Now there’s a story where he showered with his daughter and she says she was ‘sexualized’ at home.   I hope this story goes nowhere because we need Americans to be focused on what’s wrong with America since Biden, not his daughter’s drug and sex addictions, OR the 1/6 non-hearing hearings.   But they must have had some unhealthy household to have two of their kids with sexual and drug addictions.  Sad.



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  1. bocopro says:

    Comment went to limbo lockup again, so lemme try it once more:

    Well, HE thinks he’s gonna, and in that diluted, demented, decrepit wad of debris and effluent he mistakenly believes is a brain, he actually considers his purloined potusy a magnificent success compared to the 1.4% inflation and $2/gallon gasoline of his predecessor.

    Joe is that pitiful chump who spent half a century scheming in his pitiful way to get to the peak, and then is informed by his staff, his writers, his advisors, and his backers that not only is he NOT in charge, but he’s pitifully unqualified for the job.

    Basement Joey is the ONLY person in D.C. who’s totally unaware of how deep his nerdiness runs. He genuinely believes he’s doing great things . . . like some high-school dropout in the throes of molly – he cannot comprehend how disastrous his policies, his failures, his absent-mindedness, his hypocrisy have been.

    He shuffles, he mumbles, he lives in a fantasy world, and the only reasons he hasn’t yet been 25d are (1) the alternative, (2) the 2nd alternative, and (3) his total submission to the resurrected zombies from the halfrican’s crime unit.

    His primary value to Soros, Soetoro, and Sandersites is his malleability, his compliancy, his dull-minded willingness to do what his brilliant son Hunter, Susan Rice, Doctor Jill, and The Squad suggest to him while he’s on a Ben & Jerry brain freeze.

    So . . . no, I think he’ll be discarded like last week’s overbaked potato, a process which has already begun with some very harsh criticism from within the libs’ ranks. He’ll be a lame duck for the 2nd half of his farcical tenure and then be set up as the ceremonial blame totempost while libs find another livelier nerd to do their bidding.

    Joe is a joke, a jinx, a jonah, a laughingstock, a stooge, a mockery of management and a political albatross for the left. Get the popcorn and big ol’ orange drink ready, ‘cuz 2023 and 2024 are gonna be political theatre as we’ve never seen before with Dems blameshifting, candidate hunting, and conservative bashing while RINOs gather in great ambling self-righteous herds to soak themselves in the muck and slime of Ol’ Swampy and appoint a hot-air-and-hollow-promises jerk of their own.

    But make sure your armchair is in good shape, ‘cuz it’s gonna be a bumpy ride with dredged-up peccadilloes, sensationalized scandals, unidentified flying objections including words such as “destiny,” “democracy,” “future generations,” “for the children,” and “Constitution” flitting around like botflies on a dead sloth.

    I once heard of a curse which says, “May you live in politically dangerous times.” Well, calibrate your BS meters, put in new dreccch filters, and get your hazmat suits ready, ‘cuz if you think what’s comin outta the J6 “investigation” is bunkum codswallop, you ain’t heard nothin yet. ESPECIALLY if DJT and FJB run again.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    I doubt he will last until the end of his term let alone run again. Dumb? Dumb as a fox. I do think there will be hearings if the GOP gets to run things after the next election. There are enough GOPers who want to have pay back.

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  3. Mustang says:

    I see no benefit to GOP hearings about the Biden presidency, so with that said, yes — I anticipate ad nauseam Congressional Hearings is all the GOP will accomplish in four years. My point is that if Congressional hearings subpoena anyone, it should be the 80-or-so million numb-nut/brain-dead voters who elected him. If Biden is alive in 2024, he’ll run again. Why shouldn’t he? Living in the White House is better than the place Jill intended to send him to at the Happy Acres Rest Home, where every day you get free doobies and an overweight/over-tattooed 30-something to change your diapers. And nearly a half-million-dollar salary to boot. C’mon man, it’s heaven on earth.

    FYI – a political party has only denied their ELECTED president a second nomination once in all our history: Franklin Pierce … but four other NON-ELECTED presidents were ignored by their party, having become president through succession: John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Chester Arthur.

    My best guess is that Joe will die in office, Jill will have him stuffed and sat on a chair in the oval office, and even though clinically dead, Biden will win re-election in a landslide victory over Donald J. “I can’t help myself” Trump.

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  4. bocopro says:

    “[…] Joe will die in office, Jill will have him stuffed and sat on a chair in the oval office, and even though clinically dead, Biden will win re-election in a landslide victory over Donald J. “I can’t help myself” Trump.”

    This paragraph MUST be inscribed in large raised letters on a 4-faceted obelisk and placed in the center of the Reflecting Pool. A sorta hybrid of Woody Allen snark in Mel Brooks presentation.

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  5. Elizabeth says:

    Z, He is old, if the liberals are as arrogant and misinformed and out of touch with the American people as they are today, anything is possible and I am sure he is arrogant enough to run again. The scary part is what I heard on Fox News apparently Hunter Biden is on tape saying Biden thinks his son is god! That he will do anything for Hunter. Does America really want the Bidens at the helm running the show? Even Democrats are complaining. But at the end of the day, I do believe he will run, but I also believe and hope in God that God has this and Biden will lose.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…so sorry my blog comment moderation is not your ‘limbo’ where your comments are going!…??? I hope you’re saving them, checking that they’ll publish, and then trying again if they didn’t….I wish I knew what’s causing that but it doesn’t seem to be GeeeZ.

    Yes, He really DOES think he’s doing ‘great things’ in utter delusion, OR he realizes how LOUSY things are going and that’s why he’s meeting with the press recently to tell them to BE NICER TO ME IN YOUR REPORTING …what a wimp.

    The problem with that popcorn and soda while we watch is, while we’re having those, our money’s going down, down, down………..not a good show!! 😦

    And CAN there be ANYONE out there who believes this President is IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING?
    He DOES shuffle….I was advised it’s not shuffling here at Geeez at few months ago, but every time I see him, it’s apparent…’s subtle but he does shuffle.

    And now he’s accused by his drug addled daughter of showering with her as a little girl….not sure HOW little….

    BUNKERVILLE…yes, they’re promising hearings and I’d LOVE to NAIL THE DEMOCRATS because probably MUCH would be found……….. but I’m thinking that when they say that’s the first thing they’ll do, I’m hoping the first thing they do is FIX THE BORDER, LOWER TAXES AND REGULATIONS, HELP OUR RANCHERS AND FARMERS, etc etc…….maybe the Republicans can walk and chew gum; I am not sure.
    BUT, there COULD be hearings (and I DO hope they DO include Dems so they can constantly correct the Dem lies)….but those hearings COULD be smokescreens for FIXING THE BORDER, LOWERING TAXES, etc….. 🙂 While the public’s ensconced in drama, let’s fix America.

    MUSTANG: From what I read, poor Franklin Pierce was a drunk….a depressed wife ….and 3 children had died young, then his remaining son was crushed in a train accident on a vacation trip and he and his wife saw his nearly decapitated body, forcing her further into depression and him towards his bottle…though he did pull it together just before he died….. I can see why they couldn’t nominate him for a second term not even taking into account how he did politically! Poor man!!

    Like BOCOPRO, I thought your last paragraph was a good one, too!! I don’t think he’ll die in office THIS administration, but the next, should he get a second, YES.

    BUNKERVILLE…..I don’t think he’s smart enough anymore to be ‘dumb as a fox’…that takes quite a bit of mental power!!

    Have all of you seen the scandalous junk found in his daughter’s diary, which I put on my post. THAT’s sad and really upsetting. Whoever Joe is, the job he did with his children wasn’t a brilliant one, for sure. But, gee, he DID get home every night on that train!? As he LOVES LOVES LOVES to mention.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    ELIZABETH…I’m not sure it’s arrogance that will get him running again; I think it’s how long his handlers feel they can still prop him up and, at least minimally, reading from the teleprompters and pushing him on and off the dais, and keeping him for as many live appearances with no teleprompter as possible………Maybe they’ll even use that press expert dressed as a bunny again to pull him away from an inquisitive crowd of Easter Egg Hunt visitors!???
    They are enjoying having someone who can’t really talk back to the press while THEY DO THEIR DAMAGE.


    Even Don Lemon is putting Biden down now…this is a growing trend from leftwing pundits…..the LEFT slamming their LEFTIES? Doesn’t happen….. so SOMETHING’s UP. SOMETHING seems to be planned……….WHAT?

    Horrible to consider

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  8. If Old Joe has his way, he’ll run again in 2024. But he’s slipping so badly further and further into senescence that I believe he will be discarded by the Dem leadership. But, then, whom will the Dem leadership put on the ballot? Kamala Harris?

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  9. myfoxmystere says:

    If he doesn’t take his dirt nap and become Satan’s bbq chicken soon, Joey The Clucking Fall Chicken Bidet will try to ru(i)n in 2024. But only God Almighty knows when it’s time for JoeJoe to wipe his own butt for Satan. From what a number of God’s better known prophets such as Timothy Dixon, Robin D. Bullock and a few others have gotten, Bidet will soon be in a casket, but Kamala will not become President and neither will Nanshee. One prophetess, Midnight Cry With Deborah on YouTube, had a dream on the morning of April 5 2021. She was told 2 politicians in DC will die on the same day; one in the morning and one in the evening. She asked which office or offices they were from, but got no answer. A few weeks later, Timothy Dixon got a similar dream with different details that matched her dream. Others got visions, warning Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others about their doom awaiting them. Robin D. Bullock was told that Biden is a jackal and that Kamala Harris will not become President ever. You can see The Eleventh Hour on YouTube to see and hear what Robin D. Bullock said about Biden. Biden called Trump a clown, so God made Biden into a political clown.


  10. Elizabeth says:

    You’re right Z perhaps not his arrogance but the arrogance of the left. They are so heady and believe that their words are the end and be all. It is so overwhelming to me most days that I hate to hear anything about what they are out there doing. Our nation is going to hell under this administration. God help us all!


  11. MAL says:

    JOE says he’s gonna run again……NOT the Dem Party.. They’re tired of scrambling to cover for the guy and simply want him outta there ASAP, so no, even if Joe says or wants to run again, he’ll be replaced. So will Kamala.
    If 2020 really was a legit election which still is questionable, then we deserve what we’re getting.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    AOW….Don’t know. It could be why they’re hiding Kamala even better than they did Biden during the campaign…to make sure she doesn’t repeat the miserable way she comported herself until they shut her up. I just can’t IMAGINE Kamala…but she IS a woman and she IS black and they’re counting on dummies who think those two things are SO important. 😦
    It was pretty shocking to hear even DON LEMON slam Biden, by the way, last night on CNN….(shown myriads of times on FOX, of course, today!) SOmething’s up. Democrats NEVER do that… and we’re hearing it more and more.

    FOX>..VISIONS and DREAMS! WOW! So who did they say WILL be president?!!!

    ELIZABETH….God help us all! is RIGHT 😦 But I DO believe BIDEN is hugely arrogant….and he’s also been protected and sheltered for YEARS……and he’s done a darn good job of destroying two of his children with their long term drug problems and sex addictions…SO SAD…..but that doesn’t happen from a strong, happy home, no matter HOW many nights Biden says HE GOT HOME TO BE WITH HIS CHILDREN……..The daughter is now said to have claimed in her diary he took showers with her and she because sexualized at home……………

    KID WAS RIGHT: He’s ALWAYS felt those creepy things like Biden’s smelling little girls’ hair and touching their chests, etc., was suspect.

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  13. geeez2014 says:


    I hadn’t received mail at my condo building in about 10 days…..long story, but I went to the Post Office and asked WHERE IS IT? I had a big check I’d had sent from my stocks to my bank$$…..That was 3 weeks ago and I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN IT.
    The girl at the post office went to look for our mail….”OH!<" she says "There are PILES of mail back there!"….. "When can I GET IT?" "Well, we just DON'T HAVE ENOUGH CARRIERS THESE DAYS"
    "Isn't that illegal?" I ask….NO MAIL IN AMERICA?
    SO, I obviously had my broker stop pymt on my check and UPS another one that got here the very next day…from Ohio. HOW THEY DO THAT, I"LL NEVER KNOW! 🙂

    AND….I heard TODAY that our mayoral race, which Republican (who had to run as a Dem here in LA) Caruso was winning , is now looking like the VERY liberal Karen Bass is ahead…"but we won't know for weeks" they say. (UK counted 35 million votes overnight like we used to, but we can't anymore)…

    SO, then I read that the reason Bass is so far ahead is MAIL IN BALLOTS ARE STREAMING IN SUDDENLY! Caruso was winning ahead off voting machines………………(by the way, this is exactly how Trump "lost", remember?).



  14. Baysider says:

    I think Dems are desperately searching for a substitute. Harris won’t do. They’ll kick her over to some ambassadorship if they win or a make work position with a high falutin’ title at a think tank and publish papers in her name. Will the cabal that has filled the cabinet (I forget the group’s name) be positioning their top 3 for public display after the November elections to see what sticks?

    Power is a very hard thing to let go of. Even if it’s in name only. Look at Diane Feinstein. I’ll bet she has more actual power than Biden who does what he is told. He is surely deluded about his importance and always was. He was never more than a BIG zero, except to his backers who put him in the senate to faithfully carry their water, which he did. The left propped him up with a falsified election (with 5,000,000 trafficked ballots and I’ll bet nary a one was for the real winner).

    Awful about your mail. USPS announced this year they are adding 2 days to the time it takes first class mail to be delivered. And they aren’t kidding, judging by when my out of town checks arrive. The mail carriers these days look NOTHING like actual postmen. Many look like they scraped the homeless shelter to see what they could get. Not just “look” but unhappy expression on their face. I once noticed that almost all the outdoor carriers looked cheerful. Several told me they LOVED being out in the fresh air, not in an office, and independent. The last of those was a terrific Christian gal who retired last fall and moved – out of state, where she could afford a house.


  15. Baysider says:

    In fact, Biden is living embodiment of Dennis Prager’s saying “the significant are rarely famous, and the famous are rarely significant.”


  16. MAL says:

    I hate mail-in ballots! They should be banned except for the military. If a person is unable to come to their precinct on Election Day and vote, tough. They don’t get counted. You know, like we did for over 200 years before all these “conveniences” became available.


  17. MAL says:

    It wasn’t that long ago we felt perfectly safe mailing small amounts of cash in the mail but not any more!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, yes, this is really bad about our mail and it’s not only my neighborhood…>Today, I had some important bills and cards to get out so I drove to a mail box; I can’t trust our ‘out box’ here until we’re getting mail regularly. No way. And, as you know, you can barely FIND a mailbox anymore…I finally did, not too far away, but….
    No, they don’t look happy these days……nobody really does. It feels like nobody really cares about their job, or being of service, and when I run across a waitress or other service provider (even on the phone) who is kind, upbeat and helpful, I usually tell them “If I had a restaurant, I’d be fighting to get you working for me!”…. And I mean it…it’s so rare and so nice, isn’t it?
    (I’ve actually asked, about 3 times on the phone with someone REALLY sweet and helpful..”Are you a Christian?” All three enthusiastically said “YES”!

    I have to add this remarkable thing: I took a small package to the SM post office the other day, a baby shower gift for a niece whose shower was in Laguna and I couldn’t go…..I paid the normal rate and asked “when will it get there?” “Tomorrow,” the woman said. I almost laughed out loud!! Mail takes four days, but…. WHAT?

    Guess what; IT DID. The darned package got there the NEXT DAY…to Lisa’s home in LONG BEACH 🙂

    Sadly, Feinstein is rumored to be going through some dementia but I AGREE. She was QUITE a powerful part of the senate for years….Biden is a glory hound, pure and simple.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: I TOTALLY agree…we vote ON TUESDAY and that’s IT… unless you’re military or got the kind of excuse we used to have to do to get an absentee ballot sent to your house. DONE.
    I mailed $25 in cash today…fingers crossed…….I almost never do that but….!!!


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…as you know, Harris will have ‘to do’ if Biden dies or leaves office during this term!…there’s a horrifying thought, isn’t it!

    Who do YOU think might be the Democrat pick if Biden/Harris are both OUSTED?

    The name I hear most is Gavin Newsom, whose new motto I’d like to coin for him is:

    oNE WOULD THINK that recall would have worked…..OR that even Democrats would realize that if there was a recall attempt, he’s no great shakes as a candidate!??


  21. MAL says:

    I’m just seeing on Fox News that Adam Schiff has been implicated in the Jan. 6th break-in!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    MAL:….. OH, PLEASE< GOD….let a Democrat get caught JUST ONCE!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE.

    As we know, nothing will come of this,and I keep getting my hopes too far up 😦


  23. MAL says:

    I don’t know the details yet because they simply had that as their caption but if its true, I want to see how they can possibly manage to get out of it.


  24. Baysider says:

    I love that “ruin a state, ruin a country.” The pretty boy is another empty suit. Sigh. No idea.

    Z, I don’t drop my mail in a dropbox if there is a check involved. I walk it right over to the post office and drop it inside. Still, in the last 6 months TWO water bills went astray. I did not know until I got a past due bill. TWO. Mailed from inside the P.O. I realize walking to the P.O. isn’t an option for you, but I am close and always do it. Still …. two checks lost in transit.

    Mal, there are some people who just can’t get to the polls – or anywhere. Mr. B is largely now what used to be called a shut-in. Mr. B HAD to go at the last election because he tore up his ballot thinking he was “securing” the trash. But it was a nightmare to get him out to the car, park at the closest handicap stall, and “walk” nearly a block with a walker over damaged asphalt, dragging feet – a constant trip hazard. It was the week he suddenly was losing mobility, and I despaired we’d ever get there. It took well over 2 hours. I would have taken me alone 20 minutes. It’s just too darn hard on the caretaker to have every life activity expanded by hours and endangering us both.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: I googled a bit and there’s something about false testimony from last year with Schiff….let’s HOPE HOPE HOPE!

    BAYSIDER…I’ve never had to worry about sending my checks …so sad. I won’t do it now until I see it’s regular again, which I doubt. I think they’re just trying to get us used to the nightmare ahead….all for GREEN!!

    I hope you can get someone in or get Mr B somewhere safe…..this is too much for you, though I know you’re doing amazingly well with him……..and you know how many hope you DO not endanger yourself!


  26. MAL says:

    I’ve had checks that didn’t make it, too. Mostly utility, but also our granddaughter never got her Christmas card and check in December, 2020 plus a couple of others all in Washington State that never got delivered. They’re just no longer dependable. Its so sad
    Bay, I know it is hard for a lot of folks, including my wife because she not only has to use a cane, but when she walks she continually has a shooting pain in her groin area where they repaired her femur. But if we start making exceptions, it becomes like handicap parking……everybody has one.
    How else can we secure the voting if not in person with photo I.D.? We never use to have this problem. Why now?


  27. geeez2014 says:

    MAL…. people just don’t take pride in their work…even mail carriers steal, there is NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT….horrid, isn’t it.
    We had a TRUST IN AMERICANS we CAN’T have anymore……is it immigrants who came here not for the American dream like OURS did, or is it just the mood in America today? Or just selfish, awful people who don’t give a damn? Probably all of the above… sad.

    I’m SO FRIGGIN’ SICK OF LEFTWING CRAP: I’m watching JEOPARDY and even the winner of the last 3 nights is an ENVIRONMENTAL AND HOMELESSNESS ATTORNEY “How GOOD of you!” says the hostess. BITE ME, folks.
    SHUT UP…………where the hell did America GO??

    And, no, we had no problem voting before , Mal…until the LEFT got involved and HAD to win EVERYTHING and arrange our system so they would. PERIOD.

    F F F


  28. Baysider says:

    We had absentee balloting in the past because of infirmity. In fact, I think you could get permanently on the list. My husband is both in pain and frequently collapses and falls without warning, and the doctor’s best guess is probably far off target. It’s a danger to us both to get him out and about. Our problem is we let thousands vote provisionally, then never check them. Z witnessed a pretty clear crime like that at the poll a few years ago. And now with Dominion, it’s votes added by the thousands in the dead of night without apparent backup.


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