Trump’s taxes and the MSNBC nightmare woman…….

Yes, yes, believe it or not, I watched five minutes of Rachel Madcow last night (prompted by Tucker Carlson’s mention that they were on MSNBC at that minute talking about Trump’s Taxes)….just enough to hear her be told by journalist, David Cay Johnston, that he strongly believes Trump himself leaked the tax return pages to him 🙂   “After all, he probably leaked the salacious pictures that came out of Melania taken many years ago, and probably leaked more information,” says Johnston.

HERE is the article about the TRUMP TAXES.  The following are reviews from readers… “…the long history of a shady, greedy, and relentlessly sociopathic media mogul and his rise to power.”   “This is a relentlessly factual journey into the heart of darkness. The author knows his subject better than Trump himself.  Trump has built a wall between himself and truth and decency.”  “Rather than indulging in endless partisan rhetoric, Johnston just gives us the fact—and they’re spellbinding, and damning. This is the book for anyone even remotely curious as to who the Republican Party has nominated, and how he managed to get there.”

But is the book TRUE?  It’s supposedly “solidly documented.” Or is this Pulitzer Prize author well past the ‘bias’ point and going somewhere even darker in his liberal hate?   I believe this Mr. Johnston is surely BIASED, to say the least, and spilling info is a heck of a way to get people reading his book…He’s telling America that pages from Trump’s tax return were put in his private mail box containing the words “CLIENT COPY,” implying they were leaked by someone with access to Trump’s files.  I know that when I got my paperwork from my CPA before E Returns, CLIENT COPY was stamped on them,  by her, and only went to me….the IRS didn’t see that copy, so…what’s up with that?  A ruse to make it look like it’s from Trump?  Would any Trump person be that stupid to show CLIENT COPY if they were really leaking?

The White House is calling this ILLEGAL…but it’s not illegal unless a federal employee leaked it…..

Having said all that……..There was Madcow practically licking the hair off this writer Johnston’s face with delight and joy at someone ELSE inferring what she loves to talk about :  TRUMP IS A MONSTER.   “He’s in bed with Russia, he’s indebted to Russia………”

Your thoughts?!!



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56 Responses to Trump’s taxes and the MSNBC nightmare woman…….

  1. Maddow jumped the shark.
    “Collusion” with Russia?
    I loved Tuckers takedown of Maddow and NBC last night which was interrupted by Maddow’s latest madness. I sort of regretted the Tax thing. It illustrated, yet diluted his point.
    It’s as if he got distracted from exposing NBC and their collusion with the Clinton Campaign.


  2. The timing of this release of two pages of – nothing…….is convenient if rumours are true of an FBI statement of a formal investigation of ties with Russia.


  3. bocopro says:

    I touched briefly on that in my daily rant, which in full is far too long for a blog post. Last paragraph sums it all up, tho:

    And as for the media, let’s just leave it at this: Great men discuss ideas, such as justice and honor. Average guys discuss events, mostly ball games and NASCAR races. Immature troublemakers discuss other people, as do National Enquirer and Morning Joe.


  4. Imp says:

    MadCow…the 12 year old, little boy & Havahd “ingenue”….thought he was serving up Filet Mignon only to find it was really an In and Out Berger with Sprite and not Dom Pérignon?

    Elevating pettiness, pitiful jealousy and hate to a new level. This is discourse in America.


  5. Imp says:

    This just in…..a new poll according to the liberals, maddow is both the ideal woman and the ideal man.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Media regarding last night’s report: “This was an unusual display: Fox News rarely acknowledges that any other channel than Fox News exists, let alone gives a plug to an MSNBC show airing live at that moment. It suggests a couple of things: How much more competitive MSNBC has become in the ratings, and how invested Fox News is in maintaining the cozy relationship it has with the President.”

    FOX ‘rarely acknowledges that any other channel than Fox EXISTS?” What are they supposed to do, constantly insult MSNBC and CNN, which is how they “acknowledge” that FOX EXISTS? That’s really FUNNY!!

    There’s more: ‘As I said, Maddow’s scoop, while heavily hyped, wasn’t all that major, and you can bet NBC’s lawyers had vetted the legality of Maddow’s news before she went on the air. But the fact that Fox was pouncing on her in real-time lets you know Fox is more than a little concerned that a competitor they usually ignore with lordly indifference is making inroads on their prime-time kingdom.”



  7. geeez2014 says:

    Anybody else think Trump’s folks leaked this to Johnston?


  8. skudrunner says:

    First I want to say how strong you are. I cannot stand to listen to madcow for more than the three seconds it takes me to change channels. She foams at the mouth much like lizzy warren.

    If I were DJT I would look for a new accounting firm. To have all the business dealings he has and to pay 25% requires invitation. The kennedy clan pay nothing and buffett is under 20%. Trump needs to shop around because he can do better.


  9. Anybody else think Trump’s folks leaked this to Johnston?

    Yep. The tax ‘return’ [2 overview pages] was apparently a client copy. It shows what he made in 2005, but not how he made it. And look what we’re talking about……MSNBC and Rachel Maddow.

    Smoke and mirrors from the troller-in-chief.


  10. Mal says:

    Bottom line….Trump is still in control while the left keeps looking more and more ridiculous.
    I simply ignore ’em.


  11. Maddow gave Trump a great gift. She couldn’t have done better if she was his press secretary. What Trump pays taxes? Who knew?


  12. Synchronicity! I, too, posted today about Maddow.

    BTW, a Slate headline today declared her a “cynical, self-defeating spectacle.” LOL.


  13. Z,
    I know that when I got my paperwork from my CPA before E Returns, CLIENT COPY was stamped on them, by her, and only went to me.

    Does not the CPA maintain a copy stamped “Client Copy”? My accountant does.


  14. Wait a minute.

    Were there many e-file returns in 2005? I didn’t see that option until relatively recently.


  15. Z,
    Anybody else think Trump’s folks leaked this to Johnston?

    Possibly. But that would leave some kind of trail, wouldn’t it?


  16. Maddow Tweeted out an announcement ahead of time. A ploy for boosting her ratings? Maybe.

    And maybe her contract comes up soon, so she’s trolling for dollars.


  17. At Slate: Rachel Maddow Turned a Scoop on Donald Trump’s Taxes Into a Cynical, Self-Defeating Spectacle. One paragraph therefrom:

    The longer Maddow went on, ever deeper into a conspiratorial thicket, the clearer it became that whatever tax returns Maddow had, they weren’t as juicy as the ones she was talking about. If she had anything that damning, she would have shared them from the start. TV is a ratings game, but an entire episode about highly damaging tax returns is just as likely to get you great ratings as milking the possibility that you have highly damaging tax returns and less likely to get you compared to Geraldo. Maddow even went so far as to hold the tax returns back until after the first commercial break, as if we were watching an episode of The Bachelor and not a matter of national importance—because we weren’t, in fact, watching a matter of national importance, just a cable news show trying to set a ratings record.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    skudrunner..I TOTALLY agree with you! He should NOT pay that much 🙂
    Yes, it was horrid watching even for those 5-10 minutes.
    Do you still have your blog and how does one GET to a blog when I click on your name and all I get is that GRAVATAR thing that makes no sense to me???

    AOW…I can’t imagine why a CPA would keep CLIENT COPY,….that’d just make anybody in his/her firm think the client never got theirs if they see that in a file. But, could be!
    (who knew I’d agree with Slate!?!!)
    No, it wouldn’t leave a trail. How? Someone sneaks it out, take it to Johnston’s mailbox. Somebody’d have to have been watching.
    Oh, I know the Right’s saying Maddow was stupid and ridiculous, and her ‘news’ is, but Oh, the INFERENCES she made!
    You HAVE to watch a YouTube of it, if it exists, which I’m sure it does.

    EVERYONE: Talk about ‘watching’, etc. Does ANYBODY believe that all these horrid senate hearings and investigations into FBI/RUSSIA/TRUMP/WIRETAPPING/OBAMA, etc. ETC .etc, will be done with everybody truthful!?
    What the heck’s the POINT of these things when even COmey could so WELL LIE?


  19. Possibly. But that would leave some kind of trail, wouldn’t it?

    So would “wiretapping” Trump….Just saying….


  20. geeez2014 says:

    CI….wiretapping would leave a trail before putting something in somebody’s mailbox…right.
    I think something definitely happened and the Trump people are trying to expose it without exposing too much….that’s my gut feeling.
    CI..think this is impeachable-provocation on Trump? To accuse Obama of that so blatantly without providing evidence…which is pretty typical for Trump?

    I don’t think we can have a president whose staff’s constantly telling us the equivalency of “you can’t really take Trump’s words so seriously.” He MUST LEARN we MUST take them seriously.

    ALSO: I don’t think wiretapping will be shown because I think whoever’s investigating won’t be getting all the truth if it happened at all. i doubt ANYBODY will be telling the truth in any of these investigations…WHY WOULD THEY if it makes THEM or their agency look bad?

    America’s in THAT bad shape that I doubt anybody’s veracity anymore….no way do I trust our politicians. I used to, yes.


  21. Imp says:

    Z…I always get a client copy and the original to sign and return for the filing. That’s what I keep on file.


  22. Imp says:

    “WHY WOULD THEY if it makes THEM or their agency look bad?”

    That’s why they’re known as the Skunk works. Or foggy bottom.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; ya, we keep CLIENT COPIES in OUR files…not the CPA’s, normally.

    And ALL agencies are this bad, I am starting to think! FOGGY FREAKIN’ FEDERAL GOV’T, if you ask me 😦



  24. geeez2014 says:

    Hey, ED….Trump’s in YPSILANTI!!! Anybody you know there?!!


  25. I think the “Client Copy” marking is an attempt to cover the tracks of someone at the IRS who provided it to the reporter. Has President Trump released his own client copy of those 2 pages of the 2005 Tax Return? If he has, maybe we could compare the “Client Copy” stamped on it.

    What must it be like to write a $38 million dollar check to the IRS? It’s an enormous amount of money…. especially when we know our government wastes our tax dollars. So liberals and the media can now stop their BS about President Trump not paying any taxes!


  26. Kid says:

    I think Trump set her/them up.


  27. Ypsilanti is the location of Detroit Metropolitan Airport.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Fairest Witness…could be….And, by the way, many experts are saying there’s no way he should have had to pay those high taxes…that a good accountant could have got him out of it…to me, it sort of shows his desire to help the country but, maybe I’m being far too generous!?
    Our Ed is from Ypsilanti and that’s why I mentioned it to him!
    I’d like Trump’s people to come up with those two pages to show if the CLIENT COPY stamp is the same. Good point. FW.
    By the way, I don’t remember her name, but are you still in contact with that gal we knew from FrontPage…JEAN! I just remembered….do you email her??

    Kid, I hope so…I hope this SO backfires. I’m laughing now because lots of the leftwing news is reacting to Hannity and Carlson’s reactions to her instead of WHAT SHE DID>..Get it? They’ve turned it back on the Conservatives at FOX and are belittling THEM to get Americans on THEM instead of Madcow’s stupidity.


  29. skudrunner says:

    I do not have a blog and never have. I didn’t even know what a gravatar was until you pointed it out.
    BTW Bernie has three expensive houses and paid around 14% of his income in taxes. The high priest BHO owns nothing and paid 18%. Where is the leftist outrage about them not paying their fair share?


  30. I was in the dentist chair at the time, but my dentist said his wife was there.
    Trump spoke where I once worked.
    National News cameras showed up at my favorite diner, which is also home to the local Tea Party, where I am right now.
    I spoke to the caucus chairman about it.
    He said it was low key.
    But a local Trump supporter who has travelled nationally with a pro Trump vehicular display was attacked at the rally and his flag stolen by one of the protesting teachers there. Almost escalated, but a police squad moved in and intervened.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I suppose the cops beat the heck out of the Trump fan, right? (Sarcastic!)

    Skudrunner…there is a little in the leftwing media about Bernie not having paid that much….BHO owns his new home, and one in Chicago, doesn’t he???


  32. Imp says:

    The future salvation of Europe? Along with La Pen, Hungary, Farage and…Putin?


  33. Kid says:

    IMP, I just heard he was not voted in. Hey Netherlands, enjoy your moslem submission you idiiots.


  34. Imp says:

    Kid…he gained seats…that’s what counts in the Peoples Republic of the soon to be Goat heaven rather than toolips in Holland. Remember…they did collaborate with the Nazis and surrendered the Jews to them. They haven’t changed all that much. Geert is trying to save them from the inevitable…the dissolution of the Netherlands to the newest Nazis. Muttlims. God will not save them….the Mohammedans will guarantee that.


  35. Kid says:

    IMP, Yea as long as anyone believes in *****phobia, the world is ***ked.


  36. Kid says:

    IMP, at least the USA is still armed. It is the only thing that is saving us from the deep swift slide into hellhole status like the EU.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    Imp; “PUTIN!” Are you kidding?

    Kid, I hope that’s wrong info….but Imp’s right…they don’t “winner take all”…there are coalitions, as in Germany and France…Imp’s correct in saying a lot of votes for him can make changes in the country. “let us pray!” !!!!

    Kid, “At least the USA is still armed”…I think this is exactly why Trump finds it so important to get our military back up….we NEED it now more than EVER EVER EVER.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Imp;’ we have a Russian chemistry teacher at the school I’m associated with…I told her the other day I’d love to talk with her about Russian/USA situations and she smiled and said “…it’s always ‘blame Russia'” Well, ya…and I think it’s usually true, but I hope I can get some time with her soon// it was between classes, so…… time.


  39. Kid says:

    Z, If you look at the comments on any story on RT.COM, it is clear that Russians believe that “Blame Russia” is the main story of the day regardless the subject.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Russia’s getting off on all of this, BIG TIME, we can bet on it.

    Time to let all this superfluous stuff the Left’s making such big deals over GO AWAY, and FIX THIS COUNTRY!


  41. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t know how many of you heard Trump on Tucker’s show but I SWEAR as I listened, I started wondering if the tape was bad and was rewinding and playing again and again….because Trump said the exact same things OVER and OVER and over again………”devastating Obama care” “if I passed the greatest bill ever the Dems wouldn’t vote for it”, etc…..I looked up thinking “What’s wrong with FOX?”

    it wasn’t FOX.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    AND, I watched Tom Price on CNN’s TownHall and wished the whole country was working…these Town Halls on CNN are fabulous..TOUGH questions from the jerks on their staff and from the public in the small audience, and every Republican’s done SO WELL…I was impressed by Tom Price; he really had some tough questions to answer re Healthcare and he nailed them.


  43. Kid says:

    Z, The left are a one trick pony. How many different answers could you come up with for a one trick poiny. Me? mabye two at most and only one would be needed.


  44. Imp says:

    My dearest Ms. Z….”Imp; “PUTIN!” Are you kidding?”

    I admire and respect Mr. Putin. As does his people. He could be the salvation of Europe….think about it. He’s been the sole instrument for revitalizing Christianity in Russia too. Rebuilding all the churches and cathedrals from the old Soviet days too. We have to understand and collaborate with theRussians….IMO. They’re our natural allies. Regardless of their choice of a strong man…which the Russians have always wanted. Do we want another cold war? Think what an asset we and they could be for the salvation of the western worlds? They too…hate and despise iz-slime. What a power house against islamists we could be.


  45. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, the man knows 10 adjectives… wasn’t a matter of having been asked the same questions…he’d just go back to how “Obama care was a DISASTER” and …etc.

    Imp…um….how do you like what he’s done to Crimea and Ukraine, against those peoples’ sovereignty?
    I wish I could trust the man……..yes, he’s a Christian, fine…….
    Let me know when we become such an ‘asset’ with Russia….I’ll be interested in hearing all about it 🙂


  46. Imp says:

    Z…. Crimera???? Good god…. it’s in his doorstep….. is Iraq on ours? Why do we give a shit shit about Iraq? It’s not the oil we’ve been accused of lusting for…. then what is it? I could not care lees about Iraq! Look…. Iraq is a useless non gain…. a nothing for us…. I want to see all of the ME come tumbling down. And watch the House if Saudi die


  47. Bob says:

    Well, here I come, again, late to the party and too late for others to disagree with me.

    Trump pays more in income tax than some companies. However, being in the real estate business, there’s all sorts of tax loopholes to consider. Remember way back when the housing bubble burst, and Congress was trying everything possible to reboot that industry? How many additional real estate tax credits were passed by Congress?

    Trump is just a business man, and it is his right and obligation to make as much money as possible within the rule of law. The IRS and he may disagree about the wording of those rules, but Trump will fight and negotiate to get the best deal for his business. That should be expected.

    The communists in the Democrat Party like Bernie Sanders think that profits are a mortal sin. Notice how the Dems rant and rave when they figure out that insurance companies will make money in the insurance business. Trumps job is to make sure that there is enough competition in the health care markets to ensure decent pricing, and profits, too.

    Rachael Maddow is just another intellectual Democrat that can’t grab her bum with both hands. The whole picture is amazing.


  48. Bob, you’re wrong.
    It’s not too late to disagree with you.
    But I’m not.


  49. Mal says:

    I’m with Imp and admire Putin, also. I see him as Russia’s Gen. Patton.


  50. Kid says:

    Compared to the rest of the world, Including America in 2016, Russia is the least of my worries.


  51. I have a differing assessment. I can’t admire a leader who has so little regard for the democratic process, political opposition, free press and the sovereignty of his neighboring states. We’re also about one flyby away from a US Navy Captain having quite enough, and downing a Russian fighter.


  52. Mal says:

    CI, I’m not saying I love the guy, but do admire his trying to protect his citizens from terrorism by requiring anyone coming there to speak Russian and respect their laws and culture. No Mosques or Sharia Law. I like that.


  53. There are hundreds of mosques in Russia.


  54. Mal says:

    Do you know that for a fact, CI? I had read they weren’t allowed.


  55. Mal says:

    Good grief! That’s a lot of ’em. Clear back from the 16th century, too. Thanks, C.I. It again proves we can’t believe everything we read on the internet, right


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