Schools…..the fun never ends

What would you do if your child came home with THIS SURVEY?  They brought them home in Jerome, Idaho.

It seems like a spy survey to me, irregardless of the sex questions which are even more egregious, in my opinion.

What’s your opinion?  Our kids probably face some awful things like described in the survey, but most don’t; is it worth their having to be exposed to the terms at inappropriate ages?

I heard something on CNN last night that concerns schools so I thought I’d tell you this, too:  The banner across the bottom of the story Anderson Cooper was highlighting said TRUMP WANTS TO ELIMINATE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS!  Oh, yes, I’m sure he “WANTS” to, right?  It costs millions and could be cut in the new budget.   The story lasted longer than most stories do;  teachers talking about the benefits, kids interviewed saying how fun this after-school program is and how much they love it and meet nice friends, etc.   ALL GOOD.  ALL EXPENSIVE.  “Mothers may have to stay home with their children if this program closes”.   Ya, well, that could help those kids, huh?

THOUGHTS on either or both school stories above?


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82 Responses to Schools…..the fun never ends

  1. Mal says:

    Imp, its funny you mention a C5 Vette ’cause I almost bought a 2002 3 years ago but didn’t and have been sorry since. I could of had it for only $8,900, too! There was little room in my garage at the time was the main reason. I read recently the C5 is becoming a collectors car for the senior group and to hang onto them if you get one.

  2. Mal says:

    And it would’ve been my second one, too, because I had a ’76 for a couple of years (’77-’79)

  3. Mal says:


  4. Imp says:

    Mal….Sheesh…I would have scooped that up ( depending on condition and mileage? ) and garage or no…I’d have put it under a car cover. Which I’ll probably have to do as I haven’t a garage. The C5 though is the last models where you could get the L88 stock in it and had some serious HP. I’m stil looking but I see that they’re around 14k to 19K now. Which really isn’t bad for one heck of an true American sports car!

  5. Imp says:’s still the same topic…it just runs over at a certain number of posts.

  6. Mal says:

    Imp, it had high mileage (150 k) but the outside was perfect (silver) but the interior not so much, esp. the drivers seat, plus a few other minor things It was fully loaded with heads up, etc.

    Yeah. I shoulda…………2/20 vision with hind sight!

  7. Mal says:

    That was suppose to read 20/20 vision. (I really need a new PC)

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