We had NO BABY FORMULA…and it’s still not readily available.

We had EXPLOSIONS and FIRES in food factories a few months ago.

We have millions of CHICKENS KILLED due to avian flu and egg prices ridiculously high.

We have truckers unable to afford diesel and PRODUCTS NOT STOCKED as usual because of it.

We have Bill Gates buying MILLIONS of acres of FARMLAND.

We have whales dying on the East Coast….bad enough.  But they’re barely talking about the fact that the planned wind farms could hugely affect the fishing of, especially, FLOUNDER, ruining the fishing industry for all those fishermen and, for us, LESS FISH TO EAT.

We have jerks advocating for EATING BUGS and even putting it in some snacks already on the market.


I DOUBT IT.   SO……….The end game IS…..??


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10 Responses to HUNGRY YET?

  1. bocopro says:

    Odd . . . I was whippin up a rant on where we’re headed and stopped for some hot mud and homemade brownies. Checked my blog roll to see what’s happenin and found this question. Ve-ry coinkidinky. Here’s what I’d written up to that point:

    A plan to ensure that you’re the last one eaten by the alligator still results in your being eaten by the alligator. The Dems’ plan to continue spending forever without regard to fiscal responsibility still means that their grandchildren will live in chaotic poverty.

    Our debt (most of which we owe to ourselves, BTW, not China or Japan or Arabia) is already larger than our GDP, and the interest on it is greater than our defense budget. Hey, that’s friggin insane, guys.

    We have become self-indulgent gluttons, entitlement junkies, entertainment addicts who each now holds over a quarter-million bucks’ worth of the national debt, and nobody will do a damned thing about it, at least in the foreseeable future.

    We are fat, lazy, out-of-shape whiners who can’t meet the entrance requirements for active-duty military service. We’re more concerned with the rights of homosexuals, transgenders, criminals, and trespassers than we are with our schoolchildren.

    When a man can be arrested, or fired, or fined for making sex-oriented comments in the workplace but is not only allowed but encouraged to dress in drag and prance seductively for middle-schoolers, it’s all over.

    My children have no chance to raise my grandchildren in the way I was raised, or that my wife and I raised them, simply because that world no longer exists except in fading memory, which is circling the bowl.

    The Wuhan gleep was a scam which added trillions to the debt with minimal benefits. Climate change is a huge scam which continues to cost billions with no hope whatever of reducing those dreaded greenhouse gases. Ukraine is a giant money-laundering scam profiting arms manufacturers by the billions. And we’re nearly out of things to call racist, not to mention enough juice to charge 100 million EVs.

    Our leadership is suspect, and the guy in charge is a thug, a crook, a cheat, a liar, and a bully. The great majority of US senators and congresskritters are lawyers, and those which aren’t already multi-millionaires most certainly WILL be by the time they retire.

    Will we ever be able to dig our way out of this pit, this squatters’ paradise north of the Rio Grande? Yeah, eventually . . . but the sides will be slippery with blood, the light will come from torches, and the air will be rich with the smell of gunpowder.

    Wokeism . . . snake-oil panacea with lethal long-term side effects. Lemme put it this way:

    A rock in the hands of a bitter young man killed his brother.
    A rock in the hands of a devout young man killed a monster.
    It ain’t about the rock . . . . any more than it is about race, climate, or Chy-na.

    It’s about accountability, fiscal responsibility, education, leadership, and MYOFB.


  2. Baysider says:

    You control nations through oil and people through food. Henry Kissinger
    Coincidence? Or control grab? Too much at once. Piling on to the Covidian disruptions.

    I actually paid $13/doz for eggs at the farmer’s market last weekend. But that was nothin’ compared to my gas heating bill! Up 112% over the prior month, usage adjusted. This is about dependency.

    Flip side: The 10 biggest food companies that own all you eat. The companies that own THEM (Vanguard, Blackrock and a few others) own most of the clothing, building, transportation and everything else you consume.


  3. MAL says:

    Really, Bay? $13 for a dozen eggs? Why? The chickens don’t know there’s inflation!
    On Jan. 20 we paid $5.99….for TWO dozen at Costco. I believe it’s still there.
    I’m going for a prescription tomorrow (Fri) and I’ll check again.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…Agreed…”WAY too much at once”….
    $13 a DOZEN? WOWZA!!!! Yes, everybody I know’s gas bill doubled…..Actually, Madelaine K’s bill was exactly twice as was mine. When she called to complain, I said “I’m not sure they’re reading meters, I think they’re just doubling!’ Bastards!

    Something’s moving in America that’s BAD and I pray HARD that we wake up.
    Singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic today really got me teary-eyed, especially when I intro’d the song and talked about America and some of the younger women were wide-eyed looking at me and shaking their sweet heads in utter agreement that WE MUST PRAY FOR AMERICA!

    BOCOPRO! Fantastic comment. This one stung “My children have no chance to raise my grandchildren in the way I was raised, or that my wife and I raised them, simply because that world no longer exists except in fading memory, which is circling the bowl”: I totally agree on that.

    And your “Will we ever be able to dig our way out of this pit, this squatters’ paradise north of the Rio Grande? Yeah, eventually . .”

    I hope so. Thanks for such a terrific comment….but I read it early this morning and can’t read all of it again so I can correctly and thoroughly respond; it’s too true and too upsetting. xxx


  5. geeez2014 says:

    MAL…a local BIG grocery store here, might have been Costco, actually, had ONE dozen eggs left when a friend of mine shopped…………

    The egg thing will straighten itself out because the bird flu should go away, …hopefully!


  6. geeez2014 says:


    We’re also in dire straits for our CORN GROWERS in America because Mexicans are growing and selling it cheaper now………..there’s something going on; if we can’t produce corn here, we are DONE…it’s in EVERYTHING in some way or another!
    MEXICANS are going to do THIS to us now?

    SO, no wonder Bill Gates can get farmland cheap. What farmer can afford to live on it anymore? And, trust me, this early Spring freeze is KILLING CROPS that had been planted…I saw an awful story about that!



  7. Baysider says:

    I found it interesting that the younger farmer said “none of us have grown non-GMO corn and it’s too hard to switch back to other equipment.” Wow! That was a shocker.
    I don’t know what that is – maybe all the sprayers. But it underscores the disruption of making changes. I understand from people in Nebraska that they know GMO – and the toxic ways it’s grown – is not harmless but they get needed above survival income they weren’t getting before. Some are torn and don’t eat what they grow. I buy admittedly more expensive eggs because they are corn and soy feed free – partly because of the GMO feed problem. I can still get them delivered from my farmer for $10.64. For the record I carry cricket bars for an emergency snack. Not against it.

    I AM against the effort to create ‘artificial’ crises which can drive artificial (and eventually real) food shortages, and bully a population frightened by fear porn into playing musical chairs for food or any other tidbit rationed by authorities.

    Hermann Goering was asked how the Germans could accomplish all this population control and decimation. Answer: start with fear. And their start was a ‘health pass’ in 1933 which documented the origin of the holder. This was not technically a direct health pass, as detractors note in modern comparisons, but it enabled population controls to follow which were based on fear porn of the unhealthy and dangerous, disease carrying Jews.

    Gas therm charge went from $.95585 to $2.79557. A 292% increase.

    And everything BP said +1.

    Never again is now. Vera Sharav, holocaust survivor and real human rights advocate


  8. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…WHy the cricket bars and not something other than with bugs?
    I’ve had fried ants and something I don’t remember…at that Santa Monica Airport restaurant…Typhoon. It wasn’t bad at all.
    I don’t care what anybody eats, I just don’t want to be bullied into it or HAVE to eat it.

    FEAR is exactly what they’re doing and people are sleeping and not doing a thing to stop it……

    We need food GROWN HERE…I don’t want Gates buying up land from starving farmers because we don’t know what he’s going to do with it…probably grow crickets. And I like farmers…and it’s part of Americana……which is why it’s being swept away by this stinking administration.

    As Tulsi Gabbard said last night “What administration could do all they’re doing and still love this country?’ Yes, she did. And while I’m not her biggest fan, she got that right.

    Forget what’s in the crops; GMO, not GMO (though I’m not a fan)….we can worry about that later. Let our farmers keep their land, let’s not let Mexico destroy us THAT way, too 😦


  9. Baysider says:

    Gates is getting control of a vertical market. At least to sell his crummy Impossible Burgers. Those come from ‘plant proteins’ that can be grown on his land. The farmland is at the base of that vertical column. Here ya go. They’re pretty good. As a specialty item. Not for your plate.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….. Well, there are probably plenty of high protein, very ‘good for you’ bars without chitin, but whatever! Glad they’re good!!
    As I said, I’m not against them, and I like good flavors…..just don’t want to have those as the first choice on the store’s shelves.

    Gates is doing something far more nefarious than just his crummy burgers….buying MANY MANY acres of farmland…something’s up, that’s all I’m saying.

    Glad you were able to get there this morning when you did…..can’t imagine what the morning was like. I’m so


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