Germany; what we’re not being told and how it applies to US

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Call me crazy, but I believe that if the media wanted us to know the truth about Germany, we’d be hearing this as a matter of course anybody’d expect from an honest, comprehensive media.   This was written by my stepson yesterday, from Munich.  This man wasn’t political at all until recently and now writes me often telling me what’s going on there.  This email really got my attention and I think all of us should know this (I’ve italicized for emphasis):

german flag….. in the last 2 months in Austria and Germany we had two people using a car to drive into groups of people and killing several people. Of course the nationality was concealed and all the eye witnesses were shut down but it leaked that those were Balkan muslims yelling “allah fukbar” after they did this.

The hits are coming close, the police is getting attacked, the left is agitating against Germans, uncontrolled masses of blacks and muslims are streaming into Germany, many of them DEMANDING better and more food, better housing and money. Slowly even some (German) Gutemenschen (bleeding hearts) are starting to wake up. The media and politicians are still boldly lying and doing propaganda (which is so obvious that one has to think that they must think the people are totally stupid). Big problems with the illegal invaders everywhere, even in the smallest towns and villages. They place them everywhere: gymnasiums of schools (and tell the German students to dress very puritan to not offend the invaders – good thing: we have to change our way of living to them – I’m steaming), kick out retired people out of assisted homes to make room, place living containers in parks and cemeteries, rent hotels and private homes. It”s unbelievable, and the politician traitors still talk about a “Welcome culture” and say that 50 % of the German people are for more immigration.

At food banks (cheap food for the very poor people) foreigners are being served first and the remains are for the needy German people who many times get pushed away by foreigners and then don’t get anything.

Z, you can’t imagine what’s going on here. If you could read the German blogs you couldn’t sleep at night at all. It’s so bizarre. None of the illegal economic invaders will ever be deported.

BTW, about less than half a mile away from my condo they are building an asylum housing for 500!! people. A while back the liars (community politicians) talked about 200, now under the hand we know it’s 500. All the private homes only 100 or 200 yards away are going to be worthless, some people selling and moving. It will hit me, too, because my little garden is right at the sidewalk on the way to Aldi (discount grocery store). Criminality with beatings, selling drugs, noise, burglary will go up drastically.

There will be no stopping of the invading, about 400 000 to 600 000 expected every year now. None of them is willing to work and have to be supported forever while the German 2nd class citizen has to work his ass off to make all the money for this. I hope this whole thing will explode soon.”  (end of stepson’s email)

Muslim immigration

Z:  I just want to say that I first went to Germany about 25 years ago and you could leave front doors unlocked, leave bicycles at the front porch, never feared walking down the street or standing on the UBahn stations, people were happy, the cities were immaculate.   Look what’s happening today.  Think that’s not coming here?

Notice how the politicians are in the same frame of mind as ours about immigrants moving in….the reaction is ‘support, turn a blind eye, accommodate, welcome more….     Nobody doesn’t want to help legitimately needy people in seeking asylum, food, etc, but this is a whole different thing, an ENTIRELY different thing, and the numbers are breath taking.

It’s only a matter of time……..don’t you think?  Have YOU heard much of the problems caused by Muslims in Germany?  No, you have not.  WHY?  I have a reason…do you?

Let’s talk about this…




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37 Responses to Germany; what we’re not being told and how it applies to US

  1. Kid says:

    Merkel said islam belongs to Germany. I don’t even know what that means.

    The only reason I can think of for why they’re not pointing out the problems with the moslem vermin is because they’re afraid of them. islam is a street gang after all. This is happening in most countries in Europe. In Sweden (I believe) saying anything about moslems is a hate crime. Watch how that works out for them.


  2. Eurabia seems to have arrived.

    Did you hear about what happened the past few days in Paris? “French anti-terror police say gunmen who held 18 hostages at Primark store have escaped and are on the run near Paris.”

    I haven’t yet seem the criminals’ names. But, to be honest, haven’t yet had time to look.


  3. Kid,
    Yes, I, too, think that fear is a factor.


  4. bocopro says:

    The comment I dropped at Western Hero this morning sums up my take on it all: Anglos and Western Europeans aren’t reproducing in numbers great enough to sustain their majority.

    Soon Europe will be indeed Eurabia by sheer weight of numbers, and the US will be a brown society by the 300th anniversary of its founding. That in se isn’t necessarily a bad thing; my wife is brown, and all our grandchildren are thereby mixed.

    One day soon, the majority of senators, judges, CEOs, and other major players will have names ending either in vowels or the letter Z.

    Can you say “balkanization?” I thought you could.

    My only major question is whether Juan and Raul and Jose and Ricardo will remain Catholic or be drawn into the web of Islam.


  5. silverfiddle says:

    I lament this as well, Z. Unfortunately, this is a disaster of the Germans’ own doing. Germany, like almost all European nations, is in a demographic death spiral of their own making. We are witnessing the modern day decline of the European version of the Roman Empire. Nomads, Goths, Vandals, and other barbarians are moving in and they will take over.

    We’re experiencing the same here, just at a slower, sneakier pace.

    I hate to sound like a conspiracy kook, but I believe this is part of a deliberate plan to break our borders, our nations, and our traditional societies.

    Still, it saddens me that because we’ve become soft and we don’t breed, we’ve led ourselves to the slaughter


  6. Mustang says:

    It is not just the US government that suppresses information, but all governments. This is why I argue that governments are not trustworthy. Neither is the “free press,” who conspires with government to control free people. We somehow have got to develop an alternative way of providing information to those few of us that think it is important. Perhaps emails arriving from Europe could be posted onto a EuroBlog here in the states, where it can be read by people from everywhere, with the capability of language translation. Maybe another AsianBlog. Another, perhaps, from the Middle East … because the people, in order to maintain their freedom, have a right to know.


  7. Mustang says:

    @ SF … you aren’t a conspiracy kook when people actually are conspiring against you.


  8. Bob says:

    Sounds bad for the Germans. I hope they can solve their problems, but like many other situations, it will get worse before it gets better. That seems to be some sort of law. Pendulums and all that…

    We know how to fix these problems. The problem is that nobody has the political will to do it.


  9. Imp says:

    Why are whites failing to reproduce themselves? There are several reasons. One is the litany of anti-white propaganda from the media, academia, government, anti-white activists and sometimes even from ordinary whites. This constant anti-white message may dissuade some whites from having children. Germany, where 30 percent of women are childless–the highest rate in the world–may be especially afflicted because of its history. Its working-age population is projected to decline more rapidly than any country on earth. At the same time, Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany is becoming “a country of immigrants,” and urges Germans to welcome non-European refugees.

    The economic and societal pressures of globalization also depress white birthrates. People reproduce more when there is less stress. Economic shocks, offshoring, outsourcing, immigration, “affirmative action,” and constant demands for higher productivity worry whites to the point that they are hesitant to have children or even get married. Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics are willing to have children under financial circumstances whites would consider irresponsible.

    Feminism is also an important factor in the decline in fertility in the West. White women have always been especially susceptible to feminism, and many are now indoctrinated to see white men as oppressors, and to try to be independent from them in every way. It can be argued that modern feminism carried to its extreme is almost a death cult, to the extent that it teaches that men and child bearing are essentially superfluous. Relations between men and women, especially younger ones, are surely at a historical nadir.


  10. Baysider says:

    Europe IS a cancer (and we are becoming that too). Signs like that the muslim is holding play to an underlying awareness that there IS something wrong with them. They can’t ‘fight back’ and speak plainly because they have lost the soul of their civilization long ago.


  11. Imp says:

    @John….”Where is Adolph when they actually need him?”

    In the sense that they find someone with a backbone willing to lead them back to their nationalism and pride in their historic roots? Certainly not the AH after 1939. But prior to that he brought Germany back from the ashes and the horrors of the Versailles Treaty and country wide unemployment, starvation, joblessness? Merkel is not up to the job. I expect Germany will wake up and find their “Trump” too. If the German in me is getting roiled….then I’d like to think that the native Germans will face reality and toss the mutts out. Any Euro country that thinks it’s a sanctuary for islamic 3rd. world turds….will go down in ashes eventually. Just like we’re heading for.


  12. Kid says:

    IMP, White birth rate. There is a simple solution to this, Declare an emergency and place 72 attractive women of birthing age with each Conservative man for a year, married or otherwise.


  13. Mal says:

    ALL THESE PROBLEMS POINT TO WHY WE NEED TRUMP! We can’t afford to have the typical politician take over at a time like this. There’s too much at stake. I hope to God he makes it, despite all the negative things said about him.


  14. JOHN M BERGER says:


    “We can’t afford to have the typical politician take over…………………….”

    Yes and Trump seems to be making milquetoast out of the rest. After what will be 8 years of the worst Executive leadership in the history of the Republic we are sure going to need someone more than just the average, garden variety, politician just to get us out of the hole! Now, let’s see how long Trump lasts.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    STEPSON’S RESPONSE: “thanks a lot for publishing my mail. If I had known that you were going to post it I would have used a better and more sohisticated English….
    Almost all comments are right with their evaluation of the circumstances and describe very well the reasons and backgrounds. We are doomed and the biggest enemies are the traitors in Berlin and Brussels. Sweden will be ahead of us at the downfall.
    Some people guess that Germans will fight back at some point of time in the future; I’m not quite sure about that but I hope it will happen”

    Kid…he mentioned Sweden, too. We know Sweden’s really going down a dangerous path.

    AOW: : I had not heard that…thanks. HOw awful.

    FEAR IS A FACTOR but I believe there have been HUGE threats (biochemical, nuclear, etc.) to Western governments and they’ve had to bend over to the Muslims for that reason; There can BE no reason other than that to give your beautiful culture and country over to swine who do NOTHING (nothing….) to improve it; only bring a dark, unenlightened culture which wants free money all in the name of ASYLUM SEEKING (rubbish).
    These are European countries who have muslims holding signs saying they’re taking the country over and are doing nothing to fight that. Just giving, giving, and more giving.
    It’s like living in Alice in Wonderland…WHAT IS GOING ON???

    SF…can’t argue with one word you’ve said. And, believe me, Germans (the ones who are waking up, like my stepson) are WELL aware it’s their fault for letting this happen.

    I had a VERY bright college friend stay over last night; she didn’t know about the Greek economic situation, she didn’t know about the Oregon suggestion of giving young kids transgender surgeries without telling parents, she didn’t know about some of the muslim threat, or the nearly $20 billion deficit O’s going to leave kids her age………she just plain hasn’t heard this stuff. She’s on the conservative side, but we have to realize not all are, and they just hear the msnbc drivel and vote. Completely uninformed. But they SURE know Kim Kardashian’s pregnant again and her dad’s a woman now. And that Miley Cyrus is bi sexual….oh, ya, they know that stuff.

    MUSTANG: I honestly believe some of us ought to be thinking about your idea now.
    As I sat across my friend at breakfast this morning, I thought “She needs to know some of these things (see my comment above)….kids deserve to know something about what’s going on in their world. Let’s face it, even kids in the Thirties and Fifties probably didn’t have a clue about politics, but this is SO MUCH WORSE now………..young people MUST get the truth and be prepared.

    I agree with all your comments.

    WE ALL KNOW Europe’s only a very little ahead of us on the terror threats, the ignoring of that, etc……….actually, we’re going even faster than they have; I hate to admit this, but it’s true. We have pretty much caught up pretty quickly. Whoopie for us, huh?


  16. One, I believe that Europe is ignoring the problem because it would be “rude” not to.
    Seriously. The ruling elite has a mindset that they could not be wrong about their policy, so they won’t be.
    Two. Low birthrate. Remember Idiocracy?
    Fewer kids, more time for career, more money for toys, both for the kids and the parents.
    Three. Trump.
    Which one? The one who was a democrat or the one who was a republican?
    Or the one we see now?


  17. Imp says:

    @!…”I had a VERY bright college friend stay over last night;…..”

    If that’s “bright”…good God I’d hate to see what qualifies as….well…not too bright?


  18. alec says:

    Late to the game here, but as concerned as the rest of you. Don’t know if anyone saw or remembers a movie from about 10 years ago – Children of Men. It was about a near future in which all Europe other than the UK had fallen into political anarchy. England was brutally fascistic, yet strangely they allowed large roaming gangs of middle eastern looking muslims creating fear and mayhem. Sometimes movies like this point to futures which actually come to pass 3 – 15 years after the films are released. It’s a strange coincidence.

    SF and Ed point to an important reality. The leaders are not stupid nor as incompetent as they appear. The policy has been determined and will be carried out, no matter the consequences. And those who are call the shots are not having to live down the road from 500 unassimilated muslims. The elites are protected. As Alvin Toffler said so many years ago, the first world life style is too rich. Americans and Europeans must be brought down to the level of the rest of the world. Strange how that’s coming to pass, too.

    Z thank you for sharing your stepson’s letter.



  19. Kid says:

    Z I really think these countries giving in to moslem immigration are just dumb ****s. PC obsessed a*****s who are so disconnected to the populations in their countries and what those people will have to deal with combined with the moronoic belief that they can get ‘islam to integrate into civilization’ if they just kisss its ass. They’re wrong of course.

    So many times I’ve seen something so spectacularly stupid going on that I’ve thought, well this has to be part of some master plan, some intelligent response to xyz. NO ! It’s just breathtakingly stupid stuff going on. Every single time.

    Look at America, a self-appointed, now unconstitutional ruling class that expempts itself from everything it flushes down to the population to deal with. And we’re to expect more from countries who are so much less than America? No Z, I’m taking the other side of the extortion argument. Nothing personal Mademoiselle !


  20. Kid says:

    Z, And seriously, on the 72, I mean 73 women volunteering for white conservative breeding… serious situations call for out of the box thinking !


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…I know this young woman. We should all do as well in school.
    What people don’t understand is our kids don’t hear current events…they never did. they never cared.. As I said, I don’t think teens in the Fifties knew anything about current events, either. Yes, she is bright.

    alec, what most of us need to know is WHY the policy.

    Kid, someday, someone will tell us why reasonable, rational politicans are kissing up to islamists who hold ‘WE ARE TAKING YOUR COUNTRY OVER SOON’ signs in the main streets.
    I think they’ve noticed they’re not assimilating.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, anyway, who wants them here or in Europe to assimilate, anyway? Who wants them, period? NO REASON to have them come in. None. And particularly no reason to put up with this crap.
    I want to know the reason. and I don’t think anybody has hit on it yet.
    But…you could be right. I don’t think so!! :=)


  23. Kid says:

    Bonus tip from Video. At around the 2:48 ara notice the Russian guy (with hat) standing behind Dr Strangelove, who kows what’s coming with the Nazi obsessed arm pounding closes his eyes, yet still can barely hold back a big smile and almost laugh through the 2:55 area. lol
    Word is that they have to shoot some of those scenes so many times from the cast laugh at Dr Strangelove’s antics, that on some like this one they just finally gave up. haha


  24. Kid says:

    Z, Of course you know I have no secret info. You could be right. We know obama is doing it on purpose, I personally think Europe is doing it based on stupidity and the fact that the ones making it happen will never have to live with it personally.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, fine, but WHY do they WANT to let “it” happen? That’s my question. WHY?


  26. Kid says:

    Z, If my angle is correct then it is because the moslems have convinced them that by doing so it would be the beginning of the end of islamic violence.

    Ok, marie hart is not a worl leader, but remember this idiot suggesting we find jobs for ISIS people 2 seconds after then cut the heads off of 5 year old girls, then put 5 year old boys in a cage, starve them then set them on fire? What human being in any kind of universe decent people live in could possibly make that leap of thought process ? I’m saying you have people out there with brains so defective it will take your breath away.

    Man I’m glad I didn’t swear here becuase it would have been a doozy.


  27. Kid says:

    PS, And many of those defective brains are in government leadership positions.


  28. Kid says:

    Pursuant to my posting of humor in such a dark situation. I do it becuase I think ot the English who partied on while adolph bombed them day and night. Sure they headed for bomb shelters when the alarm sounded, but they refused to give up their superior attitude life regardless of anything the evil put to them. Not even when the V2’s came which sere supersonic so you couldn’t hear them coming, they still didn’t go hide in their closets. They pressed on with their superior lifestyle. And so should we. We should have mohammed drawing contests every week in every town in America for the next million years.


  29. “WHY do they WANT to let “it” happen? That’s my question. WHY?”
    You asked Kid. I’ll say it again differently.
    They have a world view that they are not going to give up on.
    The facts can smack them in the face.
    It doesn’t matter.
    They MUST be right, because they are so smart, they can’t be wrong.
    If they are wrong on anything, they would have to accept that there is other stuff they are wrong on.
    I saw Kirsten Powers on O’Reilly tonight.
    It obviously wouldn’t bother her to have convicted felons repeatedly re-enter the country, as long as they didn’t commit murder (a la Steinle)..


  30. Imp says:

    @Z..”Imp…I know this young woman. We should all do as well in school.”

    So do I…I have a few friends that have masters degrees, PHd’s and a JD….went to school for 15 years…not one of them have a lick of common sense or logic. Everyone a pin head lib loon in the peoples republic of new jersey. Perhaps if these kids got their faces out of their iPhones, whatsapp and texting while dining or at grandma’s they might be brighter and a bit more tuned into their country and futures. These are the ones who gave us Ovomit cause he was so…”kool”.. When I was in school..we knew of civics….who the President was, the VP, the Russian leaders, the commies…about WW2 and so on. We knew history and geography….I’ll bet only 10% of college students can pick out Arkansas on a US map. 20% can name the oceans on each coast of the US. One out of 10 can name the first president….90% don’t who the current VP is. 90% don’t know who won WW2….who was fighting in the civil war pr who lost. And on and on it goes.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Imp…she’s smart and, as I said, “bright”…They just don’t KNOW. They’re busy with classes, studying, etc., and they just don’t have a clue about politics or how important things like this Iran fiasco is, or the terrorism problem. They aren’t clued in.

    Ed, it’s partly world view…’s mostly something else. That’s what I’m very curious about. Merkel didn’t have this “World View” you infer and yet she ended up saying something like Kid said about “Islam belongs to Germany.”.. She’s so not that…or wasn’t all the years she was in public service. I’ve followed her thru my husband, as he was an avid political junkie and, of course, was German

    Kid, I LOVE your idea of Mohammed cartoon drawing contests every week. IF ONLY someone had the guts.


  32. Baysider says:

    I think Germany is handicapped by a post-war mindset, one in which Dennis Prager says “the Germans didn’t learn to fight evil; they learned fighting was evil.” Could this be sort of a counterbalance to the extreme nationalism of Nazism and its unmerited braggadocio? In backing off of Deutschland Uber Alles the door was opened to something akin to the attitude that none is better than any other.

    ALL of Europe suffers from the impact on their psyche of 2 horrific wars within one generation’s living memory. The old institutions were laid bare for their flaccid impotence to safeguard the peace, and build a good future. The old aristocracy migrated to Brussels or the UN, then put out social welfare programs to mollify the crushed middle and working classes. The church became a museum. They let the U.S. carry a lion’s share of their defense bills. “Nationalism” – long associated with death and destruction in Europe – was exchanged for self-effacement that opened the door to a different kind of foreign invasion, one from within.


  33. Baysider says:

    Add to this: guilt over colonial empires.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    BY the way,….since you mentioned it: Deutschland Uber Alles, the name of their anthem, was meant to signify a unified Germany…during the Weimar Republic….that GERMANY, above all, came first now…it’s mischaracterized since WWII to mean they were saying GERMANY ABOVE THE WHOLE WORLD.
    Having said that I believe all the points you make have a little something to do with it; it doesn’t really explain why Merkel has changed so significantly lately…she was very tough on Germany’s stand against rampant immigration till only a few years ago.

    I will never believe that Islam hasn’t made some threat we don’t know about and we see capitulation due to that.

    Thanks to everybody; I think we’ve had good input on this subject…….
    And I TOTALLY think our media doesn’t tell us of the atrocities of muslims against Germans (and other European countries) because they don’t want to sour Americans even more to the threat of mosques everywhere, pandering to muslims, etc.


  35. What Imp said @ July 14, 2015 at 11:39 am is precisely so.


  36. Alec,
    . The leaders are not stupid nor as incompetent as they appear. The policy has been determined and will be carried out, no matter the consequences.


    Z, you asked why. Here’s the answer: Howard Zinn.


  37. Mal says:

    Ed, regarding your comment about how Trump has switched political parties several times, I take that as NOT being beholden to ANY party……only opting for the best each time. During WW ll my parents were Democrats and voted for FDR, as most people did. They switched sometime shortly after the war and remained Republicans thereafter due to the socialist policies the left espoused. If only everyone used their heads and selected what is best for them AND the country…………….
    Nope. It still doesn’t change my mind about Trump. In my humble opinion, he is still our best bet.


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