Go ahead and tell us what you think of TRUMP;   LET HIM HAVE IT:  Opinion?  Did you hear his speech?  Do you hate him? Like him?   A begrudging admission that he can negotiate and didn’t get where he is with anybody else’s money?   Begrudging admission that he seems to know business and is very patriotic and cares very much for our country, albeit THE most egomaniacal NUT who might have ever lived?

Your thoughts?

How’s this for a First Lady? 🙂


And, I hope some of you weigh in on my post below;  I thought it was important and would like to hear what more of you think.



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53 Responses to TRUMP

  1. Kid says:

    I don’t see him making it through the primary, but he’s a smart guy and patriotic anyway.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, and I think his unbelievably unfettered ego doesn’t lend itself to representing 300 million people. He’d not listen to protocol, he’d probably just push ahead, ignoring Cabinet people, etc.
    I think he’s a loose cannon. But VERY patriotic and very smart.
    I hope he does get a cabinet position…why not? As long as he could bridle the ego in a bit.
    Don’t like her for First Lady, huh? 🙂


  3. Kid says:

    First Lady? Yea I guess so. She has a pretty face but I don’t know anything about her of course.


  4. “THE most egomaniacal NUT who might have ever lived?”
    OK but he still beats the heck out of the Pig in a Pantsuit!


  5. geeez2014 says:

    JB: No doubt about that!! She just doesn’t QUITE let her ego show as much…but it IS THERE!

    Kid, look at her TOP! 🙂 We both know Trump will get exactly NOWHERE in the primaries, but I have to giggle at how she’d be used by the Left …let’s see if they can insult her kind of racy low cut top even as they celebrate nudity, permissiveness, etc.

    Could get fun! I’d LOVE to see Trump when faced with how he’s going to handle her past clothing, etc.!! What I meant was she’s not your typical First Lady material.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Obama had tea with Prince Harry today..she’s there to get girls educated. As if she’s in some third world country.


  6. Kid says:

    Z, Now that you mention it…

    Yea, Imagine Prince Harry, Helicopter pilot, two tours in Afghanistan and must have been in harm’s way to some extent, talking to this racist done nothing bozo michele.


  7. silverfiddle says:

    It is a discredit to the GOP that Trump chooses their stage as a platform for his ego-fueled buffoonery.

    Non-politicians will always fail in our system. For that reason, even though I like Carly Fiorina, she’ll never make it. Its too great a leap. If she were serious, she would run for Barbara Boxer’s seat. Maybe she would win this time? Could you imagine California *leftwing loony nuts and fruits and flakes California!* having a GOP senator? (apologies, Z 😉 It could happen, and Fiorina could be the person to do it.

    Ben Carson is also a hopeless cause.

    I’m not shilling for anybody. I hate them all.


  8. I disagree about The Donald being a good President. He is EXACTLY what we need. Like Reagan, he loathes Big Government and the good ol’ boy network so deeply imbedded in today’s D.C. politics. And though a complete opposite of Reagan personality-wise, he is a patriot. He also understands the financial world even better than Romney, who was way above everyone else in 2012 in that regard, because Trump has dealt with most of the important countries around the world and understands what needs to be done to return us to greatness. The big question is, would he be willing to listen to his advisers? Military-wise, I believe he would. I also loved his idea of rebuilding our Military to be the highest it has ever been so we can fight ISIS.


  9. Baysider says:

    I didn’t hear his speech. I think he’s bored. And I agree with SF – it discredits the GOP that he’s on their platform. I told the Carson people almost the same (hopeless, not discredit) when they called. I admire him tremendously. He has a platform – running for office isn’t it. JMB is right, though.


  10. Mustang says:
    I do not support Trump for the presidency. There are a lot of things I could say about this man, but I’ll leave that to others who know more about him that I do. I will only suggest that I’m looking for someone to be a credit to the United States of America. Most of what I see forming up now from the right is a clown car parade. I agree with SF that Fiorina has no chance to become president, but I hope she stays around long enough to chew on Clinton. She’s damn good at that.


  11. Baysider, look at it this way: What are 2 things people seek if they are able? Money, Fame, and a Legacy. He made a good President because he had the first two and needed to make a difference in this world and create his Legacy, which he did. That was also true of Romney. To prove that point, when he was Governor of Mass. he never drew a salary. He also gave away all his inheritance to charity, then went out and make his own fortune. Men of character. That’s what is needed. Of course, you could say The Donald IS a Character, huh?


  12. OOOOPS! Make that 3 THREE things people seek (I hit the wrong key!)


  13. Baysider says: “I didn’t hear his speech.”
    I don’t need to hear any more of Trump.
    We’ve got some serious candidates out there who do not belong in the clown car.
    Perry, Walker, Bush to name a few.
    I look at Fiorina, and there is something about her facial characteristics when she speaks that I don’t like that is difficult to explain. So I wonder how many other voters would get that vibe.
    She is the anti-Hillary, but I can’t warm up to her.


  14. I’m with you Ed. Fiorina can be helpful in wearing down the Pig without the appearance of a vile chauvinistic male doing it. But otherwise I get the “vibe”.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, He hasn’t a chance in hell, but no way does Carson DISCREDIT Conservatives….he represents us better than most do today. Trump is right on a lot of what he says, and his love of country is infectious but he has even less a chance than Carson and he’s embarrassing…a too discredit to the party. He needs not worry; without the GOP behind him, he’s nowhere. He knows that.
    I believe he and Fiorina, at least these 2, are ‘running’ not to win but to be loose cannons and TRY to get Americans to listen to TRUTH. Our mealy mouthed politicians who are running (most of them) are so hunkered down by the political machine that they can’t really talk freely as they might like.
    Fiorina can BLAST Hillary and not be called a WOMAN HATER (the others will be called that…once Fiorina’s died out)
    Trump can remind AMericans of conservatives who love this country, CAN pull us out of problems thru their excellent business prowess and he can do this even up to the final election day…as can Fiorina.
    I think there’s a little Reinse Priebus stuff going on here that I finally APPROVE OF.
    “Keep the guys with a real chance around, but keep them on point….let Fiorina and Trump and even Carson talk ANTI HILLARY, REMIND FOLKS HOW IMPORTANT BUSINESS BACKGROUND IS, and in the case of Carson, BRING HOME FAITH AND LOVE OF COUNTRY AND A BLACK SUCCESS STORY.” I like it the strategy 🙂

    EDDDD!! : I mentioned there was something about her looks that turned me off a couple of weeks ago here on GeeeZ and was lambasted by some of my commenters….so I’ve been laying low…you said “So I wonder how many other voters would get that vibe.”
    I DO!!! I’m actually relieved to read that from you! I can’t put my finger on it (well, I know, but it’s silly…and it’s a facial thing…nothing to talk about here)…. She is NOT likable. Period.

    SF….Please never tell me you’re not going to vote. Just go ahead, don’t vote; just don’t tell me, okay? (Smile)




  17. geeez2014 says:

    JB; I hadn’t read your comment when I said virtually the same thing…great minds!
    Fiorina can screech at Hillary for months and never get called “YOU WOMAN HATER” by the leftwingers….good stuff. Not because FIorina’s going to get anywhere by doing so (and she’s too smart not to know this) but people are HEARING HER.

    See, the Leftwing controls so much media and Obama and his buddies can lie and get away with it, they can say ALL they want and nobody’s holding them accountable….and they can do the ol’ Alinsky on us and make us look bad all day and all night long…and they DO.
    But they CANNOT call a woman who’s calling Hillary names a WOMAN HATER …that, they can’t do.
    Go, Carly! KEEP GOING….now WE can say what WE WANT and they have to remain silent.



  18. geeez2014 says:

    Mal…but ANYBODY versus Hillary. Walker could shred her, Rubio could articulate circles around her, Carson could out-good her, Bush could out do her, Cruz could out think her, etc…and Trump could out scream her!

    I’d love to see ANYBODY versus Hillary; which is why I have said I TRULY think she’ll find some way to NOT DEBATE. Ridiculous? Maybe, but if she does, it’ll be VERY guarded and very scripted; unlike before. She simply can’t DO IT. She gets VERY huffy when challenged…look how she either can’t look folks in the eye or does that bug-eyed “I’m so interested in you” thing with her eyes……And, when crossed, she literally can’t control the disdain on her face. People hate that. YIPPEEE!!


  19. Kid says:

    I rarely talk about the beast but I saw a headline on my news page today that said the bulk of her speech to announce her campaign was going to be about her mother. Well, she can’t talk about herself since there is nothing positive. But imagine going for a job interview and only talking about your mother the whole time.
    -over and out


  20. A friend on FB just posted:
    Donald Trump is the 2015 Pat Paulson…. Lets just make a complete mockery of the election process.


  21. He also said:
    Donald Trump as president is about as stupid as a Muslim raised in Kenya as President.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s fine but I think it’s wrong, personally. I don’t think Trump is Pat Paulson and I don’t think he’s anywhere near as horrid as our Kenyan. (smile)
    I DO see your friend’s point….I understand that attitude, but while I don’t particularly LIKE Trump (I have never seen a more egomaniacal person in my LIFE) I think he has a LOT more to offer than Paulson… or Obama 🙂

    Kid, I heard Hillary did that in 2008, too! I don’t remember it because I can hardly listen to her, but they say she leans heavily on her mother because her mother wasn’t RICH…so it makes Hillary look more appealing…… spite of her millions.
    yes, she spoke about her a lot in her announcement speech… least the one she did yesterday, I think it was? OH, ya….she resorts to MOM because she is ONE OF THE PEOPLE, unlike herself. My gosh, every time I see her now, I think she’s more evil and dangerous than I did the last time I saw her, even if it was 4 minutes ago.
    I study her face now and see so much ego, so much hate for anybody who doesn’t believe like she does, so much disdain for people not on her side…awful stuff. And poor bill…you see him take her hand on stage, or hug and she’s ALWAYS (always) the one who puts his hand back on his own knee, or takes her hand away, or stops the hug. LOTS going on there.
    LOTS. Very sad.


  23. Kid says:

    I can’t even type here what I see when I trip over her image somewhere.


  24. I agree, Z, that ANY of the above could out-debate Hillary. She isn’t sharp enough to compete with any of them.


  25. Imp says:

    Trump might be wandering, abrasive, simplistic, vain, and yet despite all of it, I couldn’t help but smile and cheer at the frank sentiment.

    The greatest nation in the world has been turned into a self-doubting, debt-ridden basket case lead by the purely self-interested, and the criminally naive.

    Extensive Ford analogies irrespective of treaty obligations aside, it’s refreshing to hear someone who is not afraid to call our relationship with countries like Mexico and China what they are.

    It’s encouraging to hear someone reference Patton rather than Genghis Khan when referring to our military.

    It’s refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is, rather than the U.S. Chamber BS that comes out of most the rest of the GOP, or the calculated, amoral focus-group sawdust platitudes that are vomited from Hillary Clinton’s face. Frankly, I’m glad he’s in to mix it up. We need a coronation of Bush and Clinton candidates like we need a hole in the head.


  26. Kid says:

    Good Description IMP. I like his message a lot. He even called Rove a loser who couldn’t win an election if his life depended on it. Rove is no friend to conservatives.


  27. Mustang says:

    I believe that Hillary intends to announce that she was born … a poor black child. I mean, if you’re doing victimhood, do it with flourish.


  28. Imp says:

    And…I see this in him too:

    If anything…he’ll force the couch potatoes in the race to take a stand. How could they ever disagree with him on illegals, Illegal immigration, tax credits for these bums, racial garbage, China’s act of espionage, Iran’s threat, the dismantling of our security as well as defanging the military with PC ROE’s… Russia’s move towards aggression in Europe…and best of all…have him make clear Hildabeast’s threat to America that this lying hag presents? The man is unafraid to speak his mind….or be PC about anything. He’ll have to force the other idiots to respond to his stances. As long as he doesn’t go rogue or 3rd party and if he lasts…I’ll vote for him on his jingoism alpine…LOL

    The more I listen to him…the more I hear something Reagan in him too. And damnit….I believe he’d build the Great Wall of America running 3000 miles and staffed by combat troops that we bring home from Germany, Korea or Japan. Let these parasites defend themselves…don’t you think it’s about time they do that?


  29. Imp says:

    @Misutang….probably. And she claims she had a “mother”?


  30. Imp says:

    *Sorry…jingoism alone.


  31. Geez, IMP. Now I want to vote for him.


  32. @Imp,
    “It’s refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is………………………………………………………………..”

    Well said, my friend!


  33. Imp says:

    @Ed…he sure as hell sounds better than the 11 dwarfs….minus Carly. She should be his running mate IMO.


  34. Imp says:

    @JMB…it’s good to be back and fully charged up my friend.


  35. Kid says:

    Ok, one more kinda. What’s even more telling about hilrod is that of all the democrat senators and congress critters, there isn’t a One of them that would pass muster even with the democrat propaganda machine running at max RPM – the MSM. Yes, they’re that dirty – all of them. They don’t have anyone else to run. Wow. And the past two elections they didn’t have anyone else to run beside obama and bozo biden. wow..


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Imp “I couldn’t help but smile and cheer at the frank sentiment.” THAT is Trump’s allure; people who like him like him for his candid and frank sentiment….sheer love of country and belief that we are SCREWED if things don’t change. And SOON. I totally get you on that!

    You knew Jeb a little….could you tell us about your thoughts on him, personally? No pressure if you can’t; just thought I’d ask 🙂 No need for personal details but maybe just your sense of the MAN? And GOOD to HAVE you back and charged!

    “She claims she had a mother” go tme laughing.

    Ed, you, too! :-)(

    You all ROCK!


  37. Imp says:

    @Z….we’ve known him for about 25 years. We were connected to people who did business with his Group in South Florida. Same as Bob Graham when he was Governor. Graham’s family had numerous properties and business interests all over south Florida too. Bob Graham was a superb Governor ….even though he was a Democrat…he was an old school Democrat like a Kennedy…or as we used to know them. He was likeable…successful and didn’t get into partisan stuff…until he became a Senator. His wife Adele was a real hoot..a charming, likable lovely wonderful First Lady of Florida too. She had a wicked sense of humor and loved being in the company of real people. ( I’ll email you a little anecdote about her later! )

    When JEB became Governor…he was every bit with the common man…or woman. He’s honest, sincere and firm in his beliefs. And…I’ve always found him open to discussion on any topic. He listened…and he acted. He sought out advice…and he was available 24/7 through email or his Blackberry. And then he didn’t need GW’s coattails either. He was always his own man. And he was our Governor before GW was POTUS. He always answered our calls…emails and was even one on one about many topics he sought our opinions or advice on. I’ll go into detail later. As a pilot…I had the privilege of flying him as a friend and a VIP passenger across the country once for about 10 days of travel for him…with one FDLE officer and his assistant. ( I Was told by my dispatcher at the time that he had asked I be on his flight! )
    I was honored…I think I sent you a pic once two of us when we landed at 4AM on our return trip?

    We had a great time with him. I really like the man. But….there are things I don’t agree with him on this time. I’m in contact with his campaign manager….asking if I want to get into this run with him…ya, I know…help out somehow? Beats me really. I think he has all the people he needs right now. And i’m not into licking envelopes for him…LOL

    I won’t vote for him…..unless he’s the party’s choice. There’s no way I’d not vote. I’m kind of stuck right now. I just wish he’d speak out like a Trump…but that’s not him. Alas / sigh.


  38. Imp says:

    @Z…Oh.. I think there’s only one way JEB can rise above the pack and mediocrity. Hook up with Rubio or Carly….let them do the hard talk, dirty work and facts. Otherwise….he can’t make it to the election IMO without some force and guts. However…being half Mexican…I doubt he can. He has undeserved baggage….He is really less of a Bush…..that Bush.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    I just heard Bush …I watched Hannity and was much more impressed with his immigration plan …no amnesty. And much more trusting of his stance on Common Core, too. He was fabulous, I have to say. I very much like him as a man. I think he’s honorable, warm, very bright, up on the subjects. He’s surprising me, frankly….


  40. Imp says:

    @Z…like I said…JEB is very very likeable…and nothing like his dad or brother. Actually Z…I think he’s the Mensa of the family! Articulate, knowledgeable, personable and sincere. That’s what always impressed me about him. If he’s elected…I’d think he’d still answer my emails…LOL. ( When I last emailed him…he responded…copied his campaign manager…who emailed me and She wants to “chat”..!! ) He’s not the kind of man who abandons or forgets his past or his friends or his supporters. I was just thinking…how cool would it be to get a personal email from the POTUS?

    At my age and this stage of my life….it might be pretty damn exhilarating to be involved in a presidential movement. Regardless of the outcome.


  41. Kid says:

    IMP, If he doesn’t win, I’ll send you an email. At least you’ll have one from an “also ran”.


  42. Imp says:

    @Z..BTW…I flew the old man too once. He had a bad head cold and slept most of the way. And I flew Dennis Miller once…he was a total ass hat.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Kid….an “also ran”..hilarious.

    Imp: I think you should do all you can and GET INVOLVED.. but I thought you said, above, that you wouldn’t vote for him unless he had to be the party choice? You sound sold on him and then not sold at ALL! You need to be really sold on him to work hard for a candidate, don’t you think? (no envelopes, you’re right on that one :-))
    You know I kind of insulted him to you a year or so ago, but every single time I see him (and I rarely did before this last month, really) I think more of him. I think he’s WAY smarter than I’d thought he was. I don’t think any of the Bushes are less bright than most of the other candidates, by the way.

    I wish you could have heard the Hannity interview tonight. Good stuff….made me feel way better about the Common Core thing and the immigration stance…way better.

    Yes, you told me Miller wasn’t pleasant…that surprised me.


  44. Baysider says:

    @Z “But they CANNOT call a woman who’s calling Hillary names a WOMAN HATER …that, they can’t do.” My friend, I’m quite sure they can and WILL. Just think about what they call a black Republican speaking of Obama, and substitute “woman.”


  45. Imp says:

    @Z….It’d be way ez for me to get involved in Jeb’s struggle. I so admire and am indebted to that man. He doesn’t deserve the animosity and negativity that he’s inherited. because he’s a Bush.


  46. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…. I’ve never seen a Black Republican criticizing Obama and being called ‘racist,’ have you?

    Imp; you said that above, right? I thought you said they asked if you would and you were debating it, or maybe I misunderstood? YOU OUGHT TO!! 🙂 And ya…I heard him tonight and thought “This guy doesn’t deserve the criticism of just being BAD because he’s a BUSH. He really doesn’t…he deserves to be heard”


  47. Imp says:

    @Z…”because he’s a BUSH. He really doesn’t…he deserves to be heard”

    Yup as usual..are so right. JEB is a good man…just as Reagan Was…., but..does it matter anymore?

    JB is an honest man….like Romney./ Does it really matter now?


  48. geeez2014 says:

    IMP; Hannity’s repeat’s coming on in LA right now….do you have a Hannity repeat so you can see the Bush interview now? I think the timings are different but I thought it was worth a shot for you.


  49. skudrunner says:

    Trump does bring a comedic side to the primaries. He is so far out there with his ideas and gestures that he is fun to watch. His running will do nothing but enhance his ratings on his TV show.
    He should run as an independent so as not to soil the field. Of course so should Sanders and Paul but for a different reason. If you are an independent, run as one.

    I am on the ABC bandwagon (anyone but clinton) but of all the candidates, Rubio is who I would support.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    Skudrunner; I had 3 comments from a BIG TRUMP LOVER which I didn’t approve for publication…nothing bad about them, but a little strident and name-calling for my taste, sadly.

    Called me and some of you PROGRESSIVES for even questioning Trump’s candidacy.

    I like Rubio very much, too.
    I frankly wish Bush didn’t have the name because I’ve never been a fan in the sound bytes I’ve heard about him, but every time I see him speak now, I like him more. Plus, the Common Core thing isn’t what I thought it was, and his immigration methodology is very good..he’s changed on that.


  51. No one can dispute the [fact] that Trump has been a successful entrepreneur and that he has a lot of insight into many of our current problems. However, in his bombastic delivery he seems to ignore that as President the omnipotence that he has enjoyed in building his financial empire would be curtailed , right or wrong, by Constitutional separation of power. For this and other reasons I don’t see him as a viable candidate but I do see him as useful in his outspoken candor regarding very glaring problems facing this Nation. Perhaps that’s his real objective anyway.


  52. Baysider says:

    “I’ve never seen a Black Republican criticizing Obama and being called ‘racist,’ ”
    I’ve heard them called self-haters, carrying the white man’s water, Uncle Toms and even not a ‘real’ black. And, yes, I’ve heard the term ‘racist’ used, as improbable as it seems. In my book, all of this amounts to being called racist.


  53. Mustang.Koji says:

    Perhaps he has an ego. Perhaps he loves himself… But he pales in comparison to King Obama.
    Frankly, I really detest politicians more so than ever. Tell me: how many bankrupt politicians have you come across? How many get put into jail for drugs or shamed, only to be back into office by dumb voters? How can Hillary “lose” an unknown number of emails, yet Petraeus is canned because of a few? Likewise, how can Bill come out and say he didn’t have sex with somebody other than the First Lady (puke) in the White House and still continue? That’s why I see no value in politics.

    Having said that, I want a patriot to be my president. Not some Progressive arse who will continue to provide welfare and blame the White Americans for their lifestyles. Someone who will bring back the doctrine of the best defense is a good offense. Someone who will seriously increase border strength and force if need be. I want Obamacare burned and free medical care to illegals stopped. I wouldn’t care if he circumvents policies. Obama and Hillary have done it already and without penalty. Lastly, having been a CPA myself, I’m in favor of a simple flat tax… Period.


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