The Manchester Loser and Trump’s Travel Ban

The Bomber in Manchester didn’t have to have a VISA to come into America.   He went to Libya recently…either to see family or learn how to make a bomb or get funds..  Nobody yet knows, but he was born in England, is an English citizen and can come here any time.  Or could have, of course, had he not blown himself up.   And, of course, he’s not the only radicalized muslim in England who can come here.

I’d have thought something like this is pretty good proof we DO need the travel moratorium Trump tried to implement in America.   Obviously, this murderer could have got on a plane to NYC after the blasts if he hadn’t committed suicide, nothing would keep him out.  Sure, we’d be looking closer, but his paperwork is right and he could appear just like a normal guy traveling here with a good excuse contrived for his being here.   AND, in the future, that we could even have American born islamists  leaving here for countries some of whose citizens will teach and enable monsters to come back and kill, is obvious and a good reason for the travel ban.




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10 Responses to The Manchester Loser and Trump’s Travel Ban

  1. Thomas Balt says:

    FYI, This link works fine. I’ve noticed in the past that some of your e-mail links have given the ‘Page Not Found’ message but most do get directed to your blog.




  2. Mal says:

    I’m glad you brought this up, Z. I recently told you I found if I typed “GEEEZ” in the box next to “not found” it came up, but what I realized later is it isn’t necessarily the one you had just sent. I get a whole bunch of your previous blogs, maybe 5 or 10 of them, with different scattered dates, like 2013 or 2016, etc. Its really weird.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you’re the only one who gets that compilation of a bunch of old posts, from what I have been told, so that IS weird.
    I have told you before that “NOT FOUND” usually means it published incorrectly and, as you were looking, I was removing it!
    Tom, that’s the reason for that… Thanks for letting me know.

    Anybody have much to say on the Manchester situation I mention!?


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Already, we’re hearing Brits are scared to let their kids go out, afraid to take them to the mall this weekend, etc……..Buckingham Palace is under high alert…things are looking really bad and they’re being told there is a network of terrorists which must be stopped but….how?

    Ya think the Brits MIGHT wake up to WHO IS DOING THIS? Oh, no, one might say…not all muslims.. then what? Prince Charles and others have been so ‘inclusive’ and soft in their language….HUGE groups of muslims in cities, completely changing the complexion (pardon the expression)….



  5. geeez2014 says:

    Katie Hopkins, the REALLY courageous British writer who’s constantly warning of terrorism due to immigrants is saying she’s been talking with, and hearing about, Libyans who are saying this attack was only fair because the Brits fight in the ME…the Libyans are asked if they feel bad and they do not…apparently, the once-proud industrial city of Manchester swarms with Libyans who came in because of Khadafyi; the Brits let them in out of kindness and now the Brits will die. Very sad.
    Hard to hear that the Libyans on the street are vocal, adamant and misguided.

    And there are such critics of Hopkins…she’s like the British Gert Wilders….we need so many more of them. We need Muslims to speak up like these people do about Muslim radicals.

    Meanwhile, there’s a mother in critical condition in the hospital who still doesn’t know her child died at the concert.


  6. We certainly need an overhaul of our immigration system, but the UK was not going to be affected by the travel ban.

    Not to defend the Libyans, but from their point of view, the allied coalition swooped in, removed the regime [repressive though it was] and plunged their nation into near anarchy. Not hard to believe that they feel the way they do.


  7. Imp says:

    This case should make it clear of the necessity of …..that scary word…..PROFILING.
    Yup….picking them out should be rather easy. The point being you make them all possible enemies…PEROOD. If they step on toes…TS…tell them it’s protect you too. I’ve always compared this to a class of kids….high school or grammar. You have one or two smart asses and clown / cutups in the classroom’s , they go to detention. If they keep on disrupting the classes, threaten to put them ALL detention. When that happens, pit them all in lockup….all of them. Sure they’ll piss and moan it’s not fair….TS. I can bet you that when they’re released and see what an inconvenience this is has been to them by a couple sh!~ty mutts in their midsts…they’ll either turn them in themselves…or do an Omertà with a .223 to the base of the skull. Everyone wins.

    But if we / they don’t…well we’ll all die and suffer together. So…what’s it gonna be Brits and Yanks? Die together…sacrifice our children to PC…all because we’re afraid to tell the truth about a filthy death cult called IZ-Slime?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    CI, no, Great Britain wasn’t affected, nor would this English citizen monster. I’m talking more about those coming in here from terrorist-infested countries. Obviously, England is terror-infested, too, but we have to do SOMETHING.

    Libya … sad they didn’t get their act together. Anarchy comes because it’s easier to hate us than act in concern for their citizens and country, joyfully celebrating Khadafyi’s end and putting together a new country. Happens all the time. This is ONE case I’d say the UN could possibly be helpful…for countries whose citizens are smart enough to know they might need help.

    Imp…”what’s it gonna be, Brits and Yanks?” We both know the answer to that one. As Britain’s Katie Hopkins said “It’s more important to the left to be kind to muslims than to keep our children safe.” Amen. I don’t give a crap WHAT excuse someone might have to her statement; she’s right. It’s astonishing she’s alive, frankly, with the truth she voices so courageously.


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