Small Story….large implications


A Lieutenant Colonel is calling a mother who questioned posters in the class of her young child ‘extremist’  and the police chief, too, has been critical of her.  Both wanted her Facebook post taken down though all it said was that her child was confused at seeing odd posters, including the word POLYSEXUALITY on them, in the classroom …and she adds that her FB post included that we love everyone and all deserve respect.

Somehow, the perverted Democrats have seeped into our military and our schools……and we’re doing nothing.

BUT ANY BOOK WITH A GOOD MESSAGE IS THREATENED AND KIRK CAMERON HAD TO CANCEL A READING TODAY BECAUSE OF THREATENED VIOLENCE.  Cameron is against gay marriage and believes homosexuality is hurting the underpinnings of Western society.  He doesn’t hate anyone, he just believes differently than most of the Left and some churches and synagogues.  So he MUST be censored and threatened?


IT’S VERY SAD THAT ALL PEOPLE’S OPINIONS ARE NOT WELCOME OUT IN THE OPEN;  MAYBE HEARTS AND MINDS COULD BE CHANGED ONE WAY OR THE OTHER IF THEY WOULD STOP CANCELING, INSULTING, LYING ABOUT OPINIONS……But these are people who believe exposing 7 year olds to sexual things they’re far too young to understand comes first.   THAT is what’s offensive, whether you’re an LGBT fan or not.  LET children learn about positive, healthy, virtuous things.………stop hurting them.

I hope at least a few of you watched the Special on FOX last night about Benjamin Hall’s injuries and the amazing things he went through…including the hideous deaths of his two colleagues…..QUITE a story of FOX’s fabulous assistance in GETTING HIM HOME.  Quite a show.


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11 Responses to Small Story….large implications

  1. bocopro says:

    The reality is that no “wide range of genders” exists. What we have is a bio-factory which produces two genders with an occasional manufacturing defect in the 3- to 5% probability range, well within the margin of error for a successful business.

    There is, however, a “wide range” of mental disorders resulting from several factors such as social media, nuclear family dissolution, television commercial programmers, and the educational system.

    In the absence of teachers’ unions, social media, and “woke” commercials on TV, our national obsession with gender dysphoria and LGBTQ “rights” would dry up and blow away like a morning fog in Atlanta on a late-summer morning.

    Kids fantasize about being lotsa things – cowboys, astronauts, NFL quarterbacks, pirates, princesses, lion kings, Batman – but 99% of ‘em grow out of it to become welders, taxi drivers, nurses, factory workers, cops, sailors, mothers, and fathers.

    The higher-order logic centers of the human brain aren’t fully developed until long after voting-age eligibility. To believe a 6-yr-old boy who announces that he might like to try being a girl and subject him to hormone-injection or gender-altering surgery is mutilation, and anyone who does it should have his OWN reproductive organs removed, preferably with blunt instruments.

    To even CONSIDER removing the breast buds from a pre-pubescent girl is barbarous, savage, sadistic cruelty and anyone who performs or supports the procedure should be staked out on fire-ant mounds, naked, and smeared with honey. And it should be televised until only the skeleton remains.


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    Traditional conservatives have children. Leftwing progressives have a much lower birthrate than conservatives. Given that children generally grow up to vote like their parents (somewhere over 50%), Progs are in real trouble demographically, and they know it.

    Since they have no progeny of their own, they’ve got to pervert and twist children into confused human beings who end up voting progressive. Sick.

    Bunker has a good post today as well on a related topic.

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  3. MAL says:

    You all make good points. And the vast majority agree with you. So why are we allowing them to continue? It brings to mind:
    “We have met the enemy and it is us”.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…AMEN to all of that…. Who GIVES A DAMN what adults do with their bodies…but LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!
    And to have parents taken out of the equation?/…so they suddenly could have a 14 yr old girl with no breasts and hormones to prevent her from parenthood?..maybe forever? Then what? They’ve lost their child.
    No worries, the State will pay when the child wakes up and realize they’ve been disfigured.


    SF…I don’t think “they know it”, do you? It’s RIGHT, what you said, but their knowing it? Not sure they’re smart enough.

    I believe a lot of the encouragement of perversion is to justify THEIR perversion….I know women who screwed around on their children’s fathers and they were the type of woman who encouraged their teens to have sex “do what makes you feel good”, etc……sure, dampening their guilt “Well, my KIDS do it!”



  5. Baysider says:

    BP and SF + 1

    And a teacher in a KIPP academy in San Antonio played a hooker role playing game with 7th graders. Administration covered it up for months. High school students in Eugene, Oregon were assigned to write a sexual fantasy short story. A teacher in Minneapolis surveyed her class about concealing ‘gender identity’ from their parents.

    All horrible stories. But they can’t hold a candle to THIS one! A military officer takes it upon himself to transform respectful public domestic dialog into a potential act of terrorism? He said “the current situation involving Ms. Reading’s actions has caused safety concerns for many families.” It SHOULD. Just not the ones he has in mind. Those families should be just as outraged about the safety of their children’s minds in that environment. Which, btw, was all about creating ‘safe spaces.’ Apparently not for differing opinions. I read her post. Spot on. No threats. She just turned the lights on!

    That officer should be publicly cashiered even if he is 1 day short of retirement. The police chief too. The LC says “the joint command” reviewed this. Something MUCH bigger is going on. More on the order of the hollow nickel newsboy Jimmy Bozart dropped that split open exposing the Soviet’s Rudolf Abel spy gang. Where are those vaunted ‘investigative journalists’ now? This is a juicy story.

    Donald Trump’s payment of hush money to a blackmailer isn’t even inside the sandbox compared to this.


  6. Mustang says:

    What Kurt said. And what he said is easy to do when leftists run the entire public education system. And believe me, they do.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    WELL WELL WELL….AT&T ‘s pay-on-line isn’t working so I had to call in just now….I got ‘Evander’, Mexican accent, amazingly helpful.
    Hanging up, after I told him “You could NOT have been more helpful,”, he actually said “Have a BLESSED day!”
    YOWZA! GOod on Evander 🙂 Hoping nobody at AT&T finds out and fires him for being grossly religious or putting his faith opinions on others (Smile)…

    BAYSIDER…Exactly! I couldn’t BELIEVE what I was reading! She said NOTHING offensive, she even SAID she’s not against gays, etc etc.
    WHY should ANY 7 year old have to ask what POLYSEXUAL means!?

    BY the way; That Trump payment isn’t even illegal!

    Nobody caught it, but I mentioned the other day how it’s odd that the media’s saying that paying Stormy off is SO terrible…Trump/Cohen couldn’t let the affair business (true or not) come out BEFORE THE ELECTION, so they did all they could to get that SHUT DOWN.

    But LET HUNTER BIDEN say what HE SAYS in emails on his computer and THE MEDIA SILENCES THAT STORY BECAUSE IT’S BEFORE THE ELECTION and nobody really gives a damn? hmmmm

    MUSTANG: they absolutely DO. So sad.


  8. peter3nj says:

    “The American People.” Who today are the “American People?” Those penetrating our borders illegally, the how many millions of graduates from the socialist enclaves of academia, the thousands upon thousands of gangbangers running amok unencumbered or hunted down by the authorities, the cradle to grave government dependent denizens living in the government built vertical slums-oops I mean hoods,” the drug lords and their street corner distributing minions,,members and voters of the democrat party? Are these among the “Americans” who will protest the losing of our country to the evil left along with the working class almost totally absorbed in keeping their heads above water a great percentage of whom have little to no idea the source of their incrementally slipping away freedoms. Duh…


  9. Baysider says:

    Sober thoughts, Peter


  10. Baysider says:

    Re: People standing up. A related story you’ll like.

    A friend visited today, and told about when her now-14 year old son was in 3rd grade. He was taking an after school art class for 6 weeks. The parents were called after week 5 to alert them that Mr. would be changing to Ms. as of the next week. School officials begged the parents to not tell their kids until the weekend so it wouldn’t get all over school. Her husband was incensed. He said “these are 3rd graders! Why doesn’t the teacher wait a week instead of asking 8 year olds to process his issues on the last day of class?” Nope. Not possible. Clearly HE wanted to ‘make a statement’ with his inconsiderate timing. Well, the parents forget, and son went to the last session of art class. He saw his teacher dressed up as a woman and asked him directly “how come you’re wearing a costume today?” A very bright little boy. Now, at 14 he tells his mom “I’m done with this sh*t” – a word she permits for situations like this.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…a friend was here this afternoon; Strong Conservative…She said she felt this whole situation in America was due to those wanting the CONTROL from GLOBALIZATION, making us all part of some large conglomerate country because America hasn’t ever been great and deserves to come down a notch……. I’m getting a tad tired of hearing that CONTROL thing and honestly can’t imagine that every stinkin’ leftwinger who’s for the crap Biden’s doing thinks THEY’re going to HAVE CONTROL of ANYTHING.
    I believe you’re right…the Leftwing stupids honestly don’t realize what they’ll be missing when they’ve reached their goals…or helped their puppet masters do so.

    BAYSIDER…I’m thinking there are a LOT of kids who feel like that 14 year old. We can only hope.


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