Zurich MOSQUE more important than BERLIN CHRISTMAS MARKET?

Are you freakin’ KIDDING ME?   BERLIN has something like 10 dead and 50 injured, people who were shopping a Christmas market…gone, or hurt.  A truck plowed into the marketplace.

No mention yet on Yahoo homepage.

A Zurich mosque was just hit and 7 muslims are injured…

THAT is on the Yahoo homepage.


My feeling?  My gut-instinct, irrational, angry reaction (especially considering I’m so close to Germany having had a wonderful German husband and having great relatives and friends there?);  Time to bomb Mecca.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is said to have told investigators that the only reason there hasn’t been another attack on the scale of 9/11 is that they hadn’t expected Bush to actually attack Afghanistan so they were afraid of that happening again.

Time to bomb Afghanistan.  HERE is my thinking:  If enough attacks on muslim areas, villages, mosques, happen from the WEST, perhaps muslim citizens will rise up against their terrorists and say “that’s ENOUGH…they keep killing us..STOP”.  I believe that could very well happen.

God forgive me for suggesting anybody, anywhere, should be bombed, but I don’t believe free and innocent Westerners deserve what they’re getting and there must be a way to show that.


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20 Responses to Zurich MOSQUE more important than BERLIN CHRISTMAS MARKET?

  1. Mal says:

    “God forbid i suggest anybody, anywhere, should be bombed….”……Hey! I got bombed a couple of times when I was younger, but that ain’t the same thing, is it?
    Seriously, things haven’t changed just because Trump got elected (officially, I just learned!). The PC crowd is still there, spewing their hate for sanity and common sense. Hopefully, things will change for the better once the world sees a REAL leader with B—-!


  2. Kid says:

    We need something other than what we are doing. Spending live of our mostly wonderful miliraty personel to go stomp some number of cockroaches who are easily replaced is accomplishing less than nothing. Yea, bomb Mecca to the point of even being unrebuildable. Or bomb it every time they rebuild it. Then hit all their other ‘holy’ places.

    And close the mosques over here. Religions get tax free status becuase they do a lot of charity work in their communities. moslems don’t do anything for anyone. Remove them form religious status. It’s a cult bent on world domination.


  3. Kid says:

    Spending the lives of our mostly wonderful military personel…..


  4. bunkerville says:

    We seem to forget what it takes to win a war. Think Germany and Japan. Bomb them back into the stone age. That is where they are living anyway. One city at a time for every attack.


  5. Kid says:

    Now people are coming around. Years ago I suggested putting me in the White House. I would install the Wheel of Retribution in the Oval office. For each and every terrorist attack that occurs in a civilized (non-moslem) country I spin the wheel. The wheel has the name of every moslem majority city on it. Whatever city the wheel stops on – KaBlooom ! Soon those who are left will all be living in tents and eating sand.


  6. Seriously. Bomb Saudi Arabia? Remember that that is where Mecca is.
    Remember the Nazi’s? One informant and they level the village.
    Haffez Assad got rid of the Muslim Brotherhood via the “Hama Rules”.
    Or should I say, he leveled Hama.
    Now. The government of Afghanistan harbors the terrorists wo attack us?
    Then, it is legitimate to attack with full force after Congressional Approval.
    There’s a right way and a wrong way.
    Iran is a legitimate target.


  7. Baysider says:

    Three Cups of Tea notwithstanding, Afghanistan is a mess, and l-o-n-g before we OR the taliban got there. Here’s another reason to take it off the map: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/hopeless-afghan-struggle-save-boy-sex-slaves-062614093.html
    Yeah, Hama Rules are famous now after From Beirut to Jerusalem, and that is language that culture understands, responds to to and IMPOSES when they can.

    By the time I got this news, Yahoo was featuring it, not the mosque. But I understand your point – their natural impulse is to go there.


  8. Kid says:

    The entire culture is diseased and torturous for so many. On one side, vaporizing people and animals who haven’t caused anyone any grief seems unthinkable. On the other hand, how many billions of people into the future will find themselves in the same or worse situation.

    A cancer has to be taken out to the last cell, even if healthy cells are destroyed. islam is a cancer with no cure. I’d do it. If I was sent to hell, I’d go with a clear conscious.


  9. Kid says:

    If we believe the estimate that “only” 10% are violent, that’s 150 million of the suckers. Look what one driving a truck can do. How many people even fought in WWII ? Less than 150 mil.

    No matter. The “non-violent” ones are working hard to breed out your culture whether they know it or not. When moslems gain the advantage in a voting district will they vote in someone who opposes islam or favors sharia law?

    I really think this is simple. No offense to anyone.


  10. Kid says:

    Thanks Joe !


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I deleted Joe’s comment…
    Why nobody NEVER NEVER sticks up for me when someone’s that awful is beyond me. But…oh, well. It’ll never happen, I guess.
    I just wish I could find again the page where I have email addresses which can’t comment here. I’d have added his. darn…>Looked everywhere.
    I love the WHEEL OF RETRIBUTION…but then, as Joe said, “I’m a sick F***” because I’d rather they were killed than Americans. Go figure. Talk about a SICK F****

    Baysider, the Berlin was up for 4 minutes then completely disappeared and Zurich was up most of the late afternoon/evening…disgusting.

    Ed, if we indiscriminately started bombing Afghan cities, I have a hunch their people themselves would put an end to terrorism to the West.


  12. Kid says:

    Z, No problem. You could have even left it but it’s your house so up to you.

    We know “they” are out there and joe is not even a major player among them. Much worse out there. Thanks, I’ve been talking about the wheel of retribution for a good while. Years. It or something like it is the only thing that has a chance to work against evil like this. They revel in being killed. Having thousands of them killed doesn’t even move their needle. They consider themselves martyrs who have collected their 72 women that they can rotate in and out of their bed for eternity. God how boring and revealing of their focus. I have no problem with sex but for eternity, this is all there is?

    Talk about knuckle draggers.


  13. Kid says:

    Z, I see moslems as the American Indian times a million. Only a certain % of American Indians were “terrorists”. yet, the rest of the populaiton would not rise up against them, even probably most of them realizing this tactic would be their downfall. It won’t be any different with the moslem mutts.


  14. Kid says:

    PS – I’ll stick up for you anytime I see it Z. If I miss one lemme know.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, I have my stepkids in Munich; I know more about Merkel and what’s going on than any article and it makes me so sad and sick I don’t even read the stuff anymore. Here is his email this morning:
    “It’s time to kick out 15 million people out of Germany!!!
    Uncle and me are so pissed but it’s far delayed – we expected something like this already last year.
    Hooray, civil war has reached Germoney at last. (Z: spelled wrong purposefully…MONEY)
    Let’s see how the press declares it as a single case that has nothing to do with nothing, it’s just a boy who is very much confused and traumatized and needs our help. Just don’t let the Right use this single case for their propaganda…..

    i got a message when I was on the Tollwood Festival in Munich. Great, anything can happen anytime. I’m telling you: Compton and South Gate are more predictable regarding the danger than German cities!! (Z: COmpton and South Gate are cities within L.A. where black and Hispanic gangs cause havoc from time to time)

    He’s right.


  16. John M. Berger says:

    “If enough attacks on muslim areas, villages, mosques, happen from the WEST, perhaps muslim citizens will rise up against their terrorists and say “that’s ENOUGH”

    This would be rational in a rational society or a [society] without the potential for terrorism, by each and all of its members who follow a pseudo religious dogma that completely disallows compatibility or assimilation with any other(s) outside of it’s own sick domain. WE certainly don’t need more of this; DO WE! I don’t stress over ANYTHING that Trump has said or implied about controlling this scourge, which can NEVER be trusted or taken for anything but what it is.

    I love the “Wheel of Retribution” concept except that these “cockroaches” should have never been allowed outside of their own boundaries of living HELL, in the first place. Had they never been in geographic co-existence with others, each and every terrorist attack that has occurred in a civilized (non-Moslem) country would never have happened. When, if ever, will the Western World wake-up? Yeah, spin away; it would probably not change the way these inbred freaks think but it would certainly reduce their numbers.


  17. Z: Islamic terrorists will always seek to prey upon a disarmed society.


  18. Mal says:



  19. Kid says:

    JMB, Agree pretty much though I see the moslem situation like the American Indian situation. The Indians didn’t deal with theirs and I don’t expect moslems to deal with theirs. Personally, I believe they all support the terrorists.


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