If the LEFT says it…………NO PROBLEM :-)

Is this not a provocative question?  Will we White folks be in jeopardy now that this idiot said this and police numbers are not only down, but they’re also largely not well enough trained to protect us?

Remember when Madonna suggested she’d like to blow the White House up?  Nothing happened.  But, remember, later, she said she was just speaking metaphorically.   WHAT?

Whoopi Goldberg says maybe we need White folks getting ‘beat up’ and nothing’s done?  Nothing will happen here, either.  She added quickly “I’m not suggesting that.  So don’t write us and tell me what a racist I am.”   Oh.  OKAY.

HOW many are in jail in D.C. for threats they supposedly made on 1/6?….and I’m sure if White folks said we needed to beat up Black folks, they’d be in pretty hot water.   Don’t you?

What do you think of what Whoopi suggested?   Not direct enough to matter?  






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22 Responses to If the LEFT says it…………NO PROBLEM :-)

  1. bocopro says:

    Interesting that Whoopi’s given name is actually “Caryn,” which is hauntingly echoic of Biden’s press secretary, Karine.

    Johnson (Goldberg) needs to go back to wearing those hats she sported in TNG which did such a great job of hiding her lobotomy scars.


    Ditto for Jump-There and her ringlets:


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  2. bocopro says:

    Sorry the links don’t work. C’est la vie.

    Doubtful that anybody would take the time to write and say what a racist she is . . . everybody already KNOWS what a racist she is.

    The point she’s missing is that by sheer numbers, more white people are assaulted/killed by cops every year than blacks, but white cops killing white thugs doesn’t pass the “So-What?” test . . . doesn’t support the “woke” narrative.

    I donno the exact ratio, but I betcha at least twice as many white males are beaten or shot by cops in any given year than blacks by white cops. And I’m confident that a helluva lotta those whites were unarmed.

    If black crime hadn’t been so prevalent and costly in Memphis, the city wouldn’t have had to create a specialized street-wise anti-crime unit to deal with it. And as “Defund the Po-lice” became a national movement, the enlistment standards for hiring replacement LEOs for the ones who quit in disgust got lower and lower.

    In other words, those whiteys were prob’ly just askin for it. But it could be . . . just possibly COULD be . . . that young, black, entitled, dropout black males get into trouble more often than their white counterparts . . . OR that they’re too clumsy about it and get caught in the act more often.

    Blacks killing blacks? Chicago’s favorite outdoor sport, all year ‘round. But does Lori Lightweight do anything about the slaughter? No, ‘cuz it’s Indiana’s fault for making guns so available on the streets of northern Illinois.

    And it’s all Al Gore’s fault anyway . . . if he hadn’t invented the ‘net, we wouldn’t have all the echo chambers on social media platforms inciting all that talk of “reparations” and “systemic racism” and “white people cause all the world’s problems.”

    I’m going back to my Green Mountain battery acid and a really gooey cinnamon roll . . . so don’t bother me again or I shall rain down more snark and disgust upon you about how TV is the radix malorum and social media are Satan’s ministers.


  3. Mustang says:

    I follow the sticks ‘n stones philosophy — and I hope you aren’t falling into the mind-control sector. Look, I agree that Whoopi and others are idiots. Certifiably. The list appears to grow longer each month. But at this point, who really cares what Whoopi or Maxine think? Nothing either of them says will affect me one way or another. I’d be willing to bet that eight would have no clue if you stopped ten black people in the street and asked them who Whoopi Goldberg (Johnson) is. These people have become the racists they complain about. No one today remembers Whoopi as a comedian. They remember her as a racist. No one thinks of Maxine Waters as a legislator in the same way that no one remembers Hillary Clinton as a diplomat or first lady.

    Besides, blowing up the White House was not an original Madonna thought; Guy Fawkes tried something similar in 1605. And the “wish” is no more credible than urging a meteor to land inside the Washington beltway. No, I argue; let’s let them talk, talk, talk. We know them for who they are.

    May I add one thing about the January 6th Group? No one was arrested for making threats. Anyone taken into custody was a result of their trespassing in a federally owned/controlled building. The same charge would have been filed if they’d decided to demonstrate inside a local post office.

    What should concern us most about that incident isn’t that some people trespassed inside a public building to disrupt Congress — but rather that we have a large number of people today who haven’t the intelligence or common sense to anticipate the likely consequences of their actions. Or perhaps we’ve created a generation of Americans who do not know the difference between the right of assembly and mob intimidation. People do have the right to associate with whomever they wish, but there are always consequences to exercising that right. For example, associating with a lynch mob may not be a wise choice if, in doing so, an “associate” aids and abets a murderer.

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  4. bocopro says:

    “May I add one thing about the January 6th Group?”

    This year’s EMMY award for most overdramatic acting in a TV series goes to the Jan 6 committee.

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  5. I grow so weary of this kind of race talk! It’s dangerous! Whoopi is promoting violence. Period. Full stop.


  6. Mustang,
    Wise comment, my friend!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….Never quite sure why some links here don’t open for YOU….they’re totally correct…try again!

    YOU ARE SO CORRECT when you say “…that young, black, entitled, dropout black males get into trouble more often than their white counterparts ”

    There are PLENTY of good Black homes in our country; their kids don’t die EXCEPT by kids from rotten homes who kill them in the line of fire!!!! There are SO many good kids that what we usually here is a kid was shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time….and he was a church goer, on the football team, had been accepted to Brown, etc etc….. THOSE kids are dying BY THEIR OWN COLOR…it’s SO SO TRAGIC!

    SOME Blacks in our nationwide community are discussing this….I can’t remember one’s name, but he fights hard to bring to our attention that it’s fatherless boys mostly who have trouble….then there are those fabulous Black commentators on FOX from time to time…. JASON WHITLOCK is one of the honest Black men in our country who CALLS OUT THE HUGE PROBLEM WITH BLACK CRIME!

    People say “But Z, there was a Black kid in Beverly Hills and he got picked up for NOTHING by the cops!” I Often say “There is not a huge contingent of Blacks in B.H…..the cops see a young guy in a somewhat crappy car, they see him do something wrong in traffic, and BAMMO, an excuse to stop him and question him…….they pay a FORTUNE in taxes in B.H. for good policing….Don’t tell me he fits in and nobody should worry this kid could kill them……………the reputation is that HE COULD.”

    He probably WOULDN’T…it COULD be an innocent drive through Beverly Hills….but it’s the rotten reputation our Black kids have GIVEN THEMSELVES……..
    I have Black family through marriage and they’re MARVELOUS, law abiding,…my Bible Study director is a GORGEOUS Black woman, inside and out, she has 3 young adult BLack sons who’ve never got in trouble because Dad’s also a stand-up guy no matter WHAT color he was, and this family is well respected in this mostly white Community of Santa Monica, and dearly loved. But they’ve been stopped for nothing “Your car looked like a perp’s car” and were immediately released, and THEY DO NOT LIKE IT and I DO NOT BLAME THEM.

    Enough on that…BOCOPRO’s statement is so true and is almost IGNORED and until our Black community, one I happen to think the world of because I have SUCH dear Black friends aND family, needs to WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING…SHAME their damned bad kids, SHAME their parents…into BEING STAND UP PEOPLE.
    SHAME THEM Embarrass them for their crime. Stop the stupid PROTEST walks where the only one who benefits is BENJAMIN CRUMP.$$$$$$$$$$$



  8. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, I think most people DO see Whoopi still as a comedian….this “RACIST” accusation has barely been associated with her, and I frankly don’t think she is….but this comment was SO BAD, it would be called PROVOCATION had a White person said anything like that, that my point here was to show what the LEFT can say and get away with. As Madonna’s statement…..if it was not Madonna, she’d probably been jailed.

    TRUMP supposedly (as far as we know) had the right idea that day “Go up there PEACEFULLY, gather there………” Something RARELY talked about since the COMMITTEE took control and ran it from THEIR viewpoints, erasing anything that could have made anyone there look innocent. He NEVER told anyone to trash the place. Or kill a young woman in cold blood, which never gets mentioned by the Left.

    THOSE are my biggest fears; we do NOT HEAR TRUTH. I wish I better saw your main point in your comment….”Talk talk talk” gets people ignited….Talk, peaceful protest, is a good thing, but it ignites. Sadly.
    Suggesting what she did is very dangerous talk to some people in our society.

    AOW is right….it’s VERY dangerous..

    BOCOPRO…SO SO SO TRUE!! “This year’s EMMY award for most overdramatic acting in a TV series goes to the Jan 6 committee.”


  9. geeez2014 says:

    OFF SUBJECT: GOVERNOR ABBOTT HAS APPOINTED A BORDER CZAR….A REAL ONE, WITH EXPERIENCE ON THE BORDER… He says he wants to make TX the least desirable state to get into.
    Sadly, the WH has NOW allowed migrants to get appts on line to seek exemptions to Title 42 and just GET RELEASED INTO THE COUNTRY.
    “This is the way to slow down illegal immigration!” WHAT??

    Biden’s CZAR did ZILCH, so let’s hope Texas’ guy can get a job done…


  10. geeez2014 says:

    WITH THE NEW GOV’T APP, a migrant paid 5 pesos to the US….with the Cartels, they wanted thousands. EASY PEASY, thanks, Biden…this illegal and his family “..are so relieved” he said!



  11. geeez2014 says:


    America charges five Mexican pesos.


  12. Baysider says:

    I have news for Whoopi. We HAVE seen white people beaten up by police. And totally ignored in the media. Tony Timpa. Killed. Heather MacDonald gave a list of them and the numbers BP seeks. No one knows their names. But a survey about 2-3 years ago asked how many unarmed blacks were killed by police. Answers ranged in the thousands. Facts were 8, I believe. None of that makes this crime less horrific but puts the firestorm in perspective.

    BTW, how many white guys get pulled over and put down on the ground at gunpoint by cops before they ask questions? And it’s a case of they-looked-like-a-criminal-with-an-APB-out-on-them-so-we’re-gonna-find-out? Two in my family – including my husband.

    BP+1. x2
    Mustang, AOW and Z + 1 “it’s the rotten reputation our Black kids have GIVEN THEMSELVES” 😥

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  13. MAL says:

    Whoopi’s comments reminds me of when a judge instructs a jury to ignore what was just said. How can they? “Oh! Okay. We didn’t hear that”?

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  14. Baysider says:

    Yeah. I it calls attention to it. “Do not think of a white elephant in the next 60 seconds.”


  15. Baysider says:

    “W allowed migrants to get appts on line to seek exemptions to Title 42 and just GET RELEASED INTO THE COUNTRY.” Invasion, not immigration. But our federal government HELPING the fight against one of the actual, legitimate functions they have – securing the border.

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  16. MAL says:

    Right. And I keep getting mail from the GOP asking for my support, like they’ve really been doing a great job. I’m sure you all have been getting them, too. I’m still waiting for Tom Fitton (sp?) of Judicial Watch and his law suit against Hillary and all the other suits he’s initiated against the left.
    The GOP are all wusses!


  17. bocopro says:

    Just curious to know if you’re gettin my e-mails.

    Been puttin your address in the BCC line on my rants.

    Sent a fairly long one yesterday titled “Fog Mentality”

    Didn’t send one today . . . .


  18. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: Tom’s a very good guy, friend of my aunt’s….he’s just got a ton going on.

    But I couldn’t agree with you more and I keep griping about it here, as you know: The Right gets ALL excited about how they GOT a LIB….and it NEVER EVER EVER pans out………………………it’s going to hurt our country badly.

    Thanks, Alinksky

    BOCOPRO…yes, I try to respond to them and have been too busy to read them all lately….so sorry.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I just read it quickly….I like this “Here’s a suggestion . . . how ‘bout we just let the snowflakes and flibbertigibbets BE offended and ignore them?”

    WHY , on WHY don’t we? I keep saying “WHO CARES HOW BAD THEY FEEL?” They’re CRAZIES and are destroying us for THEIR ridiculous sensitivities to insult, insults provoked by THEM so they can complain and protest and even kill!!!


  20. Baysider says:

    The left are covered in Teflon and the conservative officials have spines of overcooked pasta. But I will defend Fitton. He gets a lot of FOIA stuff that gets pushed out through other organizations. And evil doers know he’ll keep at it.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…Fitton is effective, but it doesn’t get in the news much;
    We need to START MAKING A DENT.

    HARD TO MAKE A DENT WHEN: TV shows are full of leftwing propaganda…commercials now have two men kissing tenderly, children with drag queens, MOm and two kids at the dinner table (no dad is normal), IF there actually is a dad in a commercial he might be Black, Mom might be White and GUESS WHAT… a kid who appears to be Chinese if you could get a clear look at the face; just subtle enough to make you think so, very well executed… ..(All in the name of OPEN MINDEDNESS, right!?)…etcetc


    They win because they have leftwingers who’re in the arts and in that business…the business of GETTING TO PEOPLE…subliminally or not…..

    Hoping Fitton, et al, can look into that…………….
    The DoJ is DENYING the Right a look at what classified stuff Biden had…….DENYING?!

    It’s getting untenable…….and nobody gives a shit.


  22. Baysider says:

    With the left it’s heads I win, tails you lose.

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