“Free Shit”…How do we combat this?


There are still Americans who understand that “Free Shit”* isn’t good for our country or our people, but that number is shrinking, let’s face it.


z  (thanks for sending me this, Imp!) *Sorry, everybody, for the language, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do to make an excellent point!

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  1. bocopro says:


    Just yesterday I was discussing the future with one of my grandsons. Naturally the entitlements situation was integral.

    What surprised me about it was his assertion that many of his college friends are fully aware of the fact that having half the populace taking while less than half the rest are making is unsustainable.

    Incidentally, he was the one who introduced that word (unsustainable), not me. He’s aware that the time is coming when interest on the national debt along with Social Security and MediCare will consume 100% of revenue, leaving ZERO for defense, education, infrastructure maintenance, government, and so on.

    Unsurprising was that, like the rest of us, he has no solution for the problem except for two radical tactics:

    First, reduce the size of central government by about 75% and get it out of the faces of entrepreneurs and small businesses to rejuvenate the economy. Start manufacturing again instead of importing. Develop a trade surplus instead of a trade deficit.

    Second, just cancel the damned debt. Tell people, both domestic and foreign, that those bonds are worthless and if they don’t like it they’re welcome to do what they think they can to retrieve their investments, but resources are no longer available for honoring the debt. Any attempt to pay off the national debt now would result in complete dissolution of the United States and total collapse of global economy and trade.

    Works for me. Much easier to get forgiveness than permission. Amazing that he has friends in his age group (mid 20s) who “get it.”


  2. fredd says:

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. We have to actively oppose those who advocate giving ‘free shit’ to voters, as well as shunning recipients of all of this ‘free shit.’ Always vote against these scoundrels who promise a chicken in every pot (at the expense of producers in this country). Vote them out. And as for people who support them (Democrats/liberals); shun them. If you find out that someone with whom you have any association intends on voting for these scoundrels, end that association. If you are an employer (a producer), fire them immediately. If you have a family member who votes for or receives goodies from a liberal politician, shun them. Do not attend their weddings, anniversary parties or funerals.

    There is no other way. We must eliminate the sustenance of these monsters. They are deplorable and irredeemable (not my words, but they work in this case). These takers are destroying us. We must oppose them at every turn, no matter who they are.


  3. Kid says:

    Get enough states to secede for the Conservative population to move into, turn off the spigots for able-bodied individuals, and provide training if necessary but not money. No welfare, no WIC, No mosques, no illegals. Restore and improve upon the constitution making totally unambiguous. Provide mandatory gun safety classes in kindergarten and grade school, etc etc.


  4. bunkerville says:

    For starters do what Clinton did back in the 1990’s and make those who get benefits work for it. CCC camps would be good for the young ones as was done in the 1930’s. Take them out of their element and start them on a work ethic.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville, I have thought about that CCC, WPA idea, too….many times. It’s what I thought the jerk meant when he said “Shovel ready”…we could train and employ many and get a LOT DONE..roads, dams, ..infrastructure which needs it SO BADLY. But where DID that ‘shovel ready’ go?

    “SHOVEL READY” went with “SHOVEL THE S***” as my post suggests, right?

    Kid, excellent…completely unrealistic…but EXCELLENT! Do you REALLY EVER think these things could/would work???

    fredd…sure, we DO try to vote them out! But there aren’t ENOUGH OF US, that’s the problem! I like your other idea better…shun the ones WE KNOW! But it won’t work. I have one dear sister who’s liberal and it was occurring to me last night that it’s difficult to like her much anymore…I will always love her, but it’s very hard to consider a well educated, loving person can so badly understand America’s founding, the self reliance America meant to support in her people, the fact that WE AMERICANS MATTER more than those of other countries..just as they matter more to their own countrymen….although we Americans HELP OTHERS MORE than other countries do and we’re happy to do so. I could go on and on with how I feel about that…but I won’t. I’d not shun her, but I do find myself moving away from my more liberal friends…we have so little in common and now it’s not just politics but it’s so utterly BASIC, such important, good things that must NEVER be confounded by political correctness, not putting America first, etc etc.

    bocopro….did your grandsons say their friends who ARE aware also agree with them on how to handle things?



  6. geeez2014 says:

    AND HERE’S THE DEAL: The sister I mentioned above thinks I’m not kind when it comes to politics and don’t care about non Americans, and generalize about different nationalities and think everyone should have free health care and it’s important to support gender or color candidates, etc etc etc. This is tough stuff….

    Brother, it actually looks like it might RAIN HERE IN L.A> any minute….getting kind of dark…hurrah! PLEASE give us some WEATHER! It’s been too beautiful around here…I LIKE RAIN!


  7. bocopro says:

    “did your grandsons say their friends who ARE aware also agree with them on how to handle things?”

    Not exactly. He knows that his ideas are pretty extreme, like burnin down the barn to get rid of the rats, ’cause lotsa people would be hurt by such draconian methods.

    Basically he said that his friends — at least several of them — appreciate the problem and wish it could be fixed easily, but they have no confidence in our system’s ability to repair itself in its present configuration.

    He’s a pretty sharp kid, and I doubt he’s being completely up front about their takes on how to fix things. He did say that many of them believe that the influx of more “refugees” from the Middle East would only make the situation worse and the border problem HAS to be fixed SOON.


  8. Baysider says:

    Worse than giving it for free is creating the expectation that you deserve it for free. Econ 101: wants will always outweigh resources available to fulfill them.

    I don’t think the board of governors of the Fed will ever let us wrap up the debt. They make too much money off of it – hey, more free stuff!


  9. Kid says:

    Z, Thx. Didn’t jerry brown cancel the California debt of around 38 billion or more?

    Greece stiffed some countries and bond holders of a lot of money too and they’re still giving those idiots more $.


  10. Kid says:

    Liberals have the minds of children. Bratty ones. Everything free, swing the borders wide open. Everyone is a nice person, there is no evil in the world, la dee da dee da dee la la


  11. Baysider says:

    More @ Kid – you can add “I don’t wanna” to that list. Make life easy. Give me what I want. I do’t wanna pay for it.


  12. Kid says:

    Baysider, I also left out the fascism.


  13. Silverlady says:

    And just how are we to wean the GIMMEEES from decades of all their ‘Free Shit’? Sad to say, but good luck with that, since there are more of them, plus their brain-dead Liberal bleeding hearts, than there are of us. Might be time for the pitchforks.


  14. Mal says:

    Bocopro, your suggestion to simply cancel the entire debt sounds tempting, and very attractive. Americans that would be hurt may not be able to do much about it; however, from what I gather, a lot of it, perhaps most of it, is owed to China and I’m not sure how they would take it. Our credit rating already has been trashed under this administration so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to them, and they definitely have benefited from our stupidity which enabled them to rebuild their
    infrastructure. Perhaps it could work. It would also trash our credibility for years to sell U.S. bonds. But we shouldn’t go into debt again, unless absolutely necessary, like a war (i.e., Pearl Harbor and 9/11).


  15. Baysider says:

    Z, I just returned from an errand in Westwood. I crossed the street with a man with an umbrella, and I said “you’re hopeful.” Nope, actually it WAS raining a bit when he left his house in Brentwood. I’m with you!


  16. Kid – Provide mandatory gun safety classes in kindergarten and grade school, etc etc.

    You had me 100% until ‘no Mosques’. That defeats a Republic built upon Individual Liberty in one fell swoop.


  17. Silverlady says:

    I have a question for all the intelligent posters here, & our Geeez. I’ve heard this discussed many times, as you may have, & as late as Sunday night. Is there ANY way that Bampot could block the election by declaring Martial Law? For one thing, people are worried about the military, as he has weeded out so many good & loyal officers who would stand up to him. Not much faith in Congress, either, as there are so many lily-livered, weak sisters on the Hill; all they want to do, for the most part, is to protect their backsides. I’ve tried Searching for an answer, but not much luck. a lot of beating around the bush, but nothing straightforward. So I have come here for the benefit of your collective knowledge.


  18. bocopro says:

    Latest figures I saw on the debt showed that less than half of it is held by foreign governments, and China has the second biggest slice at around $1.23 Trillion is bonds, T-bills, and notes of various kinds, and Japan has the biggest at $1.24 T.

    Of course both those governments are inextricably linked to the US in so many economic ways that demanding payment or selling their holdings of US debt would cripple them as much as it would us.

    Actual reliable figures are kinda hard to get hold of for reasons I won’t even try to discuss ’cause I don’t fully understand ’em myself. Generally speaking, pie charts showing US government debt by holders tend to dispute one another, and much of what you’ll find if you try to google it will show outdated figures from as far back as 2010.

    Example of that is forbes.com which you’d expect to be ontoppathangs but ain’t. Go there http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikepatton/2014/10/28/who-owns-the-most-u-s-debt/#5c5712871907
    and you’ll see what I mean. The pie chart is kinda sorta revealing, tho.


  19. fredd says:

    I can’t agree that there are more moochers than producers eligible to vote. Not yet. If that were the case, we would never see another Republican elected to any office anywhere.

    We’ll see in about 55 days what kind of energy the makers have, and what kind of energy the takers have. Should be instructive.


  20. Kid says:

    CI “You had me 100% until ‘no Mosques’. That defeats a Republic built upon Individual Liberty in one fell swoop.”

    I don’t care 😉


  21. Silverlady says:

    Kid, if you look at barenakedislam.com today you’ll see why I agree with you completely. Truly unbelievable evil.


  22. Sparky says:

    I think one of the only ways to fight it is SHRUG. Do not pay taxes. Do not comply. Do not cooperate. Freedom is worth fighting for.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    baysider…almost no rain at ALL and beautiful blue skies again…SO disappointed. Umbrella? I live there and I sure didn’t get any drops!! 😦

    Sparky…I’m with you. Let them arrest us ALL.

    Fredd said “I can’t agree that there are more moochers than producers eligible to vote. Not yet. If that were the case, we would never see another Republican elected to any office anywhere.”
    I have often said over the last five years that we will not have another Republican elected president ever again. I hope to hell I’m wrong. Had lunch with a friend my age….despises Trump….”my daughter wanted Bernie”….of course, every daughter wanted Bernie…she’s thirty-something and went to an American university.
    Do you KNOW how small Republican clubs are at American schools? They exist but they’re infinitesimal and so badly insulted it’s astonishing they exist.

    Silverlady…some of my readers DO believe Obama would call Martial Law…I’m not one of those…And there are few who find him as dreadful in every way as I do.

    Kid…No synagogues, no churches, either? We just HAVE to realize that ‘no mosques’ could never ever happen…and try to fix/change things from that point. As a matter of fact, churches are becoming mosques here and there, particularly in Europe….they have the MONEY, we don’t.
    Sadly, large groups of muslims are NOT marching around the world against the terror called for by their ‘holy’ book….I know very welll that most muslims didn’t know about that over the years, but THEY DO NOW….where ARE they? Why Aren’T THEY being held to the same rigid scrutiny and insult any Christian is the minute he’s committed a heinous crime? it’s CHRISTIANITY which gets slammed by our media and secularists the minute a “once taught Sunday School” “Christian” kills her four children, like Andrea Jaeger, or if any “Christian” kills an abortion mill doctor….suddenly it’s CHRISTIANITY…but let 19 muslims kill 3000 Americans and we can’t mention muslims….
    so sad…and we’d better damn well WAKE UP to that…


  24. Kid says:

    Silverlady, Z, and CI:

    SL – Nothing would shock me regards martial law. We have an evil administration and a clown show for an opposition executive/legislative party

    As far as moslems and mosques. islam has nothng in common with a free society. The word islam translates to Submit. Nothing about America or its principles resonates with Submit about anything. My imaginary new country of seceded states called Freedonia can still be a Righteous Republic and reject islam and moslems on this basis. Multi-culturalism with anti-Freedom savages is worse than anything we can imagine happening in the world of finance or contractural law, or anything else where we are ‘supposedly’ protected by the constitution and the minds of men who constructed our republic in the first place. This also goes to my clause of strengthening the Constitution and making it totally unambiguous. The British Exit acceptance vote by its citizens was a vote to reject moslme savages from entering their country adn I’m sure they are working on measures to control and eject the ones who are there. They are building a wall at Calais to keep “the jungle’ as it is known full of savages from filtering into the UK.

    As a quick aside. I read today where many “asylum seekers” in Germany has gone back to their war torn homelands for “vacation time”. Yea,asylum seekers.

    I can’t imagine how anyone can think that we are bound by some constitutional principle to take in savages, let alone pay for them to live here. People who have these thoughts should see a qualified psychologist.

    Thank you for asking. I take it as a compliemnt all and keep it brief.


  25. Kid says:

    Z, PS. If Christians and Jewish people start going into nightclubs and gunning down 50 people, then we’ll consider adding churches and synagogues.

    Any Christians go and kill the POS who displayed his ‘art’ of a piss soaked Jesus Christ painting or something or other? Nope.


  26. Kid says:

    I would also categorize some whackjob who kills an abortion doctor not as a Christian but as a whackjob. And individual in a multi-million sea of Christians.

    If an IBM employee was a serial rapist would that reflect on IBM? Heck no. He wouldn’t be publicized as an IBM employee, he’d be a serial rapist whackjob.


  27. Kid – I’d be interested in reading how you would make the Constitution ‘unambiguous’ and still comport with the 1st Amendment, as written. Or are you advocating for a complete rewrite?


  28. Imp says:

    “I don’t care…”✈︎✈︎



  29. Good to know there’s a lot of thought put into it………


  30. Kid says:

    CI, You don’t invite the lion or the snake into your house to show the world you are polite. To do so would be Insane. Well, it’s up to you. You can live in a moslem free Freedonia or possibly yet a 3rd version of America that still tries to make multi-culturalism work with anti-freedom, women abusing and mutilating, animal abusing, young boy abusing, children torturing 7th century savages. Just don’t ask us for any money.

    1st Amendment? The one that used to allow us to insult moslem savages. Not so much any more eh? Wait til hilrod gets elected. It will become a capital offense to offend a murderous raping savage.

    My 2nd amendment would require every individual to own a gun. Whether they buy ammo for it or ever pull the trigger not would be up to them. No supreme court is going to find a stick up their butt arguing over a comma.

    And what the hey, my 2 favorite additions off the cuff to a good constitution would be to disallow anyone to draft legislation that excludes them, or drafts legislation that excludes the citizenry. That’s a big one in my mind. Instead of sparring why don’t we draft a Great Constitution. It’s all academic anyway of course. Ain’t jack gonna happen.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, everything you say is right…nothing in the constitution forces America to take in people who can’t or won’t fit in…and their very credo eliminates their presence here unless and until they had a reformation and finally realized not becoming a muslim doesn’t warrant brutal killing.
    The only reason I challenge you on some of this is we all know it doesn’t matter what we think anymore; this society won’t protect itself properly because, in our country, as the great Peter Kreeft asserts and backs up, we have reduced all virtues to one; being NICE.
    Not a good idea.
    As we see Christianity slammed and belittled and see society slowly fail on a seemingly coordinated downcurve, people still don’t get the connection…Fear? Having been treated badly by Christians once? Who knows? But it’s there and we need to wake up to it. The Judeo-Christian philosophies got America to here….Ridding ourselves of it is clearly not helping.

    Gad, we all know that ONE “Christian” who kills is a whacko and not a Christian; nowhere in the New Testament does it advocate killing innocent people! But it doesn’t matter…I’m talking about how the looney secular media represents things, and that, sadly, is aiding the secular rise….

    You have put a lot of thought in all of this over the years I’ve known you, and I respect it very much, but I also feel we need to be realists and fight realistically…

    Ya, imagine the “refugees” in Germany going hometo what they supposedly because they were threatened ..for VACATION? Doesn’t that tell anybody ANYTHING???!!!


  32. geeez2014 says:

    KID! Check THIS out!!! “In the case, however, when the journey is being conducted for leisure purposes, this may be an indication that the refugee fears no persecution,” BAMF added as quoted by the German outlet. That would in return lead to stripping of asylum status.”

    Ya, Germany, ya THINK??


  33. Kid says:

    Z, Thank you for your excellent comment. My feeling is that the rubber is hitting the road in a big way these days, and if we are going to survive we are going to have to do some things some of us (not me) are squimish about or uncomfortable with. We’ve dipped too far into no-worky-land and it seems the no-worky-people are the loudest and demanding the most. (we know who the are tight) This is natural of course. They know how screwed up and non-participatory they are but if they admit it, they cut off their bennies and advantages and crutches. Never happen.

    It is time for hard honest talk and actions that make sense for a country that is trying to survive.
    What better indication of a country trying to survive than a half dead POS non-convicted criminal running and supported by a major party for the white house. ? And the 2nd runner up (biden) is a moron of the 7th order.


  34. Kid says:

    Z, Will Germany act on it though?


  35. Imp says:

    “Doesn’t that tell anybody ANYTHING???!!!”

    Can you say naive, suicidal suckers? Man up Germany. Man up. I think as soon as Octoberfest is deemed unacceptable and culturally offensive….war will break out.


  36. You’re not getting any argument from me on immigration. No non-citizen has any right to enter or become an American. But I will fight as hard as with ay other right, the ability to practice devotion to one’s God as they see fit, barring injury, theft or restriction of other’s liberty. Law abiding Muslims are not threat to me or you, simply by virtue of their personal faith.

    I will not give the State the power to decide how or who I deem fit it to worship or not. I would think that anyone who sees their faith as being currently victimized would feel likewise, but your mileage may vary.

    Hopefully your 2nd Amendment would provide firearms free of charge.


  37. Imp says:

    CI…you see islam as a “faith / religion”. Millions of dead people at their hands see them as a murderous political, ideological cult. Not one bit of difference between it and Nazism as far as having the same goals and murderous intent.


  38. Yes, I do see it as a “faith / religion”. Based on it meeting all of the logical tenets of what constitutes a religion.

    Nazism is/was a political movement. The two often intertwine and have similar goals, but that does not equal being the same.


  39. Imp says:

    Suppose…just suppose that Hitler declared Nazism a “religion”. He had the power to do so….and realize too that it was a political movement, which we know it was. Would he have been exempt from our allies destroying it even though we knew that he favored genocide and an annihilation of an entire race of people because it was a “religion”? I’d say that the Nazi’s had the same fervor for their ideology as islam does today and for the past 1200 years.


  40. Would he have been exempt from our allies destroying….

    Hitler’s Nazism fallen under our Constitutional purview? The answer would be no. I care about what happens to our Republic and it’s Citizens…..not another regime and it’s subjects.

    If you’re using historical ‘fervor’ as a metric, you’re going to start getting into Christianity a few hundred years ago, when life was far less sacred, depending on what God you professed to submit to…or none.


  41. First sentence should begin with ‘Did’. Not sure what happened there.


  42. Kid says:

    CI “Yes, I do see it as a “faith / religion”. Based on it meeting all of the logical tenets of what constitutes a religion.”

    And what would those tenets be? A sadistic pedophoile claims to have spoken to a God on a mountaintop? And it is commonly known now that “islam and the koran” did not originate with mohammed. It was constructed of material put together by the writings of pedophilic POS’s living well before mohammed’s time. (Google it)

    By the way, I have also spoken to God on a mountaintop and he/she has told me that all women under the weight limit of 149.50 lbs must always bee seen in public in a string bikini, and said women must submit to me whenever I give the the magical password of Swordfish.

    Are you nuts? Are you moslem? Do you have a psychological disorder? Do you have a death wish? Do you have a fantasy of being killed by beheading? Just trying to cover all the bases here. 🙂


  43. Kid says:

    CI “I care about what happens to our Republic and it’s Citizens”

    No, you don’t. You want to import all manner of moslem murderous raping vermin for no good reason.


  44. Imp says:

    Well Kid…we do live in a free and secular society…where all manner of customs and cultural identities must be acknowledged, accepted without caveats or conditions and be respected. Even if it is totally incompatible with our customs, traditions, laws, mores and our constitution. Otherwise….we risk being labeled “deplorable, phobic or racist”, right? And that…must be far worse than beheading or an untimely death by the hands of islamists…Inshallah, right?


  45. geeez2014 says:

    “Law abiding Muslims are not threat to me or you, simply by virtue of their personal faith”

    And, when those law abiding Muslims speak out against terror in large numbers, even protesting through marching in our cities in solidarity with non Muslims, won’t that be a convincing and happy day? Because, up till now, we can’t know if they’re a threat or not….
    And everyone at my blog knows I stand up for the fact that that most Muslims don’t want me or anybody else dead.

    Kid, CI…what IS the reason for bringing in Somalis and other Muslims when we know for a fact that many of these people have caused terrible problems? What IS the reason?
    Being NICE? That’s my point from my Peter Kreeft comment.


  46. Imp says:

    And furthermore…we have to listen to this bullshit on the day of or a day or two after 911.


  47. Imp says:

    “what IS the reason for bringing in Somalis and other Muslims when we know for a fact that many of these people have caused terrible problems? What IS the reason?”

    Not one goddamn good one I can think of. And coming from our “wise leaders” who’ll never suffer at their hands or have to live near or around them….I conclude it’s PC, stupidity, ignorance and outright hate of our country.


  48. Kid says:

    Z, moslems and every/any kind of vile savage is being imported into the USA by the democrats to be democrat voters. The democrats don’t care at all about American safety or quality of life.
    I don’t believe there is a single moslem on the face of the earth that cares or respects American/Capitalist values. They are all working to kill us or breed us out. I don’t believe what a single one of them says, evern that guy you talk about that is supposedly anti-islam. Jiddar? Whatever. Not a single one of them cares about or respects a free society like America Used to be.


  49. Bob says:

    “most of it, is owed to China ”

    Sixteen percent of US debt is held by the Social Security System.


  50. Bob says:

    Uh, the US government owes the Social Security System over $3 Trillion.

    The Federal Reserve Bank holds 12%, and other government agencies hold 13%. China is holding about 8% and Japan holds 7%. If all the US debt were cancelled, the entire world’s monetary system would be in danger of collapse, and my monthly SS check might disappear. It’s always the old folks getting screwed, even if we were the ones that spent all that money.


  51. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I will never agree with you….Zuhdi Jasser is his name and he’s ex military and a heart surgeon in AZ, I think it is….a very devout Muslim and very worried about Sharia Law in America.
    I’ll never in a million years believe he wants to see this country go down to yet another muslim cess pool…..which weren’t cesspools, by the way, until muslims had to make way for radical islamists….that’s important to consider.


  52. Bob says:

    Z: Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see Colin Kapernick protest sharia law?


  53. geeez2014 says:

    Bob…in our dreams. He’s too busy propagating lies about “Hands up, don’t shoot”..If he made SENSE, I’d probably give him some credence…
    As it is, he’s dead WRONG to sit for the anthem and his hate is repulsive to me….I understand people angry at some of the cops….but sports aren’t where to mouth off your stupidity…kids don’t need their heroes dishonoring our country; it’s bad enough when their lib teachers do it!! xx


  54. No, you don’t. You want to import all manner of moslem murderous raping vermin for no good reason.

    Bullshit. Stop lying.


  55. Kid says:

    Z, Ok.

    Regards your link. If they are islam they have no intention of assimilating into American culture. They’re invaders with the intent of forcing sharia down everyone’s throat.

    5 to 4 in Irving Texas Z. 5 to 4 !!

    It won’t take them long to breed them out to 5 to 4 the other way.


  56. Kid says:

    PS, wake me up when some moslem turns in one of their mutt who they know is planning an attack. Until then I have no use for a single one of them.


  57. Kid says:

    PPS, and you have to pass a bill saying that American law supercedes foreign law?? IN America ???!!!!


  58. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I won’t throw out the opposite stances….I know you’re set on yours….

    Don’t worry, the WSJ is reporting this morning that Obama plans to import 30% more this year…110,000……..

    I’m hoping we get an answer to WHY ARE WE BRINGING SO MANY IN NOW? What is the reason? Most of the Somalis and others will never learn English or work here, so we’re supporting them and their families forever, as some plan to kill Americans….what’s that purpose looking at it from America’s point of view? I’d like to know the answer from those who find you distasteful for simply questioning islam.


  59. Kid says:

    Z, They’re importing democrats.

    Look at it this way. They don’t care about Americans, why would we think they care about Somali’s ?


  60. Mal says:

    Bocopro, according to the site you showed, the largest owner of debt is Social Security, which doesn’t surprise me because I remember when Congress “borrowed” from it during the 1960’s, placing IOU’s in. They saw this huge sum of money and couldn’t resist the temptation. I believe it was under Johnson, but not sure of that. Anyway, what I picture happening if the slate was wiped clean, totally wiping out Social Security, is the Government having to continue supporting all the retired, placing us back in debt again. It WOULD, however, give us a huge break in the interest we would save, enabling us to more easily balance the budget, which we have yet to accomplish.
    The solution ain’t pretty, no matter how we approach it. This is why I have long advocated that presidential candidates have strong financial backgrounds, like MBA’s and Accountants instead of (or together with) backgrounds in political science. Another good test would be to see their personal financial condition so we can see how sensible they are regarding their personal finances. That tells a lot about an individual’s ability and thinking. Their net worth isn’t as important as their stability. Debt free would impress me the most, regardless of the size of their estate.


  61. Kid says:

    MAL, Yea, LBJ store the SS $, created ‘the great society’ – welfare and WIC and proclaimed This will have those n-words voting democrat for the next 50 years.


  62. Mal says:

    Thanks, Kid. I thought it was LBJ, but wasn’t 100% sure. I remember when FDR began S/S during the depression around 1935 because so many folks were in bread lines and sleeping in their cars because they no longer had a home. You are right because from that moment on, Big Brother has continually imposed gov’t. into every aspect of our lives. The higher taxes it created eventually caused the necessity of a second income, requiring mothers going to work, which then led to unattended children and the mess we have today. Add to that the introduction of credit cards in 1963 with BankAmericard, the forerunner of Visa, which allowed folks to buy now, pay later, got them in trouble financially because they were not good stewards of their finances. And the takeover of our lives by gov’t. continues to grow…………………….


  63. Kid says:

    Great Summary MAL.

    Remember the tune 16 tons? ‘owe my soul to the company store.’


  64. Mal says:

    Sure do, Kid. Tennessee Ernie Ford. Which reminds me of another one he recorded. “Where were you when the ship hit the sand?” He would chuckle as he sang it. Really funny!


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