Sunday Faith Blog

THIS BOOK SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD ONE FOR BELIEVERS AND NON-BELIEVERS.  AS THE BLURB SAYS, “Even the most ardent critics have argued that the study of the Bible is essential to understanding our world. “


I just ordered a used paperback……..

Have a very happy Sunday………..Z

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6 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. -FJ says:

    Happy Sunday!


  2. peter3nj says:

    We’re having 24 hours of weather here in the Garbage State. It’s light now growing dark towards evening. 😎


  3. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…thanks…and to you.

    I had maybe THE best Sunday morning in ages….a FANTASTIC lecture on PRAYER with REALLY original, new ideas….blew our minds… in a class before Church service. I feel bad, honestly, for anyone who doesn’t know my pastor.

    Then a fantastic guest pastor (from Duke U) sermon on how “Faith sees best in the dark”..(Kierkegaard) and just as Pastor was saying “You have a such a good voice, I heard you in the lecture when that melody played…would you consider joining our few singers?”

    I was thrilled to respond “I’m going in NOW to my first rehearsal with this group!” Total coincidence that he’d ask today. He was even more delighted than I AM 🙂

    THEN another congregant hugged me and asked if I’d sing two solos I used to do…she’d remembered I’d sung them for a few years before I left that church 9 years ago. I felt great at that nice compliment….!!!!
    SO, great Sunday……….

    PETER…SNOW? We’re getting MORE RAIN: I LOVE IT!
    Yesterday, Mom said “What do you think it IS with all this rain?”

    I said “Mom, it didn’t rain as much the last 10 years ago or so but this was NORMAL growing up here…(She admitted “yes, that’s true, come to think of it”)…poor climate change believers don’t quite know WHAT to do with weather cycles; it destroys their narrative!” 🙂


  4. Baysider says:

    Essential in a classics study program. The histories don’t ‘clean up’ human nature, but the sublimity of some of the prose and the wisdom presented are universally admirable. I agree with Greg Koukl’s statement that the bible is the story of reality, something we need big doses of. We had a classic modern educator as a neighbor who did not believe it at all, but emphasized in her southern lady-of-rectitude manner how important it was as good lit-er-ah-tour. It gave our culture a common foundation, and that WAS good. I hope it draws people in or back. It might help make us “nice.” I would like it to help make us holy.

    As we saw, the times we grew up in included many rebels who had not yet reached the point where it was “safe” to openly rebel, then could, then celebrate it, then censure those who didn’t, while forcibly discarding the source of wisdom and its adherents.

    These authors were a force behind the Jesus Gets Us ads on the Super Bowl. Was it a good expenditure of $70M (I think) to open the door a crack to an crowd who might never explore the bible while re-branding Jesus? They say Jesus “spent his life defending the poor and the marginalized.” And “He doesn’t want us to act like adults.” Um. I don’t think so. But it could give our culture yet another excuse to remake Jesus into the social justice warrior and inoculate people against His real purpose with just a little dose of Jesus lite. Be interested to know how much if any of that purpose drifts into their book.


  5. Baysider says:

    I am so happy you will be joining with your church’s singers!! As a closet musician myself I feel for that special community you get by making music together.

    And a good Sunday here too with a great sermon and communion from afar. Got my tomato patch cleaned up and a new planting just before the rain. 🙂 You know I had thousands of dollars stolen from my bank account last September. It took about 2 months to recover half of it, and the bank just notified me that the rest is returned to our account. Talk about an answer to prayer and trust.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, the more I hear and see the JESUS ads here and there, I know it’s not what true believers would have hoped for. It’s Hillsong gone amuk. No depth of teaching, just believing Jesus was a good guy who’s basically a socialist.
    Untrue on all counts.
    Again, the ‘weaponization of compassion’.

    I believe the hearts behind those ads are good; and I believe they think a smattering of ‘sweet Jesus’ stuff might compel people to faith…and it could………..maybe we’re just too well versed in Scripture and Truth that anything less than what and how we learn seems phony. I hope that’s right and I’m being too critical.

    The book I’m recommending has nothing to do with “Jesus Lite”

    I just wish I’d remember to ask my uncle, who’s given a HUGE amount to the Bible museum in NY…he knows the Greens and knows phonies. If he smelled phony in them, he’d never have donated.

    Glad your money’s being returned…Very good news. And God’s timing.


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