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Muslim Pride?

Many (most) Muslims (I don’t care what you think otherwise) are NOT ‘kill Americans’ types, nor are they ‘kill America’ types. They live here well, they work hard, they raise children, and they profess to love America, as Zuhdi Jasser, … Continue reading

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“People are not evil!” ???

What was WRONG with THESE POOR UNTHINKING PEOPLE??? What a story……..sad, needless….a young liberal couple who meant well but just don’t get it!   Here’s the deal;  they wanted the radical muslims to like them, so they could make friends and … Continue reading

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It’s America, learn our customs, keep us all safe

Talk about overkill…THIS ARTICLE is mostly rubbish.   I have never worn, nor will I ever wear, a hijab, so I can’t know the exact emotions of this story, but I believe the woman’s reaction is total overkill…just NUTS. I believe … Continue reading

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The IRS and their shutting down radical ideology. WHAT?

Well, well, WELL….isn’t THIS A GRAND IDEA?  The IRS could shut down radical ideology and that article shows how! FASCINATING…I hope you take the time to read it…it’s not long and it’s very worthy of consideration! Thoughts?!! Z

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Curious again….two things:

All of us agreed with Trump when he was campaigning and scoffing Obama…”Who gives dates of departure when you’re in a war type situation?” Apparently, Trump does now. The German town of Muenster has had a ‘man’ drive a truck … Continue reading

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Any HOPE? American and German educations…

My German student has moved in…amazing, wonderful 15 year old…smart beyond his years…except:  You should hear what German teachers are teaching the children, some of which includes:     Trump is awful and appeals to dumb Americans…this, German teachers learn from … Continue reading

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Obama and Al Qaeda…………wow

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!    Headline: “Report: Obama deliberately misled America on Al Qaeda in 2012 to help his chances of re-election” So, what now? Special Counsel?  Ignore it?  What? I suppose most presidents deliberately mislead to get reelected … Continue reading

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Britain, America, Hawaii and Cockroaches…

SO,  THIS LINK is more disheartening terror information.   The UK, too, is batting away at cockroaches which are unstoppable.  The terror threat in the UK today is worse than anything in 35 years, says Britain’s chief intel guy.   Think it’s … Continue reading

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GERMANY and Islam

My German stepson just told me that since the Barcelona attack, the German candidates for Chancellor (elections are soon) have been told not to mention BARCELONA.  God forbid it makes muslims feel bad, right?  Of course, the candidate from the … Continue reading

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ROME might get it right….ROME??

Did you hear about the MAYOR OF ROME’s COMMENTS on Islam? Here is just a bit from her statements: Knowing that her city is on ISIS’ target as terrorism begins to rapidly escalate across Europe, the mayor of Rome, Virginia … Continue reading

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