Europe and Islam….Rock Concerts, Shopping Malls, Streets…….??




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  1. Terrorism has always been with us, and will always be with us. Manchester itself, has been the seen of scores of IRA bombings over the years….it was never really on the radar of average Americans, because the aftermath wasn’t shown on a near-continuous loop on cable media at the time. Terrorism still though, is statistically insignificant compared with almost every other injury and fatality causing occurrence. That’s not to downplay the horrific act or the emotional toll on those not even affected…..but simple fact. Instant, on-demand reporting and punditry exacerbate the fear factor from these events…which plays entirely into the strategy of the terrorists.


  2. At the start of WW2, Brits were terribly unarmed as the result of government policy there.
    There was a large effort in America to ship personal weapons to them to defend themselves.
    I doubt we’ll be that generous again.


  3. jerrydablade says:

    That graphic says it all. Of course, its the government and their policies are doing the watering, while the innocent concert-goers wear the noose. I have no doubt there will only be more of this, and here… The trick is not to be a soft target here, and hurt them where they live and train in their tents and caves.


  4. Much like private funds and arms have been shipped out of the U.S. over our history, I think we who defend ourselves would be plenty generous…….but the UK government would prohibit the shipment.


  5. Z,
    Important questions!

    Linked at my blog.


  6. bunkerville says:

    As long as we bring in foxes into the hen house the problems will needlessly be increased.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    CI, no…I think by ‘terrorism’, we all know what we mean, and that’s Islamic terrorism. Terrorism in the IRA, for example, has been around for years, one of the reasons they have little or not public trash cans in Britain. Bombs were placed in them….they were placed in trash bins years ago by the Suffragettes to get attention to their cause.
    But, terrorism today is islamic radicals and it’s here and it’s going to get worse and my question today, to everyone, is will it go away? and how?

    Ed, who did the Brits think they could kill with their own guns? Weren’t most German attacks from bombings??

    Jerry…good comment, including “government and their policies are doing the watering, while the innocent concert-goers wear the noose” exactly right.

    BUnkerville….and then, when all Trump asks is for a kind of moratorium on people coming in here from majority muslim countries with reason for concern, he’s blocked by the courts. Pity the judges whose children could be in the next rock concert here.

    I am still stunned that these judges are basing their rulings on what Trump said as a candidate.. what is it? “Well, ya, this is a pretty good law, we get that, but gee, Trump SOUNDED anti-Muslim six months ago, so..” Though the actual LEGISLATION he asked for is NOT anti-Muslim


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Check out this post, including our friend and AOW commenter, Silverfiddle, wrote…excellent, as usual, but scary.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    OMG! Mulvaney is speaking on the budget..”We will no longer measure COMPASSION as how many are on assistance, but how many we can get off assistance” (I paraphrase but…what a concept, huh?)


  10. I certainly know what terrorism means; I work against it every day, in my own small way. Islamic terrorism will run it’s course, through attrition and security/counter-terror operations. These sub-humans should be hunted down with great prejudice and annihilated….but we also have to remain steady, and not allow our emotional reaction to engender a security/surveillance state of our worst nightmares. Because that is exactly what people will continue to call for in the wake of such attacks.

    I think Ed was referring to the very real threat of a German invasion of the UK in the early days following the fall of France.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    CI…there’s my answer….you think it WILL run its course….I hope you’re right. So far, I believe people are not allowing emotional reactions to engender anything overly liberty-robbing to us. So far, they haven’t, but we have no crystal balls and can’t really know if it’ll run its course and people do want their children protected, don’t they.
    I hope it ends before people get too desirous of draconian measures. Also, I doubt we CAN do much because our buildings are designed for large crowds entering multiple locations, etc….this guy blew people up outside when folks were leaving. He didn’t need to get IN. How far do we draw perameters, right? awful situation

    RE Ed, yes, there was minimal threat…I remember the huge amount of private boats and ships that went out to protect the coastlines (i forget the term they used for one in particular), that’s true. I just don’t think arming the Brits would have made a big difference.

    MULVANEY ROCKS….the press asked , re the budget, about global climate change and he says the EPA financed a musical about climate change and asked the media “Do you think that’s a place for taxpayers to spend their money? You get my drift..” I SURE DID.
    He REALLY can articulate the things I’ve been calling Republicans to say OUT LOUD for the last year or so. I WISH you could all hear him. Amazing.


  12. Baysider says:

    Cartoon and Mulvaney BOTH rock.


  13. Mal says:

    This is the one instance where our right to bear arms doesn’t really help where terrorists are concerned due to them not valuing their own lives. However, I’m still glad we have it because it does give us some advantage. Also, as CI pointed out, terrorism has always been with us, like the IRA (Irish) vs England, but I don’t recall it being as global as it is today.
    GAD! Will mankind ever learn to just get along?


  14. Imp says:

    CI…”the seen of scores” HUH? LOL


  15. We happen to have a teacher on staff who used to be a British Police Officer. He said the IRA taught the British a lot about intelligence gathering and I’ll admit, they have some of the best. But putting it into play in a democracy is tricky. He is an American citizen and part of his worry about Europe was BHS, high taxes, and being a haven for terrorists. BTW, he has no love for Obamacare. Of course, we talked today as we do a lot, about policing our two countries. It’s down to a crap shoot anymore in law enforcement in a democracy. We sure don’t condone curtailing civil rights, it just makes it harder. No win situation, I think.


  16. Imp – #%#$ autocorrect….and a distinct lack of proofreading early in the morning…..


  17. Kid says:

    There is no hope for any of us because no-one is willing to do what is needed. Isolate the moslems to the ME.


  18. Kid says:

    One thing that might have an effect is for everyone to refuse to gather in large numbers anywhere. The economy would be hit hard and that might get their attention.


  19. bocopro says:

    Following yesterday’s terrorist attack in Manchester, England the authorities have once again resorted to the 10 tried and proven steps guaranteed to prevent future attacks. Until such time the next one comes when they will once again go thru this time tested 10 Step program—etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. We are all truly blessed to have such knowledgeable leaders protecting us from these poor misguided, mentally ill followers of the prophet.

    (Stolen from totus blog)

    So what’s the answer? you ask?

    Simple. BAN ISLAM FROM ALL AREAS OF WESTERN CULTURE, including all of Europe, North America, and Australia and encourage China, India, Japan, and South America to do the same.

    Get completely rid of all traces of the neolithic cult and dismantle all mosques and schools engaged in teaching and promoting the “religion.” Deport all who worship Allah, without exception, and seize all their properties to sell for funding their transportation back to where they will be more comfortable with their butts in the air and their women in shrouds.

    Explain through comprehensive and repetitive training in K-12 as well as college and university campuses that Islam is an evil, a cancer, a danger, and while those who claim to be “moderate” Muslims might not want to rape your daughters and cut off your head, they will support the Muslim jihadis who DO want to do those things.

    Otherwise, as the lady said on TV from Britain this morning, “Europe has to get used to this sort of thing.”


  20. When faced with deportation or persecution, how many people do you imagine will answer truthfully, if they follow Islam? And when that number does not meet expectations, do you then pivot to names or skin color?


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider,Mulvaney made SO MUCH SENSE and spoke from the view of how this bill seems to us TAXPAYERS, not those on the dole (my words, not his)…it was absolutely fabulous.


    Bocopro…great image there..ya, those things REALLY work, right? not. Typical liberal BS.
    I have to say that I’m a tad surprised at our comment because I do believe there are many muslims in America who do NOT want to see islam represented by killers…I know many here disagree with me, and that’s FINE.
    Today, I was a iHop with a friend and saw some VERY Arab-looking guy on his cell phone, I right away thought “There’s a Muslim doing business…..ugh….how can we know these people are safe?” And he then got up and walked by wearing a silver cross. Ya, he COULD be just a poseur but he wasn’t. This problem was MINE, not HIS.

    KID…I like your idea…for years I’ve thought how awful it’d be if we all decided to stop going to events like a concert….but maybe that WOULD make government wake up?
    I’m going to a classical concert nearby at a venue seating maybe 1000 people….and I thought of terrorism, I don’t usually.

    Law and’d your friend like the Brit healthcare system?
    I just finished another GREAT Jack Reacher book, by Lee child, one of my fave ‘who dunit’ writers….it’s set in England and goes rather deeply into the incredible police work of the Brits…pretty darned good!

    Mal, no, it was never anything like what we’ve got now……..terror is a whole new thing now.

    Imp….and you never make a typo? (smile!)


  22. geeez2014 says:
    I hope Melania sees this…it’s just what she doesn’t need to be doing.
    As I said in a comment yesterday, I believe he MIGHT have been just turning around to make sure she’s there, nearby and okay….because his hand position isn’t that of someone looking to hold another’s, and her reaction COULD be a “i’m good, don’t worry about me” looks TERRIBLE and the headline for THIS Daily Beast article is “Melania’s swat proves she hates donald just as much as america does”

    hideous stuff in that article…but the Trumps need to put on a better face together, whether it’s true she batted his hand away (which, take a look, could very well be) or whether I’m right.
    I will say that I happen to know Melania spent the whole of election night not in the room with Trump, Pence and their guests watching the returns. But I was also told Trump didn’t want his son Baron exposed to negative hate-Trump stuff on any of the channels they were watching and didn’t want the kid in the room seeing it, so Melania might have been keeping her son company in the other room……….who knows?


  23. Imp says:

    Here they go again….laying silly flowers, lighting useless candles, spouting platitudes about peace , love, understanding and coexistence. If the Brits don’t have the guts and balls to avenge the murder of 22 children…one only 8 years old…then piss on the Brits. What should we do? Ideally and logically….One…arrest the piece of sheit that preached to this mutt…then arrest the family. If immigrants…deport them, bulldoze the house and then the armored hate filled mosque. Next and finally end all immigration from any and all ME countries that support or preach this cultist BS.


  24. Imp says:

    “Imp….and you never make a typo? (smile!)..”

    I do it all the time..i suk at typing with two fingers! But I got a kick out of CI’s cause he never does.

    CI…thats what I figured and I so wish there was an edit feature here to fix them afterwards.


  25. Mustang says:

    Europeans prefer the kind of democracy that doesn’t take up much of their time. The result is that Europeans are happy to let government take care of it … whatever “it” is. The only time they get personally or intellectually involved is when it’s time for elections, which are always decided on the basis of candy store entitlements. Insofar as combating terrorism is concerned, there is always plenty of interest, time, and money for the aftermath, but not sufficient interest in prevention. Common sense does not prevail in Europe, or in the USA for that matter. My take is that terrorism will continue for another 1,400 years. Why? Because it works.


  26. bocopro says:

    “I have to say that I’m a tad surprised at our [sic] comment because I do believe there are many muslims in America who do NOT want to see islam represented by killers…”

    Well, until Dyslam undergoes its long-overdue reformation, it remains a clear and present danger to Western civilization. Democracy and freedom of expression are totally intolerable and unacceptably alien to devout followers of Shari’a.

    I’m certain that many believe Torquemada was an excellent administrator and perfectly fitted to the goals of Ferdinand and Isabella. By our standards, however, he was a cruel, sadistic, fanatical bigot. Ditto for what the Saudi madrassas and Persian loon factories pump out.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I have no hope for it petering out, either.

    Do you all remember it was ARIANA GRANDE who said “I HATE AMERICANS, I HATE AMERICA”?

    Imp! I so get that explanation! 🙂 And yes, people LOVE to honor and have group hugs over savage deaths, but won’t go the mile to protect themselves, as Mustang said.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Questions now arising in the media of “Trump’s COGNITIVE DECLINE” his “TORTURED SYNTAX”….
    I guess if you don’t speak like you’re smooth and debonaire, nothing makes sense to liberals?
    you all know I HATE how Trump speaks but you usually misconstrue it as his NY accent, etc…tho I keep saying it’s NOT THAT…..he is sloppy with his facts, he uses childlike adjectives constantly “Incredible” and, he constantly says that, because people are in the military or they lost a loved one, they’re automatically “GREAT” people! THAT”S what I HATE…….

    But COGNITIVE DECLINE? Does the media think for a nano second that Pence would have backed a guy with COGNITIVE DECLINE? Or anybody else, for that matter?

    Meanwhile, is Mulvany married? 🙂


  29. Imp says:

    Here they go…”solidarity” for another week….then on to the waiting for the next one.


  30. Imp says:

    “I guess if you don’t speak like you’re smooth and debonaire, nothing makes sense to liberals?”

    I despised listening to the chin in the air, raised in his haughty fashion, jerk and his sibilant hissing sound.


  31. Imp says:

    “Meanwhile, is Mulvany married?”

    I gave him your number Z…. 🙂


  32. Boo hoo says:

    The graphic speaks for itself.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…”Well, until Dyslam undergoes its long-overdue reformation, it remains a clear and present danger to Western civilization.”
    I agree, and some Muslims on TV are talking about it……..we misunderstand a lot….like the fact that headcovering for women is not discussed in the koran; it’s more a cultural thing.

    I’ve said for 10 years now, wouldn’t it be great if Muslims in America marched against the radicals? But they don’t, which should leave us all wondering. Some DO talk about reform and DO NOT preach violence or say they condone it, but…MARCH, PEOPLE! It’s YOUR JOB to calm US DOWN, not ours.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Imp! Thanks 🙂 HAAA! did you HEAR the press conf? He is FANTASTIC.
    Trump really DID pick VERY good people for his cabinet/advisors. Now if he’ll listen to them all…
    And I’m not SUCH a huge Gingrich fan but I’m hoping against hope he joins as some kind of right-hand man for Trump, because Trump needs someone to get him to SHUT UP about silly things and talk loudly and truthfully about the good things he wants to DO.

    Gingrich is great at quieting the media….let’s hope he can.


  35. John M. Berger says:

    Gingrich: “I’m hoping against hope he joins as some kind of right-hand man for Trump, because Trump needs someone to get him to SHUT UP about silly things and talk loudly and truthfully about the good things he wants to DO”

    ABSOUTELY! I kind of thought that would have happened already but I guess not.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    JMB: He’s talking well and has written a book called UNDERSTANDING TRUMP (I think that’s the title) but I believe he really ‘gets’ Trump and still likes him….Gingrich is a publicity hound but he certainly doesn’t need the money, so I’m hoping he’s real and believes in Trump as much as he says he does….

    Fingers crossed this happens after T’s trip…..They’re saying he’d replace Priebus but I don’t think T will do that….I think he’d create a position especially for Gingrich and I’d have no problem with that, would you? Special Advisor to the President? Something like that? That’s not such a new title….


  37. Kid says:

    No reason Gingrich can’t advice Trump over the phone.

    Trump already has more accomplishments that obama and GW Bush combined. He’s made a speech in SA that will last for a thousand years.

    None of the other stuff even moves the needle for me. Just trying to be helpful Z. Really.


  38. bocopro says:

    JFTHOI —

    Just watched a clip on ABC more concerned about “anti-Muslim backlash across Europe” than doing something about an invasive species with every intention of dismantling Western culture.

    Inspired this:

    A homicide bomber with hate on his mind
    From a culture that’s several eras behind
    Pulls a cord on his vest made of high explosives
    For no other good reason than ending some lives.

    He’s brainwashed to think that in his afterlife
    He will be with six dozen young virginal wifes
    And his name will forever be honored by all
    Who with butts in the air pray for Western downfall.

    Then the doctors and policemen rope off the scene
    So the blood and the carnage can hardly be seen
    While the media caution us not to condemn
    ALL the world’s Muslims for this dread mayhem.

    And the citizens create an altar with blooms
    While the families mourn in their sad empty rooms
    And the flowers are leaned against old teddy bears
    That the children who died all once loved without cares.

    Then at night come the vigils by soft candlelight
    And the buildings are lit up, a beautiful sight
    While the reporters’ cameras record for TV
    All the crying and moaning and sad misery.

    “We must steel ourselves,” the wise anchors all say
    “To resist letting backlash lead us astray
    For revenge against those who have come here to seek
    Better lives in our freedom to act and to speak.”

    And tomorrow the government will make a rule
    That permits immigration that any poor fool
    Knows that before too long will wipe out our ways
    And install the death cult from those New Stone Age days.


  39. Kid says:

    Good stuff. I hope you’re making money on some of this.


  40. bocopro says:

    Nah . . . nobody BUYS poetry. It’s my method of cerebral calisthenics.

    Like some guys build boats in their basements that nobody will ever sail,
    I write stories and novels in my utility room that nobody will ever read.

    Always enjoy that self-administered pat on the back when I finish a novel or lengthy story, tho.
    Then sometimes I take ’em out and burn ’em.


  41. John M. Berger says:

    “….I think he’d create a position especially for Gingrich and I’d have no problem with that, would you?”

    No problem whatsoever; as you may recall I suggested something like this back in November.


  42. geeez2014 says:

    JMB, like I remember November? 🙂 But good call!

    Kid, I don’t care if Gingrich calls in or anything else…but he needs SOMEONE THERE with him….

    EVERYBODY: Why the heck does the world now know that Trump’s hiring private attorneys particularly after the testimonies going on this week from Brennan and Coats, etc? Does he ANNOUNCE he’s called attorneys from the Middle East?

    Bocopro..SUPER poem…nice rhyming patters…very interesting. Obviously, the content is spot on.

    I guess some of you, too, have seen the family looking for their teenaged girl in Manchester, Olivia Campbell? They’re distraught that they’ve heard nothing from her since the blast…….but I know the Brits say 22 were killed and I’d have THOUGHT that since the people are very badly blown up (survivors are saying they had tiny ‘pieces’ of skin, etc., on them….ugh), isn’t there DNA by which experts can pretty darned quickly discern who those 22 people are?
    It’s not even 22, it’s less because they do have at least 3 people ID’d. There is NO WAY the Brits can’t work fast as this is vital and there are enough scientists who can help with DNA.
    THis is hideous for that family…and many others.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    FASCINATING: Tucker Carlson and Joe Concia (sp?) are talking about how even a TERROR ATTACK didn’t keep CNN and MSNBC from staying on the RUSSIA Trump story…….Someone on CNN said it was odd that Manchester got hit because they didn’t vote for Brexit! Another CNN guy said that it’s probably the Right making up an attack to make muslims look bad….WHAT?! Like Carlson said “so they kill themselves to prove a point?”


  44. Imp says:

    “I’m not SUCH a huge Gingrich fan..”

    Nor was I until he gave a speech at FAU followed by a Q&A…when they didn’t throw rocks and hiss and shout and boo. Anyway I was with a couple city council members and the mayor and we had a dinner meeting with him after the college gig at one of our easy going but nice bar and atmosphere joints. The man was as candid and open… that we didn’t expect! And listened to everyone of us and wanted to know all about everyone at the table…. splendid time I won’t forget .


  45. Kid says:

    IMP, Interesting insight. Thanks.

    Z, Can CNN et al, get any more pathetic and how many people will stay on board with that for 4 years. I think Trump gets voted in with more votes next time. And imagine we can get rid of some rino’s in 2018 and 2020.

    Now if only Breyer and Darth Vader Ginsberg will retire before 2020.


  46. geeez2014 says:

    Imp, Gingrich was candid and open…very cool! Thanks for that story. But you like Jeb Bush, too, don’t you…you’d told me he was very friendly and even responded to texts? That was nice.

    Kid, Yes, if ONLY Breyer and Ginsberg…oh, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!
    ALSO: I was talking to a friend today about CNN and this friend said she thought people were getting tired of the hate and nastiness and I said I thought so but that that won’t bother the diehards……which is good because we don’t expect them to THINK or put America first, anyway. The rest of the dopes who think CNN is unbiased and Fox isn’t ARE getting it, I think. I also believe the latenight shows (which I NEVER EVER watch) are getting hackneyed and good people will turn from those, too.


  47. Baysider says:

    Mustang + 1


  48. geeez2014 says:



  49. geeez2014 says:



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