’t he pick presidential terminology? (not)
    I’m so embarrassed by him. His ‘speech’ at what was to be a press conf. with Renzi yesterday, from Italy, was utterly devoid of class and dignity; it only revealed an angry little kid who isn’t getting his way on everything.
    WHY do we have those opportunities to air our dirty laundry when foreigners are here? Awful.


  10. Z, “Its sad the Democrats have to bring race into it”. That’s all they ever have as an excuse. What else IS there for them to use? They’ll keep on using it until we finally get rid of him, which can’t happen too soon!


  11. Imp says:

    The fact is she’s nothing more than Holder in drag with the same ugly baggage. And that she “supports everyone’s right to work including illegals” trumps American’s right to work first…over any flotsam from south of the border or anywhere else. The irony is that these idiots don’t think about that fact that for every illegals who gets a job….another black is left out to hike up the 25% unemployment stats. But…it’s always been the plan of the demrats to keep blacks in poverty and in slavery to the rats party.


  12. Baysider says:

    @Imp – could not have said it better myself. Let’s see if we can beat the Dems’ record on ‘holds’ – say, Miguel Estrada?


  13. Estrada. THAT’S the name I was looking for.


  14. Bob says:

    “Holder in drag”. I love that one. As far as I am concerned the Repubs should NEVER confirm the woman just to needle Obama. Just once, don’t give him what he wants. Lynch is just another Holder, so what’s the difference. Why NOT jerk Barry’s chain?


  15. Baysider says:

    Dinesh D’Souza had a profound statement about our rights and Lynch’s advocacy of illegal immigrants having a right to a job – what he called “a perverse statement.”

    “Aside from the law, where do our rights come from? A right to vote, a right to have job. These rights come from a social compact, an agreement among citizens of a democratic society. Because we come together as a society we agree that we will share certain rights in the same way that a club might assign privileges to its members. Those rights don’t apply to aliens, and they certainly don’t apply to aliens who have illegally sneaked into the country. To claim that somehow illegals crossing into America have the same sorts of constitutional rights as American citizens reflects a profound misunderstanding at a basic level.”

    Except, of course, there is no misunderstanding. She’s part of the whole cabal who wants to reduce Americans’ earned privileges by re-distributing them among questionable aspirants that will vote for the party that handed them something for free at the expense of those who worked for it.


  16. Dinesh is wrong.
    Stupidly dead wrong.
    Our rights come from God.
    If not, our “social compact” could take them away.
    And if God Given, belong to all men.
    I’ll stop there.


  17. Baysider says:

    “Holder in drag” is opposed to improving the integrity of elections and hides her opposition to the death penalty — all behind a straw shield of racism (“the federal death penalty is going to hit harder on certain groups.” – Yeah, those who commit more crimes worthy of the penalty, ding dong!). While she is a political appointee, it’s for a position that requires her to uphold the constitution and enforce the law.

    Now McConnell says he’ll move forward as soon as the Senate wraps up the ‘bi-partisan’ bill on sex trafficking. But since that bill had a hidden grenade on abortion, it’s not – ahem – moving forward. Says McConnell “Democrats filibustering help for terrified children and abused women would represent a new low. And the American people would not soon forget it. Nor should they.” Unlike the Dems he allowed time for the bill to be reviewed (or made sure it was) and this little explosion to crater the smooth path to a Lynch vote.

    They’ll do it eventually. But the R’s need to play hardball, too. This was a good tactic.


  18. Baysider says:

    @Ed, I agree with the God part. But I think his statement is profound. Present it as a social compact among citizens show that non-citizens were and are not part of it. There is a path to participate in that. But Lynch wants everyone here to participate “regardless of how they got here.” That’s wrong. Party crashers don’t get to set the menu.


  19. Baysider says:

    Ed – if our rights ‘belong to all men’ does that mean you agree with Lynch on immigration? I wouldn’t think so – but would be interested in your take on how far we as Americans are obligated to extend the protections of our God-given rights to others.

    I believe they belong to all. That is why our government was charged with protecting and enforcing the privileges God grants us. Would not others’ countries governments be responsible for protection and enforcement for their citizens?


  20. I don’t see a conflict between recognizing that all men are created equal with inalienable rights and our not having to protect those rights of citizens of other nations unless we particularly set out to do so.
    That would not mean that we should give them citizenship in our nation just because we share the same rights.


  21. Imp says:

    @Bay..”Would not others’ countries governments be responsible for protection and enforcement for their citizens?”

    Good question which you already know the answer. Anyway, apparently not nor do those countries feel they have any obligation to their citizens to provide for them…anything other than a matricula consular and advice on how to beat our system. Now…claiming their political refugees rather than here solely for financial gains ( yea right ). And the latest scam is to pay them for their “handicap” of being unable to speak English! Personally…I don’t care about their “rights”, God given or not. I firmly believe than when we have every American CITIZEN’s needs provided for first, our Veterans and our impoverished who cannot help themselves…FIRST. Just who decided that we alone were the savior of all mankind…or of every countries poor and deprived anyway? I guess the morons in charge feel that while they’re spending and wasting billions of our dollars…whats a few hindered billion more to gift to those…who DO NOT belong here…ILLEGALLY.

    My disgust for this country these days is beyond any words I might print here. Our government is totally out of control…serving the wrong interests…the wrong countries….and the wrong people with their selfish interests. We should completely cut off Mexico and every other Latin country that dumps their unwanted dependents here in order to balance their books…or keep it to themselves.
    Or…jail every damn one of them until the message is clear.


  22. Imp says:

    “For those who guide the people are leading them astray; And those who are guided by them are brought to confusion.”

    Isaiah 9:16


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, right; and the Dems know they can bring race in then CONVERSATION OVER.

    Baysider and Ed..great stuff. I , too, believe all of Dinesh’s statement is correct except that our rights are not from ‘a social compact’. Obviously, there IS a social ‘bent’ to it because with our God given rights comes a cultural life that needs to be dealt with (am reading CHRIST & CULTURE right now…and I don’t recommend it; it’s dead dry but has some wonderful points in it…and they apply here): We who are bestowed by God have rights…….do the foreigners who sneak into our country have the same rights? I’ve often considered this.
    I personally don’t think so…I think they have rights in THEIR country (by the way, you all know Americans have almost ZERO rights,. not even property ownership rights in Mexico!..oh, the irony …and, of course, those rights didn’t apply to our Marine who was stuck there for so long, etc etc)…

    Anyway….we owe it to foreigners to be kind and cordial and then they must go and come back legal. That’s my thought.

    Imp; well said, and thanks for keeping your temper; I KNOW how much you’d like to let loose here (we ALL would): you make EXCELLENT points…….It’s all BEYOND upsetting, Imp, isn’t it…..I am hoping you saw a piece on FOX highlighting American kids born here who deeply resent that they are not getting the same free college that illegals’ teens are. I hope this is waking UP some of the silly kids who have been spoon fed garbage from their lib profs.

    “HOLDER IN DRAG” is a keeper, Imp! We will continue to quote you!

    Bob; I LOVE how that sounds “for once don’t give that jerk what he wants”
    Here’s the problem with that; Americans are hearing ONLY Obama’s calling us ‘crazy’ and ’embarrassing’ and Durbin’s making Americans think this is all about race “lynch is sitting in the back of the bus” so we literally can’t afford to have that happen to us…they’re ALL FALSE but EFFECTIVE, whether we like it or not. SADLY
    Still…I say “WAIT ON THE VOTE” but, darn it; EXPLAIN why! EXPLAIN…why the HECK don’t the R’s ever ever articulate in THEIR DEFENSE?? #(@*#($&*#($&*(@#&$


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; great verse there…too true. THANK YOU for that.


  25. Kid says:

    Whoever gets the job will be a reasonable facsimile of holder, or worse. so yea, why hold it up. Nothing to gain unless they have something really concrete and if they did we’d know it by now.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think this ‘abortion’ part of the thing even makes it worse for the public; they’re not hearing the details about that. And, really, what would it take to vote? 30 minutes?

    The R’s constantly shoot themselves in the foot.
    I love Bob’s suggestion that we shine her one forever, but we just have to play things as smart as the Left does for a chance. ….don’t set ourselves up. THIS is setting ourselves up for disdain and antagonism.
    I’d LOVE to tick Obama off SO BIG TIME, but not this way……..he’s having too much fun bashing us this way


  27. Imp says:

    Z…the “R’s” don’t have any foots….feet….they’re crawling around on stumps just below the knees.
    There’s no way any conservative candidate can put on the gloves and give as good as we know…he / she will get. The fix is in. The fix is in for illegals…the fix is in for demrats ruling for the next 20 years. Right up until the country is dead broke…then the moochers will take to the streets, riot, anarchy, chao and a very real civil war is in the future. Do we actually think that these mutts will ever change? Ever put their hands back into their own pockets…when they get it all for free…cause they’re Mexicans or Nicaraguans and that’s the total basis fore their “eligibility?”

    People that are illiterate in their own language? People that we cave in to by changing our language to suit them? In state or free college tuition? Let’s me see their SAT’s or PSAT’s. How the hell do we send morons to college? One reason…to dumb down ever further and devalue education period. People that will be dish washers lawn cutters, hotel maids and kitchen workers…nannies, housekeepers and restaurant workers…need college? On our dime when our own kids have to prove their worth admitting by their scholastic records and GPA’s? Geezuz…WTF is wrong with us. Not only is the world looking at 1938 again…..we’ve turned the clock back to 1910. Do we need 30 million new illiterate immigrants again? When it took 100 years to assimilate the Europeans?


  28. Kid says:

    @IMP. And you didn’t even mention the moslem refugees, I Mean Invaders – who obama and crew are importing like popcorn.


  29. Imp says:

    @Kid…I’m not afraid of them…them they seem to catch. But murdering, gangsters, illiterate violent drug cartels….disease riddled flotsam that don’t know what indoor plumbing looks like…until we put them up in a Hilton. And then we tell our kids they can’t wear an American Flag tee shirt…but the POS who come here illegally can fly their rag flag in our schools?


  30. Kid says:

    @IMP, two ways to look at it. The violent at least give us an opportunity to kill them when and if they attack us out and about. The others just put their hands in our pocket to rob us of money and culture with no direct way to deal with them. To me, they are worse.


  31. Imp says:

    @Kid…no…the violent are arrested and deported at least 20 times and re enter….Only 45 DUI’s and one dead kid or two gets some outrage from ICE.


  32. “do the foreigners who sneak into our country have the same rights? I’ve often considered this.
    I personally don’t think so…”
    Not the right to our social services.
    They don’t have the right to be here, much less to free speech here, gun ownership here, etc.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I said in my comment above, I totally agree….kind of a rhetorical statement from me there and you’re right…….NOT to our social services….I’m 100% with you on this.

    Now tell me something: Jesus tells us to love our neighbor, to help the needy, the meek…..SOMETIMES, though I’m 100% behind you on this, I wonder what He’d think ….
    Tell me what your opinion is on this.
    My own opinion is the reason I added (above) that we should be kind and cordial, and then welcome them WHEN THEY ARE LEGAL……

    Imp and Kid…it’s getting worse BY THE MINUTE….and we’re doing nothing. Absolutely nothing; the great America hasn’t the respect it once had for itself; this president has watered us down to NOTHING. He apologizes around the world, he welcomes more and more illegals, he doesn’t encourage our kids to do better with their lives, he stirs up race relations, he has us in debt so far that we may never come out of it………he hates us and I am SO SICK of the Left ignoring all this…..
    I’m with Imp on this one; I don’t swear much but you wouldn’t to know what I’m thinking right now and I just realized I’m gnashing my poor teeth 🙂


  34. Imp says:

    @Z..”Jesus tells us to love our neighbor, to help the needy, the meek…..”

    Indeed he did….I think he was referring to our own…the one next door to you…the ones who are members of your community…your church…your school…..we cannot be obligated to rescue the damn world…it’s impossible and immoral to ignore our own needs first. And if we do decide to import the entire 4th world…what the hell are we going to wind up as once we’re a 3rd world? Who’ll give us and our people a bail out? Laugh all ya want..who says it can’t happen here?


  35. Kid says:

    IMP, a good way to explain it might be this – You’re the CEO of a 200 person company. You can keep all 200 on board when the economic situation gets challenging and risk everyone losing their job, or you can lay off 50 and make the company healthy and keep 150 with paychecks until things get better.
    Yea, America does not have the chops to take on every refugee situation across the globe.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Imp: THAT is the clincher; we are not to destroy ourselves in the helping of others because then we put ourselves in the place of needing.

    I wouldn’t brush off my statement about Jesus too easily, because I do know there’s truth in it, but I believe we have to live in context of today and America’s been a great help all over the world and we still are……….yet we cannot help everyone; particularly to the point that we are destroyed.
    I also believe God started our country and he didn’t do it to help those who do wrong and try to hurt us in any way….he did it to encourage those who come to participate in religious freedom, in doing all they can for themselves, for teaching about Him, and for protecting America, good stewardship.

    What we are doing now is not good stewardship.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think that’s an excellent analogy…and pretty well describes in fewer words what I just wrote above while you were typing yours, don’t you think?


  38. Kid says:

    Thank you Z. Well, you know how much I like reading your words, so I’m not going to go there.


  39. Imp says:

    Z…if we’re all made in His image and likeness….and we’re all equal…why is over one half of the world after 2000 years…a shit hole of genocide, war, disease madmen…let alone explain our success in the last 237 years…but enormously successful in the last 60. We are now in the 21st Century and if you look at the other half of the world…east and south of Europe…it’s one fallacious, depraved lost cause with very few…perhaps none…successes to admire or imitate.
    In a nut shell..we’re not all that equal.


  40. Imp says:



  41. Kid says:

    IMP We might all be ‘born’ equal but clearly after a nano-second of life, we are not equal. Nor should we be.
    Equality is the puke city of mediocrity where people can only play the same 4 chords on the guitar, construct a painting which inspires no one, builds a building that comes crashing down after 2.5 years, or makes products that only cause labor and frustration in their use.
    In it’s ideal form, no knuckle draggers would exist but No Einsteins’ would exist either. The world would suck. We would all deal with crappy products and services and have nothing to gaze upon what would inspire even a libtard. We would be a society screaming for extermination.


  42. Kid says:

    PS – The moslems, who provide nothing to society as a whole other than oil, scream for extermination. The sooner everyone gets on board with this the better.


  43. Imp says:

    @Kid…nice….I like that. I think it’s time we just friggin’ obliterated the mass murderers, losers, fanatics, Islamist fascists, depraved, sick despots called mullahs….and get it over with. In the end…the rest of the civilized world might go tsk, tsk…but in the end…..they’ll be thankful that we and they don’t have to give another rats ass for a another Sally Struthers ad asking us for $19.95 a month. I might be tempted to give it if we could demand that the lamest sows would sow they’re legs together. I’m not feeling very generous these days when I see it’s their own damn fault for what they are and not ours.


  44. geeez2014 says:

    Kid said “Equality is the puke city of mediocrity where people can only play the same 4 chords on the guitar, construct a painting which inspires no one, builds a building that comes crashing down after 2.5 years, or makes products that only cause labor and frustration in their use.”

    I think you just described Socialism in very artistic ways….!! Seriously. Good job!

    This made me burst into the hateful laughter of a TERMAGANT: “The Moslems… scream for extermination. The sooner everyone gets on board with this the better.” (that is FUNNY!…creatively put!)

    OK; THIS IS EXTREMELY WEIRD: I just looked up TERMAGANT to make sure I was spelling it right (I wasn’t) and found this!!!! :
    1.a violent, turbulent, or brawling woman.
    2.(initial capital letter) a mythical deity popularly believed in the Middle Ages to be worshiped by the Muslims and introduced into the morality play as a violent, overbearing personage in long robes.

    I knew the FIRST definition and used THAT for ME! But look at the second one…..what a coincidence…. MUSLIMS!???

    Imp and Kid; your discussion of humanity and its having been created in God’s image and still turning out like s*** is FASCINATING and I thank you for the input.
    I think we ARE created in His image, then we have parents and other influences which guide us from that image, or don’t encourage the best parts of ourselves…we’ll never be LIKE HIM, really, but we should be trying.
    I’d talk here about the fascinating discussion of how some Christians believe all are chosen and would go to Heaven if they only proclaim Jesus’ saving grace and other Christians believe not all are chosen and them’s the breaks. There’s scripture on both sides but I personally think , from my own readings, it’s the second…’them’s the breaks’ for some of us..
    So, I could suggest that those who live in sties are in that category.
    As for if they can change that status and have redemption? Not sure. Some in my camp say yes, some say no.
    And this is WAAAAAAAAAAAY heavier a topic than I like to get into here at geeeZ anymore….we used to, years ago, but I started realizing that rifts between Christians aren’t the best way to witness faith 🙂 And this is a subject way above MY pay grade, believe me.


  45. geeez2014 says:


    See my comment above (I didn’t know you’d been writing one at the same time till after printed it, obviously)…..I used the term STIES and then I read YOUR comment and YOU mentioned ‘SOWS”…is that wild,or what? COINCIDENCE?
    I don’t believe in them anymore

    Imp; this SO shows your good heart “I might be tempted to give it if we could demand that the lamest sows would sow they’re legs together.” Amen to that.


  46. Kid says:

    Z, Imagine a child born in Saudi Arabia or maybe worse -Palestine.
    In one construct where they are born in a civilized country, they would be a child born to parents who tell them they can achieve anything they want and the world is beautiful in every way. Male or female their education will be fully supported.. Or you could be born to one of these 7th century vermin environments and be made to conclude that the world is full of people (non-moslems) who must be hated and killed at the first opportunity, and dogs are filthy, and women even lower than dogs only to be used, and and and. Palestine has women who birth children who are raised specifically to be suicide bombers. Imagine the evil. Again, I would nuke them all and never look back.


  47. Kid says:

    IMP. IMAGINE! The libtards want to kill all the republicans because they are advertised to be (but are not) islamophobic, homophobic, racist. Then imagine the same libtard who has not the slightest problem with ISIS cutting the heads off 5 year old girls. It is easy to see we are dealing with Severe Mental Illness – who lately have been given the keys to the world !
    Holy Carp !


  48. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, that evil is unstoppable………they’re born into evil and learn about how Jews are pigs, etc…HORRIBLE stuff in Palestinian ‘cartoons’ for children…what a world. Then they blame THE JEWS?

    Imp: I just saw Stossel practically admit he’d do anything to have faith; after our discussion about him recently, I felt kind of badly. He has Jewish parents from Europe who came before the Nazis…then they joined a Christian church and Stossel was taken there, confirmed, etc., but never EVER felt a lick of faith compunction….he says he is so sad about it because he sees the peace it gives lots of his own friends……..he says he’s not atheist but definitely agnostic…and he does respect faith.
    I really felt sorry for him…….he really bared his soul.
    I’m hoping that his Tweets he got were positive……….and not condemning. And not too sappyily prosthelytizing. There is nothing worse than that.

    goodnight, all!


  49. Equality is of position before God and man, not wealth and talent.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s right. We’re mostly talking equality between human beings…and how there isn’t true equality between us all.
    But we are created in His image…..


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